10 Best Boarding Schools in Rhode Island | Cost. Types

For both boys and girls, boarding education offers a rewarding experience since it offers a firm foundation for both intellectual and personal growth. Many boarding schools have been established and are continuously being established across the nation as a result. In order to make this post more interesting, we will list the best boarding schools in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island, the Ocean State, has boarding schools that provide students with both stunning landscapes and top-notch academics. Rhode Island provides its boarding school students with a wealth of things to do and see, including picturesque villages, mansions, stunning coastlines, and more.

Most boarding schools prepare their pupils for college-level work, from the small class sizes to the planned schedule of extracurricular activities and time for studying. It’s understandable why boarding schools are sometimes referred to as “prep” or “college prep”.

You can learn all the important details you require about boarding schools in Rhode Island 2024, their costs, and their benefits by reading this post.

Are There Boarding Schools in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, there are roughly 7 boarding schools that instruct in fundamental life skills. While attending a boarding school in Rhode Island, students get the ability to balance a variety of activities.

They teach the fundamentals of time management and how to balance their involvement in chores to children who live away from home.

Rhode Island’s boarding schools include;

  • Middlebridge School
  • St. George’s School
  • Portsmouth Abbey School
  • St. Andrew’s School
  • Naval Academy Preparatory School
  • Gordon’s School
  • Eleanor Briggs School 
  • Darrow School
  • Buffalo Seminary
  • EF Academy

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in Rhode Island Cost?

In the USA, boarding schools often charge $63,000 in tuition. To find out the precise price, it’s advisable as a parent to visit the finance page of your chosen school.

Rhode Island’s average annual private school tuition is $16,516. (2022-23). The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $13,834 while the average annual tuition for private high schools is $28,550.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Rhode Island 2024?

In Rhode Island, there is one boarding school that provides advanced co-curricular activities, peer learning, smaller class sizes, personal growth, a learning-conducive environment, and social maturity.

  • St. Andrew’s School

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Overview of the Best Boarding Schools in Rhode Island 2024

Here’s an overview of the Best Boarding Schools in Rhode Island;

  • Middlebridge School
  • St. George’s School
  • Portsmouth Abbey School
  • St. Andrew’s School
  • Naval Academy Preparatory School
  • Gordon’s School
  • Eleanor Briggs School 
  • Darrow School
  • Buffalo Seminary
  • EF Academy

What Are the Best boarding schools in Rhode Island 2024?

There are roughly seven boarding schools in Rhode Island, including elementary schools, all-girls, all-boys institutions, and therapeutic and military schools.

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The grades granted by a boarding school in Rhode Island can reveal its level of facilities. That is if it has a low or high facility.

#1. Middlebridge School

Middlebridge School is a coeducational college prep school offering boarding and day programs for children with learning difficulties aged 13 to 18, as well as postgraduates. It is ranked among the top 20 boarding schools (out of 304 schools). A highly personalized education encourages students’ academic, social, and emotional development as well as a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.

You can see the Atlantic Ocean from Hazard Castle, where Middlebridge School is situated. Students at Middlebridge receive highly tailored programming in small class sizes. It offers daily tutorial classes to students, focusing on executive function, metacognition, and study skills. Additionally, all students take social-emotional learning classes.

The school’s comprehensive residential programs complement its specialized instruction.  Pupils at Middlebridge School benefit significantly from the outstanding enrichment opportunities offered by the school’s seaside location, which is close to universities and colleges. These opportunities range from outdoor adventure to internships with local firms.

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#2. St. George’s School

St. George’s is an independent, coeducational residential and day school that offers students in grades 9 through 12 a thorough college-preparatory curriculum.

You will become a part of a caring and cooperative community at St. George’s School where students from all backgrounds encourage and support one another.

St. George’s continues to carry out its objective by enrolling a diverse, academically gifted, and well-rounded student body. The staff is dedicated to fostering an environment that is supportive and inclusive of intellectual, social, and personal development. We accept students, faculty members, and employees of all religions, while true to our Episcopal tradition.

The variety of viewpoints that students bring to campus allows for exciting and instructive classroom discussions. Students interact with one another outside of the classroom in the residence halls, through the arts, and through student organizations.

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#3. Portsmouth Abbey School

For students in grades 9 through 12, Portsmouth Abbey School is a catholic, coed boarding and day school.

The institution is situated along Narragansett Bay, not far from Newport, Rhode Island. The Abbey’s liberal arts program has been preparing students for meaningful lives for more than 90 years.

Students are taught to solve issues, convey ideas, collaborate, and invent through this education, which is rooted in the Western intellectual tradition.

The Abbey gives pupils a wide and liberal education in the Benedictine tradition to prepare them for post-secondary academic study. Through a planned sequence of courses, the school cultivates important academic and life skills.

The school’s curriculum honors the classics of the Western canon and focuses on three key goals: creating a common knowledge base among students; developing students’ ability to think critically through the study of a classical language and ancient history; and providing students with a solid foundation in and appreciation for both the written and spoken word.

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#4. St. Andrew’s School

St. Andrew’s is an all-boarding, coeducational Episcopal school that has been open to all students who are eligible for admission since the school’s foundation in 1929, regardless of their financial situation.

The foundation of the school’s unique culture of kindness and justice is accessibility. The focus of St. Andrew’s rigorous academic program is on teamwork, conversation, and sincere intellectual engagement. It provides 130 courses in 10 areas each year and hosts a wide range of guest speakers for speeches and in-class workshops every year.

At St. Andrew’s, you will live in a community with more than 310 other students and 80 faculty members, where you can develop your athletic and creative abilities, take on leadership responsibilities, and most importantly, feel like you belong.

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#5. Naval Academy Preparatory School

In the historic city of Newport, Rhode Island, the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) is situated at Naval Station Newport. Only the Naval Academy, Naval War College, and Naval Post Graduate School are older than the Naval Academy Preparatory School, which is the fourth-oldest school in the Navy.

The goal of the Naval Academy Preparatory School is to strengthen the moral, intellectual, and physical foundations of prospective midshipmen in order to position them for success at the U.S. Naval Academy.

To completely prepare students for the challenges of life at a service academy, rigorous military, physical, and they offer character development programs in addition to academic preparation. NAPS offers varsity athletics as a part of the physical development programs, competing against teams from other preparatory schools, junior colleges, and college junior varsity levels.

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#6. Gordon’s School

Major-General Charles George Gordon (1833–1885), a British war hero, benefactor, and martyr is honoured at Gordon’s School, which was established in 1885 as the “Gordon Boys’ Home” for needy boys. An appropriate National Memorial for Gordon was first demanded by Queen Victoria, the first in an uninterrupted succession of sovereign supporters, and this demand has been upheld ever since.

Gordon School is a school that wants education to be a force for a more compassionate and just world: a world in which opportunity inequality is decreasing; a world in which people are treated equally and have equal chances based not on privilege but rather on how hard they work for themselves and others; and a world in which people are treated similarly.

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#7. Eleanor Briggs School 

Since 1980, Thrive’s Eleanor Briggs School has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the fields of special education and pediatric mental health. It was created for kids whose behavioural and emotional challenges seriously impair their academic success in mainstream schools.

The Briggs School offers extended academic instruction throughout the course of a 225-day school year as part of its commitment to providing all children with a high-quality education. Briggs students are guaranteed the individualized attention they require to build on their strengths and abilities and to develop their underdeveloped skills, thanks to a 2:1 student-to-staff ratio and a limited enrollment of 40 students.

There are also many recreational choices available all year long. Teachers design elective courses with the goal of introducing students to fresh ideas and fostering new interests. A few examples of electives are classes in photography, karate, and gardening. Additionally, students take part in and contribute to the planning of significant occasions like holiday parties and an annual brunch in May. Additionally, Briggs staff strongly promotes and organizes for the kids’ participation in activities offered by the public schools, such as athletics and dancing.

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Boarding Schools close to Rhode Island 

#8. Darrow School

While Darrow School is aware that future achievement is crucial, it knows that relying too heavily on standardized tests, AP classes, and college admissions might prevent young people from experiencing success in the here and now.

The institution rejects the idea that a college-preparatory curriculum should be centred on students’ future plans.

Students need to be challenged to find meaning in everything they do, shown how to communicate with a diverse group of people with an eye toward collaboration and cooperation, developed into strong self-advocates and taught to care about the world and the people around them if they are to succeed after high school.

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#9. Buffalo Seminary

 A day and boarding school for college-bound girls, Buffalo Seminary is nondenominational and independent.

Since 1851, one of the first girls’ schools in the US has fostered a culture of success, learning, creativity, service, and leadership for female students.

The school offers technology-enhanced STEAM and humanities programs as well as extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, and clubs.

SEM’s culture, which is governed by its honour code, promotes girls to take risks, express themselves, and succeed.

Our urban campus sits on the National Register of Historic Places and is tucked away in the historic Buffalo district of Elmwood Village, only steps from cafes, galleries, and stores.

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#10. EF Academy

The goal of EF Academy is to open the world via education, which serves as the foundation for all that is done there. The private, international high school accepts day and boarding students from more than 60 countries. 

Students participate in a learning experience that challenges them to examine different points of view through a process of collaboration, analysis, and reflection with the goal of developing the skills necessary to address the opportunities and challenges facing their generation.

Safe Learning Promise: EF Academy is dedicated to making sure that, no matter what, our students continue to pursue their education. Find out more about our commitment.

Experience a contemporary education in the American way at an international high school where you’ll have the room and support to study and achieve your goals.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Rhode Island?

Learning the fundamentals of math, reading, and writing begins at Rhode Island’s elementary boarding schools. Children not only study academics but also how to behave politely and respectfully around others.

The best Rhode Island elementary boarding schools are:

  • Middlebridge University
  • Gordon College
  • Saint George’s Academy

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Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in Rhode Island?

Boys can study topics and activities at all-boys boarding schools in Rhode Island that they might never have thought of in a coed school. Gender stereotypes have no place in an all-boys school where guys are expected to fill every position, from class officials and student leaders to performers and artists.

Some of Rhode Island’s top boarding schools include Portsmouth Abbey School.

  • St. Andrew’s School
  • Portsmouth, RI, United States
  • Middlebridge School
  • St. George’s School

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Rhode Island?

There is no such thing as a “ladies” subject or a “boys” subject, so students who attend the best all-girls boarding schools in Rhode Island learn to focus better in class, to be themselves, and to pick simpler subjects in which they are genuinely interested.

Some of the Best all-girls schools in Rhode Island include

  • St. George’s School
  • Middlebridge School
  • Portsmouth Abbey School


In a safe and secure campus setting, students and teachers live and learn together in boarding schools, which prepares pupils for college.

You can find important details on the best boarding schools in Rhode Island in the article up above.

I sincerely hope that this aids in your decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why enrol in a Rhode Island boarding school?

Rhode Island boarding schools fulfil the aforementioned objective in the same way as other boarding high schools in the USA.
The majority of institutions also have large sporting facilities, highly qualified teaching staff, and provide 24-hour supervision.

What is a boarding school?

In a safe and secure campus setting, students and teachers live and learn together at a boarding school, which prepares pupils for college.
In other words, as opposed to a day school, a boarding school educates students who reside on the property.

What is the ideal age for Rhode Island boarding schools?

The best and most appropriate age for attending boarding schools in Rhode Island and other US states is 12 years old and up, according to psychologists and child specialists.
They think that at this age, kids have developed enough maturity to accept their parents’ intentions for them without being ups


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