15 Best Boarding Schools in London | Cost

Boarding schools in London can give your child a significant boost in life, from college to employment.

The phrase “accommodation and food,” that is, lodging and meals, is used to describe boarding. Furthermore, because they have been around for so long and are now widespread across numerous nations, their purposes and morals vary greatly.

Therefore, many boarding schools in London offer worthwhile coursework for parents who want to enrol their kids in boarding schools in London without outside distractions.

Additionally, many extracurricular activities, such as youth combined strength classes, are available in boarding schools in London. Also, there are lessons in music, dance, and drama.

Finally, boarding schools in London serve as homes for children, and a variety of activities are provided to aid in the transition.

The 15 best boarding schools in London 2024 are listed here.

Are There Boarding Schools in London?

Numerous boarding schools in London are affiliated with the boarding Schools’ Association.

You will find some of the best boarding schools in London with boarding facilities listed below;

  • Royal Alexandra and Albert School
  • Oak Lodge School
  • Westminster
  • St. Paul’s School
  • Harefield Academy
  • City of London Freemen’s School
  • Dulwich College
  • Harrow School
  • Whitgift School
  • Queenwood School
  • Royal Russell School
  • Boarding at Farringtons  (FARRINGTON SCHOOL)
  •  MPW London School
  •  Marymount International School 
  • CATS College London

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in London Cost?

In comparison to day tuition at boarding schools, the typical boarding charge is significantly greater. Typically, boarding school expenses are at least 50% greater than those of a typical day school.

The average cost per term is £11,763, or roughly £35,289 annually. This average can once again be divided into three major educational levels: primary, secondary, and sixth form. The average cost of attending a primary (or junior) boarding school is £8,621 per term. The average cost of attending a secondary (or senior) boarding school is £11,609 per term.

The Independent Schools Council census and annual report 2020 served as the source for the data mentioned above.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these typical expenditures only cover the cost of attending the school; additional expenses are almost always incurred when a student attends a private institution.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in London?

For boys and girls in the London/South East region of England, The Royal Alexandra and Albert School provides a low-cost boarding school experience without sacrificing quality. The low cost of attending our school is because the government pays for the education and parents only have to pay for boarding or Flexi-boarding.

Near the M25, the boarding school is easily accessible from London and the rest of the South East of England.

Although this business school is inexpensive, it is in no way of inferior quality!

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in London 2024?

Although London has a sizable number of boarding schools, several of them are regarded as the best in the State.

The top boarding schools in London 2024 are listed below:

 #1. Royal Alexandra and Albert School

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School’s boarding school establishes the character of the institution and significantly enhances the overall pastoral care and personal growth of every student. According to Ethos Research, boarding can significantly offer rich experiences to develop the soft skills required for well-rounded adults to lead meaningful and enriching lives. 

Additionally, boarding improves performance in the arts, sports, music, and other disciplines by having more immediate and noticeable impacts. Within the close-knit boarding house community, the boarding house ethos fosters the success and well-being of the individual.

With 1125 pupils ranging in age from 7 to 18, the Royal Alexandra and Albert School has a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1.

51% of students at this school received a grade of 5 or higher on their GCSEs.

98.60% of students complete their primary academic course.

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#2. Oak Lodge School

 Based on the child’s identified strengths and desired learning style, Oak Lodge School uses a child-centred multi-modal language and communication method that combines British Sign Language, English, and Signed Supported English. The staff members are highly certified and have expertise in dealing with deaf and hearing-impaired children, including those with deaf and hearing-impaired children, including those who have special needs. They include Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Teaching Assistants. 

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The school’s curriculum includes an enrichment program, functional skills, personalized learning, and cognitive abilities. The PSHE/Emotions curriculum serves as the foundation for the curriculum, which seeks to improve everyone’s mental and physical health. Within the ASDAN framework, our students follow individualized courses that encompass a variety of accreditations, including GCSE, BTEC, Entry Level, and Life Skills.

The sixth form helps school students enrol at nearby colleges in academic, vocational, and practical courses. we are providing additional curriculum support and lifelong learning assistance.

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#3. Westminster

One of the best boarding schools in London is Westminster. the school’s

curriculum mission is to inspire students with a lifelong interest in the subject and take them far beyond the examination syllabus, enabling them to excel in public exams and secure admission to prestigious universities worldwide.

Westminster students’ genuine love of open-minded research, challenging debate, and the search for explanations that go well beyond any exam curriculum is the foundation of the School’s position as one of the foremost centers of intellectual brilliance in the world. Students at Westminster can further their intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social growth by utilizing the various possibilities offered to them in the areas of art, drama, music, sport, and community service. Westminster is a safe, stimulating, and supportive environment.

Since its inception, Westminster School has provided financial assistance to academically talented students who otherwise could not attend the school. Both at 13+ and 16+, bursaries of up to 100% are offered and given to students based on their specific needs.

For day students, the school offers means-tested day bursaries that can cover up to 100% of the daily tuition. Bursaries are given out based on each student’s particular financial need. When a full bursary is granted, it will pay for all required school expenses, including uniforms, supplies, and field trips.

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#4.  St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School, founded in 1509, has a solid reputation as one of the best boarding schools in the nation. The school admits only boys aged 7 to 18. Aikido, table tennis, cricket, water polo, and a host of other extracurricular activities are all available at St. Paul’s.

St. Paul’s School engages young people in a diverse, welcoming, and ethical community that is committed to the pursuit of excellence in character and scholarship and is motivated by the beauty and spirit of our Millville home to educate students to build meaningful lives in service to the greater good.

The transformative education provided by St. Paul’s School has always been based on the highest standards of academic excellence, fostered by Episcopalian ideals, and enhanced by the chance to learn in a completely residential environment.

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#5. Harefield Academy

 Learning at the Harefield Academy is tremendously stimulating. You can tell by looking at the school’s vision and goals that it has an unrelentingly ambitious outlook for its students, that it holds both staff and students to the highest standards of expectation and aspiration, and that it creates the ideal learning environments for such objectives to be realized. Because it is a small school, it can provide a degree of pastoral care that is truly exceptional. Students frequently express their satisfaction with how safe and happy they feel at school and how well the staff gets to know them. 

Visitors from prospective students and employees are always welcome at the school. Most visitors who replied to the school’s poll after the most recent Open Evening indicated that they were more likely to bring their kid to The Harefield Academy after meeting the students and learning more about the school. If you would like to come and see what we have to offer, Harefield Academy always welcomes customized visits.

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#6. City of London Freemen’s School

City of London Freemen’s School is an independent co-educational school located in Ashtead Park, an hour away from London. Freemen’s is an academically successful school that aspires to be a school that can help its students grow intellectually and artistically.

For our students, the boarding house serves as a second home.

It offers a secure, joyful, and domestic setting where students and faculty collaborate to foster a good and encouraging environment that fosters achievement in all facets of school life.

The boarding students at Freemen’s benefit from a cozy, friendly boarding community where they cooperate and encourage one another. Every boarder receives individualized attention and care because of the small class sizes; “Cherishing the individual” is a practice, not merely a catchphrase in the brochure.

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#7. Dulwich College

All-boys school Dulwich College is renowned for both its intellectual and athletic prowess. Due to Dulwich’s repute, pupils from all over the world have entered its doors. The college has labs for science, an auditorium with 240 seats, IT suites, and recreational areas.

Dulwich College has a great deal of pride in its boarding residents. To offer 12 students a place to stay and receive an education, Edward Alleyn created the College in 1619. 140 boarders from the UK and other countries make up the school’s healthy and peaceful community today, which continues to be its core.

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Four boarding houses are available at the school, which is located twelve minutes from Central London on a lush, green campus. 40 Year 12 and 13 students are housed in en-suite study rooms at Blew House and Ivyholme, respectively. Boys in grades nine through thirteen are welcome at Old Blew and The Orchard, which are housed in lovely surroundings.

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#8. Harrow School

One of London’s most prestigious boarding schools was founded in 1572 and is called Harrow School.

12 Houses shelter the 830 boys of Harrow. The Boys and Old Boys have a fierce allegiance to the Houses since they each have a distinct personality, grounds, and facilities. We make sure that each House has a varied variety of boys in terms of their talents, interests, and origins while valuing the distinctive characteristics of the Houses. Every House prioritizes and pays close attention to pastoral care, which is one of the School’s key strengths.

To care for the 60 to 70 boys in the House, the House Master, Assistant House Master, Matron, House Tutors, and House Visitor make up a team.

The Chaplaincy offers additional levels of caring and care through its 24/7 Medical Center, a full-time psychologist, a full-time counsellor, and a proactive Pastoral Support Committee (which includes three members of the School’s Senior Management Team).

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#9. Whitgift School

In Greater London, London, there is a secondary, boys school called Whitgift School. From 0 to 18 years old, it has 1549 students. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is £6,712.

The school borders reside in lovely grounds with first-rate amenities and are conveniently located near central London and a vast domestic and international transportation network.

The school is extremely proud of each student’s great range of skills. It works to foster an inclusive environment where all activities and interests are encouraged, all cultures are welcomed, and lifelong friendships are formed.

The boarding experience gives Founder’s House boys the finest opportunity to take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered at Whitgift, according to Whitgift School, a Secondary. The boys have access to top-notch instruction and resources for their academics, music, theater, and sports, as well as an exceptional boarding facility they may refer to as their home away from home.

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#10. Queenwood School

An independent school for females only, Queenwood School is situated in Hertfordshire. A school that prioritizes community, education, and growth is Queenwood School. Girls in the London region might perform well at this boarding school.

The attractively decorated community rooms, which include a cinema, music room, IT suite, and culinary facilities, are enjoyed by day girls and boarders alike. All boarders in Years 9 to 11 enjoy well-equipped, flexible boarding lodgings.

Every girl in the Middle School will find Centre to be a home away from home, regardless of whether she boarded full-time, slept over for one or two nights each week, or just dropped by to socialize during the school day.

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#11. Royal Russell School

Greater London, London is home to the All-through, Co-Ed Royal Russell School. 1090 students, ranging in age from 3 to 19, attend. For the highest grade available, tuition ranges from £3,720 to £6,160.

Boarders from the Royal Russell School earn top grades in their GCSE and A-level exams and accept admission offers from the top universities in London and the UK. Students graduate from Royal Russell as self-assured, responsible young adults.

To ensure that the boarding homes are staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, a group of seasoned boarding staff members lives on campus. Additionally, there is a medical center on the property with a fully licensed nurse on-call round-the-clock.

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#12. Boarding at Farringtons  (FARRINGTON SCHOOL)

Young people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures who board at Farringtons have the wonderful opportunity to live, work, and have fun as part of a big, welcoming family group where everyone knows everyone else. The boarders become lifetime friends and support one another. The School’s top-notch facilities are always available for your use, and someone is always on hand to offer assistance and support if you run into any issues.

The school welcomes students from various nations and cultures, and throughout the year, they love commemorating their national holidays and customs with events and meals with a theme. 

The boarding staff encourages students to talk to their peers about their varied life experiences and cultural knowledge.

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#13.  MPW London School

The MPW Group, one of the most well-known and renowned independent college brands in the UK, was founded in London in 1973 by three Cambridge University graduates. In London, Birmingham, and Cambridge, it consists of three fifth- and sixth-form schools that offer incredibly attractive and cutting-edge learning settings near prominent university campuses.

Every year, MPW instructs 1,200 students, roughly two-thirds of them are British and one-third are international. Each year, 1,500 extra students—mostly from the UK—enrol in Easter Revision classes.

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Each institution adheres to a shared governance model, a set of guiding principles, and operational procedures that serve as the foundation for quality assurance within the MPW Group.

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#14. Marymount International School 

Girls at Marymount International School enjoy learning and discovering love in a supportive, welcoming environment. Here, girls learn the tools they need to develop their self-esteem, spirituality, leadership abilities, and sense of self. 

They learn to hone their critical thinking abilities, work with others, and appreciate our unique community of over 40 different nationalities whether they are investing in the school’s STEAM Hub, debating in class, dancing on stage, or learning a new foreign language. Beyond Marymount, the graduates of the school are global citizens equipped to make an impact in the world, securing top university places. 

Visit Marymount School to experience firsthand why Marymount is a unique setting for young women and girls to study and develop into their greatest selves.

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#15. CATS College London

CATS Cambridge, CATS Canterbury, and CATS London have been providing top-notch instruction to learners from all around the world since 1952.

Our CATS UK schools have created three unique educational experiences over the past 70 years to meet the many diverse needs of its students. The exciting choice was made to rebrand the three institutions as they celebrated their heritage and looked to the future. To further highlight the distinctive student experience and the individual school communities that the students and staff are so pleased to be a part of, this rebranding effort has been made.

CATS Canterbury is now known as The Northgate School as of October 12. Guildhouse School, London has taken over the former CATS London name. The legacy of the CATS name will live on in CATS Cambridge.

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Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in London?

In England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, there are close to 200 boys’ schools; the list below includes some of the All-Boys boarding schools in London.

  • Arnold House School
  • Blackheath Proprietary School
  • Brondesbury College
  • The Cedars School
  • City of London School
  • Darul Hadis Latifah
  • Darul Uloom London
  • Devonshire House Preparatory School
  • Donhead Preparatory School
  • Dulwich College
  • Dulwich Prep London
  • Durston House
  • The Eaton House Group of Schools
  • Elmhurst School for Boys
  • Eltham College
  • Friern Barnet Grammar School
  • The Hall School, Hampstead
  • Hampton School
  • Harrow School
  • Hereward House School
  • Homefield Preparatory School
  • John Lyon School
  • Kensington School
  • King’s College School
  • King’s House School
  • The Mall School
  • Norland Place School
  • Northcote Lodge School
  • Pardes House Grammar School
  • Rokeby Preparatory School
  • St Anthony’s School, Hampstead
  • St James Independent Schools
  • St Paul’s Juniors
  • Shrewsbury House School
  • St Paul’s School, London
  • Sussex House School
  • Tawhid Boys School
  • Tower House School
  • Trinity School of John Whitgift
  • University College School
  • Westminster Abbey Choir School
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School
  • Westminster School
  • Westminster Under School
  • Wetherby School
  • Whitgift School
  • Wimbledon Common Preparatory School

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in London?

The Boarding Schools’ Association, which is a helpful resource for parents seeking more details about boarding, has many All-Girls boarding schools in London as members.

In addition, you can contact the Girls’ School Association, which represents several leading girls’ schools for guidance and details.

List of all-girls boarding schools in London;

  • Burgess Hill Girls. Combined School for Girls
  • Cobham Hall. Senior School for Girls
  • Downe House. Senior Boarding School for Girls
  • Godstowe Preparatory School
  • Kent College Pembury
  • Mayfield School
  • Prior’s Field
  • Queen Anne’s School.
  • Queenswood
  • RMS for Girls
  • Roedean
  • St Catherine’s, Bramley
  • St George’s Ascot
  • Thornton College
  • Woldingham School

Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I consider enrolling my child in boarding school?

You must enrol your child in boarding school as soon as possible. children should start boarding school between the ages of 8 and 13 years old.

What is the earliest age that a student can board?

It all depends on when your child is ready, but in the United States, students between the ages of 14 and 16 are typically accepted into boarding schools in the 9th and 10th grades. For students who are 18 or 19 years old, several colleges provide the option of a post-graduate year.

In the UK, is boarding school common?

They play a significant role in the British class structure. Children in Britain are sent to boarding schools in about 1% of cases.

Is boarding school the right choice for my child?

To Encourage Optimal Family Dynamics
A boarding school can offer stability and the emotional distance necessary for kids to care about their development rather than their family members in case of a separation, divorce, or significant sickness.

At the boarding school, do you sleep?

Since there are typically just a few rooms or spaces available, almost all boarding schools provide a bedroom based on a student’s age. Schools in the UK and the USA are constrained in the number of bedrooms they may provide for students’ private sleeping and living arrangements.


Many boarding schools in London cater to youngsters from Europe and offer a variety of lessons and extracurricular activities for kids of all ages and academic backgrounds.

To provide your child with a solid educational foundation, you can enrol him or her in any of the top boarding schools in London mentioned in this article.



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