10 Best Boarding Schools in France | Cost

Many private French boarding schools offer a distinctive and appealing environment that makes students feel comfortable and at ease in their surroundings. You might meet new people and learn about diverse cultures and traditions in a multicultural atmosphere. Additionally, it can be a great setting for enhancing and growing your active vocabulary as well as resolving communication issues.

French boarding schools provide a top-notch education that complies with EU standards. French school graduates have a decent chance of getting into prominent colleges throughout the world and having a successful international career in their chosen area.

It is permitted for boarding school students in France to study English and French side by side. It is important to remember that many schools also offer opportunities for students to learn foreign languages outside of the classroom.

Discover all the information you require about the top 10 boarding schools in France, such as costs, curriculum, facilities, location, reviews, and more.

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Are There Boarding Schools in France?

Numerous boarding schools in France are recognized for their elite educational program for kids looking for a top-notch education.

Below is a list of France’s top 10 boarding schools in France that might aid you in your future career.

  • Notre Dame International High School 
  • International Bilingual School of  Provence
  • École Jeannine Manuel Lille
  • SVIS – Sainte Victoire International School
  • Ermitage International School 
  • The Lisses public school in France
  • Atoll Juniors international schools
  •  Ecole des Roches Language Camp
  • St. Joseph’s College
  • Saint-Denis School

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in France Cost?

 Best Boarding schools and residences in France charge between 26,000 and 40,000 euros a year for secondary education.

Children who board are referred to as internats or pensionnaires. 

Public school boarding costs are fairly affordable. Parents may be asked to pay an average of €1,000 a year, however, those with low incomes may be eligible for financial aid through the grants system.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in France 2024?

France is home to a number of boarding schools around the globe. With each offering a unique academic and housing experience, selecting the best for your ward can be tasking.

Go through this list of reputable boarding schools in France and choose the one that best fits your ward’s need.

#1. Notre Dame International High School 

The Notre-Dame International High School Paris offers students the exciting chance to live and study in France as a member of the Nacel International School System.

This multilingual school is situated at the site of Notre Dame Les Oiseaux, a prominent French high school with a long history of distinction in the fiercely competitive French private school system.

NDIHS is honoured to be a part of Notre Dame Les Oiseaux, which offers our students improved academic, extracurricular, and cultural enrichment possibilities. Notre Dame International High School is one of the few foreign boarding schools in France.

Currently, Notre Dame Les Oiseaux offers six sections: Kindergarten (5 classes), Lower School (21 classes), Middle School (32 classes), Upper School (26 classes), Technical Postsecondary Degrees (Business and International Business, Banking, Chemistry), and Adult Continuing Education Training Center. Notre Dame International High School, an institution that offers a bilingual curriculum integrating American and French approaches, will now be a part of the school. It is an international high school in Paris.

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#2. International Bilingual School of  Provence

 IBS is located in a peaceful five-hectare woodland estate six kilometres from the heart of Aix-en-Provence, the renowned Spa Town, and not distant from the busy metropolis of Marseilles. The new school’s site features a 300-seat theatre, a new two-story academic building, and a sports complex with a yoga room, martial arts room, indoor gym, dance room, and fitness room. The school also has outdoor sports fields, a swimming pool, and four tennis courts (two hard courts and two synthetic clay courts) (to be completed in Fall 2017). 150 boarding students and their supervisors are housed in five roomy boarding houses off-campus that are part of IBS. The residences are substantial homes with gardens and are suitable.

Founded in 1984, the mixed-day and boarding International Bilingual School of Provence is located in Luynes, a town outside of Aix-en-Provence, France. Students aged 2 to 18 learn in a multilingual setting with more than 700 students representing more than 75 different nations. The school is a Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate-recognized institution that also offers a conventional French curriculum.

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#3. SVIS – Sainte Victoire International School

An IB World School called SVIS – Sainte Victoire International School is situated in southern France, close to Aix-en-Provence. The school provides both the Cambridge IGCSE exams and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. SVIS studies focus on children from kindergarten through high school graduation. Bilingual instruction begins in primary schools, enabling kids to excel academically in both French and English.

The boarding house for SVIS is situated 20 meters from the school’s front door. This facility provides a superb living setting. Students live a healthy lifestyle that supports academic performance. Each duplex features a private patio and an exterior view of the property. The maximum number of pupils allowed in a duplex is two.

An access code that is updated each term is required to enter. The campus has a system in place for video surveillance.

SVIS provides its pupils with the top international educational programs available. English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Dutch, and Japanese are just a few of the foreign languages that the school offers its pupils the chance to learn.

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#4. École Jeannine Manuel Lille

To foster global understanding via the multilingual education of a multicultural student body, École Jeannine Manuel is a French, bilingual, and international school established in 1954. The school supports innovative pedagogy and ongoing research into best practices in a constantly shifting global environment.

Students follow a well-balanced bilingual curriculum and have the choice to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the French track leading to the international option of the French baccalaureate (American portion) in their eleventh year of school (IB). Academic requirements are strict; École Jeannine Manuel routinely ranks among the best schools in France and our pupils receive outstanding grades on both exams.

The teaching strategy at the school is founded on ongoing self-evaluation and innovation in terms of its techniques and goals. The most recent findings in the domains of education and cognitive science, as well as the inventiveness of the teaching team, encourage innovation in the classroom. Students are urged to participate actively in their education and grow more self-aware of their development.

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#5. Ermitage International School 

Students at Ermitage have a choice between the English International Baccalaureate program, which offers the chance to acquire a bilingual diploma and the French Bilingual Program. These programs are connected by shared values, a bilingual campus, and a thirst for global knowledge. To ensure that the young scholars are self-assured and well-equipped to meet the difficulties of the world they will encounter in the future, they aim to build our programs on an educational foundation that promotes curiosity, critical thinking abilities, creativity, and ambition.

Additionally, the curricula of the Lycée (3ème-Terminale/9th–12th grade) prepare students for their ultimate goal: the French Baccalaureate. There are two ways to earn the baccalaureate: the French Lycée or the International Option Baccalaureate (OIB). Whatever their course of study, all students at Ermitage gain the experience needed to flourish and prepare for a challenging post-secondary profession.

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#6. The Lisses public school in France

About 40 kilometres from the centre of the commercial sector of the French capital sits Liss, a modest and charming suburb of Paris. Students can immerse themselves in the French language environment, enjoy French culture and art in their free time (nearly every day), and visit a variety of museums, art galleries, and landmarks of architecture and culture.

Due to their collaboration, international students who study with French students acquire French more quickly and achieve more exceptional academic results. Children gain the ability to work together, find a shared language, communicate, defend their points of view, and respect those of others.

Since the public school is closed on weekends, holidays, and during the school year, the students are housed with host families during these times. On weekdays, classes run from 8:00 am to 18:00 with a one-hour lunch break in between and short breaks in between. On Saturday and Wednesday mornings, some sessions are held, while on Sunday, others are.

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#7.  Atoll Juniors international schools

 The Atoll Juniors international schools were established by the renowned and regarded language school Center International d’Antibes in 2001. The Atoll Canna language camp is regarded as one of the most well-liked locations for studying French. Every year, hundreds of students from all over the world come to this centre for language holidays since Cannes is regarded as one of the most prominent and colorful vacation destinations in all of Europe. It frequently holds national and international festivals and festivities (including the renowned Cannes Film Festival), and it’s lovely to meander through quaint streets and city neighbourhoods or dine in a restaurant by the sea in your free time.

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#8. Ecole des Roches Language Camp

One of the best boarding schools in France is Roche School, which takes children and teenagers for summer and winter break courses. Its quaint campus and reasonable program costs draw international students to this location, which was just over 100 kilometres from Paris. Students are prepared academically to a high standard at Ecole des Roches. In a 2- to 9-the-eek session, 100% of students advance their level of French competence.

At the school, toddlers and teenagers are taught by highly qualified instructors. Each one of them is a native speaker with extensive professional expertise in instructing diverse groups. Children are accompanied by teachers on excursions and extracurricular activities. They are constantly available to assist in resolving any concerns.

The school offers extracurricular programs to students doing summer courses. It includes extracurricular activities (discos, performances, competitions, meetings with a theme, etc.), circle classes, sporting events, and field trips. Students can become familiar with Paris, Verneuil-Sur-Awra, and other Normandy cities during field visits.

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#9. St. Joseph’s College

St. Joseph’s College is situated in the lovely old town of Rodez, which has a population of over 45,000 and is home to numerous historical landmarks and attractions. Foreign students (14 years of age and older) and French citizens are both accepted.

The school has classes for high school kids (10 to 12 years old), with a total enrollment of roughly 700. Together with French students, international students learn French and other academic subjects, enabling them to advance more quickly and get better results.

Depending on the class and degree of instruction, the list of subjects varies, but the entire group of disciplines is roughly the same:

French, physics, math, arts, biology, geography, physical education, history, and biology.

In addition, St. Joseph’s College is closed on federal holidays. Monday through Friday, classes begin at 8 a.m. and end between 5 and 6 p.m. (a one-hour lunch break and short breaks between lessons). On Saturday and Wednesday, certain classes are held early in the day.

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#10. Saint-Denis School

Known for its Catholic roots, Saint-Denis School is a famous private school. Here, a great deal of focus is placed on the total development of the person; particular emphasis is given to teaching people how to speak other languages and to think globally. The school has a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere where kids can reach their full potential and international students get the academic and psychological help they need.

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The school has a proposal for personality development located in a historically significant area. The little town of Losh has a developed infrastructure and numerous medieval landmarks. There are forests, gorgeous streams, and hiking routes around the school. Studying at a school entails having a comfortable stay in a secure environment: Saint-Denis University is located about an hour’s drive from the nation’s capital and close to the university town of Tours.

Additionally, there are science labs, libraries, computer lessons, and video rooms.

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in France?

French public schools are gender-neutral, secular, and accessible. The Ministry of Education establishes the national curriculum, which they adhere to. These schools typically employ more traditional methods of instruction.

The following are a few of the public boarding schools in France:

  • Chavagnes International College.
  • The Cévennes International College-Lycée.
  • Stanislas College in Paris.

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What Are Best The Military Boarding Schools in France 2024?

Saint-Cyr (pronounced [s si] in French) is the common name for the École spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (ESM, meaning the “Special Military School of Saint-Cyr”), a French military institution. It can be found in Cotquidan in the Brittany province of Morbihan. Ils s’instruisent pour vaincre, which is more often known as “Training for victory,” is the organization’s motto. Saint-cyriens or cyrards are the names given to French cadet officers. [3] [4] The École de guerre (EdG), which is part of the École Militaire complex in Paris, is the other top military school in France.

Around 21-year-old French students enrol in Saint-Cyr as cadets and go through three years of training. Every ESM cadet earns a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree and is commissioned as an officer.

Napoleon established the academy in Fontainebleau in 1802. In Saint-Cyr-l’École, west of Paris, it was relocated in 1806 to the structures of the former Maison Royale de Saint-Louis. The German invasion during World War II caused the cadets to relocate multiple times. In 1945, they finally made their way to the military camp of Cotquidan in Morbihan.


In France, over 200,000 children attend boarding schools, yet the experience is very different from what we may anticipate based on English-language media. Making them more appealing is the aim of a government initiative.

Although few people associate it with France, it happens more frequently than you might think. However, the majority of boarding schools in France still face geographic difficulties, mainly when they offer a type of education that is uncommon elsewhere in the nation. Because it allows them to concentrate on a subject that is not taught at their home school, many French teens decide to live on campus during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is boarding school in France expensive?

In contrast to the high boarding school expenses in other nations, the education ministry estimates that the average French family pays about €1,400 annually for housing.

How much does private education cost in France?

The average tuition for a student attending a private school in France in 2019 is depicted in this graph. It discloses that the majority of parents, 36% of them, claimed to pay tuition fees for their child who attended a private school that ranged from €501 to €1,500.

Are there schools in France that speak English?

For kids between the ages of three and 19, 23 IB schools in France provide either a bilingual or entirely English-language education. Students can select a diploma program or a program that is career-related as of the age of 16.

Can a foreign child attend a French public school?

You can, indeed. Regardless of their immigration status, all children living in France, both French and international children, have the right to an education (source French). This implies that if you enrol your children, they can start attending public schools as soon as they arrive in France.

Are there boarding schools in Europe?

In Europe and the US, boarding schools are somewhat less common and are typically used for grades seven, nine, and twelve—the high school years. While some are co-educational, others are either for boys or girls.


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