15 Best Boarding Schools in Oregon | Cost

Children who attend boarding schools in Oregon have the opportunity to form new relationships, unearth new abilities, and gain independence while learning and growing away from home. The progressive boarding schools in Oregon put a strong emphasis on all-around education and enrichment.

Look no further than schools in Oregon for these boarding schools that will provide your child with a secure, encouraging environment. Your child will benefit academically from their qualified instructors, and they will have lots of opportunities to meet new people and pursue their hobbies on their lovely campus.

Parents ought to think about Oregon’s top boarding schools. You may send your youngster here without having to worry. This article below reviews the best 15 boarding schools in Oregon 2024 to aid in decision-making.

Are There Boarding Schools in Oregon?

There are numerous boarding schools in Oregon that offer a wide range of academic courses and extracurricular activities to children of all ages and academic backgrounds.

The following are among Oregon’s top 15 boarding schools:

  • Oregon Episcopal School
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Delphian School
  •  Canyonville Academy
  • Baker Early College
  • Wy’East Mountain Academy
  • Spray School
  • Milo Adventist Academy 
  • Boulder Creek Academy in Bonners Ferry
  •  New Leaf Academy
  • Idaho Youth Ranch
  • Northwest Children’s Home
  • Army and Navy Academy
  • Fishburne Military School
  • Hargrave Military Academy

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in Oregon Cost in 2024?

In Oregon, private school tuition is typical $9,449 per year (2022). The average yearly tuition for private primary schools is $7,986.

The private school in Oregon with the lowest tuition is Sonshine Early Learning Center, which charges $1,525 in fees, while The Delphian School, a boarding school, charges $36,714 in fees.

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Oregon?

In Oregon, 771 students will attend 5 private all-girls schools for the 2022–2023 academic year.

St. Mary’s Academy and New Leaf Academy are two of Oregon’s top-ranked private schools for girls.

The average acceptance rate is 70%, which is lower than the average acceptance rate for private schools in Oregon, which is 87%.

In Oregon, 20% of all-girls private schools have a religious affiliation (most commonly Catholic).

Here is a list of the all-girls schools in Oregon 

  • New Leaf Academy
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • J Bar J Learning Ctrs Sisters Academy Campus
  • Management & Training Corp MTC Works
  • Montessori Of Alameda

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Oregon 2024?

The best 15 boarding schools in Oregon are detailed below.

  • Oregon Episcopal School
  • St. Mary’s School
  • Delphian School
  •  Canyonville Academy
  • Baker Early College
  • Wy’East Mountain Academy
  • Spray School
  • Milo Adventist Academy 
  • Boulder Creek Academy in Bonners Ferry
  •  New Leaf Academy
  • Idaho Youth Ranch
  • Northwest Children’s Home
  • Army and Navy Academy
  • Fishburne Military School
  • Hargrave Military Academy

#1. Oregon Episcopal School

OES is an independent, college-preparatory pre-kindergarten through grade 12 school that enrols 870 students worldwide. Since 1869, OES has aided students in gaining strong academic foundations, moral integrity, potent leadership qualities, and an understanding of the need of working hard and giving back to the community. The educational program at OES combines cross-disciplinary, traditional, research-based, and experiential learning. OES  believes that the experiences that kids find fascinating help them learn best, therefore OES designs settings and expeditions that introduce them to the outside world.

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#2.  St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School, founded in 1865, is the top school in the area and offers a setting where intellectual vigour and academic brilliance can flourish. 

The School mixes a conventional college prep curriculum with an increasing number of project-based learning environments. students have the option to create a timetable that piques their interests and enables them to be particularly engaged and challenged because there are more than 200 courses to select from. 500 international students attend St. Mary’s School, which covers grades 5 through 12. St. Mary’s School is situated in stunning Southern Oregon, a place with four moderate seasons, year-round outdoor activities, and nearby facilities like the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

All students at St. Mary’s School are motivated to find their skills in a setting that is particularly accommodating and Catholic.

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#3. Delphian School

Delphian is a place where kids develop into inquisitive explorers who are passionate about learning.

They learn how to dissect concepts and look at them from all sides.

Building a solid foundation in literature, physics, arithmetic, language, history, and the arts is the first step in Delphian’s demanding academic program. From there, it moves on to more practical topics like ethics, integrity, leadership, reasoning, and human rights.

In order to become independent, capable individuals who can act with integrity and judgment in pursuit of their goals and desires, and a future in which they can travel anywhere, Delphian’s students are given the skills and resources necessary to do so.

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#4.  Canyonville Academy

In Canyonville Academy, there is a well-renowned private boarding Christian school called Canyonville Academy. The student-teacher ratio is 15 to 1 and there are 73 pupils in grades 9 through 12. For the highest grade available, tuition is $48,900. 9 out of 10 graduates from this institution enroll in a four-year university.

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#5.  Baker Early College

Students at Baker Charter Schools have three options for continuing their education while still in high school: Baker Early College, Baker Web College, and Baker Web.

Full-time enrollment at nearby community colleges allows students to get college credits that can be used to fulfil their high school graduation requirements. For high school students in the state of Oregon, Baker Early College offers assistance, guidance services, tuition, books, and dual enrollment. In addition to the 12 credits covered by BEC, students may enrol in up to an additional 11 credits.

Students must either exhibit readiness for success in college or have enough credits from recognized schools to be on pace to graduate with their class.

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#6. Wy’East Mountain Academy

For snowboarders, freestyle skiers, skateboarders, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, Wy’East Mountain Academy is a superb and distinctive private boarding school. Students benefit from training with instructors who have won Olympic medals, compete at the highest levels in their sports, travel to top-tier locations, and live happily on a stunning 28-acre campus in the Pacific Northwest.

All categories of student-athletes, from beginners to experts, are accepted at Wy’East Mountain Academy. We offer hard and demanding academic environments that are college-preparatory in addition to premier-level coaching programs.

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#7. Spray School

In Spray, Oregon, USA, there is a K–12 public school called Spray School. The campus of this single school, which serves students in kindergarten through grade 12, is made up of five buildings that also include administrative offices, a café, a library, a media centre, a woodshop, a gymnasium, and classrooms for students in kindergarten through grade 12. 

A district-run dormitory for up to six high school students, most of whom are exchange students, is located directly across from the campus.

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25% of pupils and 55% of students in reading are considered to be at least proficient on state tests for these subjects.

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#8. Milo Adventist Academy 

In the small, unincorporated village of Milo, Oregon, in the United States, there is a private Adventist high school called Milo Adventist Academy. It is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist educational system, the second-largest Christian educational system in the world.

Milo Academy’s mailing address is Days Creek because Milo no longer has a post office. The old Milo Academy Bridge serves as the sole entrance to the school’s campus.

The student-teacher ratio is 12 to 1 and there are 108 pupils in grades 9 through 12.

Since 1964, the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools has granted the school accreditation.

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#9. Boulder Creek Academy in Bonners Ferry

Boulder Creek Academy, which was established in 1993, is still well-known among therapeutic boarding schools. Serving students between the ages of 13 and 18, they combine coeducational academics with full accreditation with a curriculum focused on relationship therapy that accepts difficult pupils. Every day, students will put their social skills into practice, show signs of leadership, gain from therapeutic learning, and just have fun.

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#10. New Leaf Academy

Students at the exclusively female New Leaf Academy ages ranged from 10 to 15 at the time of admission. The intellectual, social, emotional, and developmental needs of pre-adolescent and young teenage girls have been taken into consideration when developing the curriculum for the school. In order for your daughter to flourish at school, at home, and with her friends, we at New Leaf Academy want to provide her with the skills she needs. The school aims to assist you in creating an amicable bond with your daughter that will enable you to successfully navigate the challenges of puberty. successfully handle issues to assist you in creating a cordial relationship with your daughter that will aid you in successfully managing the challenges of puberty. successfully navigate puberty’s challenges.

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#11. Idaho Youth Ranch

Equine therapy for youth is the main focus of the Idaho Youth Ranch, which means that working with horses is a key component of the treatment for the young people there. Children and young people will be able to bond with the horses, and encounters with them have the potential to be profoundly transforming. These programs can assist young people and kids who are battling depression, anxiety, impulsivity, defiance, and other issues.

Along with other outpatient services, the Idaho Youth Ranch provides a coed residential structured care program for young people ages 9 through 24. Several different venues around the state offer these services. A virtual therapy software called TeleMental Health is also available.

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#12. Northwest Children’s Home

For kids aged 11 to 17, the Northwest Children’s Home provides a number of residential programs, one for each gender. For adolescent boys and girls who require more intensive care and support, both programs offer residential therapeutic care that is tailored to each individual. The programs employ cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), and attachment theory (CBT). Students are academically prepared by the programs to return to their home districts.

 In addition, the Triumph House, a co-ed residential program for young adults ages 16 to 21, is offered by Northwest Children’s Home. Youth who have completed residential care programs or who have demonstrated behaviours to step down to a lower level of care and start the transition to the independence process is the target audience for this program.

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#13. Army and Navy Academy

Boys in Grades 7 through 12 who attend Army & Navy Academy receive a college preparatory education that will prepare them for success in college and beyond. The Academy has changed the lives of young men for more than a century by emphasizing responsibility, accountability, and motivation.

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At the northernmost point of San Diego County, the university is situated on a beachside campus in the quiet, safe community of Carlsbad, California.

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#14. Fishburne Military School

 Every boy is to be elevated at Fishburne, according to the school’s philosophy and mission. We can see the best parts of you.

The first and smallest of Virginia’s military schools, FMS was established in 1879.

Graduates receive 100% admittance to colleges.

More success in fewer classes Fishburne is able to recommend qualifying Cadets to any of the US Service Academies because it has been an Army JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction since the 1928–1929 academic year.

Our cadets never get lost in the crowd because of the twelve different varsity sports, extracurricular activities, weekend trips, and social gatherings.

Offer Options for 7-day boarding or daytime attendance.

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#15. Hargrave Military Academy

By putting money into relationships and lifelong skills, Hargrave personalizes a boy’s development. Your son will interact with classmates, staff, coaches, teachers, and TACs while learning about our “How to Study” program and developing friendships with everyone.

We encourage students to put out their best effort in all situations as we turn potential into opportunities. Our cadets feel a real sense of accomplishment upon graduating and are well-equipped to handle the demands of college and life.

Character Matters Here is not just a catchphrase. A calling, indeed. The Hargrave man is a man of integrity, devotion, and resolution who will guide his family, church, community, and profession. A Hargrave man is an inspiration to his family.

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Oregon 2024?

Despite the fact that Oregon has three military schools, there aren’t any middle or high school military academies. The military academies are only open to college-level students or high school graduates who want to attend college.

  • Oregon State NROTC
  • The University of Oregon Army ROTC
  • University of Portland AROTC

Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in Oregon?

There are 5 private, all-boys schools in Oregon that will accommodate 70 students for the 2022–2023 academic year.

In Oregon, 20% of private schools for boys only have a religious affiliation (most commonly Christian).

The following is a list of Oregon’s all-boys schools.

  • Counterpoint Day Treatment
  • King’s Academy Christian School
  • Looking Glass Stepping Stone Program School
  • Northwest Montessori School
  • Youth Progress Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are cell phones allowed at boarding schools?

Another way we may support our pupils is by demonstrating our concern for them by setting aside individualized time and always being available. Why do boarding schools permit phones is one of the frequently asked questions in this area. In general, they don’t unless it is really required, is the answer.

How much does attending Delphian School cost?

The price per week is $320 + a $50 application fee. Preschool (18 months – 4 years) (18 months – 4 years) Fees: Preschoolers attend for the entire academic year, from the summer to the fall. June 21, 2022, through June 9, 2023, make up the 12-month period. A total of 12 equal payments of $1,136 can be made toward the $13,632 tuition for the entire academic year.

Does boarding school benefit children?

Compared to their peers in public schools, children in private schools have more flexibility over their schedules, activities, and free time, which helps them develop their independence earlier. Prior to attending college, they also have experience sharing a home with others.

How can I tell if boarding school is the correct decision for me?

Take a look at these seven indications that you’re ready for more if you’ve ever thought of attending a boarding school.
You have lofty objectives.
You have a strong passion for something.
You’re self-sufficient.
You adore being outside.

What are the benefits of attending a boarding school?

This has been a significant advantage of board school. In order to study, make friends, advocate for themselves, take responsibility, and develop a new sense of independence, students are encouraged to explore and push themselves. They learn how to manage their own schedules and requirements as well as create excellent study habits.


Boarding schools in Oregon offer a tough and exciting experience that helps your child develop into a responsible and successful adult thanks to their demanding academic programs and competitive environment. With careful supervision and a competitive environment, your child will develop fundamental character traits like dedication, discipline, and teamwork.


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