10 Best Boarding Schools in Wisconsin | Cost

International students studying in boarding schools in Wisconsin can experience a distinctive form of culture in a stunning setting thanks to the state’s diverse, hospitable, and lively community.

Children of diverse ages and academic levels can participate in a wide range of coursework and extracurricular activities at one of Wisconsin’s many boarding schools.

Students who attend Wisconsin boarding schools acquire academic credentials that are regarded and recognized all over the world.

Below is a breakdown of the best 10 boarding schools in Wisconsin.

Are There Boarding Schools in Wisconsin?

Christian boarding schools, junior boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, co-ed boarding schools, all-girls boarding schools, all-boys boarding schools, military boarding schools, private boarding schools, day boarding schools, and weekly boarding schools are just a few of the boarding schools in Wisconsin (WI).

The following 10 boarding schools are all-inclusive.

  • North Cedar Academy (NCA)
  • St. John’s Northwestern
  • Northland Scholars Academy
  • Wayland Academy
  • Shoreland Lutheran High School
  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS)
  • Youth Initiative High School
  • St. Lawrence Seminary High School
  • Turtle Lake School 
  • Luther Preparatory School 

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in Wisconsin Cost?

Boarding schools in Wisconsin tuition is a significant financial commitment that requires careful planning and analysis of the investment’s return on investment.

Between $35,000 to $60,000 is often spent on boarding schools in Wisconsin. The total quantity of investments is influenced by a number of factors, including the cost of tuition, which includes room and board to pay for meals and amenities in the dorms. a $3,000 to $5,000 initial deposit is usual.

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Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in Wisconsin?

There are 8 private, all-boys schools in Wisconsin that will accommodate 1,469 students for the 2022–2023 academic year.

Wisconsin’s top-rated all-boys private schools include;

  • St. Lawrence Seminary High School 
  • Marquette University High School
  • Northwest Passage
  • Oaklawn Academy
  • Sainta Special school 
  • Starr Academy
  • Victory Academy For Boys
  • Wisconsin Institute For Torah Study

What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Wisconsin?

  • North Cedar Academy (NCA)
  • St. John’s Northwestern
  • Northland Scholars Academy
  • Wayland Academy
  • Shoreland Lutheran High School
  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS)
  • Youth Initiative High School
  • St. Lawrence Seminary High School
  • Turtle Lake School 
  • Luther Preparatory School 

1. North Cedar Academy (NCA)

A private boarding school in Ladysmith, Wisconsin called North Cedar Academy (NCA) offers students a university pathway. The chance to earn both a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts & Science (AAS) degree simultaneously is provided by NCA to motivated and dedicated American and international students in grades 9 through 12.

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Following high school graduation, a student can complete the NCA model in two years and earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

All NCA graduates who successfully complete the Blugold Guaranteed Transfer Program (BGTP) are admitted to the Universities of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and Minnesota – Duluth to complete their bachelor’s degrees!

While many US private boarding schools provide AP credits or an IB program, NCA’s BGTP students earn real university credits with secure credit transfer on a stunning midwestern university campus.

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2.  St. John’s Northwestern

Since 1884, St. John’s Northwestern has helped students cultivate their personalities and mould their intellect.

St. John’s Northwestern Academies educates and develops young men and women to be responsible citizens and moral and ethical leaders who are inspired to take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities. The school serves young men and women in grades 6 through 12 and is a boarding and day school with a focus on developing leaders. They accomplish this by focusing on four fundamental pillars: academic excellence, enlightening spiritual and character growth, exceptional athletic programs, and elite leader development training in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.

Students living on the historic campus are immersed in a safe and secure environment where they develop self-esteem, self-discipline, academic focus, and intellectual curiosity that enables them to “work hard, play hard, pray hard.” They are surrounded by English gothic-style architecture, broad lawns, and towering trees.

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3. Northland Scholars Academy

A highly regarded, private, and reasonably priced boarding school that offers a real route to your academic and professional goals is Northland Scholars Academy. It is situated in DUNBAR, Wisconsin. There are 150 students in grades 9 through 12, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 12 to 1. The highest grade available has a $35,000 tuition fee.

With the help of NSA’s Early College dual-credit partnerships, students can achieve an associate’s degree and professional certifications while still in high school, and they can enter the partner four-year institutions directly to finish their bachelor’s degree in as little as two more years.

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4. Wayland Academy

Wayland Academy is located in a friendly, safe neighbourhood close to a hospital where students can earn shadowing hours if they decide to pursue a medical career after graduation. Other nearby amenities include a movie theatre, dining options, the lake, and eateries.

Peers who will celebrate, push you, and encourage you will be all around you at Wayland. Throughout their time at Wayland, students discover interests they had not previously considered, and they enjoy learning via inquiry, original thought, and worthwhile experiential learning opportunities.

In addition to being proud of its Midwestern background and roots, Wayland Academy is also proud of its welcoming and secure campus, its skilled and committed professors, and its interesting and diverse student body.

A very varied student body, the Writing Initiative, exceptional, individualized college counselling, and opportunities for students to engage in both their favourite activities and brand-new ones to try are just a few of the Academy’s distinguishing qualities.

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5. Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS)

Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS) is a prestigious, multi-ethnic, Christian boarding and day school situated in Milwaukee’s suburbs, Wisconsin’s largest city, and about 1.5 hours from Chicago, Illinois.

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The school offers 140 courses, including 20 AP and College Credit courses, Advanced and Honors classes, a wide range of online high school and institution dual credit courses, and the option to enrol in classes at a nearby liberal arts college.

With a rigorous curriculum emphasizing critical thinking, 21st-century learning objectives, student-centred instruction, and genuine assessments, teachers with postgraduate degrees who specialize in their disciplines push students to reach their full potential.

Faith-based principles foster a climate of safety, constructive peer pressure, and acceptance of each student’s individual qualities and skills.

With a focus on developing future leaders, WLHS completes the student academic experience with award-winning athletic teams and fine arts programs, successful leadership and volunteer organizations, over 40 clubs, and competitive academic teams.

Each year, nine volunteer trips—nine abroad and nine within the United States—offer students cross-cultural leadership and educational experiences that prepare them to make a difference in the world.

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6. Shoreland Lutheran High School

Shoreland Lutheran High School is where students can learn, develop, and discover their life’s purpose while supporting biblical values, top-notch academics, and unique experiences that leave a lasting impression.

You will be inspired to take charge of your academic and spiritual development at Shoreland Caring Christ-Centered School and gain the self-assurance you need to tackle life’s possibilities and challenges.

You will discover compassionate, understanding instructors who have a talent for bringing concepts to life and who promote interaction and conversation that develop strong bonds built on trust and respect.

You won’t get lost in the crowd or left on the sidelines at Shoreland. Instead, you will get the chance to participate in and explore a wide range of extracurricular and academic activities.

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7. Youth Initiative High School

An exceptional private boarding school with an alternative curriculum, Youth Initiative High School is situated in VIROQUA, Wisconsin. It has 71 students in grades 9 through 12, with a student-to-teacher ratio of four to one. The highest grade available has a $7,250 tuition fee. 80 per cent of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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8. St. Lawrence Seminary High School

St. Lawrence Seminary High School provides a college preparation and spiritual growth program in a residential atmosphere. Our four pillars enable modern young men from all over the world to acquire a comprehensive education, development, and formation. Academics, extracurricular activities, spiritual growth, and community development make up our four pillars. 

In order to help young men of promise, St. Lawrence Seminary High School works to create a welcoming environment where students of all racial and cultural backgrounds can build the foundation for their future leadership in the Catholic Church and their neighbourhood. The school is very proud of its tradition of academic excellence and spiritual development. 

At St. Lawrence Seminary, everyone is committed to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to succeed.

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9. Turtle Lake School 

 The Turtle Lake School Community fosters excellence in its faculty, staff, and students, resulting in graduates with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in every facet of life.

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The School creates a secure, loving atmosphere that promotes a highly collaborative culture and makes it possible for everyone to participate in ongoing learning in order to guarantee “Success for Every Student.” The Turtle Lake School District is committed to providing students with outstanding teaching and learning opportunities. A culture like this promotes high levels of collaboration, mutual respect among all Turtle Lake residents, and maximum learning.

The Common Core Standards curriculum is offered to students by the Turtle Lake School District, which also provides a wide range of elective classes and extracurricular activities.

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10. Luther Preparatory School 

In WATERTOWN, WI, there is a prestigious private boarding Christian school called Luther Preparatory School. With 409 students in grades 9 through 12, it has a student-to-teacher ratio of nine to one. For the highest grade available, tuition is $12,345. 90% of graduates from this institution enrol in a four-year college once they graduate.

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Wisconsin?

Military schools have a long history of providing students with the structure and discipline they need to succeed in life after high school.

Military schools in Wisconsin come in a variety of options, so one will undoubtedly suit your student’s needs.

  • St. Johns Northwestern Academies
  • Kenosha Military Academy
  • North Cedar Academy
  • Oaklawn Academy
  • Raw Hide Services Starr Academy

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Wisconsin for Troubled Youths?

Wisconsin therapeutic boarding schools aim to assist troubled teenagers in achieving success and happiness.

A list of the therapeutic boarding schools in Wisconsin is provided below;

  • Future Men.
  • Heartland Boys Academy
  • Pine Mountain Academy
  • Vision Boys Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal age for boarding school admission for a child?

When should a child start boarding school? It all depends on when your child is ready, but in the United States, students between the ages of 14 and 16 are typically accepted into boarding schools in the 9th and 10th grades. For students who are 18 or 19 years old, several colleges provide the option of a post-graduate year.

Is sending your child to a boarding school a good idea

Early on, boarders’ kids start acting in some way, no matter how minor or significant. They benefit from having more faith in their skills. Children can participate in a variety of activities in boarding schools, including social service, art, theatre, and more.

Why boarding schools are superior to day schools?

The majority of parents choose boarding school over day school for this primary reason. Students are taught punctuality and discipline in boarding schools. These schools adhere to a daily schedule for all of the activities that students participate in.

What are the disadvantages of boarding school?

It can cost a lot to attend college.
leaving your family behind.
Children could feel homesick.
There is no obvious distinction between work and play.
finding friends outside of boarding school challenging.
Parenting is challenging as well.
Boarding schools’ quality varies widely.
Some young people might not feel at ease.
How can I get my kid ready for boarding school?


For kids of all ages and intellectual levels, Wisconsin’s boarding schools provide a variety of classes and activities. But this article carefully offers a list of the best among them. The mentioned schools offer enough for you to choose one for your ward, even if they are not listed in any particular order.


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