15 Best Boarding Schools in San Francisco  

Students hoping to find the next ground-breaking tech startup will find the ideal environment at boarding schools in San Francisco, the unofficial capital of everything tech. 

However, the Bay Area is more than just Ones and Zeroes. Artists, nature lovers, and cultural influencers are all over the streets of San Francisco and the area around it.

Parents have a variety of justifications for believing that American schools are among the best in the world.

Campuses are large and comfortable, and students can access creative and athletic activities And spend their free time participating in clubs and coteries to develop their skills and talents.

Are There Boarding Schools in San Francisco?

Few boarding schools in San Francisco are among the best in the state.

This article will list and discuss the top 15 boarding schools.

  • Oak Grove School
  • Archbishop Riordan High School
  • Army and Navy Academy 
  • Beautiful Hill School of Happy Valley 
  • California Lutheran High School
  • Cate School
  • Dunn School
  • Fairmont Preparatory Academy 
  • Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy 
  • Harvard Westlake School 
  • Hebrew Academy Orange Countyl 
  • Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • Justin Siena School
  • Lake Tahoe preparatory School 
  • Monte Vista Christian School 

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in San Francisco Cost?

The average tuition is $25,212, more than the $16,002 average for private schools in California.

For instance, public high school boarding facilities are unquestionably less expensive than private ones. 

With the inclusion of services and lodging choices, the average pay for San francisco boarding schools may also rise or fall.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in San Francisco?

The good news is that you will have a wide range of options because both public and private education are available at different levels across the entire nation.

Without exaggeration, boarding schools in San Francisco ensure that your child receives a comprehensive education in addition to a safe education.

Keep reading to discover the Best Boarding schools in San Francisco and their details;

1.Oak Grove School

Since it first opened, the school has expanded significantly, in part thanks to the Milton Keynes Expanding the Best program and in large part thanks to the fantastic Primary & Nursery site they built to become a “all-through” school. 

Oakgrove now serves over 2100 students in grades 3 through 19.

Every year, Oakgrove continues to produce many top grades in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. 

And All those connected to the school are proud of this track record of high achievement and success. 

Following their time at Oakgrove, their graduates have enrolled in some of the best universities in the nation and secured outstanding apprenticeships and careers.

Their shared goal is to help students in their comprehensive school make the best possible academic progress. 

All students have the chance to show excellence in all facets of school life, take part in teaching and learning innovations, and treat others with the utmost respect in their school community.

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2. Dunn School

Their students learn vital leadership and teamwork skills through forging stronger connections with their peers and the environment, furthering Dunn’s goal of educating the whole person.

Also, The Upper School’s academic program strikes a balance between intellectual rigor, skill mastery, and a highly supportive and approachable faculty. 

Their teachers encourage students to learn through creativity, intellectual tenacity, curiosity, and ethics. 

And it is because of this well-rounded strategy that they are able to work with a variety of students from different academic fields in a genuine and goal-oriented way.

Also, The curriculum at Dunn is very responsive to the interests, skills, and aspirations of their students as well as the special talents of the faculty, so on any given day a student might switch from in-depth reading and discussion in one class to a group project in the following. 

They challenge and encourage students in the learning process through multiple modes of assessment;

Also, Dunn’s education maximizes the opportunity to engage with various topics through various approaches. 

Visitors to Dunn can expect to see students writing in-class essays and launching rockets from Munger Common.

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3. Cate School

Cate has been fusing the best of East Coast tradition with West Coast energy and innovation for over 100 years to serve kids who have a high spirits and possess independent-mind. 

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They discover this Mesa between the mountains and the sea, with its Eucalyptus trees and Newtonian mechanics, sunsets, ceramics, and Salinger, is their place. It may be the ideal location for you.

Also, Students of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin are admissible to all of the school’s general rights, privileges, programs, and activities.

It does not discriminate in the management of its educational policies, scholarships, athletic, and other school-managed programs on the grounds of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, or national or ethnic origin.

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4. Archbishop Riordan High School

With its rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, house system, and extracurricular activities, Archbishop Riordan High School, an Archdiocesan Catholic High School in the Marianist tradition, equips young people for success and leadership through education imbued with Catholic Marianist values of faith, community, inclusivity, service, and justice.

As part of its dedication to 21st century learning, Archbishop Riordan High School has taken the lead in curricular innovation and is investigating alternative forms of instruction and assessment. 

Furthermore, Their committed, knowledgeable, and compassionate faculty support each of their students to achieve personal excellence by meeting them where they are.

Archbishop Riordan High is a demanding academic curriculum that equips all students to be college ready forms the foundation of Riordan. 

Although there are many different learning styles, every student has the tools they need to succeed in the next stage of their education with the right motivation and support.

The school community can offer students various tiers of support. Peer tutoring opportunities, designated office hours with the professor, and general encouragement to get the academic support you need are all part of this.

To those qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors, Riordan offers 15 AP courses. These courses culminate with the AP exam in May, which, if passed, grants advanced standing and actual credit toward a baccalaureate degree at more than 1,500 colleges and universities. 

They also offer a more difficult and accelerated curriculum.

Technology goals at Riordan are straightforward: to support students’ improved learning opportunities and to create responsible digital citizens capable of navigating the rapidly changing technological landscape.

Students must leave Riordan knowing how technical elements work and how technology can benefit and harm our environment.

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5. Besant Hill School of Happy Valley

Besant Hill School is a small boarding school in California. They value diversity, independent thought, artistic and creative pursuits, global citizenship, and environmental activism. 

Students worldwide choose Besant Hill School as their preferred educational institution because of its small size, dedicated faculty and staff, and stunning setting in the Ojai Valley.

Besant Hill School is previously known as the Happy Valley School,

The Besant Hill School of Happy Valley is a coeducational, private American boarding and day school in Ojai, California. 

The school’s 100 students and 35 faculty members and staff members all reside on or close to campus. 

The average class size is 10, and the faculty-to-student ratio is one to four. There are 62 courses available right now, including AP. 

Thirteen states and 22 countries get representation in the student body for the 2017–18 academic year.  On-campus working gardens and farms combine with a program in environmental science and sustainability.

Furthermore, Besant Hill students get inspiration to try new things in their encouraging environment because their small California boarding school has been a place where teenagers are cared for, allowed to grow, and free to be themselves since 1946. 

Most importantly, they develop into lifelong learners who can adapt to change and understand the value of constant improvement.

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6. Fairmont Preparatory Academy

This is an All Girls Boarding School that is know for their outstanding ways and they have a good reputation in San Francisco.

Fairmont Prep has a record for its academics, outstanding math and science curriculum, and athletics, which draw students from all over the world. 

As they start to work on their life’s work, they go through a truly individualized journey. The Prep offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, giving students many opportunities to participate, thrive, and form deep bonds with peers, faculty, coaches, and counselors. 

By the time they leave Fairmont Prep, students are ready to succeed in life and at highly competitive colleges as citizens who are aware of the world.

Every year, Fairmont students receive admission into the best colleges and universities in the country, positioning them to change the world once they graduate. 

These are just a few of the colleges and universities that their graduates have attended.

By receiving the College Board AP Computer Science  Diversity Award for achieving high representation in AP Computer Science Principles, Fairmont Prep has again gained acknowledgment as a pioneer in STEM education. 

Director of Education for Fairmont Schools and Head of School at the Fairmont Prep Carolyn Lucia said, “they are honored that the Prep has been recognized for helping to close the gender gap in STEM. 

Nevertheless, they are not shocked by this honor. The fact that Fairmont was named the Best Private School for STEM in Orange County by Newsweek in 2019 shows that they have been pioneering in STEM education for years.

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7. Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Flintridge Sacred Heart believe that before a girl can serve God and others with joy, she must first understand herself.

As each student develops into a bravely curious thinker and the best version of herself, they illuminate the way for her to pursue truth in her studies and in life.

Also, Flintridge Sacred Heart enhances young women’s education by encouraging healthy relationships with oneself, others, and God.

Their faculty foster an inventive and encouraging environment that will motivate you to push yourself further than you ever imagined you could.

The pursuit of truth—in their studies, their faith, their service, and their community—becomes the fabric of their daily lives when students have the privilege of learning in a setting based on centuries’ worth of Dominican teachings and traditions, just as it did for the thousands of young women who came before them.

More also, Flintridge Sacred Heart is a Catholic Dominican school whose dedication is to educating the whole person in a setting that enables adolescent girls to develop into young women who are well-prepared for college and beyond.

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8. Harvard Westlake School

In the management of its educational policies, financial aid programs, athletic or other school-administered programs, Harvard-Westlake School does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, gender, gender identity, or gender expression. 

Furthermore, This policy applies to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities ordinarily granted or made available to students at the school, including admissions and application processes.

Harvard-Westlake University is commit to the exuberant pursuit of academic excellence. Their curriculum encourages students to learn about themselves and the world around them while also celebrating diversity and independent thought. 

Their deans assist students in excelling academically and also discovering their personal purpose.

An independent, coeducational, college-preparatory school serving grades 7 through 12, Harvard-Westlake is situated in Los Angeles, California. 

The community at Harvard-Westlake aspires to be one that celebrates diversity and inclusion while sharing a passion for academic excellence, moral living and learning, and a higher purpose.

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9. Hebrew Academy Orange County 

The Hebrew Academy welcomes families from all types of Jewish backgrounds and also invites you to take part in an exceptional educational experience that respects our Jewish heritage, cultivates our students’ individual strengths, and ignites their passion for learning.

Their academics, who are nationally renowned and award-winning, are motivated by the most recent research. 

Passionate and dedicated teachers foster creativity and spark curiosity in small, interactive classrooms. 

Their customized instruction meets each student where they are and guides them toward achieving their personal best.

Over 10,000 children from the community have been educated at the distinguished Hebrew Academy since they first welcomed students in 1969. 

They have worked to develop each one into an independent, resourceful learner who is motivated by a sense of purpose, passion, creativity, and awareness of their own potential to succeed.

Graduates leave with the individualized academic experience, social-emotional growth, and competitive skills to pursue the most demanding academic paths and significantly impact the world in which they live.


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10. Idyllwild Arts Academy

The Idyllwild Arts Academy is the nation’s top-ranked and widely-recognized residential high school for the arts.

It offers a diverse student body of talented young artists pre-professional training in the arts and a thorough college preparatory curriculum. 

The 300 students at Idyllwild Arts Academy study music, theatre, dance, visual art, creative writing, film & digital media, interarts, and fashion design, pursuing artistic excellence in more than 30 different countries. 

Including Broadway theatre, primetime television, classical and jazz music, motion pictures, graphic design, photography, and more, Idyllwild Arts Academy alums currently excel in every professional field of the arts.

Idyllwild Arts has always held the view that the best teacher for humanity is art. They still maintain that the exercise of creativity sharpens a person’s desire and capacity to bring about social change.

Therefore, they work to inspire and cultivate artists as independent thinkers who collaborate to achieve the pinnacle of individuality, as apprentices to nature who humbly draw inspiration from the Cahuilla people on whose land the Idyllwild Arts community resides, and as interdisciplinary thinkers.

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools in San Francisco?

In San Francisco County, California, 69% of all K–12 students attend public schools, compared to 90% statewide. 

One of the highest concentrations of highly regarded public schools in California is found in San Francisco County.

Chinese Immersion School At Deavila, Lowell High School, and Peabody (George) Elementary School are the three highest rated public schools in San Francisco County, California. 

Based on a school’s combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking, the overall testing rank is determined.

In comparison to the statewide average of California public schools, San Francisco County’s public schools have average math proficiency scores of 49% and reading proficiency scores of 56%. The average grade for schools in San Francisco County is a 9, placing them in the top 20% of all public schools in California.

Here are some public schools in San Francisco:

  • Lowell High Schoo
  • Sunset Elementary School 
  • Lawton Alternative Elementary School 

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in San Francisco?

In a city that has served as a hub for America’s technology boom over the last three decades, it may come as no surprise that there are an abundance of options for private boarding school.

Though it is less than 50 square miles, the city of San Francisco is home to more than 90 private schools that serve about 22,000 K-12 students, according to the California Department of Education.

There are many reasons why families opt for a private high school. Some people have extracurricular interests or are strong in certain programs, like science or music.

Some private boarding schools in San Francisco;

  • The Drew School 
  • Head Royce School
  • Crystal Spring Uplands 

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in San Francisco?

Christian schools are more religious schools; they teach children the teachings of the Bible and of Jesus Christ, and their teachers instruct and mentor the students in these schools in addition to teaching them in the classrooms. 

Most Christian Schools in San Francisco are Affordable and they are recognised in the state for what they do.

Examples of Christian Schools in San Francisco;

  • Zion Lutheran School San Francisco
  • Donum Dei Classical Academy
  • San Francisco Christian School

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Are There All Boys Boarding in San Francisco?

While both boys and girls are capable of learning, boys undoubtedly do so differently than girls, and they also have very different interests.

In knowledge and skill tests, girls frequently outperform boys, and in reading and writing tests, boys frequently perform significantly worse than girls.

Schools for boys design their curricula to fit the way boys learn best, frequently leading to greater academic success.

All-boys schools offer a welcoming and challenging educational environment.

Boys receive close care and guidance and are encouraged to engage in all aspects of school life that girls may otherwise take over.

Some All boys boarding Schools in San Francisco:

  • Town School for Boys
  • Stuart Hall High School
  • Drew School
  • Convent & Stuart Hall

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Are There All Girls Boarding in San Francisco?

Single-sex schools may provide a setting free from prejudice and stigma. 

Girls can pursue any subject they are interested in without having to worry about gender stereotypes that are connected to some course options. This includes people who might ordinarily be considered “male” in coed schools.

Girls can engage in any extracurricular activity they choose, from athletics to performing arts. This gives Girls more options for their academic objectives and future career aspirations.

In the security of their community, Girls can learn who they really are. Additionally, they are encouraged to develop their emotional sides, which can be more challenging in coed environments.

Some All Girls schools in San Francisco;

  • Presidio Hill School
  • San Francisco Girls’ Schooll
  • Archbishop Riordan High School
  • Swiss American Academy

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in San Francisco?

The education a young man receives during his adolescence is one of the most crucial elements that will determine the course of his life. 

Between a military school and a traditional boarding school, parents thinking about the structure and focused environment of a private school education may be faced with a decision. 

While both options place a high priority on academics and have a set schedule, parents should be aware of the key distinctions between the two environments as well as the special advantages and benefits that come with attending a military school before deciding which one will best serve their son’s needs.

In a more regimented setting that reduces distractions by monitoring free time and guaranteeing each cadet’s primary focus is on the school’s curriculum, military school cadets receive the same academic curriculum as boarding school students.

Here are some Military Schools in San Francisco;

  • Oakland Military Institute
  • San Francisco JROTC
  • San Francisco Pacific Academy

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in San Francisco for Troubled Youths?

Deciding to send your troubled teen to a therapeutic boarding school is a big decision that should not be rushed. 

Hence, It’s crucial to keep good teens in their comfort zone when they’re making poor decisions. You might be able to switch out one set of behavioral problems for another.

The prevalence of teen depression and anxiety has doubled since 2020, making parenting challenging teenagers a silent epidemic. 

The excessive use of screens, according to experts, is a contributing factor.

To assist the youth, the state San Francisco has top-notch behavioral boarding schools and boarding schools for troubled teens.

Example of Therapeutic Schools in San Francisco;

  • Academy of Thought and Industry – San Francisco
  • Auditory Oral School of San Francisco
  • Special Needs Inclusion Project (SNIP)

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Knowing the Best is always the best course of action. After reading this article, I believe you now have enough knowledge of the Top-ranking schools in Mexico at the moment to make an informed decision if you decide to enroll any of your family members there.


What makes Boarding Schools in San Francisco so great?

San Francisco Boarding schools are always seen as the best both their public and private schools.

What age is best for boarding school?

It all depends on when your child is ready, but in the United States, students between the ages of 14 and 16 are typically accepted into boarding schools in the 9th and 10th grades. Many institutions let students who are 18 or 19 spend a post-graduate year in their studies.


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