How to get into Harvard Medical School

How to get into Harvard Medical School: You’re in the right spot if you’re trying to figure out how to get into Harvard medical school. Admission to one of the most highly regarded Ivy League medical schools is difficult. The acceptance rate is less than 2.2%. Each year only 175 students overcome odds to get into this school. While for you to get into Harvard Medical School (HMS) isn’t easy, it’s not difficult. This blogpost will review all the admissions prerequisites and outline how to be admitted to Harvard Medical School.

It doesn’t matter if you’re comparing medical schools that you’ve already been admitted to, getting ready for an interview, or simply want to know more about Harvard medical school; this is the article for you!

Harvard Medical School

Medicine is an incredible combination of technology, science, and experience which allows students to ease the suffering and pain of the human race wherever it happens. In essence, it is an effort to improve human conditions. Taking a medical school course at Harvard will prepare you for a leading part in this mission.

Over the past two centuries, Harvard Medical School has performed well in teaching the science of medicine and creating the best in the people practicing it. At HMS, you can follow your passion as you discover and learn ways to alter the way medicine is practiced.

A Harvard Medical School education prepares you to succeed in the ever-changing world of modern medicine by providing an education that is based on the study of the most advanced medical science and clinical practice as well as a variety of degree options and a long tradition of advancement that sets the bar for excellence in medical school across the United States and around the world.

HMS offers a wide array of service and research opportunities generated by the unique synergy among HMS and their numerous affiliated institutions in Boston, MIT, and renowned partner institutions worldwide. With the help of HMS’s Office of Scholarly Engagement, HMS students engage with the most pressing health-related issues across the US and internationally. In contrast, they engage in compassion-based community service and innovative research.

Each aspect of the HMS training is intended to foster collaboration, not competition. In the mandatory pre-clerkship and the prior academic years of HMS, you are evaluated on a pass/fail basis. An approach that allows you to concentrate on being the leaders in improving the quality of patient care instead of focussing on the rank of your class. The Dean of Students and the Director of Medical Education launched a program that aims to promote health and wellness within the HMS community. These Academic Societies are a way to bring a sense of community to learning. They will ensure that you have access to the entire array of HMS advice and assistance services.

Why Harvard Medical School

The most frequently cited motives we’ve heard from students:

  • An awe-inspiring student body that has revolutionized the world and excelled in various areas of life.
  • World-class research opportunities
  • Ability to pursue a different interest that isn’t typical to medical school
  • Medical school class is comprised of students from around the world. We are very welcoming of international students
  • The “name brand” and recognition will last for a lifetime
  • The new curriculum is less focused on preclinical clerkships but more focused on clinical experiences

MD Programs At Harvard

HMS provides two tracks in the MD program: Pathways and Health Science Technology (HST).

Pathways The more conventional track lets you get early clinical experience and the fundamentals of population science. You can make your own choices through advanced science classes, faculty-led research projects, and electives. The majority of Harvard Medical School students enroll in Pathways.

Health and Science Technology (HST): HST is a program jointly run by Harvard and MIT that focuses on the clinical expertise of its staff, strict scientific instruction, and research experiences. Comparatively to the 134 Pathways students, 30 students were enrolled as part of the HST program in a cycle.

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What are the Harvard Medical School the requirements?

The requirements for admission to Harvard Medical School are broken down into coursework and extracurricular activities.


 You must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible to apply to Harvard Medical School.

  • Chemistry: This is a basic course you must have completed before applying to Harvard medical school. This is an entire two-year lab. It should comprise inorganic Chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.
  • Biology: it is required to you complete this course in the completion of a year-long lab, which must include cellular and molecular biology.
  • Physics: here, too, a one-year laboratory is acceptable. However, it’s not required. For applicants to HST, an extra effort in calculus is required.
  • Maths Two of the most significant components of this course are statistics and calculus. However, HST applicants require additional maths, such as linear algebra and differential equations. It usually takes one year.
  • Writing This is an essential prerequisite. It takes a year to complete.

To be admitted to HMS, you must also complete studies in behavioral sciences, such as sociology or psychology.

Extracurricular Activities

Similar to any other university in the world, extracurricular activities at Harvard are very important. But, you must be a top-performing student in all activities outside of the classroom. To compete in the raging competition for the most qualified candidate.

Therefore, checking your application’s patient exposure, volunteer service, or research-related experience box will not be enough. Many applicants have also done this, and you should look deeper to discover what makes you stand out from other applicants.

This can only be seen in activities that you have taken part in.

Letters of Recommendation   

Another crucial requirement for students to attend Harvard Medical school is your letter of recommendation. You can provide up to six letters of recommendation to be considered for admission to Harvard Medical school. There are, however, some limitations, namely:

  • Two letters at least from your science professors (i.e., the professor with whom you attended classes to earn the purpose of obtaining a letter grade)
  • A letter from a non-science instructor (i.e., the person with whom you attended a class that was graded)
  • A school letter or a packet from the other school committee (if relevant) is counted as one letter towards your six-letter allowance.

Written Essays

Harvard medical school is just like every other school with requirements for essays that you must submit through AMCAS and follow the written sections.

  • Statement of personal information: It is the overview of your academic, personal, and extracurricular experiences and your route to becoming a doctor.
  • A section on Work and Activity: A section that briefly lists the possibility of up to fifteen extracurricular activities, prizes, and the possibility to expand on three of your most memorable experiences.

How to Get Into Harvard Medical School

There isn’t a magical formula to avoid getting to apply to Harvard medical school, so assuming you know what you have to do is almost impossible. The advice I’m about to offer here is the one I am confident will place you in an excellent position with other applicants.

1. Harvard students generally possess impressive resumes of research.

To apply to HMS, you must present outstanding research-based resumes. Research done by you doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted to Harvard medical school. You must really create something that is out of the norm.

Since many HMS applicants have had their work published, a few of them have been involved in creative projects that make them stand out from other highly qualified applicants.

2. Harvard students are often in close relationships with prominent doctors or professors.

Mentorship is essential for anyone who wants to become an excellent medical student. That’s why among the most important requirements to get into Harvard medical school is having a strong relationship with well-known doctors and/or professors.

This helps students become accountable and gives them a greater chance of success. The mentor can usually motivate the students to reach their very best.

But getting a good relationship with a faculty member can result in an effective recommendation letter.

3. Harvard students must be great communicators.

In addition, to be eligible for Harvard medical school, you just need to be a skilled communicator. A majority of students tend to overlook this aspect. Therefore, they think they’re smart, have high scores, and are good to go.

It’s not always the case; doctors with a high level of expertise don’t just know the basics of medicine. Doctors also possess a means of communicating their findings to their patients as well.

The medical school assesses the your level of communication in an interview. Therefore, if you’re considering applying to HMS, it is recommended to attend the communication classes before your interview.

4. Harvard students typically have remarkable leadership experience.

One of the requirements to get into Harvard medical school is leadership experience. As a Harvard Medical doctor, you’re regarded and frequently placed on the top of the list.

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To be accepted into HMS, you must demonstrate leadership qualities since they will be required when you’re working in the field.

So, you could be a presidential candidate or form a non-profit group that will place you in a position to guide other people. This knowledge will be useful when you apply to HMS.

5. Harvard students must have a great GPA and a high MCAT score.

To get into Harvard medical school, you must show a good GPA and MCAT score. However, applying to an elite school such as Harvard can make you stand out. It will certainly get you a notification of your application from the admissions board. Based on this class from 2010, an average GPA in the range of 3.8 with an MCAT grade higher than 35 is all you need to be noticed.

Harvard Medical School Requirements for International Students

Suppose you are applying to Harvard University as an international student. In that case, the process for applying and the financial aids are the same as the other students.

A part of Harvard Medical School Requirements for International Students is that you as an applicant must meet the following requirements:

Here are the most important Harvard Medical School Requirements for International Students;

  • You need to prove that your personal and intellectual qualifications are excellent enough to ensure your success in the field of study and practice of medicine.
  • Then, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability in physical and biological sciences during your undergraduate studies. Still, it must also incorporate the humanities and social sciences.
  • Apart from your degree earned abroad, completing your studies within at least one year of university or college education in the United USA or Canada is essential. This is because any international medical student who has not earned a baccalaureate or an advanced degree from a university in the United States or Canada is often not admitted into a medical school.
  • In addition, you should show your proficiency in English since communicating effectively is vital to ensure quality healthcare, particularly among the medical team doctors, patients, and physicians.

Next Step After submitting your application for admission to Harvard Medical School

Before applying, you must take the medical school admissions exam. It is necessary to meet the two deadlines for tests.

The test is comprised of three components. Each test lasts about 90 minutes. It is Clinical, and Laboratory portions include 20 questions and sections of 60 minutes.

There are two sections: Medical-Surgical, and other Subject Areas, including 20 questions and 45-minute sections.

According to the test’s requirements, It is recommended to take the test earlier in the registration period. Typically, from the 15th of December to the 15th of March.

You will be informed of your test results within four weeks after your test date. If you have questions regarding your test results, send a mail to the Admissions Office at [email protected].

How to Apply to Harvard

Recently, I’ve noticed people asking me what they need to do to get into Harvard medical school.

There is a chance that you won’t be a medical school student, but you need to know how to get into Harvard.

In reality, when you look at the admissions requirements at Harvard, a variety of things are required. Because of the fact that their acceptance rate is extremely low(4.7 percent Acceptance rate).

This means that out of 100 people who apply to Harvard school, only five students are admitted.

However, suppose you have to know anything about how to get into Harvard medical school. In that case, it is essential to concentrate 70percent of your efforts on the following admission requirements :

  • Harvard University GPA requirement
  • The requirements for testing, which include SAT as well as ACT requirements
  • Application specifications

These Harvard admission requirements aren’t different from Harvard entry requirements for medical schools.

It’s very competitive, so satisfying requirements like GPA, SAT, or ACT requirements are your admissions to prove your academic ability to the admissions board.

Once this obstacle is reduced, the next hurdle challenge is to wow the Harvard application readers. The remaining 30 percent of the application requirements will begin immediately.

This could comprise essays, extracurriculars as well as letters of recommendation.

Without further delay, Let’s get started:

Harvard GPA Requirements

If you want to get into Harvard medical school, you can ask questions such as how to apply for Harvard medical school if you have a lower GPA.

A low GPA can disqualify applicants from applying to Ivy League colleges or even Harvard University.

While these schools generally require a minimum amount of information when applying. Still, it doesn’t mean you’ll be offered admission to the school.

Based on the current class of Harvard’s students, The average GPA to make you eligible to be thought of is 4.18.

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Therefore, you’re likely among the best students in your class.

If you’re an incoming high school senior or junior, you plan to apply to Harvard University. But if your GPA falls below the median of 4.18, you can still apply to Harvard University. But you will require a better score on the SAT or ACT score to make up for this.

SAT and ACT Requirements

To answer the question on how to get into Harvard medical school. To begin, you’ll require a very impressive SAT or ACT score to stand a chance of being accepted into Harvard University.

Harvard SAT Requirements

If you look at certain schools, they generally declare that they don’t have a cut-off point to pass your SAT all you need is to be able to pass the SAT; however, this isn’t always the situation.

To get into Harvard University, the average SAT score needed for admission to Harvard is 1520.

So, based on a study of Harvard SAT scores, the 25th percentile of the New SAT score was 1460, and the 75th percentile score was 1580.

Therefore, scoring 1460 places you below the median SAT score required to be admitted to Harvard, and 1580 places you over average.

What You Need to Do to Stand Out and Get Into Harvard Medical School

College team captain? Do you volunteer at local hospitals? Did you spend a summer working in the laboratory? It was not wasted! Extracurricular activities are a fantastic method to show your passion and dedication to medical science.

Your activities demonstrate to schools your unique skills of leadership and experiences you bring into the classroom. The three kinds of extracurriculars could help you stand out at HMS.


Because HMS is a firm believer in creativity, research is vital to students’ education. Many applicants have experience in research; therefore, your research project must be unique. The admissions board is interested in the quality of research and the length of time.

Research conducted with a genuine passion for improving the quality of medical practices will impress the admissions panel. The research you are passionate about and are determined to continue will be more beneficial than the experiences you think look nice on paper.

Patient Exposure

Engaging with patients and offering solution, comfort and compassion are important medical abilities. Maintaining an expert but also trusting relationships with patients is essential. Working well with patients isn’t an ability that can be learned in a classroom.

Practical experience, specifically shadowing, is vital to prepare for the HMS experience. Admissions officers are looking for patient exposure through shadowing or volunteering, scribing, or other possibilities.

Experience in Leadership

Leadership is an integral part of the training you get at HMS. Harvard graduates are more likely to be in high-level positions due to the school’s reputation and dedication to providing a top-quality education.

Thus, you must emphasize leadership experience when you submit your application. Examples of leadership experiences are:

  • A student-run position
  • Initiating a club, or a group
  • Assisting in an investigation or research project
  • The organizing of a charity fundraiser or leading an initiative for community service

The definition of leadership doesn’t stop at these specific examples. Consider when you’ve taken the initiative to create positive environmental changes.

Harvard Medical Tuition and Scholarships

The tuition for the newly admitted HMS Class was $67,610 before other costs. HMS, on the contrary, provides significant financial aid. Harvard is determined to cater for students by making provision for finanacial aid. 72% of the new class members receives financial aid. The average annual amount of scholarships awarded to students is $59,502.

The median student debt for Harvard medical school is $105,041. This is over $70,000 less than the average for all schools. Apart from that, Harvard medical school has a long list of scholarships available outside the school.


There’s no standard solution to the question of how to get into Harvard medical school because the admissions process for medical schools is extremely variable. In a time when the majority of applicants are denied admission to any medical school, gaining admission to the most prestigious institution is much more challenging. If you begin planning ahead, maintain the highest grades and scores, work hard in extracurricular activities, and create outstanding essays. You’ll have the best chance of success during this process. It’s not easy, but with a lot of perseverance, the final result may surprise you. Have fun.


Can I get into Harvard Medical School after 12th?

Students must be able to complete a minimum of three years of college studies and earn a baccalaureate degree before matriculating. Additionally, they must finish all required prerequisite courses before matriculation.

Is Harvard Med School Worth It?

Harvard University is ranked No. 1 in Best Medical Schools: Research and No. 9 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care. Schools are evaluated based on performance in a series of commonly accepted standards of excellence.

Is Harvard Medical School free?

In the current Harvard Medical School tuition structure, every student is given an award of a size that is equivalent to their financial needs as calculated by federal formulas — less $33,950, which is the college’s “unit loan” that it is expected that all students take out each year.

Which Ivy League school is the best for medicine?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Harvard University Medical School tops the list at the top of the list.

How to get into Harvard Medical School

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