15 Best Trade Schools in St. Louis | Costs, Requirements, and How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in St. Louis.

Trade schools provide programs that are career-focused and prepare graduates for particular professions. 

In a number of trades, including plumbing, cosmetology, and aviation mechanics, students graduate with skills that are suitable for the workplace. 

Trade schools provide programs that typically take one to two years to complete, similar to vocational and technical schools. 

While some offer two-year associate degrees, the majority offer more accelerated certificate and diploma programs.

The Office of Vocational and Adult Education maintains a number of funding programs for students pursuing vocational or technical programs in recognition of the role that trade school graduates play on the national economic stage. 

Along with programs in more traditional skilled trades like welding and collision repair, many vocational schools also offer programs in new career pathways like industrial automation technology.

St. Louis is a fantastic place, known for its incredible ambiance and vibe. 

Excellent trade schools are available, and there are top-notch educational institutions. 

These trade schools provide top-notch programs as well as a rare opportunity to easily and quickly transition into a new career.

Are there Trade Schools in St. Louis?

Learn more about trade school programs, and specifically about St. Louis’ vocational schools, using this guide. It includes crucial details on accreditation, financial aid, and the employment options and salaries available to graduates of trade schools.

  1. Rapid EMT Academy
  2. Lewis and Clark Career Center
  3. Leonard’s Barber College
  4. Roadmaster Drivers School of St Louis
  5. 160 Driving Academy of St. Louis
  6. Saint Louis University School of Nursing
  7. Paul Mitchell The School St. Louis
  8. American Trade School
  9. The Healing Arts Center
  10. Carpenters Apprenticeship School
  11. Ranken Technical College
  12. East Central College
  13. Moberly Area Community College
  14. Mineral Area College
  15. State Technical College of Missouri

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How Much Does Trade School Cost in St. Louis?

A trade school program can be completed for less money than a four-year degree.

 In addition to having shorter programs, vocational schools frequently have lower operating costs. 

However, the FAFSA is typically the first step for trade school students who still require financial aid.

The average amount trade schools cost in St. Louis is around $15. 279

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in St. Louis?

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll, and the process is very straightforward. 

You must submit the application form, your ID or driver’s license, and a high school diploma or equivalent.

What are the Best Trade Schools in St. Louis | 2024?

St. Louis offers career and technical programs in a number of industries with high growth potential, including agriculture, business, health sciences, technology, and engineering. 

The following ranking of St. Louis‘ top vocational schools takes into account a number of important factors, such as program variety, financial aid availability, and accreditation.

1. Rapid EMT Academy

Rapid EMT Academy is the ideal setting if you’re interested in beginning a high-adrenaline medical career. 

All students at the state-recognized academy have the opportunity to begin a new career in emergency medicine in as little as a few weeks. 

The trainers are experts in this field, and they will meticulously walk you through every step. 

The course contains all the instruction and theoretical material required to ace the state certification exam.

 The students will quickly progress from very fundamental skills to the necessary techniques

Courses offered

  • Emergency medical training

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2. Lewis and Clark Career Center

The Lewis and Clark Career Center is a superb location to launch a brand-new career quickly. 

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The center’s mission is to assist all high school students and young adults in beginning a fantastic new career in the skilled trades. 

Everybody can find something to interest them in the school’s portfolio of extremely interesting and diverse program offerings. 

The educators and trainers are highly qualified and ready to assist everyone in finding a fantastic new career. 

The extensive experience of their instructors and the state-of-the-art labs will be very helpful to the students. 

At the conclusion of your studies, job placement assistance will be provided.

Courses offered

  • Construction technology
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive technology
  • Medical assistant 

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3. Leonard’s Barber College

A fun, exciting, and contemporary setting to launch a new career in the barber industry is Leonard’s Barber College. 

Various educational levels are available at the college, depending on your career goals. 

This college’s trainers and educators are outstanding, and they will guide you through all the necessary educational steps to ensure that you develop into a fantastic professional. 

The college will also give you the equipment and materials required for your studies. 

Additionally, all students have the opportunity to work in the college salon and gain client-communication skills. 

At the conclusion of their studies, the students will also receive assistance with finding employment.

Courses offered

  • Barbering
  • Barbering instructor

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4. Roadmaster Drivers School of St Louis

With the assistance of the Roadmaster Drivers School of St. Louis, get ready to hit the roads and launch a well-paying and exciting career. 

Every student who attends this school will receive the instruction and training they require to quickly transition into a new career as a commercial driver. 

The trainers have a wealth of experience, and you will benefit greatly from their knowledge. 

Veterans receive discounted rates on the programs that are designed to help them launch a new career when they return home. 

Modern trucks and vehicles that are used during training will help you adapt to real-life circumstances. 

At the conclusion of your studies, job placement assistance will be provided.

Courses offered

  • CDL training
  • Truck driving school

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5. 160 Driving Academy of St. Louis

One of the best places to begin a new career in commercial driving is the 160 Driving Academy of St. Louis. 

The school has numerous locations across the nation, and the one in St. Louis promises amazing instructors and some of the best trucks and vehicles in the nation. 

Simulation areas are additionally outfitted to national standards. 

Students will have the incredible chance to locate a sponsor who will cover the tuition. 

The sponsor could be a shipping company that will cover your expenses in exchange for hiring you once your studies are complete. 

Assistance with job placement will be given to all students, sponsors included.

Courses offered

  • CDL class A
  • CDL prep course
  • CDL refresher course

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6. Saint Louis University School of Nursing

The Saint Louis University School of Nursing is the ideal location to launch a brand-new nursing career.

 Every year, this industry needs new professionals, and you’ll have the chance to join one of the most fascinating and dynamic medical fields right away. 

The curriculum is excellent and contains all the skills, strategies, and information required to pass the state certification exam and establish yourself as a reputable professional. 

Educators and trainers are outstanding professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

The best tools and resources in the nursing industry will be available to the student as well.

Courses offered

  • Nursing

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7. Paul Mitchell The School St. Louis

Scott Mitchell The School St. Louis is a branch of one of the biggest and most reputable beauty schools in the country, 

which has locations in numerous cities across the nation. 

The schools have trained countless professionals over the years and are highly regarded in the beauty industry. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most qualified and accomplished experts in the beauty industry. 

You will greatly benefit from the amazing resources and materials this school has to offer because of its high quality. 

All of the students will be prepared for success thanks to the programs’ comprehensive and cutting-edge approaches to the beauty industry.

Courses offered

  • Hair styling
  • Hair design
  • Barbering

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8. American Trade School

One of the biggest and most well-known places in the US to begin a new practical career is American Trade School.

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 The school provides a wide range of programs with the goal of launching each student into a promising new future and rewarding career. 

The experienced instructors will give you a thorough preparation for both the certification exam and job searching. 

Veterans are subject to special rules and pay much lower tuition fees in an effort to aid them in finding new employment when they return home. 

This school offers incredible resources and facilities, giving you the chance to quickly hone your abilities.

Courses offered

  • HVAC
  • Electrical

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9. The Healing Arts Center

The Healing Arts Center gives students the opportunity to enter the amazing field of massage therapy quickly and simply. 

This industry is always expanding, and working in it will make you feel very satisfied in your career. 

The state-recognized course will give you the opportunity to work in a salon or even launch your own business. 

You will receive all the necessary theoretical and practical training throughout your studies to enable you to meet the needs of any client. 

The instructors will teach you everything you need to know about this brand-new and fascinating field because they have extensive experience in it.

Courses offered

  • Massage therapy

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10. Carpenters Apprenticeship School

The best place to take your love of DIY and turn it into an amazing new career is at Carpenters Apprenticeship School. 

The institution is well-known throughout the nation, and it will assist you in acquiring all the skills and knowledge required to quickly begin a new career in this field. 

The coaches are very knowledgeable, and they will help you with everything you need to be successful. 

The school’s incredible facilities and practice areas make it possible for you to quickly and easily acquire all the skills required for a fantastic career. 

At the conclusion of your studies, job searching assistance will be provided.

Courses offered

  • Carpentry

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11. Ranken Technical College

Ranken Technical College offers career and vocational programs that are centered on workforce needs from its campus in St. Louis. 

For every hour of classroom instruction, Ranken students receive three hours of practical training.

 By putting an emphasis on real-world experience, Ranken prepares students for future careers. 

Ranken provides vocational training programs in a variety of in-demand fields, including manufacturing, electrical, automotive, construction, and construction technology. 

A degree in industrial technology, electrical automation technology, or building construction technology is an option for students. 

The college also offers courses in information technology, large appliances, and precision machining. 

Students who enroll in Ranken’s certificate programs receive training in electrical automation technology, home energy auditing, and solar photovoltaic technology.

 The college informs prospective students about the high demand for graduates and offers assistance in identifying their interests and potential career paths.

 Graduates of Ranken work as electrical designers, machinists, carpenters, and business owners.

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12. East Central College

East Central College, a community college in Union, provides cutting-edge programs that prepare students for the workforce. 

At ECC, students select a pathway to concentrate on their studies and acquire the skills necessary for their desired careers. 

ECC is one of Missouri’s top vocational schools because it offers one-year certificates and two-year degrees in a variety of career and technical fields. 

Students who enroll in ECC’s vocational programs can earn degrees in welding, industrial engineering technology, or precision machining while utilizing cutting-edge technology. 

Additionally, ECC offers degrees in culinary arts, paramedic technology, building construction, and medical laboratory technology. 

Focused, brief workforce training is provided by certificate programs in industrial engineering, health information management, and automotive technology. 

The ECC Career Services office assists students in exploring career options, developing skills relevant to their field of study, and connecting with potential employers. 

ECC also partners with local businesses and industries to design training programs.

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13. Moberly Area Community College

There are five satellite campuses run by Moberly Area Community College in addition to the main campus in Moberly. 

MACC provides courses in more than 40 disciplines, ranging from two-year degrees to certificates lasting four months. 

In order to prepare students for the workforce, the college created its vocational programs. 

Programs in industries like manufacturing, agriculture, and technology are available at MACC. 

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At MACC, students can obtain degrees in mechatronics, advanced manufacturing technology, or agricultural technology. 

The college also provides allied healthcare training for medical laboratory technicians, certified medication technicians, licensed practical nurses, and surgical technologists. 

At MACC, students gain from career and academic planning. 

The workforce development team at the college aids students in developing the skills required for their chosen profession. 

The college reports that a large percentage of its career and technical education graduates find employment. 

Prospective students submit an application, and transcripts, and complete the ACT test. 

They can also take a placement exam to gain admission.

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14. Mineral Area College

Mineral Area College, which is in Park Hills, was founded in 1922. 

The college now places a high priority on quality, flexibility, and vocational degrees and certificates in all of its programs. 

One of the top trade schools in Missouri, MAC’s career and technical education programs develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of career paths. 

Degrees in electrical technology, construction building technology, and automotive technology are available through MAC’s vocational programs. 

The engineering technology degree offers students the option of specializing in manufacturing or design. 

The college also provides courses in skilled trades, industrial maintenance, and HVAC technology. 

Medical laboratory technicians, paramedics, and physical therapist assistants are among the healthcare careers open to students who show interest. 

Through academic and career advising, MAC helps students. 

The career services office is beneficial to students in learning about employment trends and job outlooks, identifying the skills and educational requirements for different occupations, and finding job opportunities.

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15. State Technical College of Missouri

State Technical College of Missouri is a two-year institution in Linn that focuses on technical education. 

More than 35 programs are available through State Tech to provide advanced technical training in both established and developing fields. 

State Tech is consequently rated as one of the top technical colleges in Missouri. 

More than 50 labs at State Tech, including machine shops, auto repair shops, and health science labs, are used to educate students. 

The college provides distinctive courses in automation and robotics, nuclear technology, aviation maintenance, and electric power generation. 

In addition, students can pursue training in industrial electricity construction, civil engineering technology, or power sports technology. 

Dental assisting, medical radiologic technology, and physical therapist assisting are among the health science programs offered by the college.

 State Tech provides courses in automotive collision technology, diesel technology, and automotive technology for the transportation industry.

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How Much do Traders Make in St. Louis?

Trade school graduates make a variety of salaries because they are prepared for work in a variety of professional fields. 

The average annual salary for careers after vocational school is approximately $55,000, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

Moreover, Some workers who have attended trade schools make more money than professionals who have earned associate degrees after two years of study. 

Nuclear medical technologists made $75,660 annually on average in 2019, whereas electrical and electronics repairers made $78,410.

How do I become a Trader in St. Louis?

Trade schools have started offering programs in a variety of emerging professional arenas in addition to traditional skilled trades as a response to current market demands, technological advancements, and various socioeconomic factors. 

Some of the programs offered by numerous trade schools in St. Louis and other states are listed below.

Best Paying Jobs In St. Louis with Salary 

  • Automotive service technicians and mechanics earn an annual median salary of $42,090
  • dental hygienists earned an annual median salary of $76,220
  • Construction Managers earn an annual median salary of $54,000
  • Ultrasound technicians earn an annual median salary of $42,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial aid available for trade school?

Yes, just like students in four-year programs, trade school students can look into financial aid options from the U.S. Department of Education. 

Are scholarships available for students pursuing a career? 

Many states maintain grant and scholarship programs that are specifically for residents attending trade schools.

When can I submit my application to a trade school?

Typically, applicants must be at least 16 years old to attend a trade school. Nevertheless, it varies by state and academic field.

What is the duration of a trade school? 

The majority of trade school programs are completed in under two years.


Remember that a school’s operating permit does not imply that it is accredited.

 A license proves that a school satisfies the minimal standards set by the state for operating as a learning institution and providing academic programs. 

Accreditation examines those programs and verifies their quality.

This list should make it simple for you to launch a new career. 

Choose the course of study that best suits you, work hard to succeed, and embrace a fantastic new career!


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