Best Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

Ohio State is often recognized as a great educational opportunity. Massage therapy schools in Ohio offer the opportunity to start a new career in health and wellness as a massage therapist.

Finding the right training is important, and there are a number of massage colleges in Ohio that offer educational opportunities for this ever-expanding field.

These Massage therapy schools in Ohio offer a flexible schedule and a solid foundation to work towards building your future career as a massage therapist.

Attending one of the massage therapy schools in Ohio will be a historic career for you. By this we mean that Ohio was the first state to license massage therapists, starting in 1916.

Ohio is also unique in that it defines massage therapy as a “limited branch of the practice of medicine” and not as an alternative therapy or allied health field as in other states.

Are There Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio?

There are 17 massage therapy schools in Ohio, including public and private institutions. At most campuses, students receive certificates that take anywhere from a year to 15 months.

A few schools award two-year associate degrees. Curricula include classes, laboratories, and clinical experiences. This government agency oversees many medical professions, including massage therapy.

It licenses practitioners, ensuring that they meet standards of education, training, competence and ethics. The council defines the criteria for safe massage practice.

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How Much Do Massage Therapy Schools Cost In Ohio?

At the current district tuition rate of $114.54. US per credit hour (not including lab fees and other fees), a certificate of proficiency costs about $4,100; an associate degree program (including general education courses) costs about $7,350; and a post-graduate certificate costs about $3,550.

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What Are The Requirements For Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio?

Some parts of the Ohio admissions process are standardized. A massage therapy school will require proof of high school graduation or equivalency – this is required by state code.

The school will provide information on how legal issues may affect eligibility for a license. This is the minimum, but the student may be required to complete a criminal background check before starting work.

Individual schools may also be more selective about academic and/or professional commitment. Community colleges, for example, may administer entrance tests. Students may also be required to complete previous coursework.

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What Are The Best Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio?

Programs can provide an introduction to many modalities: traditional Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, myofascial relaxation, neuromuscular massage, and even myoneural therapy.

Some Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio allow students to take elective coursework in health-related subjects such as lymphedema/lymphatic massage.

However, not everything needs to be included in the initial program. Some massage therapists choose to go beyond state continuing education requirements. Here is a list of the top 10

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1.     Washington State Community College

This public school in Marietta was formerly known as Washington Technical College. It awards one-year certificates and two-year associate of applied science degrees in massage therapy.

The 40-credit certificate curriculum includes state-mandated coursework as well as first aid and personal safety, myology and orthopedic evaluation and documentation.

Students learn to massage babies, children, working adults, pregnant women, the elderly, the unhealthy and terminally ill.

To earn an associate of health and wellness degree, a student must also take at least 30 hours of general education classes in composition, mathematics, social and behavioral sciences, arts and humanities, and natural sciences.


2.     Stark State College

A public institution in North Canton, SSC boasts a 95 percent graduate employment rate. The school offers two massage therapy programs: a one-year certificate and a two-year associate technical degree.

The certificate curriculum, which students can complete full-time or part-time, consists of 750 hours and 41 credits. It meets state standards and includes additional classes such as Psychological Aspects of Therapy.

The Associate of Applied Science degree lasts five semesters and includes general education coursework. A sports massage certificate is also available.

Among the classes of the 23-credit program are “Nutrition for health” and “Anatomy of physical exercises”.


3.     Cuyahoga Community College District

This public school is the oldest and largest community college in Ohio. It awards certificates and associate degrees in massage therapy.

The one-year, 34-credit qualification certificate involves three semesters. In addition to required courses, students study composition in college.

The placement test determines whether English or math classes are required. The certificate can be given to the associate professor of applied sciences.

The four-semester, 16-month, 62-credit AAS includes certificate coursework as well as general psychology, mathematical studies, small business management, life span development, and independent study and research.

Applicants to both programs practice their skills in the student clinic.


4.     Columbus State Community College

This school, with 98 percent of graduates passing the licensure exam, offers three certificates in massage therapy.

The core curriculum includes required courses as well as human biology, emergency response, myology, and interpersonal skills. There are electives

Hot Stone Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Spa Services, Oncology Massage and Special Topics in Therapeutic Massage.

The Advanced Methods program has the same curriculum with an emphasis on the specializations a student can pursue. The Massage Therapy/Entrepreneurship program requires additional courses in composition, accounting, mathematical concepts for business, and principles of marketing; plus an arts and humanities class.


5.     Knox County Career Center

Mount Vernon Public High School is home to this adult education center that offers a 15-month massage therapy program.

The curriculum provides 817 hours, including 689 hours of classes and laboratory work in ethics, anatomy, physiology, business and law.

There are an additional 103 “working” hours in clinics and events. Students study Swedish, chair, sports and special population massage; as well as hydrotherapy and spa treatment.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with one Saturday class twice a month. 97 percent of graduates pass the licensing exam.


6.     EHOVE Career Center

This small public school in Milan provides professional training in many areas. The 926-hour massage program lasts 12 months (four evenings a week plus every other Saturday). 18-month part-time option available.

In addition to state-required courses, students take Introduction to Computers, Pharmacology, Disease Identification, and Myofascial Release. They learn Swedish and chair massage techniques.

Hands-on learning takes place in and out of the classroom. Students massage the public at public events. The program has a 100 percent acceptance rate, but slots are limited.

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7.     Dayton School of Medical Massage

This network of private institutes operates campuses at Cornell Business Park in Cincinnati, Middleburg Town Square in Cleveland, Arbor Mall in Dayton, and Apollo Career Center in Dayton; and on Blazer Parkway in Columbus.

The 1,122-hour, 39-credit program involves 43 weeks of full-time classes or 58 weeks of evening classes. The curriculum includes 130.5 hours of “mind-body connection, business building, and personal and professional development.”

Students complete 75 one-hour massage sessions at the on-campus clinic, receive three massage sessions from instructors, and receive four massages from licensed therapists. They must complete a CPR course and become certified before graduating.


8.     Pickaway Ross Joint Vocational School District

High school students and adults choose from more than 20 career programs here. The small public school has a massage therapy program on its Circleville campus.

The 900-hour curriculum includes 714 hours of classes, 150 hours of laboratory and 36 hours of practical classes. More than 300 hours are dedicated to teaching Swedish massage and other methods.

In addition to state-required courses, students study myology, business management, and CPR/first aid. The program involves classes three days a week for 36 weeks.

The school follows an open enrollment policy, accepting students on a first-come, first-served basis.


9.     Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County

Massage therapy is one of 15 professional programs at this adult education center at this Newark public school. The 835-hour program takes one year.

It covers basic coursework as well as neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy and spa applications. Students learn numerous massage techniques such as Swedish, seated, sports, special populations, deep tissue, and hot stones.

In the classes, sliding, kneading, friction, compression, tapping, vibration, stretching and joint movements are studied. The curriculum includes 180 hours of public massage at The Zen Garden, a student clinic. Most of the teachers work as massage professionals.


10.   American Institute of Alternative Medicine

This private school in Columbus was founded in 1990 as Massage Away Inc. It has since expanded to also offer nursing and acupuncture programs. The institute prides itself on the diversity of its students.

AIAM has the longest running massage therapy program in central Ohio. The 750-hour, four-quarter curriculum spans 12 months. Students attend classes on Fridays and Saturdays and receive 100 hours of clinical experience.

They study Swedish and advanced massage techniques. The Asian Bodywork class explores traditional Chinese medicine, yin-yang theory, five element theory, qi, essence and shen, Zang Fu organs, and other Asian theories.


How Much Do Massage Therapists In Ohio Earn?

This industry is expected to grow by approximately 28% by 2026. Students who complete a degree in this major may be poised to take advantage of this growth.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapists in Ohio earn an average annual salary of $40,410. The salary range for the position is approximately $17,620 to $58,740.

These wage figures were included in the 2010 BLS report and were calculated before tips. Ohio is often cited as a state that has excellent educational opportunities for massage therapists.

Massage colleges in Ohio can offer you the opportunity to start a new career. Finding the right school is important, and there are several massage schools in Ohio that offer great opportunities to expand your massage and wellness field.

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How Do I Become A Massage Therapist In Ohio?

To become a massage therapist in Ohio, a student must first obtain a high school diploma or GED. Taking college-level health, science, and business courses can be helpful when applying to an MT school.

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It is very important to enroll in an accredited institution of higher education that has been approved by one of the following Ohio state agencies: the Board of Regents, the Board of Professional Colleges and Schools, or the Department of Education.

The state requires that MT programs contain 750 or more hours of teaching and learning. This must include 325 hours of courses in anatomy, physiology, and pathology; 325 hours of theory and practice; 25 hours of business and law; and 25 hours of ethics.

Each student must provide at least one massage to a licensed therapist. Some programs exceed the minimum of 750 hours. They may teach a wide range of massage techniques or provide students with more hands-on experience in a clinical setting.

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Best Paying Massage Therapy Jobs In Ohio

Companies are looking to hire professional, courteous massage therapist to provide guests with a wide range of massage services in Ohio.

The massage therapist will consult with guests to screen them for underlying ailments and assist in selecting appropriate services. You will perform the massage in such a way as to prevent injuries to the wrists and other parts of the body.

Columbus State Community College – Adjunct – Massage Therapy

Summa Health – Lead Massage Therapist – Oncology

The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health – Licensed Massage Therapist

OhioHealth – Oncology Massage Therapist

Connecting Touch Therapy & Wellness Center – Licensed Massage Therapist

TriHealth Inc. – Massage Therapist

Henry County Hospital – Licensed Massage Therapist Contingent

The Athletic Club of Columbus – Certified Massage Therapist

Life Time -Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio FAQs

What Is The Requirement For Message Therapy License In Ohio?

The Ohio State Board of Medicine licenses massage therapists in the state. Ohio requires students to complete a minimum of 750 hours over a minimum of 9 months at an approved massage therapy school.

What Can I Learn In Massage Therapy Schools In Ohio?

The hours include both the theory and practice of massage therapy, as well as anatomy, physiology, ethics, hygiene, and completion of a clinical massage practice program for students. Students must take the MBLEx national certification exam.

How Do I Renew Message Therapy License In Ohio?

Ohio licenses must be renewed by January 31 of each odd-numbered year. It costs $30 to renew your license, and the board requires at least one hour of continuing cosmetology education during the renewal period. Instructors must complete 8 hours of continuing education for instructors only. One hour of continuing education must be devoted to human trafficking.
If the renewal is late, it is $75. If you are getting an independent contractor license, the license fee is $60 if you renew on time and $105 if you renew late. The initial cost of an independent contractor license is $75.

Are Massage Therapists In Demand In Ohio?

This industry is expected to grow by approximately 28% by 2026. Students who complete a degree in this major may be poised to take advantage of this growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapists in Ohio earn an average annual salary of $40,410. The salary range for the position is approximately $17,620 to $58,740. These wage figures were included in the 2010 BLS report and were calculated before tips.


During your training as a massage therapist, you will undergo clinical training that will give you hands-on experience in craniosacral therapy, Swedish massage and thermal techniques. You will also take courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, safety and sanitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and nutrition.

The length of your studies will depend on whether you complete a certificate program or an associate’s degree. For example, the average certificate program lasts about nine months, while an associate degree program may require about 18 hours of study



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