15 Best Boarding Schools in Germany

Here is a list of the top 15 German boarding schools in Germany 2024 for children, teenagers, and students from other countries. Pay attention to the institutions’ and programs’ descriptions, rankings, costs, and reviews.

Germany is smack dab in the middle of Europe. It is a major nation with one of the largest economies in the world.

It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, safe, and politically and economically stable.

A significant life event is attending school and spending time abroad because it encourages young people to broaden their horizons, improve their language abilities, and gain independence. Additionally, it opens the door to a prosperous future in an increasingly global job market.

Germany is the ideal location to pursue such an experience because it has a top-notch educational system and is one of the world leaders in research and science. 

Germany provides excellent opportunities to lay the groundwork for a successful international career in a global world where knowledge is one of the most valuable resources.

Are There Boarding Schools in Germany?

There is no getting around the fact that Germany has a lot of boarding schools. We will list and discuss the top schools in this article.

List of the 15 Best Boarding Schools in Germany;

  • Berlin Brandenburg International School 
  • Schule Schloss Salem international school 
  • Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle
  • Institut Schloss Wittgenstein
  • St George International in Cologne
  • Alpadia Lahntal Language
  • Zinzendorfschulen königsfeld
  • Gymnasium Lindenberg private school 
  • CJD international School Braunshweig Wolfsburg
  • Lomonosov School Berlin 
  • Landheim Schondorf
  • Alpadia Language Schools
  • BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School
  • International School OWL
  • Internat Schule Schloss Stein

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Germany Cost?

Germany’s average annual private school tuition is $12,741.

The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $11,387, while that for private high schools is $15,941.

With a tuition of $1,011, Willows is the private school with the most affordable fees. 

Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle School has the most expensive private school tuition in the state, costing $58,600.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Germany?

If a school qualifies as the best, it has all the requirements to live up to that reputation.

There will be endorsements of the school coming from all sides, proving that it is indeed everything it claims to be.

Germany currently has a small number of excellent schools; we will list and discuss these schools in this article.

1.Berlin Brandenburg International School

A distinctive German institution is the Berlin Brandenburg International School. The main goal of its leadership determines how motivated students are to pursue education throughout their lives. 

BBIS is a global educational organization. Here, a friendly and understanding environment exists between international students, teachers, and students, creating an intercultural environment.

The school stands out for its flexible curricula and schedule that meets students’ needs for both academic work and leisure time. 

Every student has the chance to grow intellectually, engage in school community activities, and show their creative potential.

Additionally, the school creates all necessary conditions for sports and gives considerable focus to physical development.

Student housing with a full board is available to those who are 14 years old and older. Up to 120 students may reside there comfortably thanks to the school’s residential fund. 

Students live in private, 1-2-bed apartments. There is a gym, two kitchens, a laundry room, a lounge, and an inner courtyard overall. Three complete meals are provided daily in the residence. German cuisine is offered on the menu.

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2. Schule Schloss Salem international School

Schule Schloss Salem International College is one of the largest boarding schools in Germany. 

It represents a large-scale complex with separated campuses for junior, middle and senior students. Today, the college has an international status. Along with the national program Abitur, IB is recognized worldwide.

In college students receive not only academic skills. Particular attention in school is given to sports activity – the educational institution has several national teams. Each campus has a modern sports infrastructure.

The school’s extracurricular activities include social work. Students may gain experience through volunteering. The school collaborates with a wide variety of social organizations.

Residences on campuses offer rooms with two to four beds for students to stay in. There are typically kitchens, laundries, and restrooms. The residences also offer self-study courses with Internet access.

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All children receive board meals. On each campus, a dining hall is available. German food is available on a wide range of student menus.

One of the most prestigious educational institutions in Europe, this is the biggest boarding school in Germany.

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3. Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle

An elite and well-known boarding school with a gymnasium for joint-type training is the Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle. 

The institution holds the required academic accreditations and rightfully takes pride in the caliber of instruction, academic accomplishments of its students, and the number of graduates. 

The school accepts students from 11 to 19 years old who are from other countries. Currently enrolled in this school are 500 students from 11 different countries.

The school is in a former monastery whose construction history dates back to1268 and sits in the heart of Neutzelle, a unique and historically significant area. 

A lovely, well-kept garden surrounds the educational structure. There, students enjoy spending their free time planning picnics and unwinding during the warm months when the sky is clear.

The school underwent a significant repair and new technical apparatus installation. Berlin, the nation’s capital, is located about 130 kilometres away. Weekend trips to the capital with educational and entertaining excursions are available to international students.

The main benefit of education at Stift Neuzelle is the improvement of communicative abilities in addition to academic abilities. The school’s teachers are doing a fantastic job of educating each student to be full individuals and contributing members of society. 

The child’s creative development also gets a lot of attention at this school, which also offers art classes and music lessons. Under the direction of knowledgeable instructors who are native speakers, foreign language courses are available to international students. 

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4. Institut Schloss Wittgenstein 

There are junior, middle, and high schools at the Private School of the Institut Schloß Wittgenstein Institute. 

Both German nationals and international students may stay at the hostel. Young people at the Institut Schloß Wittgenstein come from various nations. 

They pick the school because of the students’ excellent academic preparation and the rigorous extracurricular offerings. 

There are numerous optional classes available for the consideration of international students of all ages. Sports, creativity, games (from cerebral to adventurous), and much more are available for kids.

The unique method of education used in German schools is one of its defining characteristics. Not only is there an educational plan for every foreign student here, but also a development plan.

A prestigious private school is Institut Schloß Wittgenstein. The quality of the educational services and facilities offered here meets international standards.

A boarding school is available to foreign students. An on-campus residence with 80 seats is where kids and teenagers live. Students share three- to four-bedrooms (conveniences on the floor). There are single and double rooms with bathrooms and showers in the residence as well.

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5. St George International in Cologne

One of the schools from the renowned network is St. George’s School in Cologne. The Cologne school is popular for its familial environment. 

Here, every setting necessary for an enjoyable study is provided. Many foreign students select the school in Cologne based on social considerations. 

40 different nationalities are among the students at St. George School in Cologne today. A setting this diverse fosters the growth of communication abilities. 

Learning at the school in Cologne is a fantastic way to make a lot of new friends and receive an excellent education that satisfies international standards.

One of the schools from the renowned network is St. George’s School in Cologne. The Cologne school is renowned for its familial environment. Here, every setting necessary for an enjoyable study is provided. 

Many foreign students select the school in Cologne based on social considerations. 40 different nationalities are represented among the students at St. George School in Cologne today. 

A setting this diverse fosters the growth of communication abilities. Learning at the school in Cologne is a fantastic way to make a lot of new friends and receive an excellent education that satisfies international standards.

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6. Alpadia Lahntal Language 

Alpadia Lahntal is a cozy, well-liked, and esteemed language school that is just one hour’s drive from Frankfurt. 

Staying here offers the chance to not only significantly improve language skills but also to have fun and learn new things while being surrounded by gorgeous scenery and clean, fresh air. 

There are a ton of historical and cultural attractions in the area where the language school is located, including a number of castles and fortresses as well as Roman and Catholic churches, whose thick walls conceal many secrets from the past and transport you back in time.

All of Alpadia Lahntal’s extracurricular activities have a learning component, fostering the continual improvement of speech and communication abilities, the consolidation of knowledge learned in lessons, and the ability to make new friends easily in a casual, laid-back setting. Many students spend their free time participating in various sports.

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Every weekend, and sometimes even during the week, excursion tours and trips are planned; students visit the most interesting locations, cities, and regions, as well as local cultural and historical sites. 

You can visit places like Marburg Castle, Fort Fun, AquaMar, a sightseeing tour of Frankfurt (during which you will also have time for shopping), etc. Please be aware that students are not offered a long day trip on a full Sunday if the stay is only scheduled for one week.

Alpadia Lahntal provides free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), spacious modern auditoriums and comfortable seating areas with upholstered furniture, board games and football. Students have access to the pool, tennis courts and other sports facilities, abundantly represented on the campus.

Alpadia Language Schools

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7. Max-Rill-Schule Schloss Reichersbeuern Private

At the base of the Alpine mountains, surrounded by gorgeous, clear lakes, is where the Max-Rill-Gymnasium school Schloss Reichersbeuern is situated (one of the largest is Tegernsee). 

As a result, students can live in a place that is ecologically sound and have access to lots of hiking, walking, sporting events, and outdoor activities. In addition, a big, lively Munich is only 40 minutes away.

Although the prestigious school follows the state curriculum, it is not afraid to implement new innovations and authoring techniques in order to produce the best results. 

The school can confidently be referred to as a reformer because its humanistic pedagogical principles were some of the first in the nation.

Lessons on vocals, solo and choral singing, playing musical instruments, teaching acting and dramatic techniques, and more are being conducted on a serious, practical level. Many graduates enter prestigious universities and conservatories across Europe as a result of their meticulous preparation.

The Max-Rill-Gymnasium Schloss Reichersbeuern respects and values each student’s unique personality, but this does not mean that strict discipline is to be abandoned: all students carefully observe the conduct rules, the daily schedule, and they are expected to take part in all aspects of school life, including various projects and events. 

Up to grade 10, homework is also completed under the teacher’s supervision. All of this ensures that kids are fully involved in school activities, constantly feel cared for, and are never left to deal with problems on their own.

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8. Zinzendorfschulen königsfeld 

Students from all over the world are welcome at the prestigious private separate education Zinzendorfschulen school in Germany. 

Since the day of its founding, the educational institution’s pedagogical concept and philosophy have undergone successful testing. 

Every student in Zinzendorf Schulen is unique, just as they were two centuries ago. The teacher’s job when working with foreign students is to help them develop their skills and talents.

The school with its historical buildings are located in unspoilt countryside. There are cosy sleeping quarters and contemporary equipment. 

The extensive facilities cater to both the academic and recreational needs of students. There are large fields for sports like football, hockey, basketball, fitness, volleyball, and table tennis.

The school with its historical buildings are located in unspoilt countryside. There are cosy sleeping quarters and contemporary equipment. 

The extensive facilities cater to both the academic and recreational needs of students. There are large fields for sports like football, hockey, basketball, fitness, volleyball, and table tennis.

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9. Gymnasium Lindenberg private school

In the renowned Bavarian region of the spa town of Lindenberg, Gymnasium Lindenberg is situated in the southern part of Germany. 

The successful territorial location – between the alpine slopes and the picturesque lake of Constanta – offers ample opportunities for travel, excursions and hikes, and provides a mild and favourable climate. 

Gymnasium studying consists of balanced individual and group classes – the organization of the educational process here at an altitude, which is promoted by close cooperation with the Humboldt Institute, a large and well-known educational organization.

Teachers and educators at Gymnasium Lindenberg work to instil in their students a sense of tolerance, responsibility (both social and personal), and the capacity to accurately assess both their own capabilities and their environment. 

Senior students frequently favour the younger, helping them in every way in their studies and personal lives, and organizing various extracurricular activities. 

Graduates plan groups of extracurricular activities, assist struggling students, deal with them additionally, and complete homework collectively.

Foreign students are given all-around assistance and support, including linguistic support. They attend general classes with other students in the mornings (before lunch; each class has about 25 students), and after lunch, intensive German language lessons are waiting for them. 

This facilitates rapid language level improvement, complete curriculum comprehension, high academic success and excellent academic performance.

Student exchanges are ongoing, and partnership programs have been established with educational institutions in the USA, France, and Hungary.

The required school uniform for everyone is not permitted here.

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10. CJD international School Braunshweig Wolfsburg 

The German nonprofit CJD works to further students’ education and development; more than 155,000 people participate in CJD programs each year. 

Despite the organization’s youth, its guiding principles are founded in traditional Christian principles. Its educational mission, which is based on centuries-old religious traditions, places a high priority on students’ spiritual, artistic, political, and physical development in addition to their academic growth. 

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Graduates are able to feel at home in the modern world and become successful and well-liked specialists in the global multicultural community thanks to the complexity of this knowledge and skills.

A large portion of CJD’s work is focused on educating and adapting people with disabilities, including working with migrants, addressing education backlogs, and other types of socially beneficial charitable endeavours. 

In total, CJD has collaborated with over 50 schools in Germany, including prestigious private schools, boarding schools, special needs colleges, international schools, educational centres, schools for gifted children, and dyslexia centres.

One of the primary and trustworthy partners of CJD is the renowned and well-liked International School Braunschweig-Wolfsburg. It is a reputable international gymnasium that enrolls boys and girls aged 3 to 18 from all over the world for education.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Germany?

The German Elementary school system, which begins in grade 5 and occasionally has up to five different kinds of secondary schools, is more complex than the American one. There are numerous paths leading to higher academic education, advanced technical training, or a trade.

Elementary schools in Germany:

  • Kaiserslautern Elementary School
  • Vilseck Elementary School
  • Landstuhl Elementary School

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What Are The Public  Boarding Schools in Germany?

Public education has gotten a bad rap lately as more families have looked into alternative educational options like homeschooling, private schools, and charter schools.

However, public schools still have a big part to play in preparing the next generation of world leaders.

Germany has excellent public schools, and the majority of them have received state recognition for their achievements.

These schools include;

  • St George’s School
  • CJD international School Braunschweig
  • College of St. Blaise e. V

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What Are Private  Boarding Schools in Germany?

In order to provide for the needs of the students and to acquire everything else needed for the school to operate efficiently, private boarding schools are frequently quite expensive; as a result, the school is expensive and difficult to afford.

But don’t be discouraged because of the expensive nature, private schools are mostly considered the best place to give your child that top notch education you want for him or her.

Some of these schools:

  • Schloß Wittgenstein
  • Internat Schloss Bieberstein
  • St James School 

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Are There All Boys Boarding Schools in Germany?

In Germany, there has always been a boarding school exclusively for males. There aren’t many of them, but the ones that are there are thriving.

Numerous endorsements confirm the high caliber of instruction they provide and the success of their graduates.

Examples of schools for only boys;

  • Schule Schloss Salem
  • Landheim Schondorf
  • Black Forest Academy

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Are There All Girls Boarding in Germany?

There are many all-girls boarding schools in Germany. However, the majority of them are excellent boarding schools that are private and quite expensive.

The following are some All Girls Boarding Schools in Germany:

  • Leafacademy
  • Schloss Torgelow private boarding school Helge Lehmann KG
  • Private Kurpfalz-Internat Helge Lehmann KG

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What Are the Military Boarding Schools in?

In contrast to regular schools, military boarding schools are created especially for young people who want to join the military.

There aren’t many of these facilities in Germany because they differ greatly from standard boarding schools.

In contrast to other institutions, military boarding schools train students for the military.

Some military Boarding Schools in Germany

  • Royal military school 
  • Mürwik Naval School
  • Bavarian War College

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Germany?

They are dedicated to giving children a secure and nurturing environment where they can develop the moral and ethical judgment necessary for the rest of their lives.

If you’re looking for a Christian school for your child to attend in Germany, the schools listed below are some you might want to take into consideration.

Christain schools in Germany;

  • Christian Life Academy-Stuttgart
  • School in the monastery Neuzelle
  • Zinzendorf Schulen

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Germany for Troubled Youths?

Once you have comprehended and accepted the diagnosis and suggested course of treatment for your child, engage the help of an educational consultant to assist you in choosing the best therapeutic boarding school to suit your needs.

Therapeutic schools are the best possible solution for any of your troubled children, in the school where they get to see people like them, they tend to recover faster and understand more.

Examples are;

  • Schloss Neubeuern
  • Landheim Schondorf
  • Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg

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Boarding schools are usually considered when some parents put in a lot of overtime and can’t give their kids the time they need for homework and other commitments. They decide that sending their kids to a boarding school where they can get a good education is the best course of action.


Are there many boarding schools in Germany?

German boarding schools are very well-liked in this Western European nation.

What are German boarding schools called?

The Internat are German boarding schools

Are public schools in Germany free?

In Germany, all public higher education institutions are free, even the highest-ranked universities in the country


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