15 Best Boarding Schools in Idaho | Cost, Types

In a safe and secure setting, boarding school students reside with their teachers and pursue their academic goals. They are put on the right path to succeed professionally, socially, and culturally.

Alternative and therapeutic boarding schools are among the different kinds of boarding schools in Idaho. These schools cater to particular requirements like disciplinary and emotional problems. To guarantee the greatest possible outcome for your child, they offer highly qualified, experienced staff.

For each border, Idaho boarding schools provide a high-quality education that provides a personalized learning experience.

There is crucial information concerning boarding schools in Idaho 2024 that you may need to know before browsing the list of institutions. This article includes all of them.

Are There Boarding Schools In Idaho?

You can attend one of the many boarding schools in Idaho in 2024! 

Categories of boarding schools in Idaho 2024 are Christian boarding schools, Junior boarding schools, Therapeutic boarding schools, Co-ed boarding schools, All Girls boarding schools, All Boys boarding schools, Military boarding schools, Private boarding schools, Day boarding schools, Weekly boarding schools, and International boarding schools.

Anyone who can attend a boarding school will want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity where academic success and personal development are given high priority.

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In Idaho?

Numerous factors affect how much it will cost to attend boarding schools in Idaho in 2024. The type of school comes first. Due to the various advantages they provide, private schools typically charge more than public schools.

In conclusion, annual costs for boarding schools in Idaho 2024 typically range between $20,000 to $50,661.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Idaho 2024?

Boarding schools in Idaho are convenient residences for students who want to study out of the home. They offer enviable education standard that stands out in the country.

See the list of reputable boarding schools in Idaho available for you:

  • Riverstone International School
  • Sun Valley Community School
  • Delphian School
  • St. John Bosco Academy
  • Boulder Creek Academy 
  • Clearview Horizon
  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • Arts Charter School of Idaho
  • Liberty Charter School
  • Gem State Adventist Academy

#1. Riverstone International School

Pre-kindergarten through high school students are served by the coed, private, independent Riverstone International School. 400 students from more than 45 countries are enrolled there right now.

A boarding school run by Riverstone can accommodate 32 high school students. Their boarding school welcomes up to 32 children each year.

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They also run a boarding school that offers the PYP, MYP, and DP programs for the IB. Their Five Pillars enable pupils to grow both inside and outside of the classroom by allowing them to do so. This helps them to realize their vision.

The Five Pillars are Academic Excellence, Community and Service, Leadership by Example, Global Understanding, and Outdoor Education.

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#2. Sun Valley Community School

Students, teachers, and staff at Sun Valley Community School work together to foster a vibrant school environment that prioritizes academics, service learning, sports, and the arts.

Pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade day and boarding students attend Sun Valley Community School in Sun Valley, Idaho.

In a supportive, close-knit community, students are known and encouraged to think critically by an outstanding faculty.

The school’s graduates join the world with a sense of self-confidence they have developed through academic and extracurricular endeavours that help them feel authentically themselves.

The National Association of Independent Schools, the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, TABS, and advanced have all granted Sun Valley Community School accreditation.

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#3. St. John Bosco Academy

The goal of St. John Bosco Academy is to help students in Pre-K through 12th grades rise above average performance by inspiring them to strive “ever higher” (excelsior) in their academics, careers, interpersonal interactions with others and God, as well as in their personal growth and virtue. They are also encouraged to recognize their larger purpose of “sanctifying the temporal order.”

St. John Bosco Academy is one of Idaho’s finest boarding schools and a member of the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS).

To fulfil their required parental volunteer obligations, parents who live too far from the school campus or who need boarding for their children may pay an additional $1,250 per semester or raise the equivalent sum through school fundraising activities.

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#4. Boulder Creek High School

Boulder Creek Academy gives families and kids the skills they need to succeed in lifetime learning, connection-building, and personal growth.

At Boulder Creek Academy, each day is planned so that students can gain social skills, show leadership qualities, take advantage of therapeutic learning, and just have fun.

Students gain academic success as they reclaim their self-worth, celebrate their individuality, and mature into competent, assured learners.

In Indiana, Boulder Creek Academy is still a well-known name in the therapeutic boarding school industry.

Boulder Creek Academy, which welcomes troubled children, mixes coeducational academics with a therapeutic program built on relationships for students ages 13 to 18.

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#5. Clearview Horizon

Adolescent girls who are dealing with issues that are ruling their lives or misbehaviour that could affect their future can go to Clearview Girls Academy, a residential treatment institution that is centred on Christ.

The Clearview Horizon provides therapy to girls who are acting out or making poor decisions as a result of emotional difficulties brought on by substantial trauma or loss in their lives, physical or mental abuse, the loss of a loved one, or attachment issues associated with adoption.

They are also experts in treating eating problems and self-harm. The experience you have at Clearview Girls Academy lasts a lifetime.

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#6. Delphian School

Delphian School is another well-regarded residential school in Idaho. Students can blend the practical and theoretical aspects of learning thanks to the school curriculum.

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Critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and creativity are all qualities that students can learn. The most esteemed universities in the nation accept Delphain graduates.

The usage of learning technologies is what sets this institution apart. Students can learn more quickly and share ideas with their teachers.

$58,050 is for tuition.

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#7. John Bosco Academy

One of Idaho’s top co-educational residential schools is St. John Bosco Academy. One of the most well-regarded and ranked schools, according to prestigious magazines like the Niche, is this one.

Along with competitive athletic programs and fine arts classes, the school curriculum offers a range of co-curricular activities for students to practice the leadership abilities they have gained in class.

Students who graduate from this institution are accepted into prestigious colleges and universities like Michigan State University and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Cost of tuition: $2,800

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#8. Elk Mountain Academy

Built-in 1994. For young women who are struggling with addiction, emotional problems, and behavioural problems, Elk Mountain offers a safe and healthy environment as well as an excellent academic curriculum.

Facilities, where children can engage in enjoyable outdoor activities while learning good coping skills, are part of the school curriculum.

Monthly tuition: $6,000.

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#9. Arts Charter School of Idaho

The unique K–12 charter school Idaho Arts Charter School (IACS) in Nampa, Idaho, is committed to Engaged Learning via the Arts. IACS aims to foster in students a love and talent for the arts as well as the kinds of abilities necessary for success in both their academic and professional pursuits. We think that students will be better able to lead inspired lives as educated members of society in the twenty-first century with the skills they acquire from a demanding academic program built around a diversified arts curriculum.

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#10. Liberty Charter School

The goal of Liberty Charter School is to create competent, self-assured, responsible, and productive young individuals who have the traits, abilities, and attitudes necessary to succeed in life.

A Harbor School’s guiding principle is based on the idea that learning accelerates when there is little danger and the material is extremely difficult.

The school thinks that if we can unlock each child’s potential through high standards, a demanding, quick-paced curriculum, and dynamic character education, they can do more than we can anticipate.

Children must develop the work habits, communication skills, and problem-solving techniques that are essential to a democratic society in addition to the information and abilities required for the 21st century.

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#11. Gem State Adventist Academy

This is an accredited high school course that prepares students for college from a distinctively seventh-day Adventist viewpoint. Students get the chance to perform community service and discover a passion for helping others and giving back to their community that will last a lifetime. Students receive leadership training, earning skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed as leaders.

Above all, this school prioritizes preparing students for eternity by fostering the growth of a relationship with Jesus while emphasizing academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities.

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Best Boarding Schools Close To Idaho

#12. Chrysalis

Chrysalis is a small, private, therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 13 to 18. It is in the Montana town of Eureka.

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Chrysalis was founded in 1998 and is now a full member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP).

The Chrysalis program emphasizes peer responsibility, outdoor adventure therapy, and what they call “circles,” which are sessions for group therapy with multiple participants.

As one of the top boarding schools in Montana, the program duration lasts between 18 and 24 months.

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#13. Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind (MSDB)

The Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind (MSDB), a boarding school for children who are deaf or blind from kindergarten through high school, is located in Great Falls, Montana.

Children who enrol in a full-time program at MSDB are accepted, as are children who attend district-run conventional schools but opt to enrol in part-time courses at MSDB.

The target audience for the dorms is students who reside outside of the Great Falls metropolitan area.

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#14. Monarch School

Monarch School is a therapeutic boarding school that assists students in preparing for college. The location is Heron, Montana. It is among Montana’s best boarding institutions.

In September 2000, the school’s founder, Patrick McKenna, founded Monarch School, Inc. in Idaho.

The mission of the Monarch School is to “provide young adults with the foundation of knowledge and self-awareness to enable them to realize their ambitions as healthy human beings,” according to the mission statement.

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#15. Mount Ellis Academy

In BOZEMAN, Montana, there is a prestigious private residential Christian school called Mount Ellis Academy. With 72 students in grades 9 through 12, it has an 8-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $16,480. 86% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

For the current academic year, tuition may have changed and is based on the highest grade available. Please get in touch with the school for additional details.

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Idaho For Troubled Youths?

The therapeutic boarding schools in Idaho are listed below. They are residential boarding schools with a focus on educating and supporting problematic youth by giving them the support they need to address some underlying issues and open them up to a completely another way of living.

  • Boulder Creek Academy
  • Clearview Horizon
  • Elk Mountain Academy

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Are There Private Boarding Schools In Idaho?

Almost all the boarding schools in Idaho are private-owned. These boarding schools listed aren’t owned by the public, but by private individuals or organizations.

  • Riverstone International School
  • Sun Valley Community School
  • Delphian School
  • John Bosco Academy
  • Boulder Creek Academy 
  • Clearview Horizon
  • Elk Mountain Academy

Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools In Idaho?

Here are the few boarding schools in Idaho that are strictly for girls. They provide therapeutic attention to the female students as well.

  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • Clearview Horizon

What Are The Christian Boarding Schools In Idaho?

These Christian Boarding Schools In Idaho have a high affinity for excellence and the spiritual growth of students. 

  • Gem State Adventist Academy
  • Clearview Horizon
  • St. John Bosco Academy

Are There Affordable Boarding Schools In Idaho?

The cost of boarding schools in Idaho is relatively high. However, the schools listed below have considerable tuition fees:

  • St. John Bosco Academy (Tuition: $2,800)
  • Boulder Creek Academy(Tuition: $11,500 per year)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is going to a boarding school right for me?

Self-reliance, character development, personal growth, and fewer distractions are some benefits of attending a boarding school.

When is boarding school appropriate for a child?

The ideal age for a youngster to enrol in boarding school, according to psychologists, is 12 years old.

What about Military Boarding Schools?

Military boarding schools are excellent because they give pupils solid intellectual and moral training.

Are Private boarding schools Cheap?

Private boarding schools cost far more than public schools.


Indiana boarding schools are made to give kids a setting where they may concentrate on their studies, develop, and reach their full potential.

Although there are many advantages to attending boarding school, there are also some disadvantages, so parents should do their research before enrolling their children. A school should be chosen with your child in mind.


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