15 Best Boarding Schools in Seattle

This article has got all you need about the best top-ranking boarding schools in Seattle 2024.

If don’t know yet about what boarding school to enrol your child in Seattle, keep reading. All you need to know is in this article.

Most parents send their children to boarding schools because they want the best for them, and they feel most boarding schools can do that. 

Boarding schools are typically schools where students live and only visit their parents during breaks.

During the academic year, students at boarding schools learn and live with their classmates, as well as perhaps teachers or administrators. 

Some boarding institutions also accept day students, who attend school during the day and spend the evenings with their families away from campus.

Are There Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Seattle has quite a good number of Boarding schools, mostly private Boarding schools.

In the numerous Boarding schools in Seattle 2024, there are few of them that are top ranking in terms of being the Best in the State.

Keep reading to discover the best Boarding schools in Seattle 2024.

Let’s get there !!

  • Seattle Academy 
  • Holy Names Academy 
  • Bishop Blanchet high school 
  • Epiphany school
  • Spring Academy 
  • O’Dea high school 
  • BrightMont Academy 
  • Lakeside Academy 
  • Shoreline Christian School 
  • Assumption St Bridget School
  • Morning side Academy 
  • Hamlin Robinson Academy 
  • Ingraham high school 
  • Giddens Academy 
  • Derech Emunah

How Much Does Boarding Schools in Seattle Cost?

Seattle’s average private school tuition is $12,129 annually 2024.

Yes, they are quite expensive, but most private boarding schools in Seattle are worth it.

The private school with the lowest tuition cost is Newport Children’s School, with a tuition of $1,450. The private school with the highest tuition in Seattle is The Northwest School, costing $41,275. 

Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Christain schools and public Boarding Schools are normally the most affordable boarding schools because of the freewill the donations from the public and church members,the donations most times take care of the academy tuition making the schools affordable.

If you are looking for some good affordable boarding schools in Seattle 2024, keep reading.

Some affordable schools in Seattle:

  • Holy Names Academy 
  • The Northwest School 
  • Dartmoor School 
  • Seattle country day school 
  • Seattle Academy 

What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Seattle?

There are so many Boarding Schools in  Seattle, most are individual properties (private) while some are missionary (Christian), and Some belong to the government (public).

They are all good Boarding schools with good students in them, but there are great boarding schools in Seattle, the top-ranking Boarding Schools in Seattle 2024.

If you are curious about the top-ranking Boarding schools in Seattle 2024, keep reading, this article will reveal all you need to know.

1. Seattle Academy 

Seattle Academy, usually known as SAAS, is an independent school that educates students in grades 6 through 12 on campus in the Seattle neighbourhood of Capitol Hill. 

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The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction has permitted SAAS to operate as a private school in the state of Washington. 

SAAS has accreditation from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS).

Through the programming pillars of academics, the arts, athletics, outdoor activities, travel, and service, they provide their dynamic educational philosophy of teaching students “how to think” rather than “what to think.”

2. Holy Names Academy 

Holy Names Academy is a Catholic private all-girls college-preparatory high school, founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in 1880 and located on the east slope of Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

It is the oldest continually operating school in Washington state. In the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, the school has governorship from an independent Board of Trustees, and is under the trusteeship of the Sisters of the Holy Names; 

Several religious sisters are on the board or the faculty/staff. The school has been named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S Department of Education four separate times. It ranks among “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” in an annual survey by The Washington Post.

They pay $20,940 per Annum.

3. Giddens Academy 

Giddens celebrates a long history as a school committed to academics and learning, social and emotional development, and justice. 

Since 1972, Giddens has nurtured young people who are confident in their own skin, cherish and welcome variety, engage in critical thought about their surroundings, and have the knowledge and zeal to fight for advancement.

Service learning is within their curriculum and food insecurity and food deserts.

4. Spring Academy 

Simply said, the Spring Academy approach is among the best for ensuring that learning occurs at its highest level. 

This is the driving force behind all they do, including the individualised education provided by their qualified and compassionate teachers and the personalization of each student’s program.

Everything at Spring Academy is specific for each student, including the timetable, courses, and curriculum as well as the pace of the lessons, the delivery of the material, and the instructional style.

Spring Academy is successful because it can interact with each student individually and change their relationship with learning and attitude toward it.

The instructors are trained to scaffold training by considering each student’s competency level and then creating sessions that push the learner to reach the next level.

5. Epiphany School 

Epiphany is an independent school in Boston that offers scholarships to all students from low-income families. 

Because they adhere to the Episcopal tradition that holds that they encounter God in and through one another, they accept children of various racial, cultural, and cognitive backgrounds. 

They are an innovative learning community that works closely with families and community partners. They provide organised support to help families succeed and to help kids discover and develop the richness of their unique gifts.

To achieve kindergarten readiness and family self-sufficiency, their Early Learning Centre provides services to newborns, toddlers, and preschoolers through a robust, child-centred curriculum and whole-family program model. 

Their middle school gives students in grades five through eight intensive academic, moral, and social training through small classes, tailored curricula, and longer hours.

Their Graduate Support Program gives its graduates ongoing educational, personal, and career support and helps to ensure they are ready to make a meaningful, moral, and engaged contribution to the society they will inherit. 

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6. Brightmont Academy 

Private middle and high school Brightmont Academy is a comprehensive institution with national accreditation. 

Brightmont provides truly individualised instruction and tutoring to students in grades 3-12. They do this through their industry-leading one-to-one approach to education. 

Brightmont Academy, which has campuses in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington, is always enhancing its buildings and using new technologies in order to better serve its students and their families.

Over the past 20 years, Brightmont Academy has served as the impetus for helping countless young people achieve and surpass their academic and extracurricular objectives.

Each of their kids comes to Brightmont with a distinct blend of interests, abilities, and talents that should be acknowledged and supported. They also recognize that their uniqueness may pose challenges for them in a conventional classroom.

The goal of Brightmont Academy is to help as many students as possible attain their maximum academic potential and get ready for college and the workforce by offering individualised, one-to-one instruction.

They are really good at what they do that’s why they keep appearing as one of the top-ranking Boarding Schools in Seattle.

7. Lakeside Academy 

Lakeside Academy offers a blended Nigerian and British curriculum to provide students with a wide range of academic exposure. 

It begun on August 29, 2008, and started operating fully on September 15, 2008. Their goal is to create outstanding thinkers for the present and the future. 

Among our key principles are respect for oneself, others, and a thirst for knowledge. At Kia Lakeside Academy, they develop their students one-on-one to prepare them for a bright future. 

They have gone above and beyond to provide a welcoming environment with top-notch amenities and professors who have received worldwide training.

8. Shoreline Christian School 

In the Seattle suburb of Shoreline, Washington, there is a private Christian school called Shoreline Christian School. The institution offers prekindergarten to grade 12 classes (PK–12).

 Although Shoreline Christian is associated with the Christian Reformed Church, many different denominations are represented among the students.

The Christian Education Society of Seattle launched the institution in 1952, naming it Calvin Christian School. 

The same year the Rev. Watson Groen passed away, the school’s name was changed to Watson Groen Christian School. With pupils in grades 1 through 8, Miss Parker served as the school’s first instructor. The first lessons were held in Howard and Genevieve Long’s house.

This school has really come a long way, and they have proven to be one of the best Boarding schools in Seattle.

9. Morning side Academy 

In the year 1980, this prestigious school was founded, Morningside Academy provides elementary and middle school pupils with tutoring and academic support. 

Some students may be given the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, have learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, or not have any needs that have been identified. 

Learning their lifelong learning techniques and study skills benefits all students. Regular evaluation enables individualised growth. 

Through peer tutoring, students develop their collaborative abilities and learn to support one another as they progress. They distinctively integrate academics & Art, PE, and Psychology, with a Daily Report Card. 

Teachers, graduate students, and other professionals can get professional development and coach from Morningside Teachers’ Academy both domestically and abroad.

The fact that so many wonderful people find their way to the HRS community is one of its greatest strengths. 

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In terms of careers, races, religions, family structures, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds, their families are varied in every way. 

Personal connections are key, and fostering a loving environment guarantees the success of both students and families.

10. Hamlin Robinson Academy 

Does your child have trouble learning to read, write, or spell? Do they experience anxiety and discouragement about school? An Independent school in Seattle, Hamlin Robinson School, provides a specialised curriculum for pupils with dyslexia and other language-based learning difficulties. 

They offer a full academic program, a multimodal linguistic approach, and a supportive learning atmosphere.

Their pupils develop the precise linguistic abilities required for success, as well as the joy of learning, positive self-esteem, and creative potential. Respect is a core concept, and students are accepted at their instructional level.

Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Are you looking for an Elementary School in Seattle, where you can be certain about the educational quality of your child?…

Luckily for you, this is the right article, keep reading, and you will discover a few of the best elementary schools in Seattle 2023.

Few top Elementary Schools in Seattle:

  • Queen Anne Elementary School 
  • Greenwood Elementary School 
  • John Hay elementary school 
  • Correct Elementary School 
  • Adams Elementary School 
  • Laurel Hurst elementary school

What Are the Public Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Public Boarding Schools are schools owned by the Federal government or the State government, as the case may be, and there are many in Seattle.

Public Boarding Schools are normally cheaper than private boarding schools, each one with its benefits attached to it.

Few of these schools are;

  • Seattle public school 
  • The centre public school
  • Garfield high school 
  • Interagency Academy 

What Are the Private Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Private schools are a school that an individual or group of persons owns, as the case may be, and there are a good number of Boarding schools owned by individuals in Seattle.

The best Boarding schools in Seattle 2023 will be listed below:

  • Holy Names Academy 
  • Epiphany Academy 
  • Villa Academy 
  • The Bush School 
  • Giddens School 

Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Seattle?

There has always been a girls’ Boarding School in Seattle; though there are not so many the few that were founded are doing great.

Their graduates are represented so well, and there are many testimonies regarding the kind of quality education they give.

Few All girl’s schools in Seattle:

  • Seattle girls school 
  • Holy Names Academy 
  • Lake Washington girls middle School 
  • Derech Emunah 
  • Seattle Academy 

Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Seattle has All boy’s schools that are doing well, most of which are recognised nationwide.

Few All boys schools in Seattle will be enlisted below:

  • Kimball Union Academy 
  • Charles Wright Academy 
  • Heartland Boys Academy 
  • The Northwest School 

What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Military Boarding Schools are the schools only meant for those in the military, both male and female.

These Boarding Schools are just a few in Seattle because they are not like the normal regular Boarding schools.

Examples of these schools are;

  • Army RoTC program
  • Washington youth academy 
  • The Northwest Academy 
  • NCO Academy 
  • Criminal justice training Centre 

What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Seattle?

Having a troubled child at times can be disturbing and stressful, mostly for busy parents. 

That’s why Therapeutic Boarding Schools are made available for this kind of child.

Examples of these schools;

  • Aldridge Education Consulting 
  • East Side Academy 
  • Dog trots
  • Empower my teen
  • Cascade Hall


Having read the above article, I believe there is a good comprehension of everything.

Seattle has good boarding schools, and the best schools are recognised for their good services.


Are therapeutic boarding schools only for troubled kids?

Yes, it is for the unstable kids only, these schools are made available to enable them to cope and be properly taken care of.

Is there an all-girls boarding school in Seattle?

Yes, there are a few All girls Boarding schools in Seattle, some of which are the top-ranking schools in Seattle this 2023.

What is the most Costly Boarding in Seattle?

The most expensive boarding school in Seattle this 2024 is Villa Academy 


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