15 Best Boarding Schools in West Virginia

Everyone wants to have the best. That’s why everyone goes for the best. This article will tell you more about the best top-ranking boarding schools in West Virginia 2024.

West Virginia is a state in the eastern United States located in the Appalachian Mountains. Harpers Ferry, located where the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers meet, is the site of a famous Civil War-era raid. 

There are many boarding schools in West Virginia, both therapeutic and military. They recognize most of them, but those are the ones that are currently ranking high.

Enlisted below are the 15 best top-ranking boarding schools in West Virginia in 2024:

  • Hargrave Boarding school
  • Bluefield State College 
  • Greenbrier academy
  • Linsly school
  • Parkersburg Catholic high school
  • Whitmore school
  • Notre dame high school
  • Central Catholic high school
  • Rocky knoll school
  • Wood County Christian School
  • Weirton Madonna high school 
  • Victory Baptist Academy
  • Trinity Christian School
  • Foxcroft school 
  • Mercer Christian Academy
  • Teays Valley School

How Much Does Boarding Schools in West Virginia Cost?

The boarding school in West Virginia has different tuition fees. There are ones with high tuition feed and ones with lower tuition fees.

According to Boarding School Review’s 2019 research, the annual tuition for boarding schools in the United States is $56,875 per year.

However, boarding school tuition in Virginia is roughly the same. However, some earn between $15,000 and $35,000 per year.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

There are affordable boarding schools in West Virginia, most of them are public and few Christian schools.

Most of all these schools get their tuitions handled by the church members, and with the freewill donations, they make most time.

All of these activities make lots of schools in West Virginia very affordable.

Some of the Boarding schools in West Virginia are quite affordable;

  • Compass Rose Academy
  • The Duke of York Royal military school
  • Hargrave boarding school
  • The highland school

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

Boarding schools in west Virginia are pretty much both Christian, private, public, military, and therapeutic.

But there are the ones that are recognised by the state as the best because of the kind of services they render.

They are believed to be the best in the kind of level quality education they give to their students.

We will discuss the Top ranking schools in west Virginia to enlighten you more on the schools and how they function.

1. Linsly School 

The Linsly School, formerly the Linsly Military Institute, is a day and boarding school in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Noah Linsly founded it in 1814, and the State of Virginia chartered it the same year. The Lancastrian Academy was the school’s original name and is the oldest preparatory school west of the Alleghenies.

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Linsly’s graduating seniors have a 100% college acceptance rate. As a day and boarding school, Linsly welcomes international students from a variety of countries, including China, Finland, Canada, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Brazil, and Japan.

Linsly celebrated its 200th academic year by raising $10,000,000 for adding Banes Hall, the main academic building, renovating many other on-campus facilities, and enhancing Linsly’s teaching capability. 

The school has currently completed all major on-campus renovations.

To add to Banes Hall, the major academic building, renovate numerous other campus buildings, and improve Linsly’s teaching capabilities, the school raised $10,000,000 during the 200th academic year.

All significant on-campus renovations are currently complete at the institution.

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2. Victory Baptist Academy 

The American Association of Christian Schools has fully accredited Victory Baptist Academy, a Christ-centered preschool through grade 12 school run by Victory Baptist Church. 

Its goal has been to ensure every student learns the truth since it opened in 2007. 

Through in-depth Bible study, rigorous academic education, and supervised social interaction, VBA will help parents raise their children with a Christ-centered mindset so that they will have a positive impact on their homes, churches, and communities.

Students of any race, colour, national and ethnic origin are admissible to all of the rights, benefits, programs, and activities normally provided for students at the school by Victory Baptist Academy. 

In the administration of its educational policies, admissions rules, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs, it does not discriminate based on race, colour, or national and ethnic origin.

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3. Whitmore School 

 Whitmore offers several full diploma programs for students from all over the world looking for an alternative to a typical brick-and-mortar institution. 

Students who require credits to transfer to their regular school also offer individual courses. Anytime during the year, students can enrol and get started right away.

You progress through the curriculum at Whitmore School at your own pace until you have mastered all of a course’s lessons.

You won’t need to buy any more textbooks because the entire course material is available online. As you progress through each session until you pass the course, a teacher works one-on-one with you. The Whitmore School diploma is recognized.

The processes and curriculum at Whitmore School are unique and were created with their distinct self-paced, mastery way of learning in mind.

Mastery-Learning Certified teachers hold advanced degrees in various fields.

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4. Greenbrier Academy 

Greenbrier is a therapeutic All girl’s boarding school with an immersive program specifically designed to help your daughter heal negative core beliefs affecting her life. 

The Greenbrier program intends to arouse your daughter’s desire for change. She will be immersed in a peer community rooted in their Aspirations and culture, which will serve as inspiration for what is possible. 

Her Treatment Team, led by her therapist, incorporates elements of their Signature Therapeutic, Residential, and Academic Programs into her therapy.

The experiences to which your daughter is exposed aid in the incorporation of change in the less analytical right brain, which is where her false beliefs and identity were formed. 

This same framework is then used to reinforce her newly formed positive beliefs by creating a safe and nurturing environment for her to grow and practice.

This Academy is not, like many others, a boarding school with a talk therapy component.

You may have tried personal therapy, wilderness programs, or a different residential treatment program, only to discover that old patterns resurfaced after a while.

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5. Foxcroft School 

Foxcroft is more than just a school it is a life-changing learning experience in the heart of Maine designed for community, connection, and discovery. 

located in Dover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis County, Maine, Foxcroft Academy, is a private preparatory high school. Foxcroft Academy began in 1823 by the Maine legislature, just a few years after the town of Foxcroft was born.

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A Foxcroft education is your springboard to more possible paths forward on your unique journey, whether you’re preparing for college, the workforce, or a career in the military. 

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6. Trinity Christain School

Parents and students who are contemplating Trinity Christian School frequently have questions about how important Christianity is to the school’s culture. 

Trinity’s strategy is straightforward, they work with parents and churches to give each student the tools they need to influence society and the world for Christ. 

Every student embodies God’s character and is brimming with potential, talents, passion, and purpose.

Their instructors and staff work hard to bring out the best in each student in every program. Two accrediting organizations have determined that Trinity Christian School fulfils their high standards. 

Their Christian mission reflects even in these credentials. Because at Trinity, they firmly believe that God has given each of them the capacity to both glorify Him and serve others through the development and full expression of our talents.

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7. Wood County Christian School 

Wood County Christian School is a good private Christian school in WILLIAMSTOWN, WV. 

It has 305 students in grades PK through 12 and a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1. 90% of this school’s graduates attend a four-year college after graduation.

Wood County Christian School aims to influence the world for Jesus by educating the mind and stirring the heart.

Wood County Christian School’s academic program gives parents a robust curriculum to help their children choose the right college and career.

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8. Weirton Madonna high school

Weirton Madonna is a Catholic school that works to give its students the tools they need to succeed spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially in the future while fostering a sense of caring community and furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of Weirton Madonna High School is to accomplish the goals stated above. 

The faculty and staff must uphold this standard and make sure that the Catholic faith permeates every aspect of school life.

Through a curriculum that emphasizes religious knowledge and artistic education, Weirton Madonna High School aspires to serve as a resource and mentor for this never-ending work.

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9. Notre dame high school

You will discover a beautiful staff and faculty community at Notre Dame who work together to teach their kids’ hearts and minds in everything they do. 

The Board of Directors at Notre Dame High School supports a culture that is thorough and exceptional in everything they do to maintain the institution in top condition.

The students of Notre Dame High School, a Catholic institution that prepares pupils for college in the Holy Cross tradition, are talented, racial, and socially diverse. 

As a faith-based institution, Notre Dame works to give each student a solid academic foundation, a healthy sense of self, a chance to grow, a dedication to their family, community, country, and the globe, and a respect for the spiritual worth of everyone.

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10. Teays Valley School

Teays Valley High School was formed in 1963 by the merger of Ashville-Harrison, Walnut Township, and Scioto Township High Schools. 

There were only 1,650 students at the time. The school was named “Teays Valley” after the ancient Teays River, which ran through present-day Pickaway County. Pickaway County’s school district is the largest.

Students from the eastern side of the school district attend Teays Valley East Middle School, while those from the western side attend Teays Valley West Middle School.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

If you’re looking for the Top Elementary Boarding Schools in West Virginia, there are many of them, both public and private. A few are included below that I think you should consider.

  • Salem Elementary School
  • Cheat lake Elementary School
  • Culloden Elementary School
  • North Elementary School
  • Holz Elementary School 
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What Are the Private Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

There is quite a good number of private schools in west Virginia, most private schools are expensive but most of them are worth it due to the quality of education they give to their students.

Below are a few private schools in West Virginia;

  • Linsly school
  • Morgan Academy
  • Rocky knoll school
  • Whitmore school

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What Are the Public Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

Public Schools have a lot of benefits because most of them are recognised and because of that most activities in the school is been sponsored by the government.

The majority of west Virginia public schools are less expensive because there are frequently programs and freewill donations that assist in paying for academic tuition.

Examples of the public schools in West Virginia;

  • Ohio county district
  • Bridge port high school
  • Pickens school
  • Hedgesville school

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Are There All Girls Boarding in West Virginia?

Sine of the schools that is been discussed above is A girls boarding school.

West Virginia has good All girls boarding schools and most of these schools are recognised because they are known to be the best.

Examples of All girl’s boarding schools in West Virginia;

  • Greenbrier Academy for girls
  • Our lady of peace school
  • Trinity Christian School
  • Morgan Academy

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Are There All Boys Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

A very small number of boarding schools in west Virginia only accept boys.

Most All boys’ Boarding school in west Virginia are public boarding schools and only a few that is private.

A good number of them are doing well and recognised as well.

Examples ;

  • Notre dame high school
  • St Joseph high school
  • The highland school
  • Man high school

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

Military boarding schools are unlike other schools, this is a different kind of school only meant for the kids interested in the military alone.

In military boarding schools, they undergo military training unlike in other schools

Example of a Military boarding school in West Virginia;

  • Mountaineer Academy 
  • American military university

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in West Virginia?

Christian schools frequently go beyond the walls of the classroom to instruct pupils and instil in them a strong belief in Christianity and other important concepts.

There are numerous of them in West Virginia, and most are doing well.

Enlisted below are the Christian Schools in west Virginia;

  • Parkersburg Catholic high school
  • Central Catholic high school
  • Wood County Christian School
  • Weirton Madonna high school 
  • Victory Baptist Academy
  • Trinity Christian School
  • Mercer Christian Academy

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in West Virginia for Troubled Youths?

Therapeutic boarding schools are your greatest option as a parent if your child is troubled in any manner and you don’t feel equipped to care for them properly.

Having a difficult child can occasionally be upsetting and stressful, especially for working parents.

For these kinds of kids, therapeutic boarding schools are made available.

Examples of these schools are;

  • Compass Rose Academy
  • Greenbrier Academy for girls
  • Wolf creek Academy

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The top 15 boarding schools in West Virginia for 2023 are those that are ranked highly and are known for their high-quality services.

After reading this article, we think you will have all the information you need on the top boarding schools in West Virginia, their tuition rates, and what is required to enrol in any of them.


Are private schools in west Virginia affordable?

Well, it depends on the private school and the kind of affordable you mean.

Are therapeutic schools only available for disturbed children?

Yes, it is for the disturbed kids alone where they can be cared for properly, both mentally and psychologically.

Are Christain Schools in west Virginia affordable?

Yes, they are affordable because most Christian schools run programs that help in the student’s academic tuition, so making them very affordable.


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