Currently Open Esthetics Scholarship Programs

There are numerous Esthetics Scholarship Programs available to help you with your finances and achieve your goals. The courses and training required to become an esthetician are expensive, and many students may face financial difficulties in continuing their education.

An esthetician is someone who is expertly trained to perform skincare treatments such as facials, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and estheticians are aesthetics experts. Aesthetics is a branch of cosmetology. Cosmetology is defined as the practice of working on the appearance of a client’s face, hair, or skin using cosmetics and beauty treatments. Estheticians work in spas, salons, and clinical settings. Aestheticians are skincare specialists. Depending on the state, an esthetician has received a specific amount of esthetic training to be authorized to perform various skin medicines, for example, facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal, and others.

The field of esthetics is expanding at an unprecedented rate. In fact, the US Department of Labor anticipates a 40% increase in the number of jobs for skincare specialists over the next ten years. There are jobs available, and you know you have a talent for making skin look radiant and healthy. The only thing that stands between you and your dream job is the money to pay for esthetics training.

Esthetics scholarship programs are now available from state, national, and even international organizations to aspiring skin care specialists, medical estheticians, and esthetics teachers in greater numbers than ever before. With so many options available, the most difficult part may be identifying scholarships that align with your personal career goals. Please read along the list to find the scholarships that best suit your educational needs and apply for them. Best wishes.

Top 7 Esthetics Scholarship Programs

1. Kate Somerville + Foster Nation “Defy Impossible” Scholarship

Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts is committed to assisting foster youth as they age out of the system by providing resources, professional training, and mentorship to help them achieve their unfathomable goals. Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts is collaborating with Foster Nation to help youth transition out of the system by providing resources, professional training, and mentorship. The Kate Somerville + Foster Nation “Defy Impossible” Esthetics scholarships, which are a feature of this organization, support professional excellence vocation ways for encouraging youth.

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This grant is available to people who are transitioning out of, or have effectively transitioned out of, the child care framework and plan to enroll in a California esthetics program. In addition to funding this grant, there may be opportunities for training at a Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts Clinic with an authorized skin specialist.

2. Babor Breaking Boundaries Scholarship

BABOR, a global leader in professional skincare, is generously funding four grants for black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) who want to work in the professional beauty industry. The non-profit Beauty Changes Lives is in charge of the new BABOR Breaking Boundaries Esthetics Scholarship. The BABOR Breaking Boundaries grant honors inclusivity, variety, and the numerous pathways to vocation fulfillment available to licensed experts, in keeping with the spirit of BABOR. The tuition scholarship will open educational doors of opportunity for students to prepare them to meet the needs of spa businesses for estheticians, massage therapists, and beauty experts. A total of four students will each receive a $3125 grant.

3. Esthetician and Cosmetologist Scholarship

Everyone can benefit from this esthetics scholarship programs, regardless of whether you’re just starting your professional skincare journey or have successfully chosen and begun at an esthetic foundation. This year, Advance-Esthetic may want to be a source of financial assistance for beauty students to get a head start in their careers in the industry. Advance-Esthetic values information and profound comprehension above all else (which is the reason they generally give free training, manuals, and conventions when you buy from them). That is why they started this program, and they are thrilled to announce that Advance-Esthetic is launching its first historically speaking Scholarship program, which is open to all esthetic students.

4. Sydell L. Miller – Total Image Esthetics Student Scholarship

Sydell Miller was the first beauty executive to acknowledge that “magnificence did not stop at the hairline.” Her Total Image Consulting Program was the Salon Owner’s guide to professional style success. If you believe in the excellence of “All out Image” and enjoy skincare and beauty care products, this is the grant for you. The Sydell and Arnold Miller Foundation has generously supported this scholarship. The winner will receive one (1) Tuition Scholarship worth up to $7,500. This scholarship is open to both newly admitted and currently enrolled students. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment and/or attendance at an accredited beauty school.

5. The Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation – Sustainable Beginnings Esthetics Scholarship

Horst Rechelbacher founded the Aveda Corporation, a global plant-based corrective organization, in 1978, and guided another consciousness into the universe of magnificence. Horst’s trailblazing vision is to create effective organizations in collaboration with nature. As he puts it, “business can be the solution to our planet’s emergency rather than the problem.” The world is on the verge of Sustainable Evolution, which will be far more significant than the recent upheaval. It is a particularly exciting time for inventive masterminds and future-disapproved business people known as ‘Ecopreneurs.’ This grant is intended for aspiring or current beauty industry students. The “Sustainable Beginnings” grant is intended to financially support those pursuing esthetics licensure.

6. Circadia – Sage Michaela Lucas “Timing is Everything” Scholarship

Circadia, a pioneer in the study of chronobiology and skincare, generously funds the Sage Michaela Lucas Timing is Everything Scholarship. The Sage Michaela Lucas Timing is Everything grant recognizes diversity, inclusivity, and perseverance. The scholarship is open to esthetic students who have graduated from an accredited program and identify as black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC). The grant is intended for students studying aesthetics, skincare formulation, or cosmetic chemistry.

7. Health and Beauty Esthetic Scholarship

The grant is sponsored by and will award $500 to students interested in pursuing a degree in esthetics or a certification program. Any student who has recently been admitted or is currently enrolled in a qualifying esthetics associate’s certificate or declaration program is eligible to apply.


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