15 Best Boarding Schools in Orlando

Best Boarding Schools in Orlando 2024 is highly sort after by parents and guardians as the need to give their children and wards an awesome education experience

Students and parents prefer a boarding school for its harder academics. In their schools, students receive intellectual challenges in ways they have never been. 

A boarding school ensures that students are in a learning environment where education is the main focus of all activities. 

Most boarding schools have an average class size of 12 students. Students are to reflect and communicate. 

Also, They take an active role in their education. After the school day is over, teachers who live on campus are available for additional assistance.

Orlando is the third-largest metro area in the state of Florida and the 26th-largest in the entire United States.

Also, Orlando is one of Florida’s most alluring cities for doing business, residing, and having fun. The theme parks are a source of pride for many locals.

With 108 elementary schools, 27 middle and high schools, 16 junior and senior high schools, and 4 alternative and exceptional schools to choose from, there is no doubt a place where your child or children can thrive.

Are There Boarding Schools in Orlando?

In Orlando, boarding schools significantly outnumber day schools regarding a child’s overall educational experience.

Teachers keep an eye on their students all day long, which makes learning more pleasurable for everyone.

High school boarding schools, elementary school boarding schools, and other types are all present in Orlando.

The best and highest ranking boarding schools in Orlando as of right now (2023) are listed below.

  • Morning Star Catholic School
  • St Peter Catholic school
  • Pinecrest Academy four Corners
  • Academy of King’s Preparatory School
  • Pine Castle Christian Academy
  • The First Academy
  • Leaders Preparatory School 
  • St John Vianney School 
  • RJB Christian School
  • Deeper Root Academy
  • Conrad Academy
  • LightHouse High School
  • The Crenshaw School
  • Trace Academy 
  • West Oaks Academy 

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How Much Is Boarding Schools in Orlando?

According to research and analysis, Florida boarding school tuition is predicted to range from $38,850 to $50,000 annually.

Most of the time, the cost of tuition includes the cost of housing and board, even though there are schools with tuition as low as $10,000 and others with tuition as high as $60,000.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Orlando?

Being affordable does not preclude a school from attaining a high ranking or from providing the best education possible for its students. 

In fact, some of Orlando’s more affordable schools in 2022 are doing quite well, and their graduates are shining brightly across the state.

Some Affordable Boarding Schools in Orlando;

  • Florida Preparatory School 
  • Lake Mary Preparatory School 
  • OHLA Orlando School

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Orlando?

The Best 15 boarding schools in Orlando that accept international students are listed in this Article.

Keep reading to know more about these schools and how you can access them.

1.St Peter Catholic School

Since it was founded in 1960 for students with special needs, Morning Star School has had an impact on the lives of more than 1,500 students. 

The mission of Morning Star is to support each child in becoming the best version of themselves while also fostering greater independence. 

Children are valued as contributing members of society, encouraged to learn, and shown the respect they merit as God’s children.

2. Deeper Root Academy

Deeper Root Academy’s mission is to provide business and educational excellence while serving their customers and the community with kindness, dedication, and character.

The study of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences forms the basis of their educational strategy. 

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This theory is based on the understanding that intelligence can manifest itself in a variety of ways and that people think and learn in different ways. 

This method of teaching is distinct from the conventional instruction practice in Orlando public and private schools. 

Furthermore, They incorporate all seven of Dr. Gardner’s major intellectual domains into their instruction using the Common Core State Standards and National Benchmarks, giving each student the chance to use his or her particular intelligence to comprehend the material.

Using multiple intelligences as a tool, they will assist students in understanding their strengths and areas for improvement. 

Students will learn to build on their strengths to learn new material and to deepen their understanding of topics that present challenges to them. 

Also, the sound qualities that ought to be at the core of humanity will gain amplifiation by their Christian values and character education. In order to develop their students’ understanding of how they can positively impact our world, we work to eliminate any possibility of failure and teach them to embrace the skills and talents that God has given them. 

The opportunity are for those who are eligible for a scholarship because of their academic or developmental needs as well as to those who might not otherwise be eligible.

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3. St John Vianney School

In a friendly and welcoming setting, St. John Vianney Catholic School represents a diverse tapestry of cultures. It is an excellent location for learning.

Further more, The faculty and students at SJVS collaborate with our families and the local community to achieve specific spiritual, academic, personal, and social objectives. Within the framework of their Catholic faith, their teachers are dedicated to academic excellence.

Also, Through their Dual Language Program, SJV equips students to thrive in today’s multicultural society. Their students begin learning English and Spanish in the PreK4 grade. 

The three objectives of this special program are academic excellence, bilingualism, and cultural competency. In Central Florida, they are the only Catholic school that provides dual language instruction in the classroom.

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4. Trace Academy 

Each parent at Christ-centered K–8 Trace Academy fills a specific role with the aim of educating, guiding, and helping their students. 

You want to work with families to support the education of the next generation because they believe that God created each child and the family as a whole. 

Small class sizes, academic rigor, a commitment to knowing and serving one another, and a Biblical worldview are all features of Trace Academy’s vibrant culture.

Therefore, It is with confidence that I believe my children are being challenged with academic excellence at Trace Academy, where we use tried-and-true Saxon math, Abeka phonics and readers, Institute for Excellence in Writing and grammar, Apologia science, and their beloved integral thematic units that the Center for Redemptive Education hand wrote for their school.

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5. Leaders Preparatory School

At Leaders Preparatory School, they have a strong belief in the ability of their comprehensive educational model to continue producing future leaders for the twenty-first century. 

Also, The best possible education for every student is their ultimate goal. By viewing every individual as a teacher, every location as a classroom, every experience as a lesson, and every child as a promise, Leaders Preparatory School cultivates the whole child.

Furthermore, Highly regarded private Muslim school Leaders Preparatory School is situated in ORLANDO. There are 169 pupils in PK–12, with a student–teacher ratio of 5:1. 

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $14,000. 70% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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6. OHLA Orlando Language School 

Open Hearts Language Academy (OHLA), one of the top language schools for international students, is situated in the charming, cheery city of Orlando (Florida, USA). 

From TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge exams preparation to general language skills improvement in a standard or intensive mode, students from around the world can find for themselves a variety of efficient language courses here.

Also, Near the city’s center (slightly to the southwest), in the thriving and reputable Metro West neighborhood, is where you’ll find OHLA Orlando. This area has everything you need for life—clean air, high security, stunning architecture, and the infrastructure for learning and entertainment.

OHLA School Orlando works with several prestigious universities in the US (Full Sail University, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida), which helps to develop truly relevant, modern and effective courses, taking into account all the requirements of higher education institutions. 

Another important plus: students who have successfully completed language courses in summer can receive direct invitations to American universities – Full Sail University and University of Central Florida. 

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Certification of OHSAs Advanced 2 by universities is accepted as an analogue of the high score obtained in the IELTS or TOEFL international exams.

The ESL (English as a Second Language) program is also widely known and very popular, a special intensive course for foreigners that takes into account all their needs, requests and often encountered difficulties. In addition, students spend a lot of time studying English and American culture: 

religious attractions and monuments, architecture and art, features of the national mentality and cuisine.

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7. Lake Mary Preparatory School 

One of the top schools in both America and Orlando is Lake Mary School. The goal of the boarding school is to help students reach their full potential so they can successfully apply to their preferred American university or college. 

The foundation of education in schools is a responsibility, respect for other participants in the process, success-oriented effort, and tolerance. 

Each student at Lake Mary Preparatory School is given individual attention, encouraged to pursue their creative interests, and gently guided to develop their skills and abilities.

Along with academic performance, a boarding school’s location is a factor in its popularity. The school is situated in the area of the United States that is best for habitation. 

The typical annual temperature in Orlando’s suburbs is +24 °C. There is plenty of sun and fresh air, and the weather is ideal for sports. 

There are no frosts or blizzards. Orlando’s entertainment industry, which includes Lake Mary School, is not neglected. Students at Lake Mary Preparatory School have the option of taking a field trip to Universal Studios or Disney Park in their free time. 

Beach lovers will also have activities available to them. Only a 45-minute drive separates the resort area from the school.

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8. The Conrad Academy

The ABeka curriculum is used to start the education of TCA’s youngest students. In terms of phonics and reading instruction, ABeka is unparalleled. 

The ABeka curriculum for grades K–5 is taught at The Conrad Academy using a hands-on method. To meet the unique needs of each student, their teachers use additional resources in addition to Abeka.

Furthermore, They employ a variety of curricula in middle and high school. To ensure that they adhere to the Florida Sunshine State Standards in each subject area, textbooks have been carefully chosen. 

All grade levels’ needs are taken into consideration when creating them. The SAT is utilized at TCA (Stanford Achievement Test). A nationally recognized exam that assesses a student’s academic development is the SAT.

Morealso, The variety of classes and programs that TCA offers can be helpful to students who are looking for a new academic challenge or a way to get ready for college or a career. 

Lastly, They are confident that the combination of their curriculum choices and carefully vetted teachers will prepare students for careers and higher education.

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9. LightHouse High School

The Orlando Department of Education has approved Lighthouse High as a 7–12 private school and given it permission to award Standard High School Diplomas to students in grades 9–12. 

All students at Lighthouse follow the A Beka curriculum, and the Stanford 10 Final Test Battery is used.

Their mission is to foster an environment that is professional, safe, and supportive of all adult students’ social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth while also encouraging academic excellence and active participation in serving and enhancing the community in which it operates.

The provision of accommodations for students with disabilities is mandated by federal and state law in order to meet their specific needs and guarantee equal access. 

Adult learners who require such services must self-identify as such and make their request. 

In addition to instructional methods and materials, assignments and assessments, deadlines and schedules, the learning environment, assistive technology, and special communication systems may all require accommodations for students with disabilities.

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10. The Crenshaw School

We think the formation of creative, analytical people requires a solid academic foundation and a student who is well-rounded.

Academic challenges An outstanding citizen is created when one is willing to walk hand in hand with the community.

The Crenshaw philosophy fosters respectful and cooperative relationships at home, at school, and in the community. 

They place a lot of emphasis on developing a child’s capacity for intellectual inquiry, analysis, problem-solving, and independence of thought as well as their command of fundamental skills from an early age. 

Basic learning methods include discussion and debate, in-depth writing and reading, asking questions, and experimentation.

The program places a strong emphasis on experiential learning and substantial individualization of instruction for younger students within a comprehensive curriculum.

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We think the formation of creative, analytical people requires a solid academic foundation and a student who is well-rounded.

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools in Orlando?

In the United States in 2013–2014, there were roughly 33,600 private schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. 

Together, they provided educational services to about 5.5 million students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 as well as in the post-graduate year. 

That equates to about 10% of all students nationwide. Almost all needs and requirements are met by private schools. 

Some Private Boarding Schools in Orlando:

  • Brooke House Academy
  • Brooke House Academy
  • Bridge To Independence Private School

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What Are The Public  Boarding Schools in Orlando?

In recent years, as more families have looked into alternative educational options like homeschooling, private schools, and charter schools, public education has received a bit of a bad rap. 

However, public schools continue to play a significant role in educating the world’s future leaders.

Orlando has good Public schools and most of them are recognised by the state for their good works.

Some Public Boarding Schools in Orlando;

  • Pine Castle Christian Academy
  • The First Academy
  • Elite Preparatory Academy
  • Brooke House Academy

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Are There All Boys Boarding Schools in Orlando?

Orlando has good All boys schools and they are doing pretty well and most of them are recognised both private and public. 

All boys schools are quite successful in putting the special teaching methods necessary to achieve the best results because they are aware of how a boy learns.

Some All Boys Boarding Schools in Orlando;

  • Academy of King’s Preparatory School
  • Gateway Academy 
  • Piney Grove Boys Academy 
  • Anderson Academy 

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Orlando?

Orlando is home to a large number of elementary boarding schools, while the majority of which are very expensive and difficult for most parents to afford.

Some elementary boarding schools in Orlando are listed below

  • Hillcrest Elementary School
  • Westpointe Elementary School
  • Deerwood Elementary School

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Orlando?

There are good All-Girls Boarding schools In Orlando.

school for one sex only create an environment in the classroom and within the institution where female students can freely and frequently express themselves.

Also, Girls in single-sex schools who achieve at any level are given a… benefit from the environment of a single-sex school in terms of increased career aspirations.

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Orlando?

A good substitute for traditional schools is military education. 

The main distinction between military schools and other schools is how military principles are incorporated into the curricula. Despite this, military schools, like other conventional institutions, work to equip students for success in the long run.

If you’re thinking about attending military school, you probably want to know what it’s like. Indeed, compared to other regular schools, military schools are more difficult to research and understand. 

There aren’t many online reviews of military schools either. In light of this, we wrote a thorough article that provides insights into what occurs in military school.

Some military Schools in orlando;

  • Eagle Aerospace Military Academy Inc.
  • Columbia College-Orlando
  • Summerlin Academy

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Orlando?

This is an entirely Christian institution. It has a Christian foundation, Christian instructors, Christian instruction, a Christian moral atmosphere, and a Christian goal.

The Christian School was founded to provide students with a solid education across all fields of knowledge. 

Some of these Schools;

  • Faith Christian Academy
  • Pine Castle Christian Academy
  • The Christ School – Orlando Christian Private School

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nevada for Troubled Youths?

If your child is troubled in any way and you don’t feel qualified to care for them properly, therapeutic boarding schools are your best option as a parent.

Sometimes having a challenging child can be upsetting and stressful, especially for parents who work.

Some therapeutic boarding schools.

  • Lodestone Academy
  • Morning Star School
  • Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage & Yoga

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Orlando boarding schools focus on creating an environment where students can focus on their academics, develop, and reach their full potential.

Boarding schools make excellent learning environments because they offer a secure setting where students can succeed and fail.


How much do boarding schools in Orlando cost per year?

According to research and analysis, Florida boarding school tuition is predicted to range from $38,850 to $50,000 annually.

Is it possible to attend boarding school for free?

There aren’t many free Boarding schools anywhere,the ones that are free are very difficult to get into because the majority are government-funded so eligibility is on the bases of the Area or State.

What age is best for boarding school in Orlando?

It is suggested that you enroll your child in a boarding school between the ages of 8 and 13. On the other hand, age isn’t always a reliable gauge of readiness.

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