15 Best Boarding Schools in Kansas City | Cost, Requirements & How to Apply

Kansas, a state in the middle of the country, is popular for its Midwestern ideals and work ethic. The boarding schools in Kansas City undoubtedly have excellent credentials in terms of academic rigor and provide a wide range of academic and athletic programs.

Although they provide a wide range of programs, Kansas City boarding schools have skilled instructors and staff, the most recent technology, and environments that promote independent thinking, empathy for others, and innovation. Students attending boarding schools in Kansas not only receive great academic instruction, but they also have the opportunity to get away from all kinds of distractions and concentrate on connecting with nature more.

Without much emphasis, let’s quickly head into the 15 best boarding schools in Kansas City.  

Are there boarding schools in Kansas City?

The boarding schools in Kansas City have been able to attract students and even parents from nearby locations. With state-of-the-art facilities and a standard educational system, it is without any doubt that these schools stand out. 

In no particular order, these are the boarding schools in Kansas City:

  • Thomas More Prep
  • St. John’s Military School
  • House of Hope Kansas City
  • Kansas City Girls Academy
  • Maur Hill Mount Academy
  • Bishop Miege High School
  • Rockhurst High School
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Shawnee Mission Christian School
  • Life Preparatory Academy
  • Ozark Trails Academy
  • Missouri Military Academy
  • St. Teresa’s Academy
  • The Lutheran High School
  • Notre Dame De Sion High School

How Much Do Boarding Schools in Kansas Cost?

Firstly, The determination factor of the cost of boarding schools in Kansas City is often by the quality of the services they provide.

Also, In Kansas City, the annual cost of private school tuition is roughly $7,549. The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $4,940, and that for private high schools is $9,851.

Additionally, St. Matthew Catholic School in Kansas City has the lowest private school tuition at $2,228. With a tuition of $26,450, Horizon Academy is the Kansas City private school with the most expensive fees.

Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

If you find yourself struggling with what boarding school in Kansas to apply for, then you should go for an option that is within your financial means. 

As a result, we have been able to come up with a list of affordable boarding schools in Kansas. They include:

  • Shawnee Mission Christian School has a tuition fee of $4,400 every year.
  • The Lutheran High School of Kansas City has a tuition fee of $10,100 every year.
  • Kansas City Girls Academy has a tuition fee of $10,540 every year.

What are the Requirements for Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

Every accredited boarding school in Kansas has certain requirements which act as a standard for students seeking to apply to these schools. To apply to any boarding school in Kansas City you need to be able to meet these requirements. 

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Here are the requirements for boarding schools in Kansas City: 

  • Every applicant has to pass the state exams (ACT/SAT).
  • Must complete 40 hours of community service.
  • Must meet all financial obligations to qualify for graduation from a Kansas boarding school.
  • Must be of a certain age requirement. 
  • Must have all documentation in order.

What Are The 15 Best Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

There are quite a number of boarding schools in Kansas. While searching for a boarding school to apply to, you will need to go with the best available option. 

These are the best boarding schools in Kansas City:

1. Kansas City Girls Academy

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Tuition fee: $10,540

Firstly, Girls ages 13 to 17 can attend Kansas City Girls Academy, a year-round Christian residential school. It is an economical program that offers a top-notch education, spiritual guidance, and emotional counseling aimed at resolving behavioral issues for girls with life-controlling issues.

In order to support and promote the holistic development of each individual, Kansas City Girls Academy provides a secure and therapeutic atmosphere that places a strong emphasis on individual and group counseling and therapy. It intends to assist girls with trauma in recognizing problematic behaviors and cultivating inner fortitude to face problems in life.

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2. Maur Hill Mount Academy

  • Location: Atchison, KS 
  • Tuition fee: $22,250 (5-Day Border); $26,750 (7-Day Border); $34,450 (International).

Firstly, An all-girls Catholic boarding high school in Atchison, Kansas, which goes by the naame Maur Hill-Mount Academy. And situates in Kansas’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City and is receives support from Mount St. Scholastica and St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison.

Also, The school has developed a reputation for distinction in math, science, and information technology by fusing its faith-based curriculum with contemporary technologies.

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3. House of Hope Kansas City

  • Location: Merriam, Kansas
  • Tuition fee:  $5,000/month

Firstly, A Christian-based therapeutic institution called House of Hope offers counseling and care to emotionally distressed teen females. They are a licensed residential group home for adolescent females, ages 12 to 17, with national recognition.

The school also aims to offer top-notch, reasonably priced care for hurting teenagers and their families. With a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7 and an average small class size of 17 students, your ward will undoubtedly get the attention they need while they concentrate on the following cognitive behavioral therapy difficulties for teenage girls: depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and defiance.

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4. St. John’s Military School

  • Location: Salina, Kansas
  • Tuition fee: $34,100 – $40,000

St. John’s is an all-boys school for grades 6 through 12 that is situated in Salina. As a military academy that was established more than 125 years ago, it can accommodate up to 231 students.

With a faculty of 25, there are plenty of opportunities for individualized instruction thanks to the student-teacher ratio of roughly 9:1. The school offers a regimen of military discipline together with demanding academics and engaging extracurricular activities in order to help each student realize their full potential. In their free time, students can relax by participating in athletic programs, taking classes in the fine arts, or taking technical courses.

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5. Thomas More Prep

  • Location: Hays, Kansas
  • Tuition fee: $25,000

Firstly, This private Catholic school, which is situated in Hays, provides a coed atmosphere for students in grades 9 through 12. Its student-teacher ratio of 7:1 is among the lowest in the state, with 31 staff members instructing slightly more than 220 pupils.

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Also, The institution prioritizes studying current events and offers a top-notch journalism curriculum for those students who have a knack for the news.

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6. Life Preparatory Academy

  • Location: Wichita, Kansas
  • Tuition fee: $7,100 annually

Firstly, in Wichita, there is an outstanding private, boarding, Christian school called Life Preparatory Academy. With 415 pupils in grades K–12, there are 14 students for every teacher. Furthermore, The Academy is dedicated to offering families a reasonably priced Christian education that prepares kids for college and encourages them to develop to the fullest extent possible in body, mind, and spirit.

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7. Shawnee Mission Christian School

  • Location: Westwood, Kansas.
  • Tuition fee: $4,400

Firstly, Private Shawnee Mission Christian School is situated in Westwood, Kansas. Shawnee Mission Christian School has 107 students enrolled. 43.0% of the school’s students are from minority groups, and there are 12 students for every instructor.

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8. Rockhurst High School

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Tuition fee: $15,425

Along with Rockhurst College, Rockhurst High School is a private, all-boys, Roman Catholic, Jesuit preparatory school established in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1910. And 984 students are enrolled in Rockhurst High School. While 16.6% of the school’s students are minorities, and the student-teacher ratio is 12:1.

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9. Whitefield Academy

  • Location: Kansas City, MO. 
  • Tuition fee: $20,000

Firstly, In Kansas City, Missouri, there is a private school called Whitefield Academy. 249 students are enrolled at Whitefield Academy. 19.4% of the school’s students are minorities, and there are 12 students for every instructor.

Also, Academic excellence is offered at Whitefield Academy in a Christ-centered setting. Whitefield is a classical Christian school that offers half-day or full-day Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, graduating students who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, and compassionate leaders.

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10. Bishop Miege High School

  • Location: Roeland Park, Kansas
  • Tuition fee: $11,500

American Catholic high school Bishop Miege High School is situated in Roeland Park, Kansas. And the school provides a range of athletic programs and is a part of the Kansas State High School Activities Association.

Also, the Archdiocese of Kansas City founded Bishop Miege High School in 1958 in Kansas. Top 20% of private schools in Kansas include Bishop Miege High School.

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11. Notre Dame De Sion High School

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Tuition fee: $15,200

In Kansas City, Missouri, there is a preschool through grade 12 accredited college preparatory school called Notre Dame de Sion School. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion created this Roman Catholic institution in 1912.

Both the elementary school and the all-girls secondary school are conveniently located for families from all socioeconomic levels, staying true to their Catholic mission of assisting children from many cultural backgrounds.

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12. The Lutheran High School 

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Tuition fee: $10,100

There are 109 students enrolled in the parochial, Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran Lutheran High School of Kansas City, which is located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is connected to the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church. The student-teacher ratio at the school is 8:1, and 22.1% of the students are minorities.

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13. St. Teresa’s Academy

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Tuition fee: $14,695

In Kansas City, Missouri, the United States, a Catholic private secondary school for women is called St. Teresa’s Academy. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet founded it in 1866, and it received accreditation in 1923.

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Further more, There are 598 students enrolled at St. Teresa’s Academy. 18.6% of the school’s students are minorities, and there are 11 students for every instructor.

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14. Missouri Military Academy

  • Location: Mexico, Missouri
  • Tuition fee: $36,300

Missouri Military Academy is an autonomous, non-profit private school that was established in 1889. MMA provides boarding and day school alternatives, as well as a variety of summer camps, for boys in grades 7 through 12. 

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15. Ozark Trails Academy.

  • Location: Willow Springs, MO
  • Tuition fee: Regular Dorm Student: $17,800 · Regular Day Student: $11,500 · International Students: $20,900 · International Day Student: $14,600.

Ozark Trails is a residential treatment facility that offers both teen boys and girls exceptional clinical therapy, superb academic achievement, and amazing outdoor responsibility and adventure.

Further more, Year-round enrollment is available at Ozark Trails Academy, which is authorized to offer all levels of therapeutic care to children and adolescents, ages 12 to 17, who have mild to moderate emotional and behavioral issues.

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What Are the Christian Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

There are Christian boarding schools in Kansas City that work together with the church’s principles to uphold the faith of students. They have also been able to boast of bringing their students up with the right moral standards and beliefs. They include: 

  • St. Teresa’s Academy
  • Lutheran High School
  • Notre Dame de Sion High School
  • Bishop Miege High School
  • Rockhurst High School

What Are the Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kansas?

Therapeutic boarding schools in Kansas are known for helping students correct behavioral and emotional issues affecting them in their day-to-day activities. Hence a list of Some of the therapeutic boarding schools in Kansas: 

  • Ozark Trails Academy
  • Kansas City Girls’ Academy
  • House of Hope Kansas City 

Are there Indian boarding schools in Kansas?

Kansas is home to a few Indian boarding schools. Hence these are some of the Indian boarding schools in Kansas: 

  • Saint Martin’s Academy
  • Indian Creek Elementary School.
  • Haskell Indian Nations University.


Getting a boarding school in Kansas City is the best option you would be making for your child. This is due to the fact that these schools are built to groom your child towards a brighter future. 

The schools listed here are definitely some of the best in Kansas City. While we hope we have been able to provide you with the necessary information, you would need to apply to the best boarding schools in Kansas City. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are phones permitted in boarding schools?

Knowing that most boarding schools have a mobile phone policy ensures that your youngster won’t be glued to a little screen in the wee hours. Most schools forbid using mobile devices during formal activities or after lights out at night; check with your particular institution.

Do I need to enroll my kid in boarding school?

Sending a child to a boarding school is ultimately a personal decision, but if you do, make sure he understands why, so there are no regrets afterward. Parents must maintain regular contact with teachers and maintain open channels of communication with their children.

Are there dorms at boarding schools?

Boarding school students share a bedroom with another student, reside in single rooms for students aged 16 to 19, or at some schools, share dormitories with four younger students.

How old must my child be to attend boarding school?

According to experts, your child shouldn’t enroll in boarding school until they are at least nine years old. They must be able to express their ideas and feelings with clarity, have solid parental bonds, and a sense of personal identity.

What days off do boarding schools have?

A lengthier holiday is typically taken in the middle of each of the three terms at boarding schools. Half terms are the common name for these. For a period of nine to sixteen nights, the boarding houses are fully closed. These holidays take place in  mid-October, mid-February, and mid-May.


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