15 Best Boarding Schools in Connecticut | Cost, Requirements & How to Apply

Attending a boarding school, especially in Connecticut, is among the best things that can happen to any student growing up in the field of education. Boys’ or girls’ best boarding schools in Connecticut have a way of molding and raising a youngster to be the best.

In Connecticut, boarding schools are subject to regulations that guarantee students have ample free time to mingle without interruptions. Therefore, attending one of these boarding schools gives your child the chance to learn in a distraction-free environment.

Without further ado, let’s look at the 15 best boarding schools in Connecticut. 

Are there boarding schools in Connecticut?

Yes. There are boarding schools in Connecticut tailored according to your preference. It could be an All-Girls, All-Boys, or even mixed. 

These are the boarding schools in Connecticut: 

  • Forman School
  • Cheshire Academy
  • Canterbury School
  • Avon Old Farms School
  • The Ethel Walker School
  • Suffield Academy
  • Westminster School
  • Kent School
  • The Taft School
  • Westover School
  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Miss Porter’s School
  • Salisbury School
  • Loomis Chaffee
  • The Hotchkiss School

Are There Cheap Boarding Schools in Connecticut?

Sure, there are cheap boarding schools in Connecticut. Getting into a boarding school is one step but being able to fully pay the tuition fee till completion goes a long way. 

It is not wise to look for the most exotic and top-notch school when you do not have the financial capacity to follow up on the payment. It is, therefore, safer to go to a boarding school that meets your budget so as to not make things hard for you along the line.

Some of the cheap boarding schools in Connecticut are: 

  • Cheshire Academy with a tuition fee of $57,250 
  • Loomis Chaffee with a tuition fee of $63,140 
  • Westminster School with a tuition fee of $62,475

What are the requirements for boarding schools in Connecticut?

As a parent, seeking to get your child into one of the best boarding schools in Connecticut, you should be familiar with the specific requirements of the school. This keeps you in check and prepares you to make documents prior to the admission deadline. 

These are some of the requirements for boarding schools in Connecticut:

  • Documentation of adequate financial resources is required.
  • Recommendation from the last school attended
  • Completed New Student Registration Form
  • Must be of a certain age requirement. 
  • One (1) recent passport-size picture
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What Are The 15 Best Boarding Schools in Connecticut?

Getting the best education should be the priority of a parent who wants the best for their child. There are quite a number of boarding schools in Connecticut. However, the schools on this list have been ranked and placed at the top amongst other boarding schools. 

The best boarding schools in Connecticut are: 

1. The Ethel Walker School

  • Location: Simsbury, CT
  • Tuition fee: $68,950

In Simsbury, Connecticut, there is a well regarded private boarding school for females called The Ethel Walker School. There are 232 pupils in grades 6 through 12, and there are six kids for every teacher. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $68,950. 98% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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2. Avon Old Farms School

  • Location: Avon, CT
  • Tuition fee: $65,900 per year

Avon Old Farms is renowned for its expertise in educating boys by utilizing relational learning in a highly structured and well-balanced environment, fostering the character traits needed to be successful throughout one’s entire life in a special brotherhood society that is governed by conventional Avonian norms.

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3. Canterbury School

  • Location: New Milford, CT 
  • Tuition fee: $67,750 per year

For students in grades 9 through 12 and beyond, Canterbury School is a coed, independent school that prepares students for college. The school, which was founded in 1915 and is inspired by Catholic background, believes that the finest ways to display leadership are through service to others and a desire to better the world.

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4. Cheshire Academy

  • Location: Cheshire, CT 
  • Tuition fee: $57,250 per year

Cheshire Academy was established in 1794 and serves students in grades 9 through 12 as well as postgraduate students (PG). The Academy’s flexible and individualized approach allows its about 304 students from 13 states and 21 countries to combine a variety of academic and extracurricular courses in a way that best suits their unique needs, talents, and interests.

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5. Forman School

  • Location: Litchfield, CT
  • Tuition fee: $85,900 per year 

An autonomous, coeducational school for intelligent children with learning disabilities, Forman School prepares pupils for college. Forman educates each student holistically based on their individual learning profiles to ensure that they graduate as knowledgeable, self-advocating adults.

Students entering grades 7 through 11 can enroll in a 4-week summer school program in addition to our year-round program.

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6. Kent School

  • Location: Kent, CT
  • Tuition fee: $69,950 per year
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Grades 9 through 12 are served by the independent boarding school Kent School. In Kent, Connecticut, there is a private, coeducational high school called Kent School. In 1906, Frederick Herbert Sill founded the school. It is associated with the United States Episcopal Church.

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7. Westover School

  • Location: Middlebury, CT 
  • Tuition fee: $67,670

Westover is a private boarding and day high school that pushes intelligent, driven girls to become strong, independent women. The Westover School, also known as “Westover,” is a private day and boarding school for girls that prepares them for college. The school, which is located in Middlebury, Connecticut, serves grades 9 through 12.

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8. Westminster School

  • Location: Simsbury, CT 
  • Tuition fee: $62,475

One of the best colleges-preparatory schools in the nation, and unquestionably one of the best small residential schools, is Westminster School.

The demanding academic curriculum, rooted in the liberal arts tradition, cultivates a love of studying that becomes a lifelong habit while preparing pupils for academic achievement and the demands of college.

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9. The Taft School

  • Location: Watertown, CT
  • Tuition fee: $66,300

One of the most demanding and prestigious academic environments in the world is Taft. The Taft School is a coed, boarding and day school in New England that prepares students in grades 9 through 12 for college.

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10. Suffield Academy

  • Location: Suffield, CT 
  • Tuition fee: $68,500

Between New York and Boston, Suffield Academy is an independent school with 415 pupils that is close to the world’s busiest airports. In Suffield, Connecticut, there is a private preparatory school called Suffield Academy. To prepare young men for ministry in the Baptist Church, it was established in 1833.

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11. The Hotchkiss School

  • Location: Lakeville, CT
  • Tuition fee: $63,180

In Lakeville, Connecticut, there is a private boarding school called The Hotchkiss School. The institution, which was founded in 1891, offers an unmatched education to 600 students in grades 9 through 12 as well as a modest number of post-graduates.

The Hotchkiss School works to instill in its students a love of learning that lasts a lifetime as well as civic responsibility and personal integrity.

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12. Loomis Chaffee

  • Location: Windsor, CT 
  • Tuition fee: $63,140

In Windsor, Connecticut, there is a private, coeducational boarding and day school called Loomis Chaffee that serves students in grades 9 through 12.

Seven miles north of Hartford in Windsor, Connecticut, The Loomis Chaffee School is a selective independent, coeducational, college preparation school for boarding and day students in grades 9 through 12, including postgraduate students.

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13. Salisbury School

  • Location: Salisbury, CT
  • Tuition fee: $65,000

Private, college-preparatory, all-boys Salisbury School was established in 1901 and is located in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Esse quam videri, which translates to “to be rather than to seem to be,” is the school’s motto. The Salisbury School is a community of learners who use an experiential, college-bound curriculum to realize their individual potential.

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14. Miss Porter’s School

  • Location: Farmington, CT
  • Tuition fee: $68,725

In Farmington, Connecticut, Miss Porter’s School, a private ladies’ college preparation school, was established in 1843. Miss Porter’s School prepares young women to be informed, courageous, resourceful, and moral citizens of the world.

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15. Choate Rosemary Hall

  • Location: Wallingford, CT
  • Tuition fee: $65,820

Wallingford, Connecticut’s Choate Rosemary Hall is a renowned private boarding school. With a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1, it has 868 pupils in grades 9 through 12. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $65,820. After graduating, every single student from this institution enrolls in a four-year university.

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Are there private boarding schools in Connecticut?

Connecticut is home to some of the best private boarding schools in the country. There are few private boarding schools in Connecticut. They include: 

  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Suffield Academy
  • Kent School
  • Salisbury School

What are the Co-ed boarding schools in Connecticut?

There are a few Co-ed boarding schools in Connecticut. Some of the Co-ed boarding schools in Connecticut include:

  • Forman School
  • Canterbury School
  • Loomis Chaffee
  • The Taft School

Are there All-Girls Boarding schools in Connecticut?   

As a parent, sending your child to an All-Girls Boarding School might just be the best decision for your child. Connecticut has few boarding schools for girls. The All-Girls Boarding schools in Connecticut are:

  • Ethel Walker School
  • Miss Porter’s School
  • Westover School


There’s no perfect boarding school, but it is very important to go to a school that’s able to meet your preferences. The boarding schools in Connecticut are a tough pick if you decide to go with anyone. 

Getting your ward into a prestigious boarding school in Connecticut should be the first thing on your mind. We hope, with the schools on the list, you will find a boarding school in Connecticut that suits your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many boarding schools are there in Connecticut?

There are 26 junior boarding schools and college prep programs serving 8,722 students in Connecticut for the 2022–23 academic year. 

What is the right age for boarding school?

It all depends on when your child is ready, but in the United States, students between the ages of 14 and 16 are typically accepted into boarding schools in the 9th and 10th grades. For students who are 18 or 19 years old, several colleges provide the option of a post-graduate year.

What is the aim of boarding school?

The chance to live away from home and grow personally while living in a dorm is priceless. Compared to public school kids, boarders tend to acquire life skills like time management, work ethic, and independence more quickly.

Is boarding school a good idea for my child?

Children learn to be more independent early because they have more control over their schedules, activities, and spare time than their peers in public schools. Additionally, they have lived in shared housing before going to college.

How much does boarding school cost in CT?

According to the most recent NAIS study, private day schools in Connecticut cost an average of $43,603 while full-time boarding schools cost an average of $65,225.


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