6 Best Law Schools in Boston | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Best Law Schools in Boston 2024: Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, and it is also the most populous city in New England. It is home to the oldest public park in the US and has Higher education, health care, and financial services as major contributors to its economy.

Boston is also home to the best law schools in the US. Each year, Law schools in Boston receive tons of applications from international students across the globe.

The first step toward building an outstanding career as a law practitioner is attending good law schools. Fortunately, Boston is home to the best law schools so choosing the right one may appear herculean.

Hence, this article explains in detail the admission requirements of these best law schools in Boston. It also highlights other features that may influence your choice of university.

Are There Law Schools in Boston?

Yes, there are six law schools in Boston. The Law degree is among the most challenging and most widely respected degrees. It is the beginning of any legal career and we have made a list of Boston’s six law schools and their rankings.

Reading through this piece to the end can help you choose the best law school in Boston for you.

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What are Law Schools in Boston Ranked for?

Ranking can be done considering different options and at different times. The U.S News list ranks schools according to the placement of graduates, the school’s faculty resources, its academic achievements accepted students, and what law schools, lawyers, and judges on overall program quality have to say.

It is important to note that for a law school to be considered for ranking by any metric, it must be ABA-approved.

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How Long is a Law School in Boston?

Law school typically lasts three years and law schools in Boston are not left out. However, the type of program you enroll in will influence the number of years you will spend in a law school in Boston.

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The full-time program lasts for three years while the part-time lasts for four to five years. In a situation where a full-time program is accelerated, it will take even lesser time.

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What are the Requirements of Law Schools in Boston?

Boston law schools are among the best schools in the country, so the competitive nature of entry to these schools can not be overstated. some of the obvious requirements include.

  • An LSAT Score

When an applicant wants admission into any of these top law schools, he/she needs to have a very good LSAT score is necessary for a successful entry. Currently, some schools are doing away with using standardized testing as a requirement but most top law schools still require the LSAT for admission.

  • Letters of Recommendation.

A letter of recommendation is usually required by the law of applicants. in a situation where an applicant has left graduate school for quite a while, he can get it from a former employer who can vouch for the student’s work ethic. where the student can, an undergrad professor who can vouch for the student’s ability can is another good option. Students are expected to submit at least two recommendation letters and not more than four recommendation letters.

  • A Bachelor’s degree

Having a Bachelor’s Degree is the first and most important criterion for attending law school. No particular course is more required than the rest but some courses can certainly help your chances of admission.

These courses are usually related to pre-law courses, language classes, and the like of them. Additionally, it is important to know that a student’s GPA is highly scrutinized when it involves law school admissions. it will be advantageous to earn a successful acceptance.

  • Transcripts

Applicants collect from or retrieve their school transcripts from their grad schools or from any certification programs they attended. Most law schools require this to get certain academic information from applicants.

  • Write a Personal Statement

It is a requirement to get into law schools that allow students to express themselves and their personalities. They are free to talk about their career goals, academic achievements, or anything they feel can help them get into the school.

How Much is the Tuition of Law Schools in Bolton 2024?

Generally, students in private law schools pay more tuition than those in public Law schools. This is basically because public schools get government funding just as residents pay lesser than non-resident students.

Law schools in Bolton pay an average tuition of $60,718 to $52,518.

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How Many Law Schools are in Bolton?

Bolton is the capital of Massachusettes. So, the law Schools in Bolton are just among the law schools in Massachusetts.

There are more law schools in Bolton than there are in other parts of the state. Schools that exist in Bolton and other parts of Massachusettes include

  • Harvard Law School
  • Boston University Law School
  • Boston College Law School
  • Massachsettes state University
  • Northeastern University School of Law
  • Suffolk University Law School
  • New England School of Law
  • University of Massachusettes
  • Western New England University.

What are the Best Law Schools in Bolton 2024?

Massachusettes where Bolton is the capital also has Harvard law school as one of many very good schools in the U.S. What can be said to be the best law school for an applicant will depend on what area of law he wants to venture into.

Even the U.S News ranks according to different criteria which among them are; LSAT score, GPA, average placement of students after graduation, and resources available to the school involved. Schools can only qualify to be placed on any of those lists if it is ABA-approved.

8 Best Law Schools in Boston | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

There are a total of four schools of law in Boston and a total of not less than eight in the whole of Massachusetts those in Bolton inclusive. These schools of law in their entirety are all accredited by the ABA. Just as listed above they are

  • Harvard Law School
  • Boston University Law School
  • Boston College Law School
  • Northeastern University School of Law
  • Suffolk University Law School
  • New England School of Law

#1. Boston University

Boston University School of Law is one of the nation’s best law schools with a history of excellence dating back to 1872. It is one of the law schools that offers one of the finest legal educations in Bolton and the nation at large.

If you are seeking a law school with exceptional teaching, preeminent scholarship, and transformative mentorship, Boston University law school has maintained high standards in these areas for decades.

The Boston University faculty is made up of distinguished scholars and teachers. Boston University has a bar passage rate of 92.8% and a high rate of placement upon graduation. It has a tuition of $60,718.

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#2. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is widely Known among the top law schools in the U.S for Public Interest Law.

It focuses on delivering Justice both in the legal and social areas. Its tuition is $ 56,940 and ranks 73 according to the US news latest report.

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This law school offers the following programs:

  • JD
  • FlexJD
  • On-Campus LLM
  • Online LLM
  • Programs for Non-Lawyers

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#3. Suffolk University.

Located in downtown Boston and allows its students to intern in very good chambers. As of 2018, the school had an acceptance rate of 70%. It requires a median LSAT score of 150 and a median GPA of 3.23.

The bar-passage rate is 75.8%, and 84% of graduates get job placements upon graduation.

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#4. New England Law Boston

The New England Law school is located in Boston. it is not only ABA-approved but also a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

New England law Boston has an acceptance rate of 81%, a median GPA of 3.14, Median LSAT is 147. The 2018 bar passage rate was 77%, which is just 5% lesser than the state average. 83%.

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Other law schools in Massachusettes

  • Harvard Law School
  • Boston College Law School

#5. Harvard Law School.

Harvard school of law is one of the oldest and most prestigious Law schools in the US and the world at large.

It is currently ranked 4 by the U.S News list with its tuition as $60,718. During the 2018 ranking section,

It has an acceptance rate of 70% and requires a median LSAT score of 150, and a median GPA of 3.23. Harvard Law school has a bar-passage rate of 95.3% and 84% graduates placement rate.

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#6. Boston College Law School.

Boston College Law School is in Newton, Massachusetts, and is also referred to as one of the finest law schools in Massachusetts.

It is ABA-approved and a member of the Association of American Law Schools. as of the year 2018, it had an acceptance rate of 46%, a median LSAT score of 162, a median GPA of 3.56, an average placement of 92% of its graduates, and the bar passage rate of 90%.

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Reading through this, anyone interested in attending a law school in Boston could easily know which to choose, what is required to get into the school and other vital information. Boston is not a state but the capital of Massachusettes and it houses more law schools than the rest of the states.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Massachusettes school of law accredited by the ABA?

The University Mssachusettes school of law. Was founded in 1988. It is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education but it is not accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Does Massachusetts have a state law school?

The University of Massachusettes is not only a state school but the only public law school in Massachusetts, that provides an excellent, affordable and legal education that prepares a new generation of lawyers to thrive in their field and pursue justice.

Is Massachusetts school of law good?

MSL as much as doesn’t have an ABA accreditation provides quality and affordable legal education. The absence of this ABA approval may deny students from sitting for their bar examination in other schools whether or not they passed the bar exams in Massachusetts.


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