15 Best Trade Schools in Fort Worth | Costs, Requirements and How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth trade schools offer career-focused instruction in highly sought-after industries like healthcare, skilled trades, and technology. 

Graduates can find employment as dental hygienists, paralegals, medical assistants, electricians, or automotive service technicians. 

Cosmetologists, paramedics, chefs, and construction managers are also trained in vocational programs. 

Vocational programs combine classroom instruction with practical experience. 

Students studying paramedic studies, for instance, complete laboratory and fieldwork training while electrician students train in hospitals and ambulances. 

To accommodate busy students’ schedules, many vocational schools offer self-paced or accelerated options. 

To maximize flexibility, learners can also think about online vocational programs. 

In comparison to four-year academic programs, vocational programs have a number of advantages. 

For instance, completing a vocational certificate or degree typically takes 1-2 years, allowing students to graduate and enter the workforce more quickly than those enrolled in four-year programs. 

Because of this, vocational training is frequently less expensive than a bachelor’s degree. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, professionals with an occupational credential enjoy a higher employment rate than those with an academic credential.

Fort Worth is undoubtedly a great place to live, being big, active, and home to some of the best jobs in the state. 

The city is renowned for having a strong economy that is constantly creating new jobs. 

The colleges and schools are top-notch, and it will be simple for you to find the one that is best for you.

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Are there Trade Schools in Fort Worth?

With the aid of our ranking, prospective students can find the Fort Worth vocational schools that will best help them achieve their professional objectives. 

Additionally, this page introduces popular vocational programs, lists scholarship opportunities for Fort Worth trade school students, and offers career and salary information for professions in trade schools.

  1. North Texas Institute for Career Development
  2. Fort Worth Dental Assistant School
  3. CCI Training Center
  4. The Culinary School of Fort Worth
  5. Texas School of Phlebotomy
  6. Ogle School of Hair, Skin & Nails
  7. Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy
  8. Edge Tech Academy
  9. Lindsey-Cooper Refrigeration School
  10. Champions School of Real Estate
  11. Central Texas College
  12. Midland College
  13. Texas Southmost College
  14. Wharton County Junior College
  15. Amarillo College

How Much Does Trade School Cost in Fort Worth?

Students attending trade schools can look into financial aid options like loans, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs to help defray the cost of their education. 

Students must complete the FAFSA each year in order to be eligible for federal financial aid. 

Federal aid is only available to students attending accredited institutions, though. 

Trade school students can look into the most affordable programs in addition to applying for financial aid to reduce the cost of their education.

 For instance, the average cost of tuition and fees at public universities in Fort Worth is over $8,500 annually, whereas this figure is over $32,000 at private institutions. 

In contrast, the National Center for Education Statistics estimates that annual tuition at Fort Worth’s community colleges is around $2,200.

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in Fort Worth?

The application process is very easy, and it can even be completed online. 

The application form, the student’s ID or driver’s license, their high school diploma or an equivalent, and medical history must all be submitted by the applicants.

What are the Best Trade Schools in Fort Worth | 2024?

Students in Fort Worth who attend trade schools can advance their careers and raise their earning potential. 

To assist students in finding the best course of study for their needs, we rank the top technical and vocational schools in Fort Worth.

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1. North Texas Institute for Career Development

One of the best places in Texas to launch a fantastic new career is the North Texas Institute for Career Development. 

All of the center’s students will receive the best instruction and theoretical knowledge in order to develop into reputable professionals. 

The decades of experience of their instructors will be extremely beneficial to the students as well.

The training spaces are fantastic and uphold all national and international standards for educational excellence. 

Additionally, all students will receive assistance in locating the ideal position for their skill level upon completion of their training.


  • Commercial driving
  • Fork-lifting
  • Medical billing and many more

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2. Fort Worth Dental Assistant School

Fort Worth Dental Assistant School is a great place to begin a new career in this exciting and well-paying medical field because it is modern, professional, and has some of the best instructors in the state. 

The institution is a part of one of the biggest and most reputable dental assisting programs in the nation, and it provides quick and thorough programs that can help anyone launch a fantastic new career.

Additionally, the students will have the wonderful opportunity to work with their mentors and dentists and learn how to properly take care of all of their patients.

 At the conclusion of their studies, the students will also receive assistance with finding employment.


  • Dental assistant

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3. CCI Training Center

One of the biggest and most reputable educational institutions in the region is a part of CCI Training Center. 

This region’s campus is top-notch and has some of the best housing options and recreational facilities in the entire state. 

Throughout their studies, the students will profit from the best tools and resources. 

The educational board has a top-notch curriculum with courses and programs that are ideal for any career aspiration. 

The very best professionals in the state are used to carefully select the teachers and trainers.


  • Computer network administration
  • Medical billing
  • Medical assisting and many more

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4. The Culinary School of Fort Worth

The Culinary School of Fort Worth is the ideal destination if you enjoy cooking and want to pursue it professionally. 

You can quickly and easily learn all the cooking techniques required to rank among the best in your industry at this school thanks to its long history and wealth of educational experience. 

The instructors and trainers are well-known culinary experts who will impart their knowledge to you. 

The curriculum will progress you from fundamental abilities to advanced ones as you learn new techniques and recipes to reach your full potential.

 During your internship, you’ll get to put your skills to use in real-world workplace settings, and you’ll get help finding a job when your studies are finished.


  • Culinary arts

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5. Texas School of Phlebotomy

Interested in launching a new career quickly and easily? 

One of the best places to learn the knowledge and abilities required to take blood samples, process, and transport samples, and attend to the needs of all patients is the Texas School of Phlebotomy.

 The training staff is very knowledgeable, and they will help you with everything you need while you are studying. 

Additionally, the students will have the wonderful opportunity to work with their instructors and gain valuable experience meeting the needs of all patients. 

Additionally, assistance with job placement will be provided to all students.


  • Phlebotomy technician

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6. Ogle School of Hair, Skin & Nails

Are you interested in pursuing a new career in the beauty industry? 

The Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails is the ideal setting for pursuing your passion as a career while learning from the best instructors in the state. 

The school has some of the most employment-relevant programs, and they are all relatively quick to complete when compared to other educational options. 

The students will have the chance to put their abilities to the test with actual clients and learn how to deal with various requests and styles, developing crucial communication skills in this line of work. 

You will receive help finding a job once your studies are complete.


  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetics

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7. Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy

You want to begin a new nursing career, but you don’t have much time. 

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Anyone who wants to begin a new career in nursing in as little as a few weeks of training should consider Faith Forward Nurse Aide Training Academy. 

The best trainers and educators in the state can assist with courses and lectures in healthcare facilities. 

The students will profit from a cutting-edge curriculum that will hasten the acquisition of all the skills and information necessary for them to excel in the compassionate and fast-paced field of nursing.


  • Nurse aide

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8. Edge Tech Academy

Edge Tech Academy is one of the best places to begin a brand-new career because it is exciting, dynamic, and has some of the best teachers and educators in the state. 

To ensure that students receive the best educational experience and have the best career opportunities and chances, the educators and educational board are constantly improving the curriculum and study materials. 

Along with receiving constant direction from their instructors and trainers, the students also get to practice their skills in real-world settings. 

Additionally, you will receive help finding employment after graduation.


  • CNC
  • HVAC
  • Medical coding
  • Medical billing

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9. Lindsey-Cooper Refrigeration School

One of the best colleges in the state, Lindsey-Cooper Refrigeration School gives students the chance to launch a fantastic career with ease and speed.

 The school offers top-notch courses and labs with the newest tools and technology to teach you the most up-to-date and useful skills. 

Additionally, the students will have complete access to the best tools and materials available in this area, as well as complete support from their instructors.

 At the conclusion of your training, job placement assistance will be provided.


  • HVAC/R

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10. Champions School of Real Estate

One of the best places to begin a new career in the fascinating and exciting industry of real estate is Champions School of Real Estate. 

The institute is renowned for its outstanding instructors and educators who have the vast industry knowledge and will impart all of their insider knowledge to you.

 All of the programs are designed to support agents at all career stages in order to maximize their potential. 

With the assistance of the instructors and educators, the curriculum and programs are carefully created to meet all of the needs of both the students and the job market. 

At the conclusion of your studies, you can also get assistance with finding a job.


  • Real-estate pre-license
  • Real-estate salesperson

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11. Midland College

Approximately 5,000 students enroll in for-credit courses at Midland College that is considerably less expensive than those at four-year universities. 

On campus, students take classes where the student-to-faculty ratio is 17 to 1.

 MC maintains a focus on two-year transfer programs as well as career and technical education programs even though it offers bachelor’s programs.

 The AA or AS program in general studies is a popular choice for students looking to transfer to one of MC’s receiving institutions. 

Degrees that emphasize experiential learning are frequently preferred by students looking to earn in-demand professional credentials. 

The AAS in nursing, the AAS in sonography, and the AAS in aviation maintenance technicians are among the occupational degrees offered by MC. 

Through MC’s distance education program, students can complete one of Sul Ross State University’s 11 bachelor’s degrees on an MC college campus using video conferencing. 

One of the best trade schools in Texas, MC offers certificates such as welding and Cisco Networking Technician.

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12. Central Texas College

In addition to its main campus in Killeen, Central Texas College has more than 100 locations worldwide. 

The institution specializes in providing instruction and training to both military and civilian personnel. 

Many students enroll in programs like the AAT or associate in general studies at CTC specifically to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. 

A wide range of career and technical education degrees are available from CTC. 

In as little as a semester, students can earn credentials in forty different fields, including cybersecurity and project management. 

With a broad selection of online degrees and certificates, CTC has been providing distance education since the 1970s. 

Along with affordable tuition, CTC offers about 170 need- and merit-based scholarships.

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13. Texas Southmost College

Texas Southmost College, a Brownsville-based institution, offers 50 programs of study leading to AA, AS, AAT, and AAS degrees as well as certificates in numerous fields of study. 

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The AAS in automotive technology, the AAS in computer-aided drafting technology, and the AAS in paralegal studies are popular career and technical education programs. 

Nursing and radiologic technology AAS degrees are available through TSC’s robust allied health program. 

TSC, one of the top trade schools in Texas, offers certificate programs that help students get ready for a particular career in a short amount of time. 

Certificates are available in a variety of disciplines, such as residential electricians and administrative management. 

Students in high school can start their college education early at one of Texas’ top technical institutions through TSC’s dual enrollment program. 

TSC’s one-stop shop center helps learners with the transfer, career and employment, and other services.

 TSC operates both a Saturday college and a virtual arm to offer more learning flexibility.

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14. Wharton County Junior College

Wharton County Junior College, which is situated in the Texas Gulf Coast’s Gateway, offers associate and certificate programs along nine different pathways. 

When students earn their AA or AAT degrees, they fulfill a set of common courses that are necessary for admission to four-year institutions. 

The AAS pathways, which include majors such as paralegal studies, computer science, nursing, engineering design, and physical therapy, are preferred by students who want to pursue a career right out of college. 

Many law enforcement-minded students graduate from a state-approved police academy with a basic peace officer certificate.

 In addition to cosmetology and network support technician certificates, other certificates that provide credentials for entry-level positions are available to learners who are unable to commit to a two-year degree. 

WCJC collaborates at Sugar Land with the University of Houston.

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15. Amarillo College

The largest city in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo, is home to Amarillo College, which has about 18,000 students enrolled there. 

Health services and industry-related programs make up the majority of the school’s offerings. Students enroll in AAS degrees in healthcare fields like nursing, surgical technology, and dental hygiene. 

Students who pursue a distinctive AAS in nuclear medicine are prepared for high-paying careers as technologists. 

Industrial technology, renewable energy, and other fields offer AAS degrees to students interested in working in the business world. 

Seven additional career clusters, including computer information systems and the liberal arts, are covered by the associate degrees and certificates offered by AC. 

While the courses offered change each semester, AC provides online programs that let students finish degrees at their own pace. 

Like numerous Texas vocational schools, AC has reasonable tuition.

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How Much do Traders Make in Fort Worth?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trade school careers pay an average of about $55,000 per year, though the career and salary outlook for graduates varies by location, industry, and experience (BLS).

Personal service jobs typically pay less than $33,000 per year, whereas management jobs typically pay more than $96,000. 

According to BLS wage data, many trade school occupations in Fort Worth have above-average incomes. 

For instance, the average salary for occupational therapy assistants and paralegals in the state is over $67,000 annually.

How do I become a Trader in Fort Worth?

Students who complete trade school programs are prepared for careers as radiology technicians, paralegals, and dental hygienists.

 These programs offer the knowledge and skills required for the workforce by combining classroom instruction and hands-on training. 

Prospective students can look into programs for aspiring professionals like electricians, cosmetologists, paramedics, and medical assistants in addition to the following well-known trade school programs.

Best Paying Jobs In Fort Worth with Salary 

  • Dental hygienists earned a median annual income of over $76,000
  • Mechanics earned a median annual income of around $42,000
  • Paralegals and legal assistants exceeded $51,000
  • Radiology technicians earned median annual pay of over $62,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes a trade school from a college?

While colleges place a greater emphasis on academic credentials, trade schools offer training that is job-focused for particular careers. Nevertheless, a lot of colleges provide vocational programs.

What can be discovered in a trade school?

To prepare graduates for careers in fields like healthcare, technology, emergency services, and the skilled trades, trade schools combine classroom and hands-on learning.

What types of employment are vocational jobs?

Medical assistant, radiology technician, mechanic, paralegal, paramedic, and cosmetologist are examples of occupations in this category.

What is the price of a trade school?

In Texas, many community colleges offer vocational programs for under $2,200 a year. Costs vary by program and institution.


These are a few of the top choices for a fantastic education. 

Scholarships from private foundations, public institutions, and business associations are available to Fort Worth students attending vocational schools.

Select the program of your dreams and put in lots of effort to land a fantastic new job!


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