15 Best Trade Schools in Dallas | Costs, Requirements, and How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Dallas.

Texas trade schools offer career-focused instruction in highly sought-after industries like healthcare, skilled trades, and technology. 

Graduates can find employment as dental hygienists, paralegals, medical assistants, electricians, or automotive service technicians. 

Cosmetologists, paramedics, chefs, and construction managers are also trained in vocational programs. 

Vocational programs combine classroom instruction with practical experience. 

Students studying paramedic studies, for instance, complete laboratory and fieldwork training while electrician students train in hospitals and ambulances. 

To accommodate busy students’ schedules, many vocational schools offer self-paced or accelerated options. 

To maximize flexibility, students can also consider online vocational programs.

Dallas is a fantastic place to work and live in Texas and is renowned for its style and ambiance. 

Every day, there are new opportunities presented by the thriving business sector and stable economy. 

The city is home to some of the best trade schools and colleges in the state in terms of education.

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Are there Trade Schools in Dallas?

With the aid of our ranking, prospective students can find the Dallas vocational schools that will best help them achieve their professional objectives. 

Additionally, this article introduces popular vocational programs, lists scholarship opportunities for Dallas trade school students, and offers career and salary information for professions in trade schools.

  1. Dallas Dental Assistant School
  2. The College of Health Care Professions
  3. CCI Training Center
  4. Alliance Career Institute
  5. Asher College
  6. Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas
  7. MyComputerCareer
  8. Texas Career Institute Cna School
  9. Dallas College West Dallas Center
  10. Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas
  11. Dallas College
  12. Brazosport College
  13. Northeast Texas Community College
  14. Texarkana College
  15. Paris Junior College

How Much Does Trade School Cost in Dallas?

Students attending trade schools can look into financial aid options like loans, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs to help defray the cost of their education. 

Students must complete the FAFSA each year in order to be eligible for federal financial aid. 

Federal aid is only available to students attending accredited institutions, though. 

Trade school students can look into the most affordable programs in addition to applying for financial aid to reduce the cost of their education. 

For instance, the average cost of tuition and fees at public universities in Dallas is over $8,500 annually, whereas this figure is over $32,000 at private institutions. 

In contrast, the National Center for Education Statistics estimates that annual tuition at Dallas community colleges is around $2,200.

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in Dallas?

It’s very easy to enroll, and you can even do it online. 

Students are required to turn in an application form, a photo ID or driver’s license, a high school diploma or its equivalent, and medical history.

What are the Best Trade Schools in Dallas | 2024?

Students in Dallas who attend trade schools can advance their careers and raise their earning potential. 

To assist students in finding the best course of study for their needs, we rank the top technical and vocational schools in Dallas:

1. Dallas Dental Assistant School

With the aid of Dallas Dental Assistant School, get ready to begin a fantastic new career in just 9 weeks of training. 

The school offers top-notch classes and labs and is a part of one of the biggest and most reputable dental assisting schools in the region. 

The trainers are chosen from among the best in this industry, and they will impart all of their insider knowledge to you. 

The students will also have the wonderful opportunity to work closely with patients and doctors and learn how to treat any patient with care. 

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At the conclusion of your training, you will also receive help looking for a job.

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2. The College of Health Care Professions

The College of Health Care Professions is a proud, professional, and vibrant place to begin a brand-new career in nursing or the medical sciences. 

One of the best educational professionals in the state works as a trainer or educator at this university, and they will impart all of their knowledge and abilities to you. 

The theoretical component is completed by the students in class, and the practice is done with actual patients in hospitals. 

By doing this, you will learn everything you need to know to easily and quickly launch the career of your dreams.


  • Medical assistant
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Medical billing
  • Medical coding and many more

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3. CCI Training Center

One of the best places in Dallas to begin a new career in a technical field is CCI Training Center. 

Some of the best technical and trade programs in the state are part of the center’s impressive portfolio. 

The best tools, resources, and textbooks are made available to the students by the instructors so that they can quickly pick up the necessary skills. 

The practice areas are first-rate, and they have top-notch tools and technology that will aid in the students’ thorough preparation for the state certification exam and a fantastic career. 

Additionally, you will receive assistance with job placement once your studies are complete.


  • Computer network technician
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical billing and many more

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4. Alliance Career Institute

The ideal place to advance your career and prepare to care for any patient type is Alliance Career Institute. 

You can quickly and easily board this train to a rewarding, significant, and exciting new career regardless of your prior work experience. 

Students with prior medical training can complete their education more quickly than other students. 

The instructors and teachers have extensive backgrounds in providing care for patients and the elderly, and they will impart all of their knowledge to you. 

Additionally, you will receive assistance with job placement once your studies are complete.


  • CNA
  • Certified Medication aides and others

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5. Asher College

Looking for a location that offers some of the most current and important programs available today? 

The best trainers and educators in the state can be found at Asher College, one of the best trade schools in Dallas, which is the ideal location for you. 

All students will have complete access to excellent resources and materials throughout their academic careers. 

All of the students will have the incredible chance to hone their skills in some of the state’s top practice spaces and at affiliated institutions. 

Additionally, you will receive assistance with job placement once your studies are complete.


  • Medical billing
  • Medical coding
  • Accounting and many more

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6. Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas

With the aid of the Medical and Dental Assistant School of Dallas, get ready for a fantastic new career. 

The institution has one of the best educational boards in the state and some of the best dental and medical assistant programs available to students. 

The instructors, who were carefully chosen from among the best in their field, will teach you all the insider secrets to succeeding as a professional. 

Along with learning theory, the students will have the incredible opportunity to work with their instructors and learn how to meet the needs of all different kinds of patients. 

At the conclusion of your training, you will also receive help finding a job.


  • Medical assistant
  • Dental assistant

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7. MyComputerCareer

One of the best places to advance your career is MyComputerCareer, which offers top-notch programs that are appropriate for everyone and some of the best trainers in the state. 

The students will have the opportunity to pick the ideal schedule for them as well as the speed at which they want to follow the selected program. 

Additionally, the students will have the option of studying online, giving them the flexibility to do so from any location. 

All students will receive support with job placement during the state certification period.


  • Computing technology
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
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8. Texas Career Institute Cna School

Texas Career Institute Cna School is a top-notch educational facility that will assist you in finding a fantastic new career quickly and easily. 

The school’s main goals are to prepare students for various patient types, specific needs, and patient long-term care. 

Throughout your studies, you will benefit from the incredible knowledge and experience that the trainers and educators will impart to you. 

Additionally, the students will have the opportunity to work with patients, develop their communication skills with a variety of patients, and learn how to provide high-quality care.

 At the conclusion of your studies, you will also receive support for the job search period.


  • Phlebotomy technician
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Nurse aide

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9. Dallas College West Dallas Center

West Dallas College One of the biggest and most reputable educational institutions in the region includes Dallas Center. 

The West Dallas campus is excellent and has some of the best living quarters and recreational spaces in the state. M

Throughout their studies, the students will profit from the best tools and resources. 

The educational board has a top-notch curriculum with courses and programs that are ideal for any career aspiration. 

The very best professionals in the state are used to carefully select the teachers and trainers.


  • Accounting
  • HVAC
  • Auto body repair and many more

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10. Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas

Are you prepared to embark on a brand-new and fantastic career path? 

One of the best options for beginning a brand-new career in commercial driving in the state of Texas is the Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas. 

The trainers are chosen from among the most seasoned and well-respected drivers, and they have a wealth of knowledge and insider secrets to impart to you. 

To ensure you receive the best education possible, the curriculum and teaching aids are updated annually. 

Modern trucks will be used during your training to give you the experience and knowledge required to operate any kind of truck. 

The school will also help you find the best job for you after you graduate.


  • CDL Class A
  • CDL Class B

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11. Dallas College

Dallas College is one of the biggest trade schools in Texas and has seven locations throughout the state.

 In order to ensure that students graduate from college with the skills employers demand, Dallas College offers more than 100 career and technical programs in specialized fields. 

More than 300 academic and technical degrees and certificates are available to students. 

Advanced manufacturing, auto body or service technician, electronics technology, and cybersecurity are among the majors covered in the two-year programs.

 Nursing and radiologic sciences are part of a strong allied health program. 

In just one or two semesters, many students can obtain a certificate in advanced manufacturing/mechatronics technology, computer-aided design operator, or EMT fundamentals. 

The institution has been providing online education for over 20 years. Two dozen academic and professional degrees are taught by the faculty online or in a hybrid format.

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12. Northeast Texas Community College

In order to provide residents of Camp, Morris, and Titus counties with access to a cost-effective higher education, Northeast Texas Community College first opened its doors in 1985. 

The college now provides certificates, associate degrees, and direct routes to bachelor’s degrees. 

The AAS in healthcare management, associate degree in nursing, AS in business administration, and AAS in culinary arts are among the two-year options. 

They oversee a strong automotive program that offers an AAS in automotive technology along with several certificates. 

Students select a guided pathway that leads to a bachelor’s degree thanks to a collaboration between NTCC and Texas A&M University-Texarkana. 

After earning their associate’s degrees at NTCC, they continue their education at A&M-Texarkana to complete their bachelor’s degrees in general studies, criminal justice, or one of several other majors. 

The NTCC provides a dual enrollment program for high school students to earn college credit before they graduate. 

Distance education at NTCC offers students flexibility.

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13. Brazosport College

At Brazosport College, classes are held on a beautiful 156-acre campus in Lake Jackson. 

In 10 fields of study, BC offers degrees, certificates, and transfer options that meet the region’s needs for workforce development. 

Graduates with an AAS in criminal justice, drafting technology, or chemical technology are prepared for the workforce. 

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The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) program at BC, one of Texas’ top tech schools, is very effective. 

The AA in kinesiology, nursing, or humanities transfers to bachelor’s degrees at other colleges for transfer students. 

One of the few Texas trade schools still offering on-campus bachelor’s programs is BC. 

Graduates of BC’s bachelor of applied technology in industrial management or health services management receive the education required to succeed in two of the top professions in the state without having to attend another program.

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14. Texarkana College

There is a vast selection of academic and technical programs offered by Texarkana College. 

Students who pursue associate degrees are prepared for careers in technical fields like child development, construction technology, and air conditioning and refrigeration technology. 

Many students finish their certificates in business office technology, computer operator/programmer, or both in just one year. 

The associate degree in nursing and the AAS in drug and alcohol abuse counseling both lead to licensure. 

The AA in general studies, which offers a completely online curriculum, is one of several options available to students interested in finishing the first two years of a four-year degree. 

On the school’s online learning platform, students have a variety of options, including fully online, hybrid, and flex campus, which allows them to alternate between online and on-campus classes. 

High school students are permitted at Texarkana College.

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15. Paris Junior College

Students in Paris, Greenville, and Sulphur Springs have access to reasonably priced educational programming thanks to Paris Junior College. 

Students who are interested in pursuing a career receive associate degrees in a variety of fields, such as social and behavioral sciences, STEM, and health careers. 

The various degrees offered include the AAS in radiology technology, the AAS in air conditioning, and the AAS in business administration. 

The AS in multidisciplinary studies and the AA in journalism are transferable degrees to A&M Commerce. 

Students who graduate from PJC with an AS can seamlessly transfer to the BS program at the senior college thanks to a collaboration with Texas A&M University-Texarkana. 

PJC, one of the top trade schools in Texas, runs a cosmetology program that prepares students for jobs as salon owners and nail technicians. 

Certificates provide learners with skills for thriving tech fields such as computer applications and mechatronics.

PJC offers free basic adult education through literacy, ESL, and Life Skills Education Advancing People courses. 

Economically disadvantaged students benefit from the Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search programs.

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How Much do Traders Make in Dallas?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trade school careers pay an average of about $55,000 per year, though the career and salary outlook for graduates varies by location, industry, and experience (BLS). 

Personal service jobs typically pay less than $33,000 per year, whereas management jobs typically pay more than $96,000. 

According to BLS wage data, many trade school occupations in Dallas have above-average incomes. 

For instance, the average salary for occupational therapy assistants and paralegals in the state is over $67,000 annually.

How do I become a Trader in Dallas?

Students who complete trade school programs are prepared for careers as radiology technicians, paralegals, and dental hygienists. 

These programs offer the knowledge and skills required for the workforce by combining classroom instruction and hands-on training. 

Prospective students can look into programs for aspiring professionals like electricians, cosmetologists, paramedics, and medical assistants in addition to the following well-known trade school programs.

Best Paying Jobs In Dallas with Salary 

  • dental hygienists earned a median annual income of over $76,000
  • Mechanics earned a median annual income of around $42,000
  • The median annual pay for paralegals and legal assistants exceeded $51,000
  • radiology technicians earned median annual pay of over $62,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes a trade school from a college?

While colleges place a greater emphasis on academic credentials, trade schools offer training that is job-focused for particular careers. Nevertheless, a lot of colleges provide vocational programs. 

How can you learn something at a trade school?

To prepare graduates for careers in fields like healthcare, technology, emergency services, and the skilled trades, trade schools combine classroom and hands-on learning. 

What are some vocational job examples?

Medical assistant, radiology technician, mechanic, paralegal, paramedic, and cosmetologist are examples of occupations in this category. 

What is the cost of attending a trade school?

In Texas, many community colleges offer vocational programs for under $2,200 a year. Costs vary by program and institution.


These institutions rank among the best and make a great place to begin. 

Select the program that best suits your needs and get ready to start a fantastic new career!


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