15 Best Trade Schools in Kentucky | Costs, Requirements, and How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Kentucky.

Trade and vocational schools provide career training in sectors like healthcare, technology, and skilled trades. 

In the healthcare sector, graduates from trade schools can work as dental hygienists, occupational therapy assistants, health information technicians, and medical assistants. 

Additionally, paralegals, paramedics, HVAC technicians, and electricians are professions that graduates of vocational programs can choose to enter. 

In a vocational program, students take courses that are career-focused in their field. 

Programs may also include experiential learning through practicum, lab, and clinical requirements. 

For example, pharmacy technicians and ultrasound technicians must meet clinical requirements in order to gain practical experience. 

There are a number of benefits when contrasting four-year academic programs and vocational schools. 

A vocational certificate or degree program typically lasts 1-2 years, so graduates can enter the workforce more quickly than those in four-year programs

Professionals with an occupational credential have a higher employment rate than those with an academic credential, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. 

Many trade schools offer accelerated or self-paced programs for students who are busy. 

Online career programs are another choice for students looking for more flexibility. 

Even though vocational education has a bad reputation, it has repeatedly shown that it can be an excellent career choice. 

Many people want to enroll in a traditional four-year college, but few are aware that nearly half of all students eventually leave. 

They are thus left without a bachelor’s degree and without crucial abilities required for success in life.

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Are there Trade Schools in Kentucky?

Trade schools, however, are a fantastic alternative that can produce excellent results. 

Excellent trade schools with concentrations across the board can be found in Kentucky. 

Find out which schools are the most cherished by students by looking at our list.

  1. Knight School of Welding
  2. College for Technical Education
  3. Lexington Healing Arts Academy
  4. Louisville School of Massage
  5. Century Real Estate School
  6. Ross Medical Education Center
  7. American College of Barbering
  8. Louisville Bartending School
  9. Institute of Dental Technology
  10. Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College
  11. Big Sandy Community and Technical College
  12. Madisonville Community College
  13. Ashland Community and Technical College
  14. Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
  15. Somerset Community College

How Much Does Trade School Cost in Kentucky?

Students in Kentucky who select a vocational program frequently spend less money than those enrolled in four-year academic programs. 

In Kentucky, four-year public institutions typically charge more than $10,000 in tuition and fees annually, compared to more than $26,000 at private institutions. 

In Kentucky, community colleges cost about $4,000 on average per year. 

The average cost of tuition for all courses is $15,740. Programs for financial aid are also supported.

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in Kentucky?

Enrollment: Each applicant must submit documentation of their education (high school diploma, GED, or equivalent) 

In addition to choosing a budget-friendly vocational program, students can also lower the cost of their education by receiving financial aid. 

Federal financial aid is available for trade school students. Each year, students must submit the FAFSA in order to determine their eligibility for federal aid.

What are the Best Trade Schools in Kentucky | 2024?

Vocational and trade schools in Kentucky offer courses in healthcare, skilled trades, and other in-demand professions. 

By enrolling in a top-rated vocational program, students can advance their careers and increase their earning potential. 

We rank the top vocational schools in Kentucky to help prospective students find the curriculum that will best help them achieve their career goals.

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1. Knight School of Welding

There are numerous students attending Kentucky’s well-known welding school, Knight School of Welding. 

One of the highest-paying occupations is welding, but there aren’t enough qualified people to fill these positions. 

Choosing an excellent educational facility is essential because welding is a very demanding skill that requires a lot of practice. 

Fortunately, the Knight School of Welding establishes the benchmarks for the region of Kentucky. 

They provide a variety of open courses that are appropriate for both beginning and advanced students. 

The staff is excellent and always eager to assist students in honing their skills. 

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The school is excellent and is well-regarded by students. 

If you choose to become a welder, you almost certainly will land a job right away after finishing your training. 

No special enrollment requirements exist for enrollment.

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2. College for Technical Education

The mission of College for Technical Education is to offer students a top-notch education that will prepare them for successful career pursuits in the future. 

This college, which was first established in 1997, has helped and educated thousands of future specialists. 

Their curriculum has been specifically designed to meet the needs of every student and advance their learning. 

By the Council of Occupational Education, the programs have received accreditation. 

Both the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education have granted them licenses.

In order to assist students in locating a suitable job after completing one of their courses, CTE also provides job placement assistance. 

They instruct students in a variety of trade-related skills in addition to professionalism, resume writing, and how to act during job interviews. 

Enrollment: A high school diploma or a GED is required for all applicants. 

Tuition: The average cost of their courses is about $16,380.

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3. Lexington Healing Arts Academy

The Lexington Healing Arts Academy is a very distinctive organization that prioritizes both academic excellence and spiritual growth. 

This school’s calm environment makes it the ideal haven for learners eager to pick up new skills. 

Hundreds of students have been successfully taught by them in the past, and because of this school’s excellence, more students are drawn there every year. 

They will not only be able to land a job thanks to the skills they learn by practicing yoga, but they will also learn important life lessons. 

The instructors at LHAA place a strong emphasis on hands-on learning so that graduates have the knowledge and abilities to enter the workforce right away.

Their courses are very reasonably priced. 

The Kentucky State Board of Proprietary Education granted the school its license. 

Additionally, the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools accredited their course offerings. 

All applicants must be at least 18 years old to enroll. Additionally, they need to show proof of education, such as a high school diploma or GED.

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4. Louisville School of Massage

This is yet another top-notch trade school in Kentucky that emphasizes massage therapy. 

Louisville School of Massage was established in 1986, so it has a very long history. 

One of the top massage therapy schools, LSM has already helped hundreds of happy students and will likely continue to do so. 

Since the school’s modest beginnings, it has expanded significantly. 

They employ the most recent industry standards and impart cutting-edge skills. 

Because they are aware of how important it can be to have a supportive teacher, all instructors have wonderful relationships with their students.

They are professionals in the field of massage therapy with decades of collective experience. 

After completing their program, graduates will be eligible to apply to become certified massage therapists. 

Enrollment: There are no unique prerequisites. All are encouraged to apply. 

Fees: To learn more about the tuition costs, get in touch with their admissions office.

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5. Century Real Estate School

The goal of Century Real Estate School is to effectively prepare students for the Kentucky State Real Estate Exam and help them obtain their real estate licenses. 

Depending on the course, all of their courses must be finished in a year or six months. 

CRES takes pride in providing excellent education at very competitive rates. 

The burgeoning real estate sector is eager to hire aspiring professionals. 

The teachers at this institution are very knowledgeable about the field. 

Their perspective is so highly beneficial to students precisely because of this.

Students have the chance to learn more about the industry and acquire the skills they need to succeed by enrolling in this school. 

This school has received nothing but positive reviews, and the students are especially fond of the teachers. 

Because CRES understands how important it is to learn in a relaxed, engaging environment, all of its courses are extremely engaging and entertaining. 

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to enroll. Additionally, they need a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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6. Ross Medical Education Center

Ross Education is an excellent vocational school with a focus on healthcare administration and assistance. 

To ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity, they strive to offer the best education at fair prices. 

The courses have been specially designed to provide a quick but high-quality program that will enable students to look for work right away after graduation. 

The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools has granted accreditation to each of its facilities. 

After graduating, students can apply for CMA or RMA certification. 

Enrollment: Each applicant must submit documentation of their education (high school diploma, GED, or equivalent) 

Tuition: The average cost of all courses is $15,740. Programs for financial aid are also supported. 

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7. American College of Barbering

The extremely cutting-edge American College of Barbering fosters originality and creativity. This makes it one of the best trade schools in Kentucky.

Its mission is to give students a top-notch education that will advance their careers and equip them with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the barbering industry. 

The faculty is highly committed and enthusiastic about fostering students’ individuality. 

They aim for excellence and will do whatever it takes to pass along to students the most vital trade secrets.

25 barber chairs, three shampoo units, a laundry room, a locker room, and a chemical station are among the school’s ultra-modern amenities. 

The curriculum is very dynamic and forward-thinking, which engages students even more. 

Enrollment: All candidates must be citizens of the United States and possess a high school diploma or a GED. 

Fees: Their course will cost $16,972 in tuition. 

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8. Louisville Bartending School

The State of Kentucky has granted Louisville Bartending School full institutional authorization and accreditation. 

Since its establishment in 1990, they have trained hundreds of aspiring bartenders. 

Because of how hands-on the curriculum is, students are inspired to learn more and advance their skills. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there is a high demand for bartenders. 

After completing the course, students may be able to obtain employment immediately. 

If that’s still not enough, this school also provides a program to assist students in finding suitable employment.

Fast-paced bartending calls for knowledge, imagination, and commitment. 

Enrollment: There are no unique prerequisites. All are encouraged to apply. 

Fees: Call the school at the number provided below for more details on tuition prices, financial aid, and financing options. 

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9. Institute of Dental Technology

Fast-tracked dental assisting programs are available from the esteemed Institute of Dental Technology. 

In less than 16 weeks, students will receive a dental assistant training program. 

Another lucrative career option that has the potential to produce excellent outcomes is dental assisting. 

Students laud this institution for its excellent organization, student-centered culture, and useful and approachable course offerings. 

Since dental assistants are required to perform a variety of duties, including patient care, having the right training is essential. 

IDT works hard to give its students the best resources and curriculum for this very reason.

All applicants must meet the following requirements in order 

to enroll: 

  • Candidates must possess a high school diploma, a GED, or a state-issued certificate of homeschooling. 
  • Applicants must submit an enrollment application. 
  • Dental applicants must either sign a declination form or provide proof of their Hepatitis B vaccination. 

Fees: The cost of their courses is $9,000 in tuition. 

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10. Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

The prestigious Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College has educated thousands of students. 

This is a loving community rather than just a typical school. 

They want to give students the motivation and resources they need to realize their aspirations. 

Modern facilities and a wide range of helpful programs are provided. 

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has naturally accredited the Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College. 

All applicants must be citizens of the United States legally. Additionally, they must possess a GED or high school diploma. 

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11. Big Sandy Community and Technical College

BSCTC enrolls about 4,700 students each semester with four campuses and more than 25 academic and technical programs to choose from. 

The college also provides non-credit classes, workforce development programs, and other community education initiatives. 

BSCTC is a part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. 

The BSCTC offers more than 1,100 online courses. Students have the option of earning their degree or professional certificate entirely or mostly online. 

In a variety of subject areas, including criminal justice, dental assisting, and medical information technology, the college offers associate and technical degrees. 

Like many other trade schools in Kentucky, BSCTC participates in Work Ready Kentucky to offer apprenticeship opportunities. 

Through this program, apprenticeships are still available in advanced manufacturing, construction, business/IT, logistics, and healthcare.

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12.  Madisonville Community College

The district served by the three campuses of the 1968-founded Madisonville Community College spans seven counties. 

MCC enrolls an average of 2,700 students per semester and offers associate, certificate, or diploma programs in fields like advanced integrated manufacturing, biomedical technology systems, and respiratory care. 

Academic counseling, tutoring, career and job placement assistance, and transfer support are all available to students. 

MCC offers the most affordable community college tuition in Bluegrass State. 

The school also oversees a number of grant and scholarship programs, and many students take advantage of work-study opportunities to assist with funding their education. 

Like many technical colleges in Kentucky, MCC gives its students extra support by taking part in Work Ready Kentucky, a program that gives apprenticeship opportunities to deserving students.

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13. Ashland Community and Technical College

Since it was established in 1938, ACTC has expanded and now has almost 2,600 students enrolled each semester. 

The college provides associate, certificate, and diploma programs on its three campuses. 

Students enroll in associate programs to transfer to four-year institutions or to earn a professional credential that will enable them to find employment after graduation. 

Additionally, ACTC offers adult education courses, workforce training, and non-credit community programs. 

Among the many services offered by ACTC are tutoring, support for those with disabilities, academic counseling, and scholarship opportunities. 

The Career Center provides help with resume and cover letter writing, interview tips, assistance with job search strategies, and information on internship and work-study opportunities. 

For Kentucky students taking at least six technical credits

Opportunities for apprenticeship are provided by Work Ready Kentucky. 

The program’s objective is to raise the number of graduates in the state who are prepared for the workforce in order to meet the rising demand for workers in particular professions like business, advanced manufacturing, and construction.

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14. Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

The union of two community and technical colleges led to the creation of ECTC in 2004. 

Students enroll in associate degree programs to transfer to four-year institutions, or they pursue a professional credential to start working right away. 

Additionally, ECTC offers free adult education courses, professional development certificates, and community improvement initiatives. 

The Student Service Center provides a variety of helpful services, such as group or one-on-one tutoring sessions, academic and career counseling, testing and placement services, and financial assistance programs. 

The center also provides information on internship and work-study opportunities, as well as tools for job searching and career counseling. 

Like many other vocational schools in Kentucky, ECTC provides students with apprenticeship opportunities through Work Ready Kentucky.

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15. Somerset Community College

Just under 6,000 students are enrolled each year at Somerset Community College, which is a part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College system. 

The college offers associate and certificate programs in more than 40 subject areas, including nursing, business administration, and early childhood education. 

Participants in the student workshops offered by SCC improve their study, research, and academic writing strategies. 

Additional student support services include assistance with job searching and application procedures, academic and career counseling, online or in-person tutoring sessions, and academic and career coaching. 

SCC participates in the Work Ready Kentucky initiative, which provides students with the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship throughout the state. 

The program provides students with paid training opportunities in a range of industries, including logistics, healthcare, business, and information technology. 

Those who enroll in at least six credits at a participating institution and meet the requirements. 

During their enrollment, participants are given free tuition for up to 60 credits.

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How Much do Traders Make in Kentucky?

Jobs as a plumber, construction worker, occupational therapy assistant, or medical assistant are available to trade school graduates. 

Due to the wide variety of careers that trade schools prepare students for, the career and salary outlook for graduates in Kentucky varies greatly. 

Overall, a wide range of vocational professions offers above-average pay and substantial room for job growth. 

The average yearly salary for trade school jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $55,000. (BLS). 

Professionals in personal care and service occupations make about $33,000 annually, while management occupations pay an average of $96,000. 

Healthcare professionals make $55,000 on average a year, compared to $50,000 for those installation, maintenance, and repair.

How do I become a Trader in Kentucky?

Trade and vocational schools in Kentucky provide certificates and degrees in a range of in-demand fields. 

Graduates can find employment in a variety of fields, including healthcare, skilled trades, technology, and legal services.

Best Paying Jobs In Kentucky with Salary

  • The average annual salary for electricians is over $56,000. 
  • The median annual wage for automotive service technicians was over $42,000. 
  • The median annual salary for occupational therapy assistants is more than $61,000. 
  • The median annual wage for pharmacy technicians was close to $34,000. 
  • The median annual salary for diagnostic medical sonographers was over $68,000.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is online trade school a possibility?

Yes. Many schools offer online vocational programs. Students in these programs finish their coursework online while fulfilling any requirements for on-site experiential learning. 

Do scholarships for trade schools exist? 

Yes. Many scholarships are available for trade school students, including grants and scholarships from the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority. 

Can credits from trade schools be transferred? 

Yes. While a trade school’s credits may transfer to other universities, many other institutions only accept transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions. 

When can I submit my application to a trade school? 

Since many trade schools accept applications on a rolling basis, prospective students are welcome to do so at any time of the year. Additionally, a lot of programs have several start dates each year.


In the past, vocational education was highly regarded and favored. 

However, very few students today are even aware of this method of instruction. 

The high demand for specialized workers and the resurgence in popularity of trade schools are both directly related to this. 

It can be very rewarding to learn more about the world of vocational education.


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