15 Best Boarding Schools in Charlotte NC | Cost, Requirements & How to Apply

Parents and students have shown great interest in the best boarding schools in Charlotte, NC, which have sustained good recognition.

Students that attend boarding schools gain experience that will be highly beneficial to them in their future undertakings. In reality, studies suggest that boarding school kids typically perform better and adjust to college life better.

Charlotte is the largest city and business hub in North Carolina. It is the most populated city in the country and is distinguished from other American cities by having a top-notch educational system.

If you are wondering where exactly or which of the boarding schools in Charlotte, NC is best for your ward, then this article is for you.

Are there Boarding Schools in Charlotte, NC?

Absolutely! There are quite a number of boarding schools in Charlotte. These boarding schools are known for having a top-notch approach toward education and academic discipline. 

They include: 

  1. The Independence High School
  2. Myers Park High School
  3. Ardrey Kell High School
  4. American Hebrew Academy
  5. The Academy at SOAR
  6. Asheville School
  7. Christ School
  8. Oak Ridge Military Academy
  9. Saint Mary’s School
  10. Salem Academy
  11. Mount Pisgah Academy
  12. Winston Salem Christian School
  13. The Outdoor Academy
  14. Wolf Creek Academy
  15. Safe Harbor 

Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Charlotte NC?

Yes. There are a few affordable boarding schools in Charlotte, NC. These schools are tagged as affordable because they are known to offer quality educational services for a reasonable tuition fee. and general cost. Due to the fact that they are quite affordable, parents settle for the option and pay bills with ease. 

They include: 

  • Mount Pisgah Academy with a tuition fee of $18,810
  • Oak Ridge Military Academy with a tuition fee of $34,600

What are the requirements for boarding schools in Charlotte, NC?

Getting into a boarding school in Charlotte is definitely the best decision for your child. Some of the requirements for boarding schools in Charlotte, NC are:

  • Must meet the minimum age requirement.
  • A complete application form
  • Letter of recommendation
  • English language proficiency test(IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Application fee

What Are The 15 Best Boarding Schools in Charlotte, NC?

Settling for the best boarding school in the city of North Carolina is everyone’s choice. With tons of boarding schools, it is normal to go for the one offering the best education in the country.

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In a random manner, here are the best boarding schools in Charlotte, NC : 

1. Myers Park High School

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tuition fee: $32,590 / year

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Myers Park High School is a well-regarded public institution. A student-teacher ratio of 21:1 is present among its 3,593 pupils in grades 9 through 12. State exam results show that 72% of pupils are at least proficient in arithmetic and 69% are at least proficient in reading.

The institution belongs to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district and educates students in grades 9 through 12.

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2. Ardrey Kell High School

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tuition fee: $120 to $1,500 per semester. 

In the Ballantyne neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, Ardrey Kell High School is a public high school that serves students in grades 9 through 12. The institution is a component of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

3,437 pupils attend Ardrey Kell High School, where there are 21 students for every teacher. State test results show that 88% of kids in arithmetic and 82% in reading are at least proficient.

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3. The Independence High School

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tuition fee: $21,625

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there is a public high school called Independence High School. With a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1, it has 2,083 pupils in grades 9 through 12. State exam results show that 48% of students and 43% of students in reading are at least proficient.

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4. The Academy at SOAR

  • Location: Balsam, NC
  • Tuition fee: $54,000

Students with ADHD/LD who had difficulties in a typical classroom setting because of a learning disability are the target audience for the SOAR Academy. It is a private boarding school in Western North Carolina with an adventure-based curriculum.

Students get to experience both a typical academic environment and two-week adventure travel trips throughout the course of the year. In order to help students academically, socially, and emotionally prepare for adulthood, we provide an alternative learning environment that mixes academics, adventure, and life skills development.

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5. Asheville School

  • Location: Asheville, NC
  • Tuition fee: $57,650

One of the top boarding schools in the country is Asheville School. The School stands out from other therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Charlotte. One of the few authentic little boarding schools in America that still exists, Asheville School was established in 1900.

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6. Christ School

  • Location: Asheville, NC
  • Tuition fee: $61,290

An Episcopal Church-affiliated college prep school is called Christ School. The goal of the school is to raise educated, morally upright men who are capable of excelling academically in college and contributing to society as adults.

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7. Oak Ridge Military Academy

  • Location: Oak Ridge, NC
  • Tuition fee: $34,600
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In 1852, Oak Ridge Military Academy was established. It is regarded as the country’s oldest military boarding school for pre-college students. In 1854, it became the first military school to admit female students.

Private military boarding school Oak Ridge Military Academy strives to offer a diversified learning environment that fosters academic performance.

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8. Saint Mary’s School

  • Location: Raleigh, NC 
  • Tuition fee: $60,700

An independent, Episcopal, college-preparatory boarding and day school in Raleigh, North Carolina called Saint Mary’s School pushed girls in grades 9 through 12 to be brave, prepared, inspired, and outstanding.

The historic, 23-acre residential campus, which was established in 1842, is situated in the center of Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. It provides quick access to the city’s attractions as well as a secure haven amidst the bustle. Saint Marys immerses girls in a dynamic learning environment that offers both hands-on classroom learning and opportunity for real-world experiences, with the goal of preparing girls for college and life.

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9. Salem Academy

  • Location: Winston-salem, NC
  • Tuition fee: $50,500

Since 1772, Salem Academy has aided girls in developing the abilities and self-assurance needed to thrive. It is regarded as one among North Carolina’s top private high schools.

Salem provides exceptional academics, all-encompassing leadership development, and thorough college preparation. Girls at Salem Academy find their voice and investigate where it can take them.

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10. Mount Pisgah Academy

  • Location: Candler, NC
  • Tuition fee: $18,810

Highly regarded private boarding Christian school Mount Pisgah Academy is situated in Candler, North Carolina. With 113 students in grades 9 through 12, it has an 11 to 1 student to teacher ratio.

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $18,810. 95% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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11. Winston Salem Christian School

  • Location: Winston Salem, NC
  • Tuition fee: $30,000

As its name suggests, Winston-Salem Christian School is a Christian institution with a top-notch educational philosophy. For students who struggle to make their tuition payments on time, it offers tremendous financial opportunities.

The Triad’s sole independent, worldwide Christian school is Winston Salem Christian School. The institution offers a wide range of AP courses, and after completing their studies, alumni are admitted into selective colleges.

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12. The Outdoor Academy

  • Location: Pisgah Forest, NC
  • Tuition fee: $33,000

In Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, there is a private residential school called The Outdoor Academy. There are 28 pupils in grades 10 and 11, and there are two teachers for every kid. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $33,000.

The Outdoor Academy is a 10th and 11th grade semester boarding school with full accreditation that is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our honors-level curriculum incorporates outdoor activities, environmental education, and the creative arts into its four pillars of intellect, craft, environment, and community.

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13. Wolf Creek Academy

  • Location: Mars Hill, NC
  • Tuition fee: $150 – $250 per day
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In Mars Hill, North Carolina, there is a private, therapeutic boarding, and Christian school called Wolf Creek Academy. It provides a recognized academic curriculum that includes a college prep curriculum.

Teenagers are purposefully shaped into stronger, more self-assured adults at Wolf Creek Academy, where families with troublesome teenagers turn for assistance. Wolf Creek Academy works to improve the lives of thousands of troubled young people.

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14. Safe Harbor 

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tuition fee: Tuition and fees may vary depending on grade and boarding status. 

With comparable effectiveness and results, Safe Harbor is a less expensive option to therapeutic boarding schools in Charlotte, North Carolina. The goal of Safe Harbor is to develop character in disturbed boys while teaching them important life skills.

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15. American Hebrew Academy

  • Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Tuition fee: $33,800

The first and only pluralistic Jewish boarding school in the country is called the American Hebrew Academy. The goal of AHA International School was to establish a global institution for college preparation in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Are there Girls Boarding schools in Charlotte, NC ?  

Charlotte, NC has a few girls’ boarding schools. They are listed as follows: 

  • Salem Academy
  • Saint Mary’s School
  • Asheville School

Are there Boys Boarding schools in Charlotte, NC ? 

Some parents may decide to take their children to an all-boys boarding school in Charlotte. Here are some of the boys’ boarding schools in Charlotte: 

  • Ardrey Kell High School
  • Christ School
  • The Fletcher School

What are the Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Charlotte, NC ? 

There are a few therapeutic boarding schools in Charlotte. They include: 

  • The Academy at SOAR
  • Safe Harbor
  • Wolf Creek Academy


Most parents have come to realize that the most important gift you can give a child is a sound education. As a result of that, parents are now open to the knowledge of seeking the best for their children in their academics. 

Boarding schools in Charlotte have proven to stand out even in terms of scholarship and funding. We hope we have been able to make it easier for you to settle on which boarding school you should go to in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Do Boarding Schools in Charlotte, NC Cost?

In general, the price of boarding is comparable to the tuition for private schools, but with premiums for lodging and meals. Financial aid, such as scholarships and bursaries, is widely available at schools.

Are there free boarding schools in the US?

Yes. There are free boarding schools in the United states. The first public, tuition-free boarding school in the country is The SEED School of Washington, D.C. 

Are boarding schools expensive?

According to Boarding School Review, an American citizen’s typical annual boarding school tuition is $56,875. The tuition varies depending on the location and total expenses. 

Why do you go to boarding school?

Gaining admission to college is one of the main reasons kids attend boarding schools, and acceptance rates on nearly all institutions are far above 90%. They are all focused on the same objective because nearly all pupils plan to attend college.

What is life like in a boarding school?

In comparison to day students, boarding students spend an average of 12 hours a week exercising and participating in sports. Additionally, as opposed to 4 or 5 hours at private or public schools, you will generally spend 6 or more hours on artistic activities like playing music or painting at boarding school.


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