15 Best Boarding Schools in Philadelphia | Cost

How well a country’s economy will do depends on how well-educated and trained its workforce is.

Philadelphia recognizes this economical advantage, and one of the fundamental aspects of its government’s primary duty to promote economically sound households and financial system is to educate people in skills and knowledge that enable them to make wise choices in life.

Philadelphia, also known as “Philly”, is the fifth-most populated metropolis in the US, and it is also the largest municipality in the state of Pennsylvania. The best teachers in the world, who see their employment as a mission to raise the best future citizens, come from boarding schools in Philadelphia.

Are you interested in attending one of the best boarding schools in the USA? Are you looking for boarding schools in Pennsylvania? Maybe Philadelphia boarding schools will pique your curiosity. You can receive the greatest quality services and the best education possible from these educational institutions. 

Join me as we explore this concise overview of Philadelphia boarding schools 2024!

Are There Boarding Schools in Philadelphia?

Yes! Philadelphia boarding schools are among the top boarding schools that strive to incorporate a dynamic teaching style with practical learning in the United States.

Young people who attend boarding schools in Philadelphia have a rare chance to learn about the world and its place in it. Students who live and learn at a boarding school get the freedom and skills they need to succeed in college and beyond.

There are different boarding school systems in Philadelphia which include: public boarding schools, private boarding schools which also consist of league schools for student-athletes, parochial boarding schools, and a miscellaneous weekend educational system- a Japanese language school for Japanese-Americans.

Here are some of these boarding schools:

  • Frankford Friends School
  • Friends International School of Philadelphia
  • Friends Select School
  • Abington Friends School
  • Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
  • Greene Street Friends School
  • The Shipley School
  • George School
  • Westtown School
  • Moorestown Friends School
  • The Crefeld School
  • Northwood Academy Charter School
  • St Hubert Catholic High School for Girls
  • Girard College
  • The Hill School
  • Perkiomen School
  • Al Aqsa Islamic Academy

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In Philadelphia Cost?

Some private boarding schools in Philadelphia cost up to $40,000 annually, with the Perkiomen High School scaling the list at a sticker price of $68,000 annually. 

Although statistics show that for the 2022 academic year, the average cost for private boarding schools is $9,409, which is relatively lower than its district counterparts. While parochial schools averagely range between $7,000- $8,000 annually.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

The “tag price” for boarding schools in Philadelphia can seem intimidating, but there are agencies in Philadelphia that provide scholarships for school-aged children, and many schools have financial help initiatives.

Some of these schools are:

  • Philly Free School
  • The Philadelphia School
  • Girard College
  • Methacton School District

Other schools with affordable tuition costs for boarders, <$8,000, are:

  • Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School- $1,400
  • Our Lady Of Calvary School- $2,800
  • St. Raymond Of Penafort School- $2,893
  • Saint Anthony of Padua Regional Cathol- $3,550
  • Al Aqsa Islamic Academy- $3,880

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

Looking to enrol one’s child in a top-notch institution, whether pre-school, elementary or high school, remains every parent’s priority.

The vast number of educational institutions in contemporary society today exacerbates the situation.

Thankfully, Philadelphia has maintained a reputation for having top-rated schools, both nationally and as a city in Pennsylvania.

To calm you and provide the direct information you need to make the best decision, read through this brief yet extensive list of the top boarding schools in Philadelphia 2024

Take a peek!

#1. The Hill School

System: Private 

Yearly Tuition: $61,410

The Hill School is a coed autonomous boarding and day school that serves students in grades 9 through 12 as well as post-graduates. 

Established in 1851, Hill School is a small and intimate learning community where its prestige for academic excellence is built upon a demanding and extensive curriculum.

They ground this curriculum in a strong liberal arts tradition; a faculty of exceptionally qualified committed teachers and advisers; as well as a high academic that combines high expectations with substantive support.

They rank the Hill School as the best boarding school in Philadelphia and the second-best boarding school in the state of Pennsylvania. 

To apply to Hill, there are testing prerequisites. For applicants of 9th and 10th grades, students must submit scores from the SSAT, ISEE, or PSAT.

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PSAT, SAT, ACT, or Scholastic aptitude testing is necessary for applicants for the 11th and 12th grades and postgraduate programs. Whereas, international applicants who do not speak English as their first language must also take the TOEFL exam in addition to the SSAT, with the exception of those who have attended an American or international school for the previous three years.

It’s also noteworthy that the institution provides an average financial aid of $42,450.

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#2. George School

System: Private, Quaker

Yearly Tuition: $46,100

George School, a co-ed boarding and day secondary school, is a global institution with local roots. The institution is on a beautiful 240-acre campus that is close to Philadelphia.

Offering the International Diploma (IB) diploma program and approximately 20 AP courses, George School is a seasoned leader in education. Students are fully engaged in their studies across all subject areas through a demanding yet individualized program.

In modern facilities, students receive physical wellness programs and compete in 25 various team sports. The three-season equestrian program at George School mixes horsemanship and athleticism for intermediate and advanced riders.

Graduates of the George School go on to the world’s most prestigious institutions and universities where they develop into self-aware, self-sufficient, and empathetic leaders.

According to data, 57% of students at George School received financial aid. The financial aid is open to all, both new and returning students.

It listed all requirements for new applicants on an inquiry form on the school’s website.

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#3. Westtown School

System: Private, Quaker

Yearly Tuition: $39,720

With an average financial aid of $27,000, Westtown School promises an extraordinary amount of interest in assisting students to identify their abilities, passions, and sense of purpose. 

At Westtown School, they fervently hold the conviction that everyone possesses a distinct light, specific wisdom, and a developing sense of purpose.

They do not guarantee that students leave college knowing exactly where to go in life, however, Westtown boasts of helping their students find their way there. Hundreds of our alumni who agree that students left Westtown with a distinct sense of direction, identified interests, and the means to continue exploring with confidence, academic readiness, and excitement. has proven this

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#4. Solebury School

System: Private 

Yearly Tuition: $45,180, Boarding (Tuition + Boarding): $66,920

What a school should be is Solebury.

There are various ways to encounter this purpose as a school. However, there is a fundamental strategy. It begins with respecting pupils enough to allow them to begin planting the seeds of their own education, then nurturing and nourishing that foundation until it blooms into something robust and life-long. 

Every Solebury kid is known and appreciated. Despite having 235 pupils and a student, the educator proportion of 6 to 1. We provide a setting that fosters academic brilliance and equips students to succeed in further education and beyond.

The basic requirement for new applicants is the SSAT testing. Applicants are also eligible for financial aid of $24,000.

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#5. Perkiomen school 

System: Private 

Yearly Tuition: $39,890

With the basic requirements of SSAT and TOEFL, and an application fee of $50 for a scheduled interview, admission into Perkiomen promises elite achievement.

Because of the celebration of individuals in this community, the transformational nature of Perkiomen, and the future-oriented nature of their effect, possibilities are opened up. Here, educators are aware that life’s obstacles can only be overcome by becoming involved, participating, and persevering. Also, that experience is the finest teacher.

The encouraging environment enables kids to identify the requirements for success, develop into strong self-advocates, defend their values, and plan for the future. Every pupil has the freedom to experiment and make changes for the better. The “participation” culture exemplifies the benefits of participating in a broader society as well as respect for individual affinities.

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#6. Church Farm School

System: Private, All-boys

Yearly Tuition: $25,000, Boarding (Tuition + Boarding): $48,000

They selected each student at Church Farm School based on their capacity for leadership. With students from all over the country and the world, the community is quite varied. 

The boarding lifestyle, which goes far beyond their 10 cabins and 150-acre property, is at the heart of Church Farm School. It encourages shared interactions in residence halls, on the sports grounds, and during Chapel services. Teachers at the Church Farm School live on or close to campus with their families and are actively involved in both the school’s and the boys’ lives.

With a strong emphasis on STEM and ethical leadership, the school’s renowned instructors and staff members lead students through a demanding curriculum that supports outstanding academic development.

Additionally, students participate in a comprehensive schedule of creative, athletic, and spiritual pursuits that fosters a warm, close-knit community. Classes typically have 10 students and a faculty-to-student ratio of 5:1.

Students from Church Farm School frequently go on to achieve great things in life. 100% of their alumni have been admitted into prestigious four-year schools and institutions over the past seven years.

Both domestic and foreign applicants must submit their SSAT scores as part of the admissions process, which is the same for both groups of applicants. International students who do not speak English as their first language must also take the TOEFL.

On the school’s website, you may find more information.

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#7. The Phelps School

System: Private, All-Boys

Yearly Tuition: $34,000

For boys in grades 6 through 12, The Phelps School is a private boarding and day school with an optional senior year. 

The school is located on a stunning 70-acre forested campus in ancient Chester County, Pennsylvania, 25 miles west of the centre of Philadelphia. 

The Phelps School, with a student body of about 100 and a typical class size of seven, provides the ideal atmosphere for boys who flourish in a small, caring, and structured environment.

Every student’s learning experience is unique, with options ranging from college-level Advanced Placement courses for academically brilliant children to a complete Academic Support Program for individuals with learning disabilities. Students will also discover a strong support system made up of genuinely caring instructors and peers, an extensive extracurricular program, and a strong athletics department in addition to the school’s demanding academic program.

Applications for new intakes are mostly done online with testing prerequisites such as TOEFL or iTEP, along with tuition deposits ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

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#8. Valley Forge Military Academy

System: Private, All-Boys

Yearly Tuition: $22,975, Boarding (Tuition + Boarding): $37,975 

Valley Forge has a financial aid commitment record of 90%, with an average financial sponsorship of $22,000, especially for international students.

A prestigious private boarding school for boys only with 262 kids in grades 7 through 12. There are 13 students for every instructor. 

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $37,975. 95% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

The testing prerequisites for new applications are TOEFL, ISEE and SSAT.

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#9. Girard College

System: Private

Girard College is a 5-day boarding school, with its walled 43-acre campus near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for intellectually gifted kids in grades 1 through 12 from homes with only one parent or guardian. It is ranked as Pennsylvania’s 24th-best boarding school.

Academically motivated students from underserved communities can attend the full-scholarship boarding college, which promotes intellectual curiosity, social development, and emotional growth.

Through focused academic and residential programs, every student is given the chance and resources to achieve success and get ready for higher education. A varied and welcoming community, in the opinion of Girard College, provides a learning environment that better equips students for life after graduation.

Email at [email protected] is the easiest way to get in touch with Girard College for further information.

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#10. The Crefeld School.

System: Private

Yearly Tuition: $35,606- $40,830

The Crefeld School was founded in 1970 and is situated on four acres in Philadelphia’s Chestnut Hill neighbourhood, bordering the Wissahickon area of Fairmount Park. The main school building, a playground, a gym, a theatre for theatre and dance, and art galleries with tools for studio art, drawing and painting and glassblowing are all on the site.

Graduates at The Crefeld School are self-aware, compassionate, lifelong learners who have an understanding of various points of view, their place within society, and their capacity to effect change.

The Crefeld School imagines a world in which every student recognizes their intrinsic value as people and their capacity and duty to have a significant positive social influence. 

The Crefeld School is dedicated to creating an environment that values and celebrates inclusion, equity, and diversity. These ideals are essential for advancing knowledge, igniting creativity, and building enduring, compassionate societies. Educators are dedicated to promoting social justice and feel it is their duty to do everything possible to combat prejudice and promote equity, inclusion, and acceptance of all people, regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, nationality, or ability.

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#11. Philadelphia Free School (PFS)

System: Public

Also known as “Philly Free School”, the cost of schooling here is just as the name implies- Free!

Students from diverse racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together at the Philadelphia Free School to create new knowledge and nuanced understandings. PFS students actively participate in their community’s political, economic, and educational responsibilities both within and outside of the classroom.

A democratic institution, its pupils, teachers, parents, and neighbours run The Philadelphia Free School. Each member of the school system has one vote when making decisions.

PFS students gain knowledge by exercising freedom and accountability. Students learn how to be accountable to themselves and their community by taking an active role in their education.

On the school’s website, the PFS application procedure is explained in detail.

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#12. Al Aqsa Islamic Academy

System: Private, Religious

Yearly Tuition: $4,000

Established in 1996, Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy is a private Islamic day and residential school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From kindergarten to the 12th grade, it is coeducational. It shares a building with the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society and is situated at 1501 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19122. 

Arabic language, Quran, and Islamic studies are all part of the curriculum.

Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy works to provide a setting that promotes spiritual and intellectual development by being rooted in Islamic tradition and adhering to the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). The academy is dedicated to four principles: leadership, excellence, respect, and religion, with the goal of developing well-rounded students.

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#13. Hun School of Princeton

System: Private

Yearly Tuition: $47,500- $69,000

Students from Philadelphia and all across the United States and the world attend The Hun School. The Hun School is the perfect location for kids from Philadelphia because it’s only a short drive from home.

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A boarding school like Hun has a significant sense of belonging in addition to proximity. When students arrive on campus, they will be assigned to a squad (yes, it’s really nicknamed that!) with whom they’ll partake in karaoke battles, Top Chef-style culinary contests, holiday gatherings, and study hall.

At Hun, studying doesn’t just entail sitting in a lecture hall, raising your hand, and completing tests. Professors use a 21st-century approach to education and promote students’ use of and learning from real-world experiences, such as visiting a new nation as part of their Next Term mini-course. A skills-based education enables Hun students to put their learning talents to use in a more active and engaging way.

This boarding school outside of Philadelphia has a welcoming, happy culture where students can form lifelong friendships.

Interested in learning more about living and studying at The Hun School of Princeton? Explore the website!

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#14. Northwood Academy Charter School

System: Public

Northwood is a complete learning environment that nurtures and educates the entire kid. With a staff of 75 committed professionals, this school is a high-performing K–8 public charter school in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighbourhood, educating 800 kids.

A strong academic program supplemented by a wealth of extracurricular programs and celebratory activities is the foundation of the Northwood community.

Local, state and federal requirements serve as the foundation of the school’s core educational program. Using authorizing metrics and student results as the foundation, data-driven decisions are made.

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#15. Academy of the New Church- All-Girls

System: Private

Yearly Tuition: $17,750, Boarding (Tuition + Boarding): $26,850

A prestigious private boarding school for girls only, the Academy of the New Church is situated in Pennsylvania. 

The student-teacher ratio is 5 to 1 and there are 104 pupils in grades 9 through 12. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $26,850, and 92% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

They provide a monthly entrance exam at the Academy of the New Church – Girls School. The assessment’s administrative charge is $25.

The Student and School Services (SSS) financial aid application procedure is used to establish eligibility for ANC’s need-based financial assistance programs. New families must submit the relevant financial documentation and the financial aid application by the time limit for each academic year in order to be taken into consideration in the initial round of financial aid determinations.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

Some schools in Philadelphia offer boarding experiences for elementary pupils. They include:

  • McDaniel Delaplaine School
  • Northwood Academy Charter School
  • Girard College
  • Russell Byers Cs

What Are The Public Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

There are only two public boarding school systems in Philadelphia. 

The “Philadelphia School District” handles the major public school system, while “Charter Schools” runs the second public school system.

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

Some of these Philadelphia boarding schools are for female students.

If you’re seeking a boarding school for girls alone for your girl child, consider any of these:

  • JW Hallahan Catholic Girls’ High School
  • Academy of the New Church – Girls School

Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

Some of the boarding schools in Philadelphia, primarily for boys, are:

  • The Phelps School
  • Church Farm School
  • Valley Forge Military Academy
  • Academy of the New Church Boys School

What Are The Military Boarding Schools In Philadelphia?

Attending a military boarding school is a significant decision that is frequently misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, military high schools are not reform institutions. Students who attend military boarding schools receive a rigorous, college-preparatory education that emphasizes character and leadership development.

A military boarding school in Philadelphia is the “Valley Forge Military Academy”.

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What Are The Christian Boarding School In Philadelphia?

They heavily emphasize the spiritual approach in Christian boarding schools. For teenagers who were raised in Christian homes, this is ideal. 

A Christian boarding school will restore your kid or daughter’s faith if they fall into this category and you’ve watched them drift away from Christ over the years, despite your best efforts.

Here are some of the Christian boarding schools in Philadelphia:

  • George School
  • Westtown School
  • Academy of the New Church Schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to attend military school?

A military school is an excellent choice if your child plans to join the military as a career. Service to one’s country is a noble ideal. Military schools emphasize the importance of community work and other initiatives that instil compassion and care for others in their students.

When must I register to start classes in Philadelphia?

If a student is relocating to Philadelphia or switching from a private school, they must register in order to attend a district school there. The last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September are typically when new students should enrol at their allocated neighbourhood school.

Are there free schools in Philadelphia?

Yes, there are.
Such schools include Philly Free School and other Charter Schools.

Is there any free time for my child at boarding school, or is every bit of her day regulated and organized?

In addition to offering students top-notch academic opportunities, boarding institutions also give them access to connections and life-altering experiences that last far beyond their time there.
However, students do have enough free time to develop personally and become better equipped to flourish after boarding school.


Are there any colleges that have caught your attention?

Here are a few additional tasks to complete: Look at colleges online to see what they have to offer. Spend some time investigating the academics, which the majority of parents believe to be the most significant aspect of high school. Learn about the extracurricular and sports opportunities offered by boarding schools. 

Then, and this is extremely crucial, tour any schools that seem to fit your needs and criteria. Yes, you must physically visit the schools to see whether the school environment is a suitable fit for your children.


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