10 Best Trade Schools in Baltimore | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Baltimore.

HVAC technicians, welding, truck driving, and mechanics are all skilled trades. Medical assistants, dental assistants, and healthcare administration are all included in medical vocational programs. 

For various professions, like business management, medical billing, and criminal justice, online programs are offered. 

All of the approved trade schools below provide financial aid to eligible adults and recent graduates. There are usually some evening, weekend, and online course alternatives at schools.

One of the best places to live in Maryland is considered to be Baltimore.

The city has some of the greatest technical schools in the area as well as top-notch universities.

These institutions give students a rare opportunity to start a new, lucrative job right away.

Are There Trade Schools in Baltimore?

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that Baltimore currently has about ten trade schools.

Here are some Trade schools in Baltimore:

  • Baltimore Studio of Hair Design 
  • Charm City Bartending Academy 
  • Holistic Massage Training Institute 
  • Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute

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How Much Does Trade School Cost in Baltimore?

Your eligibility for financial help and your lodging choices will affect the tuition costs. The program costs about $12,000 USD in total, excluding textbooks and other materials.

What are the best trade schools in Baltimore | 2024?

1. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute

For those looking to begin a new profession in medicine, Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is a top-notch educational option. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

At the conclusion of your studies, you will have a high possibility of getting a job because the programs available are designed to meet the demands of medical institutions.

The institution is acknowledged by major employers as a great location to hone your abilities and obtain the best information required to care for any patient. 

The tools utilized throughout your training are an exact replica of the difficulties and circumstances you would face on the job. The instructors and educators are also very helpful and pleasant, and they will help you with anything you need.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply, and the enrollment procedure is quite easy. A high school diploma or its equivalent, your ID or driver’s license, and a medical and vaccination history are required documentation.

Depending on the school you choose, the tuition costs vary widely, and there are numerous scholarships available. To give you an idea of what to expect in terms of tuition, the CNA program costs 1275 USD.

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2. Holistic Massage Training Institute 

The Holistic Massage Training Institute gives students the opportunity to swiftly acquire the skills and information required to launch a new career or even a freelance massage business. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

The curriculum at this school is first-rate and provides all the anatomy and physiology knowledge you’ll need to be able to assist any patient or customer when you complete your studies.

Just 20 students are enrolled in each class to ensure that everyone has the teachers’ undivided attention. 

The instructors and trainers are top-notch experts in this sector, and they will give you all the tips and tricks you need to quickly begin a new career.

The sole requirements for enrolment are your ID or driver’s license and a high school diploma or an equivalent. Additionally, this university is more than happy to accept transfer students.

Your eligibility for financial help and your lodging choices will affect the tuition costs. The program costs about $12,000 USD in total, excluding textbooks and other materials.

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3. Charm City Bartending Academy 

The Charm City Bartending Academy was established in 2019, making it a fairly new and active educational organization. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

Despite having a very brief history, this school provides all the instructors and resources you’ll need to become a professional bartender and begin a brand-new, exciting career.

You can easily pass the state certification exam thanks to the curriculum’s emphasis on theory and practical instruction. 

One may discover all the information you need to start a new job in the program, which also covers customer communication, cleanliness and safety procedures, and cocktail recipes. 

Students will receive assistance in finding the appropriate job for their skill set once their studies are complete.

The academy welcomes applicants who are at least 18 years old, making enrollment highly accommodating for students.

To guarantee that everyone has access to the course, the tuition costs may be paid in several installments. The tuition is quite reasonable, at 385 USD, and includes all supplies and textbooks.

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4. Baltimore Studio of Hair Design 

Baltimore Studio of Hair Design is a fantastic place to start your career in the exciting and glamorous beauty business because of its more than 35 years of experience in educating future generations of beauty specialists. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

Regardless of prior work experience, this institution offers very contemporary and thorough curricula that will swiftly prepare anyone.

One of the key benefits of studying here is that the studio offers a salon where you can observe your instructors and trainers. 

Additionally, you will have the chance to put your abilities to the test on actual clients, developing the communication skills necessary to understand your client’s needs—a superb characteristic for any beauty expert.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply, and the enrollment process is fairly straightforward. You will also need to provide your ID or driver’s license, and you might be asked to provide a medical history.

Depending on the curriculum you choose and whether you are eligible for financial aid, the tuition costs vary greatly. Please get in touch with the admissions office to find out more about the tuition costs.

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5. Earlbeck Gases & Technologies

Earlbeck Gases & Technologies, which is celebrating 100 years of experience in offering the greatest welding and gas services and training, is a great place to begin a new career in this sector and also discover the ideal place to work after graduation. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

The university has a reputation for offering the greatest services in these sectors as well as first-rate training.

You will have the incredible opportunity to learn from the top specialists in this profession because the trainers and educators are all subject matter experts. 

Additionally, you will be closely directed in terms of safety and skill training by the best in this sector, and the equipment and simulation areas are among the best in the welding industry.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply, and the enrollment process is really simple. 

The admissions office must receive the necessary documentation, such as an ID or driver’s license, and a high school diploma or an equivalent.

The tuition for the welding program is approximately 3865 USD, which is among the lowest in the state. To help you with payment, there are also a lot of financial plans and scholarships available.

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6. North American Trade Schools

Some of the greatest technical and trade learning facilities in the region are found at North American Trade Schools. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

There are numerous cities where you can find a branch of these schools, which are spread out throughout the northern region. 

The variety of programs was carefully crafted to assist all students in getting the best start possible in a fantastic technical career.

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Given that you will receive a lot of on-the-job training and that you will continuously be under the supervision of your instructors, the Baltimore branch is a fantastic educational choice. 

You will receive assistance at the conclusion of your study with exam preparation and job placement.

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll in this institution, but the process is not at all difficult. Your ID or driver’s license as well as high school graduation or an equivalent are additional requirements. 

You could also be required to provide a medical record for some programs.

Depending on the degree you choose and whether you are eligible for financial aid, the tuition costs vary. A program at this school costs, on average, $15,000 USD.

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7. JARC Baltimore

Jane Addams Resources Corp. With the assistance of some of the top trainers and educators, Baltimore is a special destination to begin your technical education and launch a new profession. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

This school exists to give anyone the opportunity to embark on a new profession in the most in-demand technical and trade sectors in the area.

The courses are offered in a first-rate training center where you may hone your abilities and learn everything you need to know to launch a new career. 

In order to ensure that you land the profession you deserve, the institution will also provide you with guidance and support during the job placement phase.

You only need to present your ID or driver’s license and a high school diploma or an equivalent to enroll, which is a fairly simple process. 

At the admissions office, all required documentation must be turned in.

The cost of the tuition varies substantially depending on the curriculum you choose. Fortunately, the majority of the programs are entirely free for you because of scholarships.

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8. Baltimore City Community College

It’s a great place to start your studies and get ready for a new profession because Baltimore City Community College is so warm and welcoming. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

In order to assist you to acquire the career of your choice in a time frame acceptable for your future plans, the college provides both college and trade school programs. Your stay will be amazing thanks to the college’s fantastic student amenities and accommodations.

In addition to the fantastic student activities, the college provides a ton of advice and counseling to help you select the best curriculum for your abilities and professional goals. Additionally, the educators and tutors will help you with job placement and the final certification examinations.

Your application form will be the first step in the enrollment process. You will need to submit your high school graduation, ID card, driver’s license, medical records, and background check for some of the programs throughout this procedure.

The cost of a credit hour, which is 110 USD for in-state students and 280 USD for out-of-state students, is used to determine the tuition costs. In addition, the students must pay for their textbooks and other supplies.

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9. All-State Career School

All-State Career School is among the largest and most diverse places to study in the whole country. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

The school has multiple branches all over the country and the one located in the beautiful city of Baltimore is among the most respected. 

The campus area is excellent and students have lots of interesting activities and amenities they can access.

All the programs are designed to help you get the career of your dreams in the shortest time possible. Additionally, the students will have the amazing chance to shadow all their teachers and learn from the very best in each of the provided fields. After your graduation, you will also receive exam and job placement guidance.

The enrolling process is relatively straightforward, however, it varies depending on the curriculum you choose. You must present your ID or driver’s license, evidence of state residency, and a high school diploma or equivalent for all programs.

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The number of credits a course has determined how much tuition will be. Please get in touch with the admission office to find out more about the precise expenses for each program.

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10. Lincoln College of Technology

Because of its outstanding curriculum and access to some of the most cutting-edge practice and learning facilities, Lincoln College of Technology is regarded as the best place in America to begin a technical career. This is one of the best trade schools in Baltimore.

The college has locations across the nation, but the one close to Baltimore has some of the greatest lodging and recreational opportunities.

All of the instructors and trainers are authorities in their professions, and they are delighted to impart their knowledge and abilities to you. 

To meet the demands of both the student body and the labor market, the curriculum is continuously updated.

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll, and the process is extremely straightforward. You must send your identification papers, the application, and in some cases, a medical record, depending on the program.

Depending on your scholarships and whether you are eligible for financial aid, the tuition costs vary greatly. A trading program at this college costs about 11,000 USD overall.

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What are the highest-paid trade jobs in Baltimore?

The ten trade jobs with the greatest income are listed in this guide in order of payment. Our technique takes into account the most popular trade vocations’ projected job growth and median yearly incomes from the BLS.

1. Construction Managers

2. Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers

3. Radiation Therapists

4. Nuclear Medicine Technologists

5. Dental Hygienists

6. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians

7. Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians

8. Boilermakers

9. Construction and Building Inspectors

10. Electricians

How much do traders earn in Baltimore?

The average yearly salary for a stock trader in Baltimore is $49,069 as of Sep 24, 2022. In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $23.59 per hour. This amounts to $943 every week or $4,089 per month.

While wages on ZipRecruiter can range from $17,128 to $116,870, the bulk of stock trader salaries now falls between $28,713 (25th percentile) and $49,367 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) in Baltimore making $85,637 yearly.

There may be numerous prospects for growth and greater income based on skill level, location, and years of experience given the wide range of salaries for a stock trader (up to $20,654).


These institutions provide amazing chances and everything a student could possibly desire.

Select the best program for your goals and start your new career strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trade program?

The term “Trade Programs” refers to all ongoing, current policies, procedures, or agreements relating to trade discounts, trade promotions, marketing, advertising, promotional sales, or coupons that are utilized in, related to, or have an impact on the Assets or the Business. Section 4.17 provides a definition of trade programs (b).

What state has the most trade school?

The three States with the greatest concentration of enterprises related to Trade & Technical Schools in the US are California (1,056 businesses), Florida (744 businesses), and Texas (730 businesses).

Are trade jobs worth it?

Reimbursement: Trades Jobs Have Good Pay. Even those who are worried about the high cost of education still believe that it is always worthwhile because it will boost their potential for lifetime earnings.

Is a trade better than a degree?

Although the average incomes for degree-based occupations are often greater than those for trade-based occupations, some graduates from trade schools make far more money than one might anticipate. Tradespeople can increase their pay after receiving specialized training, particularly while working in specialized fields.

How long do most trade schools take?

How long does trade school last? By topic of study, program lengths vary. But the majority of three- to one-year diploma programs at trade schools. Typically, associate degree programs last 18 to 24 months to complete.


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