Best Fashion Schools in Miami | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

Miami has fashion design and merchandising schools and programs available at 2-year technical schools and 4-year universities. You can earn a 600-hour Certificate in Fashion Design Services or separate certificates for each 150-hour course.

You can also work towards a 4-year bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and retail marketing with specializations in advertising, human resource management, international business or operations management.

The bachelor’s program at Miami fashion schools includes an internship during which you can work in New York. Continue reading to explore these suggested options.

Are There Fashion Schools In Miami?

The sunny coastal state of Florida has many educational opportunities for future fashion designers. If you live in Miami, Florida, you can visit seven fashion schools, including universities, institutes, and technical schools.

With an average acceptance rate of 69%, you don’t have to worry about the admission requirements being too strict.

Most schools in the state offer a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. These degrees combine classroom learning with hands-on sewing and design practice.

Some of the classes you may need to take include introductory textile science, visual design, and trend analysis and forecasting.

Some fashion schools in Miami require internships, so you may need five years of full-time study to complete a fashion design program. Most programs require between 120 and 130 credits.

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How Much Do Fashion Schools Cost In Miami?

Whether you want to study fashion design, merchandising, or marketing, there are schools in Miami, Florida that can help. These fashion schools in Miami, Florida offer these degrees, and six of them offer graduate degrees. Tuition ranges from $2,483 to $26,112, with an average tuition of $15,325.

Florida has a lot of cool scholarships and grants, as evidenced by their average scholarship of $3,606. Northwood University has a variety of scholarships; the average stipend here is $11,073.

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They offer merit scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $11,000 to incoming freshmen, in addition to merit scholarships for transfer students.

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What Are The Requirements For Fashion Schools In Miami?

Many courses in the fashion design degree program are based on real-world experience.

Compulsory courses include

  • Materials and Methods
  • Experimental Patterning
  • Design Studio
  • Advanced Fashion Illustration

You create a portfolio as part of these courses, which develops over the duration of your degree. Create the best portfolio you can, as this is how instructors and future employers will assess your skills.

In Florida, you can take courses in business and marketing in addition to coursework in fashion design. Some colleges require courses such as Fashion Import and Export, Merchandise Planning and Control, and Fashion Forecasting.

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What Are The Best Fashion Schools In Miami?

Miami International University of Art and Design

Now this is different from the other fashion schools above because it is a degree awarding university. One of the advantages is that you get financial packages such as scholarships and grants, unlike fashion schools which do not provide any of these.

Miami International University of Art and Design is a university that offers a wide range of art and design programs, including fashion.

Fashion majors are fashion design and fashion merchandising, which is further, divided into associate degree and bachelor degree programs. The tuition fee is $17,604.


Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center

This professional-certified apparel design services program at the Lindsay Hopkins Center for Technical Education consists of four 150-hour courses: retail salesperson; tailor, seamstress and seamstress to order; fabric and clothing pattern maker; and fashion coordinator and stylist.

You can earn a certificate after completing each of these courses, as well as a full program certificate after completing all four. In order to receive your final certificate, you must also pass a basic skills exam.


Johnson and Wales University

This bachelor’s degree program at Johnson & Wales University (JWU) includes coursework in marketing, management, retailing, merchandising, and business fundamentals.

The program includes a retail internship and the opportunity to spend time in New York to learn how the fashion industry works.

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Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College offers an Associate of Science in Fashion Design and an Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising. Both programs are offered online or on campus and consist of 60 credits.

Students enrolled in these programs will focus their research in areas such as fashion merchandising strategies, fashion research, textile science, pattern making, automated design, creative design, apparel construction, contemporary retailing and portfolio collection development.


Fashion Institute of South Florida

The Fashion Institute of South Florida is a professional fashion school that teaches its students hands-on experience and equips them with industry-ready skills.

This quality makes it one of the best fashion institutes in Florida. The school is located in North Miami, Florida, and one of the things I quickly noticed about the school was how easy it was to get in touch with them.


THOS Fashion School of Design

If you want to learn fashion and design quickly and start working, THOS Fashion School of Design is the place for you, it is an independent fashion school that specializes in studying fashion design and branding.

THOS prides itself as a fashion hub that trains budding fashionistas to quickly become fashion entrepreneurs, shattering the popular belief that a long-term program is the way to succeed in the fashion industry.

The school has been training fashion designers for over 25 years and uses a strong curriculum with a no-nonsense approach to the business of fashion.


How Much Do Fashionistas In Miami Earn?

Fashion designers earn above average salaries, with the highest paid designers earning over $145,000 per year. Salaries vary by industry and location.

How Do I Become A Fashionista In Miami?

Earning a degree in fashion design can help designers launch their careers. But a diploma alone does not guarantee success.

Fashion designers also need a strong portfolio, work experience and professional network to break into the fashion industry. Career success also depends on skill. Designers need to know their brand identity, aesthetic and industry niche.

Successful fashion designers make their own way. Many begin building skills long before enrolling in a fashion program. Learning to sew, keeping up with fashion trends, and practicing design software all help aspiring designers gain admission to competitive fashion programs.

After receiving a degree, designers often work as stylists, fashion buyers and assistants to famous designers. These roles help designers expand their skills and network.

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What Are The Best Paying Fashion Jobs in Miami?

Fashion designers work for major fashion brands on the wholesale and production sides. In these roles, they create apparel and accessories that brands distribute to retailers.

 Almost a quarter of fashion designers work as freelancers, where they contract with clients to create products. Some of these designers launch their own clothing lines or create high-end custom clothing.

A career in fashion requires a strong design portfolio. Many fashion designers start building their portfolio even before enrolling in fashion programs. Students develop their portfolios to showcase their designs and skills.

For example, designers may want to showcase the range in their portfolio by including ready-to-wear looks and haute couture custom looks, or they may want to emphasize their technical skills.

Designers update their portfolios throughout their fashion career. Internships, entry-level positions, and stylist positions help designers build their portfolio.

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Fashion Schools In Miami FAQs

How Long Is Fashion Schools In Miami?

A bachelor’s degree in fashion can be earned either on campus or online and typically takes four years to complete. Additionally, your program may include internships or capstone courses. Additional elements that affect duration include prior education, professional experience, and full-time or part-time employment.

What Do Fashion Designers Do In Miami?

Fashion designers create and design clothes and accessories. They may specialize in haute couture, ready-to-wear, mass-market clothing, sportswear, evening wear, accessories or footwear.

What Does It Take To Be A Fashion Designer In Miami?

A career in fashion design also requires business training. Successful designers combine creativity with strong marketing, sales and management skills. Most fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree.


Bachelor’s degrees and certificate programs are available in Miami for those who wish to attend fashion design and merchandising courses at one of two schools that offer training in the field.

Many fashion schools in Florida rank high among the best schools in the country. To earn a spot on any “Best Schools” list, these esteemed institutions have been ranked by major organizations such as Forbes, Princeton Review, and the U.S. News & World Report.

These organizations evaluate factors such as the number of programs offered, graduation and retention rates, peer review, faculty resources (student-faculty ratio), financial resources, and student selectivity when determining which schools make the list.

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