Does Puma Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Puma Student Discount

With a special PUMA student discount, you can look great without blowing all of your savings on fashion. Take advantage of our Puma student discount offer to look amazing while you’re a student and update your wardrobe. Getting the fashions you love at a lower price is simple with the Unidays student discount. Shop now to save money.

PUMA is one of the top sports brands in the world, creating, creating, selling, and marketing footwear, clothing, and accessories. For the quickest athletes on the planet for more than 65 years, PUMA has built a reputation for producing fast product designs. In disciplines like football, running, training and fitness, golf, and motorsports, they provide performance and sport-related products.

Students can receive 10% off at PUMA. To take advantage of this deal, you must first register with UNiDAYS. By supplying an actual university email, you can confirm your status as a student there. Once authenticated, you’ll have access to a special PUMA student discount code good for 10% off.

What to Know about Puma Student Discount?

Students are the only ones who can take advantage of Puma student discounts. If they successfully complete the student status verification process, students are eligible for a special 10% to 50% discount at Puma. 

Fitness apparel for both men and women is produced by the well-known brand Puma. The company wants to build a huge community of active, confident, and healthy women and men through its high-end athletic gear. 

Even if the price is higher than what you can afford, you can still purchase it at the desired price. This Athleta student discount is available just to students. Students can get exclusive savings from 


As you can see, one can spend less money to get the things one wants. As a result, take into account the Puma student discount. Because they are a terrific offer, you might decide to learn more about the unique presents for students.

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Who is Eligible for Puma Student Discount?

Typically, you must be under a particular age and “earn good marks” to be eligible for the Puma student discount (a 3.0 GPA or higher in most cases). Since these reductions aren’t accessible everywhere, it’s advisable to speak with a local insurance agent to see which ones apply to you. 

Most brands, including Puma, expect you to be of legal age. Students who are in colleges, universities, or even working as apprentices are qualified for the Puma Student Discount as long as they are able to prove this with the appropriate certificates. 

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Does Puma Have a Student Discount in 2024?

So great news there is a fantastic 15% Puma student discount off all full-priced items. It’s easy to get your student discount at Puma with a free UNiDAYS account. 

Students can save 10% at on their purchases. Only U.S. shipments are eligible for the student discount. To receive the Puma student discount, you must first sign up and confirm your status as a student. 

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How Do I Get a Puma Student Discount Card in 2024?

With a free UNiDAYS account, receiving your student discount at Puma is simple. Simply carry out the easy instructions listed below. 

  • Visit UNiDAYS and log in using your account. 
  • Create a special student discount code. 
  • At the Puma website’s checkout, copy and paste it. 
  • Appreciate your discounts! 
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for rising student discount offerings;

Whether you’re a part-time, full-time, or even a distance learning student, you can get a UNiDAYS account if you have a valid university email address. The discount is also available to older students.

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Do Puma Members Get Discounts Online in 2024?

Definitely! Online deals are discounted for Puma members. You need to buy something from the store in order to obtain it. When ordering online from home and using your employee discount, you must speak with customer service (aka helpdesk). They will create a personal account for you using the information from your employer, which you can use to shop online or use coupons.

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We’re happy to report that Puma is presently offering an online 15% student discount. Simply put your purchases in the online shopping cart, verify your student status on, and you’ll receive an Unidays Puma code.

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Is a Puma Student Membership Worth it?

The Puma Student Membership is expensive but well worth it. Students of all grade levels can presently apply a discount of up to 20% off their selected Puma fitness wears after successfully completing the student login process. This is absolutely free for students because it is not available to non-students.

Puma Student Discount, Promo Codes, and Coupon Codes

There is an official Puma student Unidays discount code, as we’ve already demonstrated. However, Puma occasionally offers students even greater savings by way of promotional coupons that are made available to everyone all year long. Please take a look at our fantastic savings area as we frequently update it. 

The amazing thing about the Puma discount coupons is that you may demonstrate your student identity without an NUS card. Everyone can access them. Even you here who are not students, yes! 

You simply use the website to shop, then use the discount code at the online checkout to get your exclusive discount. Here at Squirrel Towers, we like things to be simple and straightforward.

Previous promo codes and voucher codes have included:

  • Extra 20% off sale items
  • Puma free delivery code
  • 30% off everything
  • Free shipping
  • One-off Puma offers – meaning cheap Puma trainers!

Online sales from Puma nearly never end and typically include steep discounts on the whole product line. Last season’s inventory is typically available for up to 50% less. While there are frequently excellent prices on any bank holiday weekend, keep an eye out for the largest reductions and best offers around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, and the January sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Any Items Excluded From Puma Student Discount?

Unless they are a part of another campaign, the majority of things ought to be included. It’s possible that specific brands or partnerships may be excluded, but you’ll be able to see at the checkout if this is the case.

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Can all students use the Puma Student Discount?

You only need a UNiDAYS account, that’s all. Whether you’re a part-time student, a full-time student, or even a distance learner, you can get a free UNiDAYS account if you have a valid university email address. The discount is also available to older students.

Does Puma do Sales?

On, there is a permanent sale page offering discounts of up to 50%. Then there are sales and promotions all year long, like Black Friday.

Can I Use Puma Student Discount Code with the Other Discount Code?

Unfortunately, you cannot combine your student discount with another offer when you order online at Puma since you can only use one code at a time. However, compared to other discount codes, your student discount will probably result in greater savings for you.

How do I Use Puma Student Discount, Promotion, and Coupon Code?

Enter your promotion or coupon code in the corresponding section during checkout to utilize it. Make sure to type the code exactly as it appears, including all capital letters. For the discount to be used, you must click “apply.” The shopping bag and order summary pages will both show the discounted amount. The discount will not be applied if the code is invalid, or expired, or if the proper items are not in your shopping bag.

Does Puma offer student discounts?

You must first sign up with UNiDAYS before entering your UNiDAYS email and password on our Student Discount page to find out if you’re eligible. Your specific code will be generated once you have been validated. Simply enter this code at checkout in the space provided for coupons.


Puma is the place to go for timeless, fashionable sneakers, incredible urban sportswear, and much more. 

As we’ve seen, there is a Puma student discount, but it is only available to students who are studying in the United States. To help students save money, browse the sales page and look at our savings section at the top of the website for the most recent discounts, alerts about sales, and coupon codes.

The current Puma range spans thousands of products for men, women, and children. You can shop online in their internet store, or in any good sports shop. 


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