Does Canva Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Canva Student Discount

Are you looking for how to get Canva Student Discount? if yes, you are at the right place so continue reading to know more about the discount.

A student discount is an offer on a good or service only available to UK students enrolled in a school, college, or university.

Canva Student discounts often consist of a percentage off the total cost, but they may also include promotions like free trials or buy one, get one free deal. One of the most popular platforms for a student discount is Canva; of their selection, affordable cost through the Canva student discount.

Canva is an online design tool that allows users to create professional-looking posters, slideshows, images, event flyers, resumes, cards, certificates, infographics, and other media. 

The tool allows students to design visuals to showcase their knowledge uniquely. This article describes the benefits of the Canva student discount in 2024.

What to know about Canva Student discount does not offer most of the offers, and extremely high-quality things are not significantly cheaper there than elsewhere, so everyone loses a lot of money.

 Canva has created a student discount scheme, providing university students with up to 20% OFF, in response to this concern. 

Additionally, exceptional students occasionally qualify for additional reductions.

 If students still think this is insufficient, they can visit the Canva Student discount page and enter more Promo Codes. 

However, if you believe that the only use for your student ID card is to swipe it at the school’s cafeteria and library, you might miss a lot.

Students should take advantage of this opportunity when shopping since their personnel might not actively request your student card out of bigotry or out of fear of inconvenience, so be sure to present it.

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Who is qualified for Canva student discount? 

All students who meet the GitHub student developer bundle requirements are eligible for the canva student discount.

Therefore, you can register for the Canva student discount if you meet the requirements and have a GitHub student developer bundle.

To sign up if you don’t already have the pack, click here.

Does Canva have a student discount in 2024? 

Yes, they do. Student discounts are available on Canva. Students may access all of the features of the regular Canva Pro plan at a discounted price of $9.95/Month (or $99.95/year) with the Canva Pro Student Plan.

Students must enter a email address and confirm their status as students to sign up for the Canva student discount. 

They will be able to benefit from the reduced cost once their identity has been validated.

Therefore, be sure to enrol if you’re a student seeking a way to reduce design expenses.

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How do I get a Canva student discount card in 2024? 

Learn Canva Design For Free | Canva Educational Deal 

The Canva student discount package is not just available to children of all ages; teachers and school administrators can also use it.

According to the agreement, juniors, pedagogical trainers, and specialists would have free access to design talents. Details have been highlighted here.

Eligibility Requirements

The Canva student discount offer is also available to:

  • Students, educators, and school officials
  • There is no set age restriction for students.
  • However, a novice fledgling needs parental constancy. 

How To Redeem The Canva Student Discount in 2024? 

Canva student discount is partnered with the educational deal. Through this podium, both lecturers and pupils initially confirm their qualifications. The detailed instructions are being explained.

Step 1

Register at the Canva Student discount with valid ID evidence for the student developer pack.

Step 2

For $119 a year, get the Canva Pro plan.

Step 3

Finish the transaction using any flexible payment method to redeem the Canva student discount.

Step 4

Get 30 days of usage for nothing.

Premium Advantages:

  • Gain access to the collection of more than 25,000 free templates.
  • More than 100 designs, primarily for active domains
  • Templates for social media posts and presentation forms
  • Format for letters with the background content
  • many flyer formats, resume styles, etc.
  • many unrestricted free images and graphics
  • Acceptance of many teams simultaneously is possible.
  • 5GB of free cloud storage
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Discount Information:

  • If a Canva member meets the requirements, they can also access the GitHub repository.
  • Benefits are only redeemable once per user.
  • Participation would be prohibited without a valid ID.
  • The education agreement prevents the use of two Canva coupons together.

Canva promo code & coupon code 

These are the Canva discount codes and promotional codes.

Canva Pro Plan| Starts $9.99 Month 

Associate together with Canva to give your creative projects the most affordable boost. Join the Canva Pro plan, which is available starting at $9.99 per Month. The information below has been made public.

  • The Pro plan costs $9.99 per Month or $119 per year.
  • Five people can utilize it at once.
  • A 30-day free trial is automatically included with every purchase.
  • No special Canva promo code is required when implementing the offer.
  • Accepted payment methods include:

PayPal, credit cards, online banking, and wallet

  • Orders are all shipped for free. 

Perks Associated With The Canva Pro Plan 

  • Easy access to more than 100 million stock images, videos, and graphics
  • 610,000+ free, high-end templates with fresh designs
  • More than 100 brand image styles, retail icons, and logos
  • Backgrounds that are easily editable and erasable
  • Access free cloud storage of up to 100GB.

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Canva Enterprise Plan | Starts From $30 Per Month 

Business tycoons and entrepreneurs now have a wide array of opportunities to advance their business ideas, most elegantly thanks to Canva enterprise plans. Grab the $30/month plan if you want your business to reach its pinnacle of success.

  • 100+ million pictures and more than 6 lakh premium business templates.
  • Content templates, brand design, icon styles, etc.
  • Additional features: 24-hour support, SSO, and ultimate storage.
  • There is no need for a Canva coupon code to begin the registration.
  • You can make a purchase using the Canva app or website.
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Canva Deals For Business Cards | Buy A Set Of 50 At $10 

Promote the appropriate business growth for your company by getting to know Canva. 

Purchase high-quality business cards from the retailer and use them appropriately to promote your company.

  • You can purchase 50 business cards for $10 through this bargain.
  • Without a promo code, the offer is still valid.
  • A user may redeem it more than once.
  • The checkout section accepts a number of payment methods.
  • Your order will be shipped for free. 


Canva is a useful tool; however, it would be better if all of its functions were functional.

However, you must pay a monthly price to access all of the services.

You’ve discovered the easiest technique to stop paying subscription fees in this post because paying this cost may not always be what you’d want to do at the time.

You can apply for the Canva student discount, but you’ll need a GitHub student developer account first.

You’ll receive a free one-year subscription if they confirm that you have a student developer account. Canva student discount is What you should go for!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I enable the Canva student discount? 

You can get the discount on zouton or Canva’s official website. Remember that the Canva student discount is available through the Canva educational deal, not by producing a unique student discount.

How do I verify my credentials to unlock the Canva student discount? 

Before accessing the deal, you must verify your identity at the GitHub student developer pack.

Who else can access the Canva educational deal except for students? 

The deal is open to teachers, educational trainers, subject matter experts, and educational administrators.

Does Canva do student discounts? 

Yes, Canva provides eligible students with 100% off discounts.

Canva and GitHub Education collaborated to make their Canva design tools available to student developers at no cost.

Canva and GitHub Education collaborated to make their Canva design tools available to student developers at no cost.

As a result, you can now obtain a year of Canva Pro for free through the canva student discount, which is $119.

Is Canva education free forever? 

No, Canva’s educational offerings are not always free.
It only applies when you are a student or a certified teacher in good standing (K-12).

How Much is Canva Student Discount? 

Canva offers a 20% discount on verification services for college students, educators, and other professionals. When customers shop with qualifying status, Canva validates their eligibility for special educational discounts.

How Does Canva Student Discount Work? 

Select the item you desire and put it in your cart after confirming your status as a student and receiving the Canva student discount on the official website. To lower the amount you spend, don’t forget to redeem coupon codes at checkout.


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