Does Dominos Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Dominos Student Discount

If you’re a student who adores Pizza, read this article because it will mostly address how you can get the Dominos student discount.

The ability to order Domino’s pizzas at a discount makes going out with friends or hosting parties more fun.

Discover and savour Domino’s various pizza varieties. Do you like the Classic Cheese and Tomato, Meatilicious, or Pepperoni Passion pizzas? Everything can be immediately delivered to the convenience of your house.

Domino’s Pizza also gives students a 35% discount in 2024 to reduce the cost of satisfying their demand for more delectable Pizza. This merely means that you can receive more for less money at Domino’s Pizza. 

Domino’s is popular with students for many reasons, and this is why they give the Domino student discount other than the fact that it makes some of the tastiest pizzas or gives students a discount. 

Domino’s Pizza stands out due to its extended business hours and prompt delivery. This article states the advantages of Domino student discounts.

What to know about Dominos in 2024

Domino’s Pizza was founded in 1960; Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (doing business as Domino’s) is a transnational American chain of pizzerias.

Despite having a Delaware domicile, Domino’s has its US headquarters at the Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The largest pizza company in the world, Domino’s, with more than 17,000 locations across 90 countries. Of those, 6,355 are located in the United States, 1,249 in the United Kingdom, and more than 1,400 in India, making that country Domino’s largest overseas market. 

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Who qualifies for a Dominos student discount? 

It is available to anyone over 16 who is enrolled full-time in school, including high school, college, and university. You’re also qualified if you’re training for an apprenticeship.

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Does Dominos have a student discount in 2024?  

Yes, Dominos offers discounts to students. The Unidays app is the greatest place to download if you want to obtain a Domino’s student discount.

The Dominos student discount is then 35%. To reduce the price of your Domino’s pizza bill, look them over and give as many as you can a try.

Get a Large Domino’s Pizza Instead of Two Regular  

Ordering two ordinary pizzas rather than one while dining with friends can be tempting. That’s because we think two regular pizzas contain more food than a large one.

The good news is that one large Pizza has a larger surface area than two standard pizzas combined, so the next time, order one large rather than two ordinaries.

Use Dominos Free Topping Changes 

Did you also know that Domino’s provides free topping changes? Yes. Changing one of the toppings on a vegetable pizza might transform it into something else.

Need some pepperoni? Select a less expensive vegetable and substitute salami for the topping. Delicious and around £2 less expensive.

Create Your Own Dominos Margherita 

Do you enjoy the traditional Margherita? It is available from Domino. However, it costs more than a “make your own” with just sauce and cheese.

This is a wonderful strategy if you want to keep an additional pound in your wallet.

Use Dominos on the O2 Priority App 

Did you know that O2 customers can purchase a Domino’s Pizza for £1?

If you don’t mind picking it up, you can also get a single-topping pizza from Domino’s on Mondays for just £1. Present the O2 code to begin your meal.

Domino’s NHS/Armed Forces Discount 

Few individuals know that students in the military or the NHS can purchase Domino for less money than the general public. Oh yes!

Order discounts of up to 50% are available. You need an ID to obtain this at most of the nation’s stores.

50% Off Is Better Value for Money 

You’ve probably heard “Buy one, get one free” before. It has an alluring sound. But the wisest course of action is to choose the 50% discount offer.

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You would have to spend extra if you went with the first option.

Use Dominos Online Discount Code 

Do you place online orders? Be aware that Domino’s offers a variety of coupons that you can use to reduce the cost of your orders.

Use the coupon when you purchase to save £1 on your delectable Pizza.

Collect Your Order 

It is preferable to pick up your order in person rather than having Domino’s deliver it if you live close to one.

The cost of delivery is frequently added to your account.

Always Order Your Dominos Online 

The best option is online. Online shopping offers a variety of discounts and packages because there are so many to pick from.

Save on Plates 

You probably don’t enjoy doing the dishes, and disposable plates are expensive. So why not just use the pizza box instead of them altogether? Slices should be served straight on the cardboard after being torn apart.

When you’re finished, throw everything in the trash and use the money you saved to get another Domino’s Pizza.

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How do I get a Dominos student discount card in [year]

Knowing that the biggest pizza company in the world gives students a discount makes it even more exciting.

At a 35% discount, you may take advantage of a range of Domino’s pizzas quickly delivered to your home. This is an intriguing offer that should not be overlooked.

You must confirm that you are a student to receive it, which entitles you to a discount code.

How can you check the status of your student now? Let’s provide a more thorough explanation, then.

Since you are a student, create a free Domino Student discount account to get your coupon.

It is considerably simpler to receive your student discount at Domino’s Pizza if you have your Domino Student discount account. 

Please follow the simple instructions below.

  • To access the Domino student discount page, go to ( ).
  • Log in to your Domino Student Discount 
  • Create a special student discount code.
  • Copy and paste at the checkout on Domino’s website or app.

After completing these simple procedures to obtain your discount code, keep an eye out for rising Domino student discount offers.

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Dominos promo code & coupon code 

Domino’s Student Discount 35% Off.

Fantastic news: Domino’s offers a 35% student discount at You only need to visit the designated webpage, adhere to the guidelines, and you will receive a Domino student discount code. Enter it at the checkout to receive a discount of 35%. 

Get discount code 

Additionally, there is a discount code that anyone may use to save 35% off orders over £40, even if they are not eligible for the Domino student discount.

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90-Day Free Tastecard Membership & Get 50% Off Pizza 

Do you know about Tastecard? If you order using Tastecard, you can enjoy an amazing 50% off orders over £30. A free three-month trial is also available.

We also discovered several additional Domino’s coupon codes that you can use, and these are the best:

  • student discount of 35%
  • Domino student discount code absent
  • Use Tastecard for 50% off takeout
  • For the most recent codes, visit the promo codes page.
  • For the newest specials, visit the homepage.
  • 50% discount code 

Get offer


The biggest pizza company in the world is Domino. A company with more than 14,000 employees that offers speedy delivery and extended hours.

Domino’s student discount of 35% is enticing and cost-effective for college students.

Domino’s offers a variety of pizza options for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters, making it the tastiest Pizza you’ve ever had.

Verify your student status, order Domino’s Pizza, and make that barbecue, house party, or night out with friends one to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can all students use the student discount at Domino? 

The answer is a resounding yes; every student enrolled in classes full-time, part-time, or via distance learning is eligible for Domino’s student discount. The offer is also open to mature students.

The key prerequisite for creating a free Domino student discount account has a working university email address.

Can I use my Domino’s student discount in-store? 

To use your student discount in-store, launch the Domino student discount app and present your student ID card from either platform at the register.

Are any items excluded from Domino’s student discount? 

Yes, the only items not eligible for the discount are drinks and ice cream. The discount is valid on all other menu items.

Can I use my Domino’s student discount code with any other discount code? 

No, you cannot combine your student discount with another promotion or discount since you can only apply one code at a time when making purchases at Domino’s online.

Is the discount applied to all products? 

Every brand we partner with has specific guidelines for their discounts. This implies that although some promotional codes apply to all products, others only apply to a subset of the brand’s product line. 

To find out where and when the discounts can be utilized, review the Terms & Conditions.


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