Does Costco Have a Student Discount? | How to Get Costco Student Discount

The amazing goods and services offered by Costco and their level of excellence are what give them an edge over their competitors. Costco student discounts have also set them on a classical move because of their readiness to support students due to the limited cash in their hands.

If you have a membership for college students, discounts like those at Costco let you purchase a laptop, MacBook, or another device at a reduced price.

They offset the price of computers and other relevant equipment with the educational discount Costco provides to college students.

Although Costco and the HP Student Discount are comparable, the HP Student Discount is only valid on HP devices.

But if you have a student membership with Costco, you may acquire a MacBook or any other brand laptop at a discount.

Young student life will have some experience with the addition of Costco Student discounts to other discounts like the Bronx Zoo College Student Discount, which allows you to view animals at the zoo at a lower cost.

Additionally, you can view your favorite movies in your free time at a cheaper membership fee thanks to the Netflix student discount.

When you sign up for the Allbirds Student Discount, all of these benefits help you save more money and even money for apparel.

Detailed information about how to benefit from the Costco student membership discount is provided here, straight from the source.

This content also demonstrates how to take advantage of the educational discount offered by Costco in order to purchase a laptop, MacBook, or any other type of computer you can imagine.

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About Costco

Costco is a short way of calling the company name Costco Wholesale Corporation.

The company is mostly recognized for its sales of goods like juice, cookies, coffee, housewares, luggage, apparel, and detergent.

In addition to this, Costco has a sizable technology section that offers computers and software at lower prices than other retailers.

Costco also offers premium national and local products with a satisfaction guarantee of 100 percent.

It was the third-largest retailer in the world as of 2020 and the top retailer globally in 2016 for prime beef, organic groceries, rotisserie chicken, and wine. 

Costco was also listed as the tenth-largest American firm in terms of total revenue in the Fortune 500 rankings for 2021.

This firm, however, offers student discounts, but you must meet the right requirements before you have access to the privilege.

Read through this content to know the necessary tools you need as a student to start enjoying the Costco student discount.

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Who Qualifies for Costco Student Discount?

Before becoming eligible for the Costco Student discount, you must first be a student at an accredited college and provide documentation.

Part-time students may also be qualified for a Squarespace student discount if they have a student ID card.

The prerequisites to be eligible for the Squarespace student discount are shown below.

1. Enroll as a current full-time student in a school that accepts you. The discount is not available to high school students, educators, alumni, or staff members.

2. Sign up for Student Beans and complete the verification there.

3. Make use of the Student Beans discount code before it expires. For the remainder of the year, promotion codes are still valid. 

4. By using Student Beans, you are entitled to one offer code per calendar year.

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Does Costco Have a Student Discount in 2024?

A student discount is a deal that is only offered to people who are currently enrolled in a school, college, or university.

Student discounts may also include special offers like free trials or a buy one, get one free deal in addition to the percentage off the total price that they typically consist of.

Due to the limited financial resources of students, they are continuously seeking methods to save money. Finding a deal on tuition, books, or other expenses might make college more affordable.

Students may be asking if there is a Costco student discount available for purchasing laptops, and wine chicken.

Even though Costco only offers a few discounts and special offers, they do offer students a discount on education.

To entice students to become new members, Costco offers a special deal just for college students.

This deal includes a Costco Shop Card.

Due to their educational position, students are the only ones eligible for this offer because Costco does not provide free or discounted memberships.

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How Do I get a Costco Student Discount Card in 2024?

Students can get full-price discounts on a range of goods and services by using plastic student discount cards that mimic credit cards.

Costco student discount cards are designed to help students pay for both the essentials of student life and certain luxuries, making them more exciting, gratifying, and memorable.

Students can use it to get wonderful and useful discounts on products like laptops, prime beef, organic groceries, rotisserie chicken, and wine by only displaying their student discount card to a store clerk.

By design, only current members at the closest Costco customer service desk can acquire Costco Shop Cards.

Your eligibility for discounts ranging from 10% to 90% under these programs, which are comparable to loyalty programs, will be determined.

In addition to enjoying Costco student discounts in-store, you may use the card online by registering it and collecting coupons and coupon codes.

Start the online Peloton student discount card registration process by clicking “SIGN UP.”

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To verify your status, you must first create an account, enter your address, and then upload, email, or fax copies of your school ID and most recent class schedule.

You will need to provide personal information, like your name, school, grade, and student ID, on the verification page there.

After that, a link will be sent to the email address you gave.

Your student discount card can be activated by clicking the link in your email.

When your card is ready to be picked up, Costco will organize a time for you to do so.

Renew your Costco student discount card whenever necessary because they often have a start and an expiration date.

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Is Costco Student Membership Worth it?

Yes because college students are given preference when it comes to memberships at Costco, which typically cost $60 for a single individual.

It’s unfortunate that not everyone can join Costco.

Before you can pay the membership fee, you must really meet the requirements for Costco membership.

These requirements must be met in order to join Costco:

1. You must be a former worker or current 

2. Employee of a business classified as 

3. banking or finance.

4. local administration.

5. rescue and fire services

To be eligible for the Costco student discount, you must be a student.

You can now sign up for a Costco membership as a result.

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How Much Is A Costco Card for Student Membership in 2024?

Costco Student discount cards come with a $60.00 annual membership fee. A $60 yearly upgrade charge is required for an Executive Membership.

There are only two types of personal Costco card memberships available at Costco:

1. Costco Gold Star Member

The Gold Star membership costs $60 a year to join.

Members can choose between two membership cards and online or in-store shopping after applying for this.

2. Costco Gold Star Executive Member 

Executive members can purchase a Gold Star Executive membership, which costs twice as much as a Gold Star Member but offers additional benefits like 2 percent back on purchases.

One Household Card is provided for free with each membership. And you can purchase this at any Costco branch across the world.

Costco Promo and Coupon Code

Promo codes are words or combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols that you can use to get a deal or lower the regular price when you make a purchase.

An exclusive group of letters used on e-commerce websites to get a special offer or a discounted price on an item is known as a coupon code, also known as a promo code.

In Costco student discount codes, can be obtained through advertisements, after making a minimum purchase total, or in exchange for a referral from an existing customer.

When placing an item in your online shopping cart or by typing the website’s address, you can use a coupon code.

Promo offers and student discounts can help regular Costco customers save money.

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You can gain points for each permitted purchase when you join the My Costco Rewards Card and the Costco Loyalty Program.

You can utilize the special discount you receive for saving these points when you check out online.

To use the discount, copy the promo code to your clipboard and enter it at the Costco checkout.

Before placing your order, double-check that everything in your cart is still qualified because certain Costco coupons are only applicable to specific products.

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Do Costco Members Get Discount Online in 2024?

Obviously, both the online and physical stores are eligible for Costco’s discount.

Members are qualified to take advantage of a range of discounts, special offers, and money-saving options at Costco as long as you have a student membership.

On computers like the MacBook and laptops from various brands, Costco student discounts cover up.

Students get access to a variety of discounts for online purchases through the Costco Student Discount.

Online purchases with a discount or savings tag come with a red “Shop Now” icon.

Go to the bottom of the collection on Costco’s website to see these savings quickly.

Juice, cookies, coffee, housewares, luggage, clothing, and detergents are just a few of the reductions 

Members also have access to numerous products at discounted prices, in addition to:

  • A one-year subscription
  • A web-based list of classroom supplies for teachers
  • Free, speedy delivery from the warehouse.
  • A Buyer’s Guide annual membership subscription
  • Call Costco Hotline for all of your product-related queries.

To enjoy the members discount while making an in-store purchase, present a legitimate ID and your full name.

Sign up at The Cats Shop Online with your membership MyCATS account email and password to take advantage of members’ discounts when making purchases online.


Costco Student Discounts have made purchasing items easier for students, even with their limited cash.

With the Costco student discount, students can save 30% on purchases made in-store or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Costco staff members receive discounts?

Employees of Costco do not receive any discounts when they purchase goods or services from any of their locations globally.
However, extras bonuses are given to Costco employees;
Dental insurance.
Health care.
50% 401(k) match.
Longer hours for shopping 
Four free annual memberships.
Sundays are paid at time and a half.

Is There A Student Discount At Costco For Computers?

You cannot acquire laptops, whether a MacBook or another brand of laptop, at a discount from Costco because it does not offer a student discount.

Does Costco Worth it for a Single Person?

A single person can easily afford numerous reduced items at Costco with a $60 membership fee.
Many claims that bulk-purchased things can be stored. Those who don’t already have extra storage should likely purchase one before joining Costco.

How much does a Costco membership cost annually?

It costs $60 a year to join Costco.
A $60 yearly upgrade charge is required for an executive membership.


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