Does United Have a Student Discount? | How to Get United Student Discount

This article contains all the information you need to know about the United Student Discount, its requirements, and how to apply for it.

When you purchase plane tickets and MileagePlus award tickets to locations throughout the world, take advantage of the current United student discounts. 

The student discount offered by United Airlines allows the airline a chance to boost the number of students scheduling flights with them as well as their loyalty to using the airline whenever they need to travel, whether it be for vacation or to and from school. 

The airline’s intended market strategy to assist and serve students is made possible by the student discount.

A United student discount is usually a good idea, but it’s especially crucial for students. 

This article shall look at everything you need to do to obtain verification and begin receiving the United student discount.

All the information you need to get started has been assembled in this article if you want to take advantage of the United student discount.

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About United 

The United Airlines Student Discount is now much simpler to get on, making it easy to shop the store’s special assortment. 

You can now purchase all of your favorite items, even if you don’t want to spend the full cost of each one. 

The United Airlines Student Discounts never put a cap on your order and always provide a thrilling price reduction.

With the United Airlines Student Discounts, you can distance yourself from cheap goods. 

The website enables you to shop online at reasonable prices without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Using United Airlines and their various ticket options for every air passenger, you can fly with confidence and comfort exactly how you want to. 

Choose Basic Economy from the routes option to receive reduced boards that nevertheless include many of the same amenities and services provided by quality Economies, such as in-flight refreshments, Wi-Fi, and food and beverages. 

The Economy Plus sequence, on the other hand, offers affordable ticket prices as well as additional space for work or leisure.

Upgrade to first-class or business class seating on United Airlines Polaris classes, Business Class, or First Class for complimentary alcoholic beverages, priority boarding, and a genuine free quality checked luggage with a United Airlines ticket for added grandeur at a very reasonable fee.

From luxurious flights to a wonderful location to a cheerful and exhilarating journey to the Bahamas for a well-deserved winter holiday. 

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Using only flights from United Airlines will enable you to completely transform your journey. 

We provide you a top-notch entertainment show on United flights thanks to our standard and high-quality Wi-Fi. 

The current pet policy of United Airlines allows domestic cats and dogs in carriers in the deckhouse, subject to a few limitations. 

To get additional information, make sure to frequently visit their internet page. 

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Who Qualifies for United Student Discount?

Most individuals find discounts challenging to obtain, especially students. 

United Airlines is happy to provide students with a special discount. 

With this offer, you may save more money on a wider selection of goods. 

Students who are 18 years of age or older and are enrolled in an approved university or college are currently eligible for discounts. 

If you are a student, you can immediately qualify for this discount by providing the necessary information, such as your student ID card, which will verify your identification. 

Notably, you often receive Coupon Codes that can be used at checkout after approval. 

You might not always get the appropriate discount code, in which case you can still benefit from the deal.

To determine whether your student discount is still in effect, all you need to do is pay attention to the final checkout’s total amount discounted. 

Furthermore, the student needs a mileage plus account, the United App, and membership in United MileagePlus.

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Does United have a Student Discount in 2024?

Yes, all college and high school students are eligible for a special discount from United Airlines. 

Simply inquire about the United Airlines student discount for specifics and stock up on supplies as needed.

Students between the ages of 18 and 22 are eligible for United App and MileagePlus accounts, which are provided by United Airlines. 

When students book their own flights, they can take advantage of this offer to receive discounts. 

Students can purchase flight tickets in advance and take advantage of the United Airlines student discount, which is on sale until June 30, 2022. 

A student must provide documentation proving that they are enrolled in school and are between the ages of 18 and 22. 

United Airlines has the absolute right to refuse a student’s request for a discount or grant it.

To take advantage of the United Airlines student discount, you must first download and install the United App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store on a computer or smartphone. 

Then, if you don’t already have an account, you must create one by signing up for MileagePlus. 

You would have to log in with the United App account you registered to choose Book and reduced travel, enter the necessary travel information, see the deals prepared for your trip, and then confirm the flight if it is yours.

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How Do I Get a United Student Discount Card in 2024?

To learn the specific processes for obtaining the United Airlines student discount card, the following responses should be noted

  • First, check your student eligibility at United Airlines Education Program. The Education Program is typically located on the homepage. 
  • Second, you must fill out a new student account registration form with your personal data. 
  • Third, click the verification link to activate your account. 
  • After you finish the validation process, you will receive an email with a 15% student discount code. 
  • Finally, to access the significant discounts, apply the United Airlines Promo Codes & Coupons. 
  • To qualify for a special United Airlines student discount, provide proof of your status as a student. When checking out, copy and paste the discount code.

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Do United Members Get Discounts Online in 2024?

  • With a working email account, students can access Coupon Codes on their website. The discount will likely be applied automatically if you don’t need a specific student discount code. 
  • Additionally, UNIDAYS offers various discounts on a variety of goods and services, allowing students to enjoy the finest university discounts from all the top merchants and brands both online and offline. In essence, verification can be completed in as little as 12–24 hours. 
  • An expiration countdown will show up on your screen after the code has been generated, letting you know how long you have left. No matter if the student’s validation status is successful or unsuccessful, you will still be charged a provisional fee.
  • The code won’t work until you get to the United Airlines shopping cart, therefore no prices on will display your student discount until you check out.

Is a United Student Membership Worth it?

The benefit of the flights for the students is that they can book United Express or United Airlines flights for a minimum 5% off the regular fare. 

Every time you book a flight with United Airlines as a result, you save money. 

Whenever you buy a flight using United Airlines student discounts, you gain benefits as well because you can earn miles for purchasing e-gift cards, merchandise from authorized retailers, auto rentals, hotel reservations, etc. 

You can take advantage of convenient and reasonably priced flights to a number of locations across the United States, after which you choose your choices to either take pleasure in your vacations, see family and friends.

By encouraging more passengers to book their tickets with them, increasing their bookings, and growing their revenue, United Airlines also benefits from offering student discounts. 

United Airlines is able to attract devoted passengers who eagerly anticipate taking advantage of the student discounts whenever they fly for leisure, to or from school. 

Additionally, they are searching for customers who will recommend United Airlines to their family and friends who are also students once they experience the amazing student fare.

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United Promo Code & Coupon Code

A 15% discount on United Airlines

Offers for Students on United Airlines

For October, United Airlines will offer a 10% student discount

Students can save up to 30% off on United Airlines in October

United Airlines offers a student discount of up to 15%

Coupon for United Airlines: Additional 40% Off Auto Rental

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money when flying with United Airlines? 

By downloading the United app or creating a MileagePlus account, you can book flights immediately and earn exclusive discounts. 

Do United travel vouchers have an expiration date? 

After a year from the day you received your United Airlines Travel Certificate, you can get the documentation. Use of the certificate is permitted on any United Airlines flight that is currently operating.

With my date of birth, how do I update my MileagePlus account? 

To access your MileagePlus account, go to the official United website at or download the United app. Once you have a MileagePlus account, enter your birthdate. Note: The birth date entered must coincide with the date printed on your travel certificate paperwork.

Is it possible to purchase a ticket for less on 

No, tickets are not offered on the website; instead, they are exclusively available on the United app.

Which is better, Delta or United? 

The quickest response is that when it comes to customer service, free flight changes, and overall experience, Delta is the best airline. Depending on the things you require, United is the most affordable option. Both airlines are massive and offer a huge number of international flights.

Does United Airlines’ first class make sense financially? 

First class is almost usually the most comfortable seating option on an aircraft, whether you’re taking a quick domestic journey or a lengthy international travel. From the check-in desk to baggage claim, a first-class ticket with United comes with benefits.

Is the COVID test required by United Airlines? 

Although they are not necessary for travel to the United States, other nations may nevertheless demand negative test results. You can determine when to travel again by using these recommendations. You can rebook or cancel your flight as necessary without incurring change fees after you’ve decided it’s safe to fly.


Conclusively, with the United Student offer, traveling students can do so without worrying about extra luggage. 

Emirates also enjoys outstanding brand recognition and value. 

It may compete with such a brand name due to its amazing help and luxury trip.



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