Why Should You Consider NOUN when Looking for any Degree?

Why Should You Consider NOUN when Looking for any Degree?

NOUN stands for National Open University of Nigeria, which was one of the first e-learning universities in Nigeria and the West African region. The school offers long-distance learning, which means you can apply from anywhere and still work on your continuous evaluation.

Noun University admits students without the use of Jamb or POSTUTME, which explains why they have the highest number of students in any degree. This university is a federal government authorized university, approved by NUC, so there is no need to be concerned about reputation. The university motto is (work and learn) Meaning you can work and learn at the same time, allowing you to earn your degree while either running your company or doing your job.



The following are the most compelling reasons to choose NOUN.

  1. TIME AND SPACE: If you want to obtain your bachelor’s degree at NOUN, you can rest assured that you will have the time and space you need to work and pursue any side hustle of your choosing. You can also work while attending NOUN, and your tests will be conducted online through your student portal.
  2. YOU DO N’T NEED JAMB: Getting into traditional universities can be difficult, and passing the jamb cut-off point is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome, and the POSTUME of your chosen school course is a completely different thing; if you fail your jamb for the year, you must wait until the next year to apply; however, it NOUN saves you time by granting you admission without the use of the jamb; all you need is your WEAC result and any other result you want to use for applying.
  3. NO ACADEMIC STRIKES: One advantage of NOUN is that they do not go on strike like traditional universities in Nigeria. Traditional universities in Nigeria are notorious for going on strike every year, so the course in NOUN will not be extended.
  4. LESS STRESS: In comparison to other classes, noun provides you with the least amount of stress in terms of lectures and the stress that comes with them and the ability to read and learn at your own pace; materials are available in both hard and soft copy for easy evaluation.
  5. FEES ON SCHEDULE PAYMENTS: Fees are charged on a budget basis, which ensures that you can select the number of courses you want to register for each semester, pay for them, and register for the rest of the following semester.
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Official Website: https://nou.edu.ng/index.php/

Student portal: https://www.nouonline.net/

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