Commonly Asked Questions About NOUN

Would you like to get answers to the most important questions concerning National Open University (NOUN)? Below are few students’ questions and answers about NOUN.

1. Do NOUN Students Enroll in Industrial Training (IT)?

The National Open University offers industry training through the Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). Each student must complete this training before graduating from the university, and the main goal of the IT program is to help students experience the practical aspects of each program, whether it is science, agriculture, management, or another educational program.

The SIWES is a 6-unit course that is required of all students; some departments hold it for six months, while others hold it for three months.

The training is conducted in any company or industry of the students’ choice, and a report is also brought back to the school, and students participate in a presentation about the particular company or industry where they did their IT. It is a registered course, and no exams are written for the course; your grade is based on your ability to write a good report back to the school and answer the questions that you will be asked by your HOD and other facilitators.

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2. Do NOUN Students Participate in NYSC?

Do NOUN Students Participate in NYSC

Despite the fact that the NYSC certificate only certifies that you have represented your country, many people still want to apply. Long before now, NOUN was not on the list of universities that participate in Nigeria’s youth service program, but the Senate recently approved all NOUN graduates to participate in the one-year NYSC program. On the website, a list of people are uploaded on the site who has been shortlisted for the youth service for a particular batch.

3. Is NOUN a Federal University?

The National Open University is a federal university which is approved by the NUC as a graduate, master’s, bachelor’s and PhD student educational institution.

4. Why do Students Fail to Attend Regular Lectures in NOUN?

Why do Students Fail to Attend Regular Lectures in NOUN

Noun is an institute for long-distance learning and online education. Lectures, as they are in a traditional university, are usually not attended. Instead, you can attend the online tutoring classes that have been scheduled, or you can attend a tutoring class at any tutoring center that is open. This is due to the fact that NOUN is a work-and-learn institute with no regular lectures or lecturers.

5. Can I Get a Job With a NOUN Certificate?

There is a 100 percent guarantee that you will be able to get any job with a NOUN certificate because it is recognized by the Nigerian government as an educational institute that is well-organized and produces authentic results.

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6. What Exactly is TMA?

TMA stands for tutor mark assignment, which is a type of continuous assessment that students complete online by logging in to the students’ portal. There are three TMAs for students to complete, each with its own time and duration.

7. Can Partial Fees for NOUN be Paid?

Course registration payments can be made in installments, meaning you can pay for a portion of the semester and the remainder the following semester, but your semester registration, which includes your tuition fees, is required.

8. Meaning OF E-WALLET:

NOUN e-Wallet is a location where you can load a bank payment to your account by entering the Transaction Number obtained from the bank; once uploaded, your funds will be available on the student portal for registration payment.

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