7 Basic Things You Need to Know About NOUN

Before you decide to apply for admission to the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), there are a few things you should think about first.

From how admissions are granted to how fees are paid, every institution has processes in which their activities are performed or carried out.

The following are a few, but important, items that you must be aware of.

NOUN Admission Procedures/ Requirements

National Open University of Nigeria grants admission to students who meet the required credentials. These credentials include: five credits from your senior secondary school certificate, including mathematics and English; and if you are applying with an additional result, such as a national diploma certificate, it must be from a recognized institution. Fees can be paid in the bank or directly with your debit card.

NOUN Tuition Fees

Here is the basic NOUN school fee; for example, for new students the basic tuition fee is 36,000 naira while for returning students, the fee is 18,000 naira.

NOUN Exam Fee

Exams Fees are paid based on the number of courses you registered for or offering for that particular semester, but each course for exam registration is ₦1000, so if you are offering 8 courses it sums up to ₦8,000

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NOUN Course Registration Fee

This is also based on the number of courses you registered for, but in this case, any 3unit course is ₦2500 and any 2unit course is ₦2,000, so if you offer 8 courses and have two 3unit courses, it will total (₦5000).

And the remaining 6 courses are 2unit courses, totaling (₦12,000), so you’d need (₦17,000) to register for all of your courses for the semester.

NOUN Continuous Assessment Procedures

In a national open university, continuous evaluation is performed online, and it is typically referred to as TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment), which involves TMA 1-3. After you’ve completed each question, the assignment will be marked and scored.


Year 1 and 2 students take an e-Exam. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • You can write in your study center
  • You can take a virtual e-Exam at your convenience at home or at work.
100/200 level students writing their e-Exams
100/200 level students writing their e-Exams

Year 3–4 students must write their exams on pen and paper (POP), which means that they must do so in their study centers.

300/400 Level students having a pen on paper exam
300/400 Level students having a pen on paper exam

NOUN Lectures

There are online tutoring classes available and you can also opt to attend lectures at any tutoring center.

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