Best Music Schools In Arizona | Cost, Requirements, & How To Apply

The music program you choose can have a big impact on your future. That’s why we’ve created our collection of the best music schools in Arizona.

Music schools in Arizona attract many talented musicians from nearly every state and many countries abroad who bring a passion for music, high standards of performance, and a desire for excellence.

Schools help create an environment where you can succeed while pursuing your own individual passion and course of study.

Are There Music Schools In Arizona?

Arizona is one of the most popular states of Arizona. Some of the music schools include:

  • Phoenix Conservatory of Music
  • Desert Ridge Academy of Music
  • Phoenix College
  • Grand Canyon University

Children who study in high school and are not quite ready for higher education attend music high schools. There are several high schools of music in Arizona, including:

  • Metropolitan Institute of Arts
  • New School of Arts and Academics
  • Arizona Conservatory of Arts and Academics

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How Much Do Music Schools Cost In Arizona?

On average, students pay $25,295 to attend music schools in Arizona. There are also scholarships that cover all school expenses such as board, food and other needs. Many of these music schools offer scholarships and grants to their students.

Funds for these scholarships and bursaries are provided by generous donations from our alumni, parents and friends.

Grants, scholarships, on-the-job training, loans, education tax credits, and community or military service benefits are all examples of financial aid.

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What Are The Requirements For Music Schools In Arizona?

Most 4-year institutions require applicants to pass a formal audition and interview for admission to the music school. You must demonstrate a high level of skill to stand out from the competition.

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Worried that your skills are not up to par? Consider an associate’s degree in music at a community college. There are minimal barriers to entry, and you can transfer any credits you earn to a major college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

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What Are The Best Music Schools In Arizona?

Central Arizona College

Central Arizona College is a great choice for music-loving students. This music school was opened in 1961. Recently, it has been issuing certificates and diplomas of a junior specialist in two music programs.

Central Arizona College’s music courses and degrees will provide you with a comprehensive, well-organized music education with hands-on experience to build a solid music career.


Prestige Music Academy Phoenix

Prestige Music Academy, one of the best music schools in Arizona, is located in Phoenix. This is the perfect place to start your musical learning journey. Here you will learn how to play any musical instrument.

All tutors and teachers are highly qualified and all music courses are well designed. All teachers strive to provide unique music lessons to each student.


Arizona State University – Tempe

You’ll be in good company if you decide to attend Arizona State University – Tempe. It ranked #1 on our 2022 list of the best music schools in Arizona for those earning between $0,000 and $30,000. ASU – Tempe is a large school in Tempe, Arizona that awarded 159 music degrees in 2019-2020.

ASU – Tempe also performed well in our core quality ratings. It ranked #1 on our list of “Best Music Schools in Arizona.” Annual tuition at Arizona State University – Tempe is $7,044 for music students in Arizona whose families earn between $0,000 and $30,000.

The school has an excellent freshman retention rate of 86%, which means that students like the school enough to return for a second year.


Desert Ridge Academy of Music

Desert Ridge Music Academy has been operating since 2008. It is an ideal place for students to earn a degree in music education. All the teachers and mentors are very supportive and helpful in their approaches to teaching and mentoring students.

People of all ages can benefit from their inexpensive music lessons, and classes are open to the public. Its indoor stage is also used for other events such as rock shows, performances, solo concerts, etc.

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Eastern Arizona College

Eastern Arizona College can be a great choice for those who want to prepare for a career in music while improving their musical skills.

They hope that the music degrees and courses they offer will provide a solid foundation for their future professional careers in the music business.


Grand Canyon University

The music program at Grand Canyon University, a renowned music school in Arizona, will help you sharpen your musical skills and expand your knowledge.

Several music programs and courses are available to help students achieve their goals of becoming successful musicians.


Arizona Western College

Arizona Western College’s music programs offer a basic understanding of music theory as well as instrumental training.

All the music programs they provide are well designed to prepare students for a successful career in music. Students can also transfer to their preferred university from which they wish to pursue their music major.


Scottsdale Community College

The Scottsdale Community College Department of Music has a broad vision for student-centered learning and success. They are fully dedicated to providing high quality musical skills and experiences through performance, classroom and individual instruction opportunities.

All of their courses are designed for interested students who love music, are music majors, or want to enroll to fulfill their college requirements.


How Much Do Musicologists In Arizona Earn?

On average, musicologists earn approximately $52,800 per year. The salary range for musicologists ranges from $10,000 to $269,000.

How musicologists earn their income will depend on their position and responsibilities. For most musicologists in academia, the goal is to hold a tenure-track position.

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How Do I Become A Musicologist In Arizona?

To become a musicologist in Arizona, students must have at least a bachelor’s degree, and many musicology jobs require a master’s degree.

Additionally, most musicology jobs require applicants to have one to three years of relevant experience, which can be gained through internships and/or entry-level positions.

Generally, students need at least five years, and possibly as many as ten years, to qualify to work independently as musicologists.

Musicology degrees are offered at colleges and universities throughout the United States and are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as several PhD programs.

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Typically, coursework covers topics such as music theory, music history, and musicianship. Students also study or explore distinctive styles of music in depth, which may include jazz, folk, opera, rock and pop.

Other classes look at how different parts of the world use music in their cultures, and these classes may include exploring the role of music in social issues such as racism and feminism.

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What Are The Best Paying Music Jobs in Arizona?

Musicologists are scholars of music who consider the relationship between music and a variety of subjects, including geography, aesthetics, politics, race theory, gender theory, neuropsychology, and more.

 Although most work as music teachers in conservatories or universities, musicologists lack the technique-based approach most often associated with music teaching, preferring instead to look at music through a social science lens.

Music Schools In Arizona FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Become A Musicologist In Arizona?

A Bachelor of Music degree is usually earned after four years of full-time study. Many colleges require freshmen to live on campus in a dormitory, which may be more or less expensive than other housing or transportation options.

Do Music Schools In Arizona Require Your Test Scores?

Students applying to graduate school to become musicologists typically require test scores and may need a portfolio of work along with letters of recommendation and a strong personal essay. Candidates who appear interesting will receive interview requests. They visit the school to meet with faculty and students, conduct interviews, and discuss planned research topics.

What Is Musicology?

The word musicology literally means “the study of music”, covering all aspects of music in all cultures and in all historical periods. In practice, musicology includes a wide range of methods of studying music as a scientific activity; although the study of musical performance is an important aspect of musicology, musical performance itself is another area of ​​study.


Arizona music schools offer students an advanced music program with many opportunities to inspire creativity. Arizona’s nationally and internationally recognized faculty, scholars, and visiting artists work with students to foster excellence and personal growth.

music schools in Arizona attract dozens of talented musicians from nearly every state and many countries abroad who bring a passion for music, high standards of performance and a commitment to excellence.

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