Best Music Schools In Las Vegas | Cost, Requirements, & How To Apply

Musicology degrees are offered at music schools and colleges throughout the city of Las Vegas and are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels with several PhD programs.

Typically, coursework covers topics such as music theory, music history, and musicianship. Students also study or explore distinctive styles of music in depth, which may include jazz, folk, opera, rock and pop.

Other classes look at how different parts of the world use music in their cultures, and these classes may include exploring the role of music in social issues such as racism and feminism.

When choosing the right school for you, it’s important to arm yourself with all the facts you can. To that end, we’ve created a series of the best music schools in Las Vegas, Nevada to help you make your college decision.

Are There Music Schools In Las Vegas?

Nevada’s 4 music colleges offer certificates, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees in music, music performance, and jazz.

The best music programs in Nevada are offered by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This music college has excellent program quality, rated five stars for curriculum and three stars for teaching.

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How Much Do Music Schools Cost In Las Vegas?

The average cost of tuition at a music college in Las Vegas is estimated to be around $12,000 per semester, and any music degree program lasts four years.

So, if you are considering universities, here are the best music production schools in Texas: Some prospective students prefer to pursue their education at a state or public university.

It’s that simple! And to be honest, the reason is simple: to gain a deeper understanding of the field of music production. However, studying at music universities instead of vocational schools will cost much more.

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What Are The Requirements For Music Schools In Las Vegas?

Students applying to graduate school to become musicologists typically require test scores and may need a portfolio of work along with letters of recommendation and a strong personal essay.

Candidates who appear interesting will receive interview requests. They visit the school to meet with faculty and students, conduct interviews, and discuss planned research topics.

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It is important to show how the research is unique and will advance the field, and to demonstrate adequate preparation for graduate-level coursework, which can be challenging.

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What Are The Best Music Schools In Las Vegas?

UNLV School of Music

UNLV is one of the music schools that promotes the quality music education available in the area. Students who wish to study music in a creative and professional environment will find that a music school gives them the privilege of doing so in a way that is tailored to their skill level.

Their students devote a large part of their lives to music, and they pursue their musical passions in a variety of areas, including performance, composition, teaching, recording technology, and jazz studies, to name a few.

The faculty of the music school consists of famous scientists and experienced musicians; Ensembles of the school visited the whole world and received great recognition. They put their students’ needs before their own and work to help their students reach their full potential in their chosen field.


Nevada Academy of Music

There is no doubt that the Nevada Academy of Music is one of the best music schools in Las Vegas, Nevada. Students of any age can benefit from affordable and high-quality training in various musical instruments at a music school.

 In addition, ensemble classes are held at the institution at different times throughout the year. Showcase concerts at the Nevada Academy of Music serve to honor and recognize the achievements of the school’s students.

Every musical group needs players, including rock bands, jazz bands, praise bands, musical ensembles, and solo classical guitarists.

Musical instruments for band and orchestra can be rented at the school. This company offers private courses both in person and online, depending on your preference.


Brill Music Academy

The Brylsk Academy of Music is considered one of the largest music schools in the city. The Music School offers private one-on-one music lessons on all major instruments and vocals for students ages five to one hundred and five.

 To help you reach your full potential as a musician, the lessons you take at Brill Music Academy are tailored to your current ability level and the types of music you are most interested in.

Their excellent instructors are professional musicians who hold degrees from reputable universities and work full-time in the area.

Students of various levels of training express their gratitude to their teachers for their patience, kindness and support. Brill Music Academy offers courses that can be completed without leaving home.


University of the Pacific

The student-centered methodology used at University of the Pacific offers numerous benefits, including providing individualized attention and maintaining manageable class sizes.

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Their campus is small, but they offer a more diverse range of programs than most large universities, with more than 80 majors spread across 11 schools.

This ensures that their students are well prepared for both the workplace and their communities, providing training in the humanities and the professions.

 Thanks to the people you meet at Pacific, you will be able to develop a network of contacts that will help you become a more influential figure in your field, increase your sense of self-worth and have a constructive impact on the community in which you live.


Truckee Meadows Community College

Those wishing to pursue a degree in music have a great opportunity to do so at Truckee Meadows. Located near Las Vegas, Truckee Meadows is a public college with a large student population and offers a variety of academic programs.

This institution ranks sixth out of 11 potential choices available in Nevada when it comes to overall quality. According to what we have gathered, Truckee Meadows’ most recent graduating class included approximately four students majoring in music.


College of Southern Nevada

The College of Southern Nevada is widely regarded as one of the top music schools in the United States. CSN is a public university in Las Vegas with a large student population.

 Compared to the other 11 institutions in Nevada, this college ranks fourth in overall quality. Approximately nine student musicians graduated from CSN with this degree in the most recent year for which data is available. This was the first year CSN offered this degree.


How Much Do Musicologists In Las Vegas Earn?

Music teachers can be adjunct, part-time, full-time, or full-time, so salary figures vary widely. The salary range is $12,000 to $144,000, with an average pay of $58,728 per year or $28 per hour.

 To give you an idea of ​​how much a musicologist can make hosting a podcast, the creators of WNYC Studios show that these hosts are paid between ​$55,000​ and ​$80,000​, which is ​$30-$44 per hour.

A forensic musicologist who uses his musical expertise to analyze possible copyright infringement can also earn this much.

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How Do I Become A Musicologist In Las Vegas?

In addition to a degree, you’ll need a deep love of music and an open mind to succeed in this field. Cultural Studies is just as important to musicology as the study of music theory, and this deeper understanding of where music comes from often leads to a broad appreciation of all types of musical traditions.

You will most likely need a college degree if you want to work in musicology. While a master’s degree in music or musicology may be sufficient to work as a music composer or lecturer at a local college, many research and teaching positions require a doctoral degree.

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Master’s programs typically take two years to complete and can lead to a Master of Arts or Master of Music in Musicology.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in general or historical musicology, music, or music education may require an additional 3-4 years of study. As an aspiring graduate student, you can also find programs in ethnomusicology and music theory.

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What Are The Best Paying Music Jobs in Las Vegas?

As a graduate of a musicology program, you can apply for a position as a music teacher at a college or university. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2012, the median annual salary for a high school art, drama, and music teacher was $62,160.

The BLS also noted that post-secondary teacher employment is expected to grow faster than average between 2012 and 2022 compared to other occupations.

Musicologists work in libraries, performing arts organizations, television and film companies, independent authors, museums, archives, and K-12 educational institutions.

They also write articles for journals such as the Journal of the American Musicological Society and The Musical Quarterly; many are also authors of published books. Respected musicologists also frequently host workshops, create podcasts, and are featured speakers.

Some also find opportunities to work with companies that produce sound recognition software and music applications; you can also find consulting work for music publishing and licensing companies as a forensic musicologist.

Music Schools In Las Vegas FAQs

Are Musicologists In Demand In Las Vegas?

Music teachers are in demand at many institutions, including both public and private schools. Music educators can work in a variety of roles, including music therapists, in a wide range of contexts, including both public and private settings.

What Do Musicologists Do In Las Vegas?

In most cases, the job description for an instructor position requires the individual to organize and prepare lessons and teach students to play certain instruments or compositions.

How Much Do Music Instructors Make In Las Vegas?

The median annual salary for mid-career instructors in the United States is $59,433, and employment opportunities are expected to grow by 4 percent between 2019 and 2029.


A Bachelor of Music degree can be earned at many schools located throughout the city of Las Vegas. You can focus on one or more of the many subfields contained within the larger field of music if you are interested in a career in music.

Because of this, it can be difficult to choose a strategy that will be in your best interest. Using Gemtracks research can help you make the most informed decision. Since the website has a large amount of information about different schools, it will give you an idea of ​​the variety of music schools available to you in Las Vegas.

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