Best Dental Assistant Schools In Georgia | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

Dental assistant training programs in Georgia can be found in colleges and technical schools. Both offer certificate/diploma and associate degree programs. The certification program can last from 6 to 15 months;

The courses you take during your dental assistant training will depend on whether you have a diploma or an associate degree.

Diploma programs in Dental Assistant Schools in Georgia tend to be to the point, offering technical classes focused on core job issues. Associate degree programs also offer technical training, but they will also build a basic science foundation.

Your coursework at dental assistant schools in Georgia will likely include oral anatomy, dental pharmacology, and dental materials. Since you will be performing many administrative tasks, you will also learn the basics of dental office administration.

Are There Dental Assistant Schools In Georgia?

Listed below are the top schools that offer CODA-accredited dental assistant programs in Georgia. For additional entry-level and post-secondary dental care options, you can also view all DANB-accredited programs.

Dental assisting training programs can be found in colleges and technical schools. Both offer certificate/diploma and associate degree programs. The certification program can last from 6 to 15 months

After you graduate from an accredited program, you must be licensed to work as a dental assistant under Georgia law. The Dental Board of Georgia administers the licensing of dental assistants in Georgia.

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How Much Do Dental Assistant Schools Cost In Georgia?

Dental assisting training programs can be found in colleges and technical schools. Both offer certificate/diploma and associate degree programs.

The certification program can last from 6 to 15 months; costs range from $2,000 at a community college to $23,350 at a technical school.

It will take you two years to earn an associate degree. You’ll spend just $5,840 if you go the community college route and $35,740 if you attend a technical school.

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What Are The Requirements For Dental Assistant Schools In Georgia?

To become an EDDA in Georgia, you must complete certain steps:

  • Complete high school or obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Get certified in CPR.
  • Take courses approved by the Georgia Dental Board and for the specific advanced responsibilities you will perform on the job.

You may need to be a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) through the National Board of Dental Assisting to enroll in Advanced Duties courses.

To do this, you need to pass the CDA exams. To qualify for the exams, you must complete a dental assisting program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) or have 3,500 hours of work experience.

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What Are The Best Dental Assistant Schools In Georgia?

There are several possible paths to becoming a dental assistant. Some states require dental assistants to complete an accredited CODA program and pass an exam.

In other states, there are no formal educational requirements, and dental assistants learn to perform their duties through on-the-job training.

Below are schools that offer dental assistant programs located in the state of Georgia and sorted by CODA accredited schools and post-secondary vocational schools.

#1. Augusta Technical College, Augusta

Dental education at Augusta Technical College provides effective mentorship with small class sizes that help students achieve their academic goals.

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This dental assistant program in GA is an 18-month degree that prepares you to work as a dental assistant in a variety of dental clinics.

The 59-credit degree program will train you in dental laboratory procedures, departmental support roles, and the administrative duties necessary to run a dental office. You can enroll in the program in both the fall and spring semesters.

Coursework begins with courses in English, basic psychology, mathematics, and computer literacy and culminates in a clinical practicum where you practice professional skills in a clinical setting.

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to communicate effectively with patients, record patient data, and make evidence-based decisions when providing patient care.


#2. West Georgia Technical College, Waco

West Georgia Tech’s Dental Assisting Program is focused on teaching job-ready skills and preparing students for necessary certifications that promote professional growth.

Dental assistant candidates have two certificate options to choose from: basic and advanced. The basic certificate program includes courses in microbiology and infection control, dental anatomy, and dental chairside assisting.

After completing this program, you can work as an entry-level dental assistant in general and pediatric dentistry.

The advanced certification program focuses on courses that will teach you Dental Assisting with Specialty Dental Procedures, Dental Radiology, Dental Office Management, and will prepare you for Advanced Dental Assistant (EDDA) certification.

Upon completion of this coursework, you will be eligible to take the DANB exam to become a Certified Dental Assistant and then work in a variety of positions.


#3. Fortis College, Smyrna

Fortis College’s personal attention in a supportive learning environment helps dental assistant students acquire skills and find employment in private and public dental practices.

You can also battract specialty dental clinics, insurance companies, hospitals, dental school clinics and medical facilities.

This dental assistant school in Georgia offers a dental assistant degree that is equivalent to an assistant degree.

The program takes about 18 months to complete and makes you competent in the laboratory, administrative and patient care duties of a dental assistant.

Eligible high school graduates will be required to complete an in-person interview to meet admissions requirements.

The coursework will teach you about dental office emergencies, dental radiography, dental society procedures, dental anatomy, orthodontics, dental pharmacology, restorative dentistry, and preventive dentistry.


#4. Albany Technical College

In Albany, you can start by studying for a Diploma in Dental Assisting. The program description page does not indicate how long the coursework will take.

However, most certificate programs last two to three semesters. This 55-credit program includes core courses that you can take in the spring or fall.

For special training, you need to register in the fall or wait until the following year to complete it after completing the basic requirements.

Hands-on practice is included, and you will learn about the concepts of preventive, restorative and chairside dentistry.

This school meets CODA standards and prepares you for the DANB CDA, RHS and Infection Control (ICE) exams.


#5. Gwinnett Technical College

Gwinnett will teach you the basics of dental care, such as appropriate medical terms and anatomy.

However, you will also gain time in a dental office environment where you can practice the skills that the instructors will teach you.

You learn, for example, basic infection control, office management and radiation safety. Then you apply it in the real world under the supervision of a dentist.

You can start with a basic dental assisting certificate, which takes less than a year to complete. Alternatively, you can enroll in the three-semester Advanced Dental Assisting program.


#6. Athens Technical College

Your dental assisting coursework will teach you how to become an extra set of hands as a licensed dentist. This clinical training will prepare you to assist in the department under the supervision of a licensed professional.

He will also introduce you to how the dentist diagnoses the condition of the teeth and gums. You wouldn’t have the authority to diagnose, but it gives you an understanding of your job.

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In addition, you will receive information about specialized dentistry such as orthodontics, pediatrics or prosthetics.

In addition, you will receive hands-on training that includes hands-on use of radiology equipment and time in laboratories.

What’s more, you’ll know the proper way to sterilize instruments and equipment by the time you finish this program.

This CODA-accredited Athens Dental Assisting course can last up to four semesters, unless you arrange to take certified courses for an entry-level position, if available.


#7. Atlanta Technical College

The Dental Assisting Diploma Program is a 55 credit course. However, some of these credits are earned during an externship, so you will complete your studies in about six to nine months.

By enrolling in this coursework, you will practice your newly acquired dental care skills in a real lab and familiarize yourself with department assignments.

This includes mandatory sterilization of all dental instruments, machines and equipment. You can also use the training to prepare for the DANB exam. In addition, this coursework offers you the chance to become EDDA certified.


#8. Georgia Northwest Technical College (GNTC)

The GNTC Dental Assisting program begins with preparatory courses, including psychology and familiarization with office procedures or computer training. You will also need to take a basic anatomy or biology course.

After completing the general education requirements, you will begin specialized training that includes general department, radiology, DANB exam preparation, and therapeutic classes.

You will also have three different practical units to complete, during which you will experience what it is like to work in a dental care environment.


#9. Savannah Technical College, Savannah

Graduates of Savannah Technical College are successfully providing professional dental care services in various dental facilities in the state and beyond.

The Diploma in Dentistry offered by the college covers four semesters. Before starting the Dental Assisting coursework, you must complete nine credits in English, Mathematics and Basic Psychology.

Dental assisting coursework is comprehensive and includes professional courses that teach you about topics ranging from career success skills, infection control, dental radiology to dental practice management and dental anatomy.

To improve your professional skills, you will complete three clinical training courses. Additionally, with a dental assisting course with dental specialties as part of the curriculum, you will be EFDA certified.


#10. Central Georgia Technical College, Warner Robins

Students at Central Georgia College of Dentistry are trained by experienced faculty who bring years of experience to the classroom.

The college offers a Diploma in Dental Assisting which can be completed in approximately 17-18 months.

The curriculum is designed to train you in the clinical, technical and administrative duties required when assisting a dentist in a variety of dental procedures.

Coursework begins with nine credits of general education courses in English, mathematics, and basic psychology.

 This is followed by dental assistant courses such as computer literacy, office procedures, human anatomy, preventive dentistry, oral pathology, dental biology, dental radiology, dental office management, and certification exam preparation.

A clinical practicum, which allows you to practice professional skills in a clinical setting, must be completed by the end of the coursework.


How Much Do Dental Assistants In Georgia Earn?

The average annual amount of money a dental assistant in Georgia makes is approximately $39,588. Annual income typically ranges from $35,112 to $43,925. Additional certification and skill upgrades can increase your salary to over $47,873.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11% job growth by 2030. This represents an average of 44,000 vacancies per year during this period.

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How Do I Become Dental Assistant In Georgia?

Formal education in the duties of a dental assistant is not mandatory. However, some employers want dental assistants who have already completed training.

A Georgia student typically spends about three semesters completing the program, although the “basic” program can be completed in one semester.

A student usually receives a diploma after three semesters. The vast majority of the program will be career oriented. However, the student can count on some general coursework, such as English.

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Some employers specify that candidates must complete accredited programs. The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) is the accrediting agency for dental assistants.

There are 12 CODA-accredited programs in Georgia. This is one of the highest indicators in the country; only four states (California, Florida, Minnesota, and North Carolina) have more.

Programs are housed in state technical colleges. They include field work as well as didactic and pre-clinical training.

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Best Paying Dental Assistant Jobs In Georgia

Search for jobs in dental offices, orthodontist offices, government agencies, residential facilities, and other types of medical facilities.

You’ll find the most opportunities in Georgia’s major metropolitan areas, such as Atlanta. However, dental assistants are needed everywhere, from the city to the suburbs and even in rural areas.

To give you an idea of ​​what’s available in the state, here are some recent Georgia listings from

  • Dental Assistant, Chatham Oral Surgery, Savanah, $16-20 hourly
  • Dental assistant, Goldstein, Garber, & Salama, Atlanta, $15-$26 per hour
  • Dental Assistant, Palmetto Family Dental, Zebulon, $16 to $17 an hour
  • EDDA, ​​Start Smiling Dental, Norcross, $18 to $28 an hour
  • Certified Dental Assistant, Alexander Family Dentistry, Smyrna, $20 to $30 an hour
  • Oral Surgery Dental Assistant, Premier Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Fayetteville, $14 to $24/hour

Dental assisting is a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. It allows you to work hands-on with patients, but does not require a four-year degree.

You can get started right away or get your credentials first. Either way, you should find plenty of career opportunities in Georgia.

Dental Assistant Schools In Georgia FAQs

How Man Dental Assistants Are In The State Of Georgia?

Statistics published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that there are more than 8,500 dental assistants employed in the state of Georgia. These numbers put the state at the top of the overall employment rates for dental assistants in the United States.

Do You Need Licensed To Work As A Dental Assistant In Georgia?

According to the Georgia Board of Dentistry, dental office assistants who want to perform advanced duties must meet certain requirements.
In Georgia, entry-level dental assistants are not required to be licensed or registered or to have specific post-secondary education. Without a license, an in-state dental assistant can perform basic tasks under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Can You Work As A Dental Assistant In Georgia Without A College Degree?

If you are interested in this career but don’t want to go to school right away, find a dentist who is willing to hire and train you on the job. There are several duties for which you need special training.

Are Dental Assistants In Demand In Georgia?

The BLS reports that the number of dental assistant jobs nationwide is growing significantly and faster than average. The BLS expects jobs in this industry to grow 7% from 2019 to 2029, adding more than 20,000 positions. This reflects the general trend of increasing demand for health care mainly due to the aging of the US population.

What Is The Licensing Requirement To Become A Dental Assistant In Georgia?

If you plan to focus on clinical duties in a Georgia dental office, you will need to complete the X-ray certification requirements within the first 30-90 days of employment.
Your employer must document this radiation health and safety (RHS) training. A minimum of six hours of radiology training is required by the Georgia Department of Human Services. Dental assistants who perform basic office duties do not have strict requirements.


If you want to make sure you meet all of your state’s educational requirements, you can enroll in one of the dental assistant schools in Georgia that offers a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certificate, diploma, or associate degree. Make sure this training is approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

If it is not CODA-approved, make sure it is recognized by local board-certified dentists and approved by the Georgia Board of Dentistry.

By the way, your school should also prepare you for the CDA exam offered by the National Dental Nursing Board (DANB) and the Infection Control Exam (ICE).



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