Best Massage Therapy Schools In Oklahoma | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

After graduating from one of the many therapy schools in Oklahoma, students often find employment professionally and confidently providing massage treatments that can improve, heal, and promote the health of individuals.

Massage therapy schools in Oklahoma prepare students for entry-level careers as successful massage therapists. Massage therapy programs teach the art and science of massage therapy and teach sound business practices to help graduates succeed in their future careers.

Classes are designed to prepare students for success as practitioners in the marketplace. If such a program sounds appealing, you may want to consider a career as a massage therapist.

Are There Massage Therapy Schools In Oklahoma?

There are three massage therapy schools in Oklahoma. Students attend classes at the Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Lawton campuses.

Graduates receive certificates that take less than a year to obtain. Curricula include classroom lectures, laboratory work, and hands-on experience in student clinics or other facilities.

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How Much Do Massage Therapy Schools Cost In Oklahoma?

According to a study published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, the average tuition for massage school tuition alone, not books, massage tables, equipment, etc. — was $13,605 in 2014, with the average cost of attending corporate and commercial activities.

Programs (programs with multiple campuses in different states that are part of a larger corporate organization) are aimed at the higher end of the spectrum.

The type of institution can affect the total cost, but the length of the massage therapy program and the number of credit hours included can also make a difference.

More expensive programs may be longer and offer a wider range of coursework to allow students to learn more specialized techniques such as hydrotherapy, sports massage or trigger therapy.

On the other hand, less expensive programs may involve fewer hours of instruction and focus on the fundamentals of massage therapy.

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What Are The Requirements For Massage Therapy Schools In Oklahoma?

Currently, there are no state regulations that would establish the minimum number of hours required for massage therapists in an educational program.

However, there is pending legislation indicating that a minimum of 750 hours would be required if approved. Sometimes clients want to know about the massage therapist’s education.

It may be in your best interest to complete a massage therapy program to prepare for the minimum number of hours that may be required in the future. You can also transfer your license to another state if you want.

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What Are The Best Massage Therapy Schools In Oklahoma?

These massage therapy schools in Oklahoma will help you get off to a successful start in your career. You can work with your instructors to develop the knowledge and skills you need to become a successful massage therapist.

Instructors are waiting to provide you with their knowledge and experience. Check out the courses offered at massage therapy schools, and you may be able to find one that appeals to you. Introductory courses in massage therapy or anatomy are among the must-haves that are part of any curriculum.

Oklahoma Central College

This private institution in southwest Oklahoma City was founded in 1975 as Central State Beauty Academy. It now offers certificates and degrees in dozens of career fields.

The massage therapy certificate program consists of 750 hours and 44 quarter credits, taking approximately one year of full-time or evening classes.

The curriculum includes courses in Swedish massage, reflexology, sports massage and therapeutic techniques for clients with special needs.

Students practice their techniques in 12 fully equipped spa rooms. They get hands-on, real-life experience with chair and full-body Swedish massages at Central Park Salon & Spa.


Platt College-Lawton

A small for-profit school with multiple campuses in Platt State offers a massage therapy program in Lawton, southwest Oklahoma.

Classes include: “Introduction to therapeutic massage”; Applied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology; spa massage; and assessment procedures.

Students study Swedish massage, hydrotherapy, sports massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, oriental techniques, clinic administration and patient service.

The program touts its “small class sizes that provide individualized attention to each student, convenient class schedules, industry-experienced instructors, and career development services.”


Clary Sage College

This private school in Tulsa is primarily known for its cosmetology and design programs. It also trains students to become massage therapists.

The 30-hour MT program takes eight months. Students study Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, hot stones and lymphatic massage.

In addition, they take courses in reflexology, aromatherapy and body spa treatments. Classes start every week. At Clary Sage Spa & Salon in Broken Arrow, students give massages to real clients.

The school’s career services department provides training in resume writing, interviewing skills, job search techniques, professional skills, and salary negotiation and budgeting.


Integrated Massage Therapy College

With the 5-step massage therapy program, students can build a career as a massage therapist in just five months.

The program consists of 1,300 hours and can be registered for the entire program or divided into one program at a time. This school works with students’ needs for flexibility, hoping that their classes will fit everyone’s lifestyle.

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How Much Do Massage Therapists In Oklahoma Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020), massage therapists in Oklahoma earn an average salary of $38,530 excluding tips.

Many massage therapists increase their income by developing their specialty and improving their skills, or by seeking further education opportunities to update their techniques or add new services to their repertoire.

Completing a program at one of the massage colleges in Oklahoma will help you become a successful massage therapist. Graduates of massage therapy schools in Oklahoma have found success in health care and spas.

Whether your career goal is to travel around the world on a cruise ship, work for yourself in private practice, or work as a massage therapist for doctors, clinics, spas and resorts.

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How Do I Become A Massage Therapist In Oklahoma?

To become a massage therapist in Oklahoma, a student must obtain either a high school diploma or a GED. The next step is to enroll in an accredited high school approved by the state board.

The MT curriculum must include at least 500 hours of study. Curricula typically cover anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, massage history and theory, business skills, and law and ethics.

Most programs provide instruction in Western and Eastern massage techniques, but they differ in the types of techniques. After graduation, the future practitioner applies to the board for a license.

This involves taking one of two exams: the Board Certification Exam in Massage and Bodywork (BCEMB), administered by the National Board for Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; or the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) administered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

BCEMB reviews the technique and application; planning, assessment and documentation; communication; and laws and ethics.

The MBLEx tests students’ knowledge of anatomy and physiology, benefits of soft tissue techniques, massage and bodywork, professional practice guidelines, massage for special populations, client assessment and treatment planning, and law and ethics.

Most people choose the MBLEx, which has 100 multiple-choice questions. They register online with the FSMTB, paying a fee of approximately $200; and take the test at Pearson VUE Assessment Centers. The company sends the exam results to the state commission.

Practitioners must renew their license every two years. They must receive 16 hours of continuing education, which may include classes, seminars, and webinars.

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Best Paying Massage Therapy Jobs In Oklahoma

Massage therapists in Oklahoma have a wide variety of options, especially regarding the settings in which they can work. The state is filled with spas, hotels and fitness centers that hire massage therapists.

The state of Oklahoma also offers many other jobs for a qualified massage therapist, including acupuncture offices, athletic training centers, college athletic centers, medical facilities, chiropractic offices, a physical therapist’s office, or even in your own home.

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Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Durant, OK – Massage Therapist

Massage Envy McLoud, OK – Massage Therapist

Ascension Bartlesville, OK – Massage Therapist – PRN

Hand & Stone Tulsa, OK – Lead Massage Therapist

Massage Envy Ochelata, OK – Massage Therapist

Omni Hotels & Resorts Oklahoma City, OK – Massage Therapist | Part Time

LTFMGTCO LTF Club Management Co, LLC Oklahoma City, OK – Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy Schools In Oklahoma FAQs

What Is The Requirement For Message Therapy License In Oklahoma?

There are currently no statewide regulations for massage therapists in Oklahoma. However, in 2013, bills were introduced in the state House and Senate to begin licensing. These bills would require students to complete at least 750 hours of massage education at a public school.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Massage Therapist In Georgia?

Massage therapists already practicing under a city or other license must demonstrate 500 hours of massage education and have practiced massage therapy in Oklahoma for at least 1 year or have practiced in the state for at least 3 years, regardless of education. Students will also be required to take the MBLEx national certification exam under the proposed rules.

Are Massage Therapists In Demand In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma may not have as many massage therapists as the average state, but the number is growing. In fact, the employment rate is expected to grow slightly above the national average: 23.7% between 2014 and 2024.

What Is The Average Hourly Wage For Massage Therapists In Oklahoma?

The average hourly wage for massage therapists in Oklahoma is $18.06. 80% earn between $11.24 and $32.76 per hour. Only 10% of massage therapists in the state earn less than $11.24; According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 10th percentile of wages in Oklahoma is slightly higher than the nation as a whole.

What Is The Requirement For NCBTMB Certification In Oklahoma?

To become NCBTMB certified, you need 750 hours of study and pass the BCEMB exam. Although this exam does not allow you to practice in states with higher standards, it provides proof of sufficient training for the job.


Future massage therapists must complete training programs lasting at least 500 hours. Among the minimum standards: Massage therapy education must come from a state-approved school. This is the standard almost everywhere.

The starting point for Oklahoma students is the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools, or OBPV. You can find a list of licensed schools on the OBPVS website; the list contains very basic information, such as whether the school is accredited.

Oklahoma, like most states, considers accreditation less important than state approval. However, the latter may have advantages. Some Oklahoma schools are accredited by organizations such as the Accrediting Commission for Career Colleges and Schools (ACCSCT).



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