15 Best Culinary Schools in Utah | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

There are many Culinary Schools in Utah as it is a diverse culinary state and these culinary schools in Utah are popular and in the country and all over the world.

Utah is one of the fastest-growing states in the US and is home to an excellent tourism sector.

Also, graduates from culinary schools in Utah are provided with employment opportunities because of the booming tourism industry in the state.

Therefore, the best culinary schools in Utah will be the focus of this article.

Are there Culinary Schools in Utah?

Utah is home to many Culinary schools. 

These Culinary Schools in Utah are examined below;

  • Southern Utah University
  • The Art Institute of Salt Lake City
  • Snow College
  • Davis Applied Technology College
  • Mountainland Applied Technology College
  • Bridgerland Applied Technology College
  • Ogden Weber Applied Technology College
  • Utah Valley University
  • Salt Lake Community College
  • Uintah Basin Technical College
  • Park City Culinary Institute 
  • Southwest Technical College
  • Brigham Young University 
  • Utah College of Applied Technology 
  • Sur la table

How Much Does Culinary Schools Cost in Utah?

Utah Valley University costs a Net price of $8,184 a year.

Salt Lake Community College costs $6,204 on a yearly basis

Also, Snow College costs $7,896 a year in tuition fees and other costs.

Furthermore, Bridgerland Applied Technology college has a tuition cost of $3,739 per year.

In addition, Mountainland Technical College costs $2,221 on a yearly basis for its Culinary courses

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What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Utah?

The Requirements for Utah Valley University include an application fee of $35. ACT and SAT scores are considered but not required.

Salt Lake Community College requires only an application fee of $40 as admission criteria.

Snow College also has a requirement of a $30 application fee only for admission requirements.

Furthermore, Mountainland Technical College asks for an application fee of $40 as admission criteria.

What are the Best Culinary Schools in Utah?

The best Culinary Schools in Utah are explained in detail below;

1. Park City Culinary Institute

The Park City Cooking Institute was founded in Park City and now has a new site in Salt Lake City where they are offering culinary courses. 

Here, students will learn firsthand from some of the West’s top executive chefs. 

The Park City Culinary Institute is a unique institution since it enrols students of all skill levels, including beginners, seasoned chefs, and restaurant owners. 

Besides, traditional culinary schools are not always the best option which is why this is a more condensed and reasonably priced culinary school.

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This is a good reason why this is one of the best Culinary Schools in Utah.

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2. Utah Valley University 

For students interested in a career in professional culinary arts or baking, UVU’s Culinary Arts Institute offers top-notch instruction. 

Also, small, interactive classes with a focus on individualized instruction and development are available through the program. 

Through “engaged” industry-based learning, the Culinary Arts Institute gives experience to its students. 

Furthermore, the Culinary Arts Institute at this school aims to develop its students to compete among the best cooking and baking experts in the culinary industry.

This is a good reason why it is one of the top Culinary schools in Utah

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3. Davis Technical College

In addition to technological proficiency, culinary arts also call for imagination and sense of taste. This is what Davis Technical College offers.

Students learn proper cooking techniques, baking techniques, knife skills, and how to operate professional equipment through the Davis Tech program. 

Also, students get to work in a contemporary, well-equipped production kitchen while learning culinary principles and skills. 

Furthermore, Students who enroll in the culinary arts program are prepared for a wide range of careers.

This is one of the best Culinary schools in Utah

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4. Ogden Weber Applied Technology College

One of the culinary schools in Utah, Ogden-Weber Technical College, offers students a Culinary Arts program.

The school also undertakes a Baking & Pastry program that are both intended to give students a solid foundation in both classical and modern cooking techniques along with practical experience. 

This gives each student confidence in their acquired skills and equips them to enter the field of food service and hospitality with success.

Furthermore, it also engages in private classes as well as online training for those students who desire better hands-on learning.

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5. Southwest Technical College

This is one of the best Culinary Schools in Utah.

As part of its culinary arts curriculum, the college offers degrees in Baking, pastry and winemaking.

One of the college’s main objectives is to instil cooking skills and habits in its students through exceptional and creative learning. 

As a result of this, its students are always excelling at their different Culinary careers and also go on to become trailblazers in the Culinary industry.

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6. Utah College of Applied Technology 

There are eight locations of this culinary school throughout the state. 

The College’s 11–13-month-long culinary arts program aims to emphasize creativity, technique, and taste in its students.

Also, In its state-of-the-art learning kitchen, catering and short-order cooking are performed under the direction of a chef/instructor. 

UCAT facilities are located in Logan, St. George, Cedar City, and Roosevelt, however, campus offerings differ within the system. 

Additionally, Prospective students are advised to speak with advisors at various locations for details on different programs.

This is regarded as one of the best Culinary Schools in Utah.

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7. The Art Institute of Salt Lake City

One of the culinary schools in Utah is this school which is located in Draper, Utah.

Prospective Students can enrol in the culinary arts program and the chef training program at the institution. 

Pastry and baking classes are also available in this institute and can be a separate course or together with the culinary arts program.

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Furthermore, tuition is $17,388; however, scholarships and other financial aid only cover $1,588 of that amount. The tuition is payable in instalments.

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8. Snow College

This is one of the best Culinary schools in Utah.

Ephraim is the location of the school. 

Snow College aims to impart knowledge and skills to its students through its mentorship schemes and the exceptional teaching methods of its brilliant instructors.

A culinary arts curriculum and a program for training chefs are also available to students at the institution. 

In addition to the $2,696 tuition rate, the institution also charges $2,387 in scholarships and financial aid.

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9. Mountainland Applied Technology College

This Culinary College ranks among the top Culinary schools in Utah.

The school is set in the amazing town of Lehi which is one of the bedrocks of culinary arts in the city.

Students come from other states in the US and all over the world to attend this college.

This is due to its highly skilled instructors and well-equipped facilities the school possesses.

Asides from the regular programs, Culinary Food Preparation Programs are b also available at the institution. 

Furthermore, the school frequently awards $659 in scholarships and financial help to deserving and indigent students.

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10. Bridgerland Applied Technology College

This is also one of the top-ranked culinary schools in Utah.

This college is in Logan, a vibrant town with a booming culinary industry.

Also, the institution provides programs in culinary food preparation. 

Moreover, It offers $1,543 in scholarships and financial help to students.

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11. Salt Lake Community College

In Salt Lake City, providing cutting-edge settings for culinary education necessitated the rise of an independent Culinary Institute in the city.

Salt Lake Community College is widely regarded as one of the top-ranked culinary schools in Utah.

The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Culinary Arts and also offers private classes.

Also, the two-year Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts Degree Program entails 67 hours of classroom credit and 2000 hours of paid internship work experience. 

Furthermore, the professors at the school are certified chefs, and credits from their programs transfer to four-year institutions. 

Additionally, this college supports the Utah Restaurant Association and ManageFirst organizations in Utah.

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12. Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University is one of the best Culinary Schools in Utah.

Student chefs have been tantalizing the community’s palates with beloved school-owned restaurants with some fascinating and distinctive meals. 

Also, The most well-liked course offered by SUU also offers participants the opportunity to learn from some of the top chefs in the southern Utah region.

Lastly, the school breeds its students for all-around development in their Culinary areas.

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13. Uintah Basin Technical College

In Ballard, Utah, there is a public college called Uintah Basin Technical College. 

With 138 undergraduate students, it is a tiny institution offering a few courses.

Also, the Admittance rate for Uintah Basin Tech College is 100 percent.

The Culinary department of the school accepts students interested in learning and cultivating the skills of cooking, baking and pastry.

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14. Brigham Young University

This is one of the best Culinary Schools in Utah.

Students will study all aspects of food, including food culture, food history, food safety, and contemporary food trends, in the school’s culinary course. 

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Additionally, they will gain knowledge about the food service sector and practice their culinary skills. 

Also, the culinary course will help students improve their cooking abilities and provide them the chance to choose jobs in this exciting area through practical exercises and in-depth study of the culinary arts field.

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15. Sur la Table

Sur La Table is one of those culinary schools in Utah that both newcomers and seasoned cooks should think about enrolling with.

With everything from fundamental knife skills to more sophisticated methods, Sur La Table offers an astonishing assortment of items and seminars based on individual preferences. 

Additionally, they offer a range of cooking classes, so whether you have an interest in learning how to bake or use a knife, there’s something for everyone.

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Utah?

The average salary for a Cook is $15.27 per hour in Utah.

While the average annual Cook salary in Utah is $27542. Most Cooks make between $20825 to $28974 per year.

How Do I Become a Cook in Utah?

To become a cook in Utah, the following steps should be taken;

  • The capacity for thoroughness and attention to detail. 
  • Understanding of food-producing techniques. 
  • The capacity to operate effectively under pressure and to tolerate criticism. 
  • Leadership capabilities. 
  • The capacity for collaborative work. 
  • Understanding of industrial procedures and production. 
  • Math expertise is also very important 
  • The capacity to use your hands effectively.

If these steps can be adhered to, then you’re well on your way to becoming a cook in Utah.

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in  Utah with Salary?

An Adjunct Culinary Arts instructor in Utah is paid an estimated $56,000 – 80,000 a year.

A butcher role earns $32,000- 42,000 a year.

Foodservice Associate role in Utah earns between $16.00 – $20.80 every hour. 

Similarly, a food service specialist makes between $16.50 – $21.45 an hour.

Also, a Sous Chef makes between $44,000 – $62,000 a year. 

A cook makes $34,000 – 45,000 a year in Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does culinary school cost in Utah?

Our Professional Certification in the Culinary Arts program is $9,800. It includes all of the equipment, materials, books, knives, and uniforms required for the program.

How long is a culinary school in Utah?

Program Length: 1030 hours (This program can be completed in approximately 16 months, based on enrollment of 15 hours per week. If possible, students are encouraged to enrol in more hours per week to graduate faster.)

Does the University of Utah have a culinary program?

Culinary Medicine takes place in a cooking kitchen, where students prepare and enjoy meals while discussing the science of nutrition and how to help patients make health behaviour change. A unique strength of the University of Utah’s Culinary Medicine course is that it emphasizes an interprofessional environment.

Does BYU have a culinary program?

A two-year Associate Degree is offered in Culinary Arts. Entrance to the program is by application (available online). Applications can also be obtained by writing to Admissions in the care of BYU-Idaho.

How much is Park City culinary?

$8,000 to $12,000

The cost to attend Park City Culinary Institute ranges from $8,000 to $12,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $10,000.

How much is the tuition for culinary school?

Tuition Rates for Culinary Schools

In addition to traditionally high tuition rates, the costs of culinary schools are also rapidly rising. Currently, culinary school tuition typically costs over $30,000. That’s a steep price for most students to consider, and one that will force many students to utilize financial aid.


This article has carefully selected and examined in detail, the top Culinary Schools in Utah along with their costs, requirements and how to apply.

All that’s left is for you to take bold steps by sending in applications to any of these Culinary schools in Utah so your Culinary career can get a move on!!


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