15 Best Culinary Schools in Wisconsin | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

In Wisconsin, there are 270,000 jobs in the restaurant, and food service industry, which makes up 10% of total employment; hence anyone who wishes to work in these places must attend one of the culinary schools in Wisconsin. 

By 2026, an extra 26,000 jobs are anticipated. So it should come as no surprise that Wisconsin’s economy greatly benefits from the food service industry. 

Earning a degree or credential in culinary arts in best culinary schools in Wisconsin is a wise move to stand out and be noticed when applying for positions in this fascinating business, where there is a growing demand for culinary specialists.

There are numerous culinary schools in Wisconsin that are equipped to handle the demand for skilled culinary experts. 

Are There Culinary Schools in Wisconsin?

There are more than 15 cooking and culinary schools in Wisconsin that can assist in achieving culinary objectives.

Here are some Culinary schools in Wisconsin:

  • Madison Area Technical College
  • Waukesha County Technical College
  • Blackhawk Technical College
  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Lakeshore Technical College

How Much Does Culinary Schools Cost in Wisconsin?

Tuition fees at best culinary schools in Wisconsin  varies. Here are some culinary schools in Wisconsin with tuition fees:

Furthermore, by filling out a scholarship application, you can further reduce the cost of your tuition price in culinary schools in Wisconsin.

In culinary schools in Colorado springs a scholarship typically costs $1,764. The average acceptance rate in Kansas is 44%, so it’s vital to keep that in mind if you want to get accepted into the program of your choice.

Requirements For Culinary Schools in Wisconsin?

Applying for culinary schools in Colorado springs is an easy process. Here are the requirements before acceptance

  • Complete the Online Application for Admission
  • Submit Your Transcripts
  • Submit Test Scores and/or Relevant Records
  • Contact a College Representative or Enrollment Services Center
  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • All First-Time, Accepted Students must attend an Orientation Session
  • Register for Classes

Best Culinary Schools in Wisconsin

1. Madison Area Technical College

The American Culinary Federation has given Madison Area Technical College’s AAS Degree in Culinary Arts and Technical Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts outstanding certification. 

As they work toward their AAS degree, students at this prestigious culinary school can complete the Culinary Production Specialist program and receive an incorporated technical credential. 

Program teachers take advantage of opportunities for professional development to stay current with market developments. Working at Diane’s Delicious Diner, the on-campus restaurant, allows students to hone their professional abilities. 

Students demonstrate their traditional and ethnic culinary methods as they make and serve a range of meals. Students can transfer to a four-year college to continue their studies after receiving an AAS in culinary arts.

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2. Waukesha County Technical College

The American Culinary Federation has recognized Waukesha County Technical College as an excellent culinary school that grants an AAS in Culinary Management. 

For a total of more than 1,000 lab hours, this 69-credit program offers students the opportunity to learn the most recent culinary methods and business trends. 

The on-campus restaurant, The Classic Room, offers practical instruction in food preparation and dining service. 

There are numerous alternatives available for students interested in international internships or tours, including trips to Italy, France, and Germany. 

A certificate in culinary skills is also provided by Waukesha County Technical College.

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3. Blackhawk Technical College

An AAS in Culinary Arts from Blackhawk Technical College can be earned after two years of study. 

Students pick up knowledge of production, catering, restaurant operations, and food preparation. Nutrition, monitoring, food safety and sanitation, and menu planning are among the topics covered in the coursework. 

The Wisconsin Board of Vocational Technical and Adult Education gave the program the Exemplary Educational Service Award, and the American Culinary Federation has accredited it. 

Graduates of this prestigious culinary school may find employment as a kitchen manager, executive chef, lead cook, or executive sous chef.

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4. Fox Valley Technical College

The Fox Valley Technical College’s AAS Degree in Culinary Arts is a distinctive culinary program that is provided in both a normal and an accelerated style. 

Along with studying management techniques, menu planning techniques, and supervision techniques, students also learn how to make a range of meats, vegetables, soups, and desserts. 

Unique offerings including heart healthy cooking, morning cooking, and meat identification are included in the courses. 

Courses in ice carving, Latin American cuisine, and event planning with catering are available as electives. 

Additionally, Fox Valley Technical College offers students the opportunity to join a culinary competition team. 

Graduates are equipped to work successfully as sous chefs, head cooks, banquet chefs, or bakers.

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5. Milwaukee Area Technical College

There are two AAS degree programs in the culinary arts available via Milwaukee Area Technical College. 

The Milwaukee and Oak Creek campuses both offer the AAS Degree in Culinary Arts, which can be started in either the autumn or spring semester. 

Students get practical experience working in the cafeteria on campus. Students who enroll in the Baking and Pastry Arts program learn how to make artisan breads, traditional pastries, cakes, and confections. 

This premier culinary program teaches students how to run a profitable bakery café. Additionally, Milwaukee Area Technical College grants certificates in baking production or culinary arts. 

The AAS degree program that corresponds to the certificate program accepts coursework from the certificate program.

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6. Gateway Technical College

The “Learning by Doing” idea guides Gateway Technical College’s (GTC) approach to culinary education. 

Throughout the course of the curriculum, students engage in practical activities such as food preparation and service in the college’s dining hall, event catering, and working in a store. 

A top culinary institute, GTC has a freshly rebuilt kitchen and service area with cutting-edge appliances like smokers, walk-in freezer/coolers, and combo ovens made by Alto-Sham. 

Students looking for further practical experience can take part in statewide student events like the College Culinary Hot and Cold Plate Competition at the Wisconsin Restaurant Expo. 

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Additionally, GTC has a culinary club that offers networking opportunities and outings throughout the curriculum.

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7. Lakeshore Technical College

In the culinary arts, Lakeshore Technical College provides an associate’s degree. There are full-time and part-time options for the degree program. 

The option to take classes in the evening and receive credit while working is available to students who have been employed in the field for at least a year. 

Students study modern fusion cuisine as well as French methodologies and techniques. Students are given the chance to intern in order to obtain more professional experience, following the paradigm of European apprenticeship programs.

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8. Nicolet Area Technical College

The 66-credit AAS in Culinary Arts offered by Nicolet Area Technical College covers courses in both fundamental and advanced culinary techniques. 

Students learn the fundamentals of cost management, menu planning, food service management, and purchasing through this engaging program. 

There are many different ways that courses are taught, such as through lectures, practical training, and demonstrations. 

During the spring semester, students have the chance to showcase their culinary abilities by preparing and serving cuisine to the general public at the student-run dining hall Top of the Hill. 

Graduates are equipped to work as line cooks, sous chefs, assistant pastry chefs, personal chefs, and food purveyors, among other professions. 

In addition, a number of certificates including an AAS in culinary management are available.

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9. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

An Associate Degree in Culinary Arts is available from the prestigious culinary institution Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. 

Students pick up a variety of talents, such as those related to cooking, nutrition, catering, wines, baking, and fine dining. Courses in this two-year culinary program are provided throughout the day, giving students the opportunity to work in the evenings if necessary. 

Graduates are proficient in menu planning and the use of cooking techniques to make a variety of meats, vegetables, soups, sauces, and baked products.

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10. Western Technical College

A certificate in Food Preparation Assistant is available through Technical College. The certificate qualifies graduates for positions in kitchens at hotels, restaurants, and other establishments where food may be prepared for visitors. 

Students must finish 13 credits in order to receive the certificate. Classes for coursework include those in sanitation and baking basics, to name just two.

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11. Moraine Park Technical College

Moraine Park Technical College is one of the Culinary Schools in Wisconsin, a renowned public university; situated in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, near the Appleton area. Seven hundred sixty-two undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a modest school. 

The acceptance rate at Moraine Park Tech is 100 percent. Nursing assistant, nursing, accounting technician, and bookkeeping are popular majors. 

Alumni of Moraine Park Tech graduate in 73% of cases, and their beginning pay is $31,400.

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12. Chippewa Valley Technical College

An exceptional public university called Chippewa Valley Tech is situated in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is a tiny university with 2,021 undergraduate students enrolled. 

The admittance rate for Chippewa Valley Tech is 100 percent. Nursing, nursing, and emergency medical technician are common majors (EMT Paramedic). 

Alumni of Chippewa Valley Tech graduate 52% of their class, and their starting wage is $31,900.

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13. Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Area Tech is a top-notch public university that is situated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

It is a tiny university with 3,616 undergraduate students enrolled. The Milwaukee Area Tech has a 100% acceptance rate. 

Popular majors include business, nursing assistant, and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) training. 

Alumni of Milwaukee Area Tech earn a starting income of $26,500, with graduation rates of 18%.

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14. Northcentral Technical College

An exceptional public university called Northcentral Tech is situated in Wausau, Wisconsin. 

It is a modest university with 1,212 undergraduate students enrolled. The admissions rate at Northcentral Tech is 100 percent. 

Popular majors include emergency medical technician, welding, and nursing assistant (EMT Paramedic). 39% of students at Northcentral Tech graduated.

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15. Alverno College

Your future is probably still a little hazy as you consider it. You don’t know what is ahead. 

But as you learn, live, and develop within a community of #AlvernoStrong students, teachers, and staff, an Alverno education will assist in bringing that into focus. 

There is nowhere else like this.

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How Much Do Cook Make In Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the average annual salary for those working in the culinary arts is $47,293. 

In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $22.74 per hour. This amounts to $909 each week or $3,941 per month.

While wages on ZipRecruiter can range from $21,526 to $104,402, the bulk of incomes in the Culinary Art jobs category now fall between $36,056 (25th percentile) and $53,815 (75th percentile), with the top earners (90th percentile) in Wisconsin making $80,184 each year.

How Do I Become a cook in Wisconsin?

Formal schooling is not necessary to work as a cook. 

However, a lot of firms like selecting cooks who have the ideal combination of formal education and experience. 

Here are some specific conditions that upscale restaurants need:

  • A two- or four-year culinary degree is recommended. However, other organizations just demand that a cook be skilled in sanitation, hospitality, advanced cookery, and food safety.
  • Get advanced training to gain a firm understanding of the abilities required for hectic work conditions.
  • Additionally, a cook must receive significant training from a chef.

Best Paying Culinary Job in Wisconsin?

There are at least 5 jobs in the Culinary Art job category that pay more annually than the average Culinary Art salary in Wisconsin

Top examples of these positions include director of culinary development, vice president of culinary, and vice president of culinary.

Importantly, the salaries for all of these positions range from $40,341 (85.3%) to $105,199 (222.4%) higher than the average wage for the culinary arts, which is $47,293. 

If you’re qualified, you might be able to earn more money than the typical Culinary Art career by being hired for one of these related positions.


The best culinary schools in Wisconsin include some of these institutions.

Choose your program carefully, put in a lot of effort, and get ready for a great new profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your career options as a chef in culinary schools in Wisconsin?

Commercial Cooking
Diner Cook
Dining Room Service
Fry Cook
Kitchen Manager
Restaurant Manager

Why study in culinary schools in Wisconsin?

Studying the culinary arts can enhance your life in a variety of ways, not to mention that it can enhance the lives of others. 
The following are just a few benefits of studying Culinary schools in Wisconsin.
Recognize the value of cooking as an art form.
Acquire an appreciation for various cultures
Find out how you can promote leading a healthy lifestyle.

Is culinary art a good career

Yes, there is a high demand for trained chefs when the hospitality and tourism industries reemerge. Jobs in culinary management and culinary arts will undoubtedly soar even higher in the next years.

Is culinary schools difficult?

Culinary school is difficult! However, it’s a hurdle that countless numbers


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