Best Dental Assistant Schools in Phoenix | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

Dental assistant schools in Phoenix are expected to offer you over 100 hours of departmental experience, helping you develop these skills before entering the workforce.

The coursework requirements for dental assistant schools in Phoenix depend on whether you plan to pursue an associate degree or a passing certificate.

While a Certificate of Completion involves about one year of coursework, an Associate’s degree takes most students about two years. Your training may include office management skills, laboratory procedures, crown polishing, advanced duties, and patient education.

After completing your dental assistant training in Arizona, you can start applying for jobs. Arizona, like many other states, does not require licensure or certification for non-extended duty dental assistants.

Are There Dental Assistant Schools In Phoenix?

There are currently two accredited dental assistant programs in Arizona, offered by Phoenix College and Pima Community College.

Phoenix College (PC) offers 150 degree and certificate programs, which include a dental assistant program. Phoenix College admitted its first students in 1920 and is dedicated to providing access to valuable and affordable education and community services.

Pima Community College currently offers more than 140 traditional and online degree programs.

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How Much Do Dental Assistant Schools Cost In Phoenix?

At a community college, you’ll likely spend $2,130 for a certificate or $6,250 for an associate degree. At a technical college, you can spend $24,950 for a certificate and $38,200 for an associate degree.

Type of ProgramLengthCost
Certificate / Diploma6 – 15 Months$2,130 – $24,950
Associate Degree2 Years$6,250 – $38,200

Community colleges in Arizona typically have lower tuition rates than private schools. You can also get financial aid through scholarships and grants to help pay for your education.

The National Board of Dental Caring offers a $500 scholarship for students enrolled in CODA-accredited programs, and the American Dental Association (ADA) offers a $1,000 award. You can also check with your chosen school to see if they offer any scholarships or grants.

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What Are The Requirements For Dental Assistant Schools In Phoenix?

There are programs other than CODA approved programs that may be beneficial to individuals who wish to continue their education and work in the dental field.

The Dental Nursing National Board (DANB) and the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners also accredit some programs.

To become certified as an X-ray operator, individuals must pass an exam approved by the DANB and the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners.

The exam is called Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and can be successfully completed after completing the Oral Radiography Review Course for Dental Assistants.

This course can be taken in Scottsdale (Progressive Dental Academy), Tucson (Pima Community College) and Phoenix (Phoenix College).

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What Are The Best Dental Assistant Schools In Phoenix?

Wondering where you should go to develop your dental assistant skills? The schools listed below have all the facilities, dental labs, teaching equipment and supplies you will need to begin this noble and rewarding profession. They are located in the Phoenix, Arizona area and near Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix College, Phoenix

Dental assistant careers in Arizona have grown dramatically in recent times. To meet this growing demand, Phoenix College, equipped with an experienced faculty, provides an education that is job-ready and relevant.

You can complete this dental assisting training program by choosing a certificate (34.5-42 credits) or associate degree program (60 credits).

While both programs focus on entry-level dental assisting skills, the associate degree program additionally includes liberal arts courses that give you a well-rounded education.

To be eligible for admission, you must have a high school diploma or GED and have an active CPR certification. Graduation requires that you pass all courses with a minimum grade of “C”.


UEI College

If you enjoy helping people look and feel better, but you’re stuck in an educational or career rut, now is the time to consider the Phoenix Dental Assistant program at UEI College.

Their Dental Assistant program can help you get a job in the dental field where you’ll gain the skills and confidence to work directly with patients and dentists.

You’ll learn a range of vital dental skills, from radiography and prosthodontics to teaching patients good oral hygiene, through a combination of classroom learning, online dental assistant training and hands-on real-world learning.


Carrington College, Mesa, Phoenix and Tucson

Carrington College leaves no stone unturned in supporting dentists in helping students achieve their career goals.

From financial aid to tutoring, from excellent clinical experience to career services, you’ll be there every step of the way. Like most colleges, Carrington also offers certificate and associate degrees.

While the former trains you to become an entry-level dental assistant in a dental office, the latter broadens your knowledge by including courses in communication skills, computer literacy, science, math and social studies.

Technical coursework for both programs typically focuses on the development of clinical, administrative, and laboratory skills necessary to assist the dentist during a variety of dental procedures.


Brooklyn College, Phoenix and Tempe

With a low student-to-faculty ratio, Brookline College provides personalized learning. In addition, you study with a faculty that brings its own distinctive credentials and experience.

This Arizona dental assistant program is a 10-month degree that offers full-time classes only and teaches you anatomy, dental specialties, preventive dentistry, dental radiography, dental materials, laboratory procedures, and dental office administration.

 At the end of the training, you will apply the knowledge gained during 180 hours of practice in the dentist’s office. This experience will help you build confidence and skills before you land your first job.

Upon graduation, you will be eligible to take the Dental Assistant Certification Exam, the State Radiation Safety Certification Exam, and the Crown Polishing Certification Exam. By successfully passing these exams, you will significantly expand your career prospects.

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Mojave Community College, Kingman

Mohave Community College offers a supportive learning environment for dental students where they gain professional competency. A state-of-the-art clinical laboratory allows students to gain extensive practice prior to clinical practice at a local dental facility.

This dental assisting course is a two-semester certificate offered in the fall of each year. With part-time and full-time options, you can choose the schedule that best suits your personal needs.

The coursework is rigorous and fast-paced and it is strongly recommended that working students limit their work commitments for the duration of their studies.

To become certified, you must complete 25 credits in courses such as dentistry, infection control, dental radiography, clinical procedures, dental office management, knowledge of dental specialties, and dental materials.


Pima Community College, Tucson

Pima Community College offers an affordable education with a strong emphasis on vocational training. It effectively serves students seeking to pursue a career in dentistry by offering a range of dynamic dental programs.

To become a dental assistant in Arizona, you may want to consider this certificate program, which includes extensive clinical experience of 336 hours in a local dental office.

The curriculum gives you knowledge about biomedical dentistry, oral radiography, dental materials, preventive dentistry, dental office procedures and front office responsibilities such as administration and management in the dental office.

You must complete all of these courses with at least a grade of “C” to graduate. Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible to sit for the national certification exam, Arizona oral radiology certification, and crown polishing certification.


How Much Do Dental Assistants In Phoenix Earn?

The BLS reports the average salary for dental assistants in the US. These salaries are $41,180 per year and $19.80 per hour.

The top ten percent of dental assistants in the U.S. earn more than $58,390. You can expect to earn more with credentials and certifications, advanced features, and additional years of experience.

Salaries in Arizona vary widely based on qualifications, experience, location and employer. According to BLS estimates, the statewide median range is $37,740 to $40,980.

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How Do I Become A Dental Assistant In Phoenix?

According to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners (ASBDE), you do not need special credentials or a license to work as a dental assistant in the state. Requirements only begin if you perform crown polishing, x-rays or advanced functions.

Becoming a dental assistant is as easy as finding a dentist who is willing to train you on the job. Your responsibilities will be limited, but as you work and learn, you can earn certifications to perform more skilled tasks.

If you want to become an EFDA and have more career opportunities, it is best to start with an academic program. Here are the steps required to become an EFDA in Arizona:

Complete a post-secondary academic dental assisting program approved by the ASBDE and accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). It should include courses with advanced features.

Get your Arizona Crown Polishing Certificate. To do this, you must pass the Coronal Polish National Board Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) exam and provide an affidavit of clinical skills signed by a dentist or instructor.

  • Take and pass three DANB exams: Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology, Restorative Functions, and Temporal.
  • Perform and document restorative procedures under the supervision of a licensed dentist.
  • Apply for the Arizona Advanced Features – Renewal Certificate through DANB.
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Best Paying Dental Assistant Jobs in Phoenix

Dental assistants are indispensable in dental offices and are the most employed (6,910) in Arizona. You can work in a solo practice, a group practice, or a specialty practice such as orthodontics, endodontics, or pediatric dentistry.

Several dental assistants (180) work for the government in dental clinics affiliated with community health facilities. An equal number of dental assistants work in doctors’ offices or hospitals, helping dentists care for immobile patients.

Once you’ve earned your dental assistant degree and passed your credentialing exams, you’re ready to look for work. Up to 90% of dental assistants work in dental offices, so this is a great place to start.

You can find a position anywhere that has dentists. However, the highest demand will be in large cities such as Phoenix and Tucson.

Managers of dental offices are always looking for skilled and qualified dental assistants. They want candidates with relevant training and preferably certification.

You can also browse other types of employers to work for. Dental assistants work in doctors’ offices, medical centers, hospitals, and residential facilities such as nursing homes.

They also work for community groups, clinics and government agencies. Dental assisting is a rewarding career and a great way to get into the healthcare industry without spending four years studying.

You can start right away in Arizona or take a year or two to get some credentials. Either way, you’ll find your skills in high demand and a stable career with a good salary.

Dental Assistant Schools In Phoenix FAQs

What Do Dental Assistants Do In Phoenix?

As a dental assistant in Arizona, your duties may include everything from ordering supplies to taking impressions of teeth to teaching patients the oral hygiene routines they should perform at home to maintain healthy teeth and gums. You will be the favorite person in your dental office! For some procedures, such as x-rays and crown polishing procedures, you will need to obtain additional certifications from the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners.

What Does Dental Assistant Schools In Phoenix Coursework Cover?

Your curriculum will differ depending on whether you are studying a one-year or two-year program. Both programs at Arizona dental assistant schools include classroom and clinical instruction, but two-year programs will include some basic science as well as specialized technical skills, while one-year programs will focus only on technical skills. Your technical classes will include subjects such as chairside assistance, biodentistry and dental materials.

Are Dental Assistants In Demand In Phoenix?

The demand for dental assistants in Arizona is expected to grow by nearly a third by 2026. Currently, dental offices tend to be concentrated in relatively affluent cities like Phoenix and Tucson, leaving poorer communities in Santa Cruz, Pinal, Greenlee. and Yuma counties are underserved. In 2017, Arizona became the seventh state to legalize dental therapy as a profession.


Do you want to join a field that is always in demand and gives you the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day? With dental assistant schools in Phoenix, you’ll enjoy small class sizes, experienced instructors, and a 100% placement rate that will help you go from student to professional in a fraction of the time compared to more expensive programs.



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