Best Dental Assistant Schools In Florida | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

Because the program you choose can have a significant impact on your future, we’ve developed a number of rankings, including this list of the best dental assistant schools in Florida, to help you choose the school that’s best for you.

Once you graduate from an accredited program, you must be licensed to work as a dental assistant under Florida law. The Florida Board of Dentistry governs the licensing of dental assistants in Florida.

Florida boasts more than 20 CODA-accredited dental assistant programs. Settings include community colleges, state colleges, and technical colleges, among others.

Dental sciences, infection control and assistance at the department are among the components of the curriculum. The student will have the opportunity to get good practical experience. The experience will include 300 hours of externship.

Are There Dental Assistant Schools In Florida?

Florida boasts more than 20 CODA-accredited dental assistant schools. Settings include community colleges, state colleges, and technical colleges, among others.

Dental sciences, infection control and assistance at the department are among the components of the curriculum. The student will have the opportunity to get good practical experience. The experience will include 300 hours of externship.

A dental assistant can also become qualified by completing a course that is specifically approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry to perform the required function.

A list of Florida-approved EFDA courses can be found in the helpful links section of the Board of Dentistry website.

Programs are designated as “extended duties/radiology” because they meet many state requirements. The list includes a number of options that are not CODA accredited. In addition to the list of active, approved programs, the document contains a list of programs that have recently been closed.

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How Much Do Dental Assistant Schools Cost In Florida?

If you choose to join a certificate or diploma program, it will take you a maximum of 15 months and cost up to $25,260. In contrast, an associate’s degree takes about two years and can cost $38,670.

A dental assistant training program can be completed and graduated in just 10 months. During this time, students learn preventive, radiographic and clinical dental procedures and perform various administrative duties in the clinic.

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What Are The Requirements For Dental Assistant Schools In Florida?

Each US state and Canadian province has different dental care program requirements in the interest of public health and public safety.

Depending on where you live, you will need to meet different requirements and obtain different certifications or degrees to become a licensed dental assistant.

For example, not all states require a degree beyond a high school diploma to become certified or licensed.

When it comes to continuing your education after high school, you have many options. Dental assisting programs have recently gained popularity due to advanced scientific developments, increased demands and incredible employment opportunities.

To become a registered dental assistant, you must complete a one- to two-year dental assisting program certified by your state’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

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The time to successful completion depends on whether you want a diploma, certificate or an applied science degree.

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What Are The Best Dental Assistant Schools In Florida?

There are several possible paths to becoming a dental assistant. Some states require dental assistants to complete an accredited CODA program and pass an exam.

In other states, there are no formal educational requirements, and dental assistants learn to perform their duties through on-the-job training.

Below are schools that offer dental assistant programs located in the state of Florida and sorted by CODA accredited schools and post-secondary vocational schools.

#1. Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater

Ultimate Medical Academy prepares students for a thriving career as a dental assistant by offering reliable support with one-on-one tutoring, externships, and career services such as resume preparation guidance, interview assistance, and placement assistance.

To become a dental assistant in Florida, you can choose one of two options offered by the college. There is a certificate that takes 11 months and an associate degree that takes 20 months.

While the curriculum for the certificate (26 credits) consists primarily of dental science and dental assistant courses, the associate coursework (62 credits) also includes general education courses.

Both programs also include an advanced functional training course leading to EFDA certification.


#2. Gulf Coast State College, Panama City

Gulf Coast State College has a dental clinic that serves the local community and provides students with the opportunity to work under the guidance of licensed dentists.

The dental assistant program offered by the college is a 10-month certificate. On a full-time schedule, the college delivers coursework through didactic classes, laboratory and clinical training.

To graduate, you must complete 47 credit hours of courses that include dental nutrition, dental pharmacology, oral pathology, dental office management, head and neck anatomy, oral anatomy, and dental materials.

To receive a certificate, you must earn a minimum of “C” in all courses.


#3. Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee

Dental assistant graduates from Tallahassee Community College are known to have job-ready skills and professional competence due to the hands-on training they receive in various community dental clinics.

This dental assistant school in Florida offers a diploma in dental assisting that requires the completion of 50 credit hours. After completing this coursework, you will be prepared to take the national certification exam.

To be eligible for this program, you must have a high school GPA of at least 2.0 and complete high school biology and chemistry courses.

It will take you 12 months to complete this program, which will train you to perform chairside assisting functions such as anesthesia administration, dental x-rays, dental clinic management, patient record keeping, and advanced functions authorized by the Florida Board of Dentistry.


#4. Concorde Career Institute, Jacksonville, Miramar, Orlando and Tampa

At Concorde Career Institute, you will study in well-equipped laboratories, student resource centers and modern classrooms.

The faculty is experienced and committed to helping dental students achieve their individual career goals.

Concorde offers an eight-month certificate program to jump-start your career. The program will teach you the necessary skills and knowledge to work as an entry-level dental assistant.

The curriculum includes courses in fundamental dental concepts, dental specialties, crown polishing, dental procedures, dental materials, nutrition, and orthodontics.

You will also complete an externship at a local dental practice at the end of the course to enhance your professional skills.


#5. East Florida State College, Cocoa

Eastern Florida State College offers the h3 level to dental assisting students. Because of the thorough training they receive, most students are known to find work before they even graduate.

The college offers the degree with two schedule options, a regular full-time program and a visiting program.

While the 15-month regular full-time program offers all on-campus classes during the day, the 16-month on-campus program offers all online theory classes and on-campus laboratory training in the evenings.

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This flexibility is great for students with extra responsibilities. Before beginning the 50-credit coursework, the college requires you to complete two general education courses in Introduction to Health Care and Anatomy and Physiology.

Upon completion of the entire course, you will receive a Dental Assistant Diploma and Advanced Dental Assistant Certificate.


#6. Compu-Med Vocational Careers Corp, Hyaliah

Compu-Med Vocational Careers Corp offers career-oriented and affordable dental education. Students are taught by a teacher who brings his professional experience to the classroom.

The certificate offered by the college is a 45-week course. Giving a significant impetus to experiential learning, you will complete 180 hours of externship at the end of the coursework.

This allows you to put newly acquired skills into practice in a clinical setting.

The curriculum includes a range of topics from computer skills and office procedures to dental ethics and law, from dental anatomy to infection control, and from dental materials to dental radiology.

You will also complete the Advanced Dental Assistant Course, which is a prerequisite for dental assisting in Florida.


#7. Florida National University (FNU)

FNU’s dental assistant program is designed to prepare you for entry-level employment. After this program, you can take the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam offered by DANB.

Graduates of the programs are also qualified for Enhanced Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) and radiography skills.

To graduate from the program, you must complete an 18-credit curriculum that includes introductory courses in oral anatomy, dental radiology, dental assisting, and clinical dental procedures.

You will also receive up to 120 hours of clinical practice before graduating.


#8. Santa Fe College, Gainesville

Santa Fe College’s dental assisting program can be completed in 10 months and is accredited by the American Dental Association.

They accept students every autumn and lasts for three months. The program will prepare you to become an Enhanced Function Dental Assistant (EFDA).

The last semester includes a dental internship. You will gain hands-on experience by practicing in the College Dental Clinic and other institutional/private settings. After graduation, you are also eligible for a CDA offered by DANB.


#9. Broward College, Fort Lauderdale

The Dental Assistant program offered by Broward College begins in June and lasts 12 months.

The program is comprehensive enough to qualify you as a dental assistant with advanced features and a dental radiography position. It can also serve as a pathway to a degree in dental hygiene.

However, the program is quite comprehensive and selective. It accepts only 36 students each year. Once you log in, you will receive a great learning experience. You can also participate in CDA after graduation.


#10. Indian River State College, Fort Pierce

This Diploma in Assistive Dental Technology Management from Indian River State College is valid for 20 months.

The program is designed to provide excellent training for dentists and to produce high-quality dental assistants.

To earn your degree, you must complete 50 credit hours of dental and dental assistant courses. In addition, you will receive an Enhanced Functional Dental Assistant (EFDA) certificate, which will allow you to apply for Advanced Dental Assistant courses.

The college also offers an Associate’s Degree in Dental Assisting Technology Management, which prepares you for teaching and leadership roles.


How Much Do Dental Assistants In Florida Earn?

The average dental assistant salary in Florida is only slightly lower than the national average. Dental assistants nationwide earn an average of $42,310 per year; in Florida, they earn $41,170, $1,140 less than the average.

Many people choose to work as dental assistants in Florida because of the good job prospects and security. As of 2018, the state employed 19,570 people and is estimated to grow to 22,870 by 2028, an increase of 16.86%.

There are many reasons for this significant employment growth in Florida. First of all, Florida’s population is constantly growing because it is a popular destination for retirees.

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Moreover, since a large percentage of the population is elderly, they require more medical care, including dental care. As dentists work to care for growing patients, dental assistants provide the necessary support.

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How Do I Become Dental Assistant In Florida?

To become a dental assistant in Florida, individuals must ensure that they meet specific requirements outlined in the Florida Administrative Code and enforced by the Florida Board of Dentistry.

To work as a dental assistant with advanced functions or radiography privileges, dental assistants in Florida must complete specific training courses approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry or complete a dental assisting program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

These bodies are recognized by the US Department of Education and the American Dental Association as the only agency for accreditation of professional dental education programs.

In other words, graduates of CODA-accredited dental assisting programs are recognized as meeting the educational and training requirements to perform the advanced functions and responsibilities of radiography.

Fortunately, dental assistants in Florida have a wide variety of dental assisting programs to choose from, of which there are currently 25 CODA-accredited programs in the Sunshine State.

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Best Paying Dental Assistant Jobs In Florida

Although dental assistants in the state are allowed to perform basic assisting procedures under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist, they require training to be able to perform advanced duties.

They must graduate from a CODA-accredited program or complete a Florida-approved enhanced duty training program.

The State of Florida – DENTAL ASSISTANT

Tooth Tales Pediatric Dentistry – Dental Assistant

Sanitas – Dental Assistant

Dental Care Group of Pembroke Pine – Dental Assistants

University of Miami – Dental Assistant

Assistant DOCS Health – Orthodontics Dental

Nova Southeastern University – Dental Assistant

US Veterans Health Administration – Dental Assistant

Aventura Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics – Dental Assistants

Nova Southeastern University – Dental Sterilization Technician

Dental Assistant Schools In Florida FAQs

Are Dental Assistants In Demand In Florida?

Dental assistant jobs in Florida are in high demand right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects dental assistant employment to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.

What Is The Requirement For Dental Assistant In Florida?

To become a dental assistant in Florida, you must complete formal training from a provider approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry. Therefore, there are two ways you can become a dental assistant in Florida: by studying under a dentist or by receiving formal training.
To become a registered dental assistant, you must have formal training. Registered dental assistants can perform more complex dental tasks, such as removing sutures and administering nitrous oxide inhalation anesthesia.

How Long Is Dental Assistant Schools In Florida?

To become one, you can complete a dental assisting program that takes about one year for a certificate or diploma and about two years for an associate degree. Completing an accredited program and passing an exam is also recommended. The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) has accredited about 250 dental training programs.

What Do Dental Assistants Do In Florida?

A dental assistant in Florida can perform basic dental assistant procedures under the supervision of a licensed dentist. However, dental assistants performing advanced dental care functions must be formally trained to do one of the following:
1.      Complete a CODA-accredited dental assisting program
2.      Complete a Florida-approved advanced training program


The dental care program you choose can have a big impact on your future. That’s why we’ve created our collection of rankings of the best dental assisting/assisting schools. For our overall ranking of the best dental/assisting schools, we summarize the results of our degree rankings, weighted by the number of degrees awarded at that level.



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