15 Best Boarding Schools in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state in the Midwest of the United States that includes the Great Plains, the Sandhills’ tall dunes, and the striking rock formations of the Panhandle, which has a good number of boarding schools.

This article provides all the information about the Best Top Ranking Boarding Schools in Nebraska.

You’re unsure of which boarding school to enroll your child in, Nebraska. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

Parents desire the best for their kids and believe that most boarding schools can provide it; the majority of parents enroll their kids in boarding schools. 

Typically, boarding schools are where students live and only go home during breaks.

Are There Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

The few boarding schools in Nebraska are among the best in the state out of the many that are located there.

In this article, the 15 top-ranking Boarding Schools will be enlisted and discussed, so keep reading.

  • Mount Michael Benedictine High School
  • Maur Hill – Mount Academy
  • St Margaret Mary’s School
  • Nebraska Lutheran High School
  • Jesuit Academy
  • Quest Forward Academy Omaha
  • Acton Academy Lincoln
  • Boys Town Career Center
  • College View Academy
  • St. Matthew Catholic School
  • Mountain Rose Horsemanship
  • Legacy School
  • Concordia Academy
  • Ponca Hills Farm
  • Phoenix Academy 

How Much Does Boarding Schools in Nebraska Cost?

Nebraska’s average private school tuition is $4,198 annually 2024.

The private elementary school’s average tuition cost is $3,650 per year, and the private high school’s average is $7,880 per year.

In Nebraska, the private school with the lowest tuition cost is St. John The Apostle Catholic School, with a tuition of $1,200. While Quest Forward Academy is Omaha’s private school with the highest tuition in Nebraska, costing $11,300.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

Yes, many boarding schools in Nebraska are Affordable. However, most of them are public schools and Christian Schools.

Most expensive private schools offer hard-working students scholarships, making it easier for the parents to afford.

Some of the Boarding schools in Nebraska that are affordable:

  • Saint Pauls Lutheran School
  • Transition Program South
  • Little priest tribal college

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

In this article everything you want to know about the top-ranking boarding schools in Nebraska, you will eventually know all of it.

We will discuss the Top ranking schools in Nebraska to enlighten you more on the schools and how they function.

1. Ponca Hills Farm Academy 

Ponca Hills Farm was established in 1964 and still upholds the cherished legacy of “Horse, Riders, and Learning.” 

Riders can attain their competitive goals and fully enjoy horse ownership and the equestrian community with the support of on-site instruction, clinics with the greatest specialists in the nation, and a well-liked schooling show series.

Furthermore, the Ponca School Program imparts the principles of good riding to kids of all ages. Also, Leading instructors like Canadian show jumper Karen Cudmore and hunter trainer Tom Ordway, who resides in Idaho, frequently visit Ponca, attracting students from around the area. 

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Every June and July, dozens of local kids attend the Ponca Hills Farm Summer Camp, which Ann Mactier founded in 1965 and continues to provide education, riding instruction, and enjoyment.

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2. St. Matthew Catholic School

Over 600 students from kindergarten through eighth grade attend the coed St. Matthew Catholic School. 

Their fundamental beliefs in knowledge, community, and faith are interwoven. Since its establishment in 1931, they have been dedicated to upholding the Catholic faith and developing a solid, integrated academic curriculum that is centred on the development of the whole child, including their spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional needs.

Families in San Mateo County have been receiving the same high-quality education from St. Matthew for more than 90 years.

Saint Matthew Catholic School, which is based on the Catholic faith and encourages lifelong learning in its pupils, is enriched by the local community. 

The best learning occurs when students have access to a rich curriculum and a supportive environment that encourages relationships with their family, friends, and, most importantly, Jesus.

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3. Jesuit Academy

One of the 18 Jesuit Nativity Schools in the United States is Jesuit Academy. 

One of the school’s guiding principles is offering a faith-based education that ends the cycle of poverty in underprivileged communities across America.

The plan involves a longer school day, a longer school year, and a customized number of students per class.

Furthermore, Jesuit Academy prepares young men’s minds, hearts, and bodies to thrive through a Catholic Jesuit education.

Jesuit Academy admits students of any race, colour, and national or ethnic origin.

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4. Acton Academy Lincoln

The goal of Acton Academy Lincoln is to develop lifelong leaders with strong moral principles. 

Their graduates will be the leaders that America needs to finally uphold her ideals, ensuring that individual liberties and freedom of religion endure for future generations and bringing back personal responsibility to the workplace, home, and society at large.

Students in grades PK–12 collaborate in mixed-age classes at Acton Academy Lincoln. With their differentiated learning plans, each student is given a challenge by our adaptable approach, and they are motivated by real-world tasks.

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5. Nebraska Lutheran High School

A group of congregations from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod own and run NELHS, a Lutheran high school. 

The kids’ social, academic, and spiritual needs are prioritized at the NHS. Also, it earned a solid reputation for its excellent academic program, Christ-centered educational curriculum, and well-rounded, broad extracurricular program.

Their students come from homes where they desire their kids to spend every day immersed in God’s word (through chapels, religious classes, Christian teachers, friends, and coaches). 

Even though their students excel in both academics and extracurricular activities, they are not an “elitist” school. 

Their initiatives and culture promote a way of life that exalts God both within and outside of the classroom.

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6. Legacy School

The first genuinely contemporary school, The Legacy School, educates youngsters from three to 18 years old. Along with helping their kids, they also aspire to further the cause of education throughout all continents.

Every child has the chance to develop their sense of wonder and self-assurance at their own pace, thanks to the supportive learning environment they provide. 

Young children are drawn by their inner voice toward the big, experience a passion for justice in their souls, and discover practically the joy of leadership.

To provide the groundwork for academic achievement, they teach their pupil’s social-emotional competencies alongside academic core subjects. 

Additionally, pupils have the chance to take socialist-led classes in art, music, sports, and Ezra. To make learning more enjoyable, intentional activities are used in our kindergarten.

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7. St Margaret Mary’s School

St. Margaret Mary Catholic takes pleasure in educating the whole children through various means of instruction, and students gain practical education. 

Teachers encourage students to use the written word, worship, and service to form connections. 

SMM fosters quality and creativity in their educators as well as students throughout a variety of subject areas, including science, social studies, literature, mathematics, Spanish, and more.

Teachers at St. Margaret Mary constructed a community where they appreciate children’s gifts from God by assisting them in reaching their full potential, starting with Pre-K in the Lower School. 

Students in Middle School enjoy a challenging education while developing their connection with God.

St. Margaret Mary Catholic School’s objective is to “proclaim the Gospel through word, worship and service, to recognize each child as a special creation of God, to foster academic success in a caring community, and to offer the spiritual basis for a lifelong commitment to the Catholic faith.

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8. Phoenix Academy 

This is a small academy run by Future Academies Trust, which are major proponents of a curriculum that is knowledge-based and emphasizes the classics, which are typically exclusively taught in private schools.

Latin is therefore taught to all Key Stage 3 students; however, Key Stage 4 does not offer this course. Latin and ancient history are both available to pupils in the sixth form.

Phoenix Academy is a highly regarded public, charter, online school with 1,097 students in grades K–9 and a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1.

State exam results show that 49% of pupils are at least proficient in arithmetic and 60% are at least proficient in reading.

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9. Concordia Academy

Children only have one opportunity to receive a high-quality education, therefore everyone at Concordia Academy must work to make that change the best it can be. 

They have a bold and exciting vision for their school, one that includes breaking previous records for all of their children’s academic accomplishments.

Also, Respect, hard effort, and high standards, along with advances in teaching and learning, serve as the foundation for the school. 

They collaborate to create an environment where kids can succeed, have great aspirations, and reflect. They want their pupils to not only be able to survive but also thrive in today’s rapidly evolving society.

We will provide them with the tools they need to succeed as well as the knowledge they need to take advantage of the possibilities that are presented to them.

In all they do, they think about the future. Their staff will have access to the best and most recent professional development that has the greatest impact on learning, and the school will be housed in outstanding facilities that are high-tech and custom-built. 

Their students will study a modern and innovative curriculum.

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10. Maur Hill – Mount Academy

The Benedictine heritage is still present at the Catholic Prep residential school known as Maur Hill-Mount Academy today. It has generated a large number of alumni who have achieved great success in almost every field. 

CEOs of Fortune 500 firms, medical professionals, attorneys, clergymen, TV producers, educators, and more are among their graduates. 

The discipline, work ethic, academic rigor, faith, and community that they encountered at MH – MA are often cited by graduates as being the main factors in their success.

Every year, between 16 and 20 different nations and numerous states are represented in their student body. They get to know one another’s cultures and differences while still finding a connection that will last a lifetime. 

It is simple to understand why their alumni perform well in college and beyond when you combine this experience with a demanding academic program that includes a potential 29 hours of college credit by their senior year. 

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Truly They are receiving training and skills to help them flourish in a world that is always changing.

So being one of the Best boarding schools in Nebraska is not a surprise.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

Are you looking for an elementary school in Nebraska where you know your child will receive a top-notch education? 

Then you are reading the right Article, Nebraska has very good Elementary Schools that are recognised for their good services.

Enlisted below are the few Elementary schools in Nebraska.

  • Pawnee Elementary School
  • Blue Sage Elementary School
  • Ponca Elementary School
  • Maxey Elementary School
  • Sagewood Elementary

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What Are the Public Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

This type of school is handled by the Federal Government or State Government.

The majority of Nebraska public schools are less expensive because funding for academic tuition is typically provided by programs and free-will donations.

Some public Boarding schools:

  • Jesuit Academy
  • Ponca Hills Academy 
  • Maur Hill – Mount Academy
  • Boys Town Career Center

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What Are the Private Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

Most of the discussed schools above are private schools, there are numerous private schools in Nebraska.

Some of the private schools in Nebraska;

  • Phoenix Academy
  • Legacy School
  • Acton Academy Lincoln
  • Marian High School
  • Valley View School

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What Are the Military Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

Military boarding schools are different from regular schools; they are specifically designed for children who are interested in joining the military.

Because they are not like the typical regular boarding schools, there are only a small number of these institutions in Nebraska.

Unlike other institutions, they receive military training at military boarding schools.

Examples of these schools

  • Royal military school

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, there has always been an all-girls boarding school. Although they aren’t many, the ones that have been established are doing great.

There are numerous testimonies about the kind of high-quality education they provide, and its graduates are doing so well.

Example of All Girls Boarding School;

  • Mercy Catholic High School
  • Marian High School
  • Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School

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Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

Nebraska has a fairly modest number of residential schools that solely take guys.

Only a few boys’ boarding schools in Nebraska are private, while the majority are public.

Examples of the All boys Boarding school in Nebraska;

  • Boys Town High School
  • Boys Town Admissions
  • Saint Albert Catholic
  • Boys Town Duncan Day School

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Nebraska?

There are many Christian boarding schools in Nebraska, most of which are recognized.

Christian schools build the kid’s religious beliefs to help the students to know more about Jesus and the Bible.

Example of Christian schools in Nebraska;

  • St Margaret Mary’School
  • St. Matthew Catholic School

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska for Troubled Youths?

There are few Therapeutic boarding schools in Nebraska for troubled youths only.

Also, These schools are meant to take care of kids that are not normal and need utmost care; therapeutic schools are built to take care of them.

Examples of therapeutic Schools in Nebraska;

  • Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School
  • Heartland School
  • Mount Michael Benedictine High School

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The top 15 boarding schools in Nebraska for 2024 are well-regarded for providing top-notch services and are highly ranked.

Finally, You should have all the information you require about the best boarding schools in Nebraska, their tuition costs, and what is necessary to enroll in any of them after reading this post, in my opinion.


How much is the average cost of schools in Nebraska?

The average private school tuition in Nebraska is $4,198 per year, which is very affordable.

Is boarding school a necessity for every child?

Boarding school is not a necessity; rather, it is a choice, and depending on your situation, there are successful people out there that didn’t go through boarding schools.


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