The Amazing AAI One World Scholarship Program

The One World Scholarship Program is designed to assist students from Latin America, Asia, and Africa who have come to Austria on their initiative to complete their education and who are interested in development issues. The students have shown a high level of self-assuredness, creativity, and mobility by choosing to study abroad.

While studying in Austria, students gain knowledge and abilities that can help their home countries or regions develop economically, socially, ecologically, and culturally. They can bring about a change because they are leaders and highly skilled individuals.

The One World Scholarship Programme targets students from developing countries studying or intend to study at universities in Salzburg or Tyrol. Its goal is to promote the peaceful coexistence of people from various countries of origin by improving equal opportunities, dialogue, intercultural know-how, and partnership.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is only open to masters and PhD candidates who intend to study in Salzburg or Tyrol. You can partake in this scholarship no matter your choice of field of study.

Host Nationality

The One World Scholarship Program is hosted Afro-Asiatisches Institut Salzburg in Austria. It’s an opportunity for you to explore the country and learn about their culture.

Eligibility for the One World Scholarship Program

Criteria for you to be eligible for the One World Scholarship Program are as follows:

  • nationality of a developing country that is not European (eligible country list)
  • Admission to a Master’s or PhD program at a Salzburg or Tyrol university or university of applied sciences (Uni Salzburg, Uni Innsbruck, FH Salzburg, MCI, FH Kufstein)
  • for PhD students: disposition approved
  • age restriction: Master’s studies are limited to 30 years (mothers: 35 years) and PhD studies are limited to 35 years (mothers: 40 years) at the time of application.
  • Evidence of good academic progress
  • Developmental interest and appropriate study specialization
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The following are not eligible for the scholarship:

  • studies at private universities
  • postgraduate study programmes (“Lehrgänge”, e.g. “Universitätslehrgang” or “Fachhochschullehrgang”) or other non-degree certificate programmes
  • blended learning/distance learning study courses without compulsory attendance in Austria
  • applicants with a residence title other than “student”
  • non-degree programme students („außerordentliche Studierende“)
  • short term visits and exchange programmes

Requirements to Apply for the One World Scholarship Program

To apply for the One World Scholarship Program, the following are compulsory:

  • curriculum vitae
  • motivation letter
  • International passport
  • residence permit (or at least visa if not yet in Austria)
  • account statement covering the previous three months
  • certificate of admission and confirmation of enrolment
  • examinations are taken and current study results

For Masters

  • Bachelor’s degree plus a translation (if the original is in a language other than English, French or Spanish)
  • Bachelor thesis abstract

For PhD

  • Master’s degree plus a translation (if the original is in a language other than English, French or Spanish)
  • master’s thesis abstract
  • academic supervisor’s opinion
  • a detailed description of the research project and its contribution to the development of practice or discourse

Application Process

Applications must be submitted online using a form.

If you are qualified and interested in this scholarship, begin your application by clicking on the button below.

Selection Process

You will receive an invitation for an online interview following the review of your One World Scholarship Program application.
The scholarship committee makes its decision in the middle of August. Shortly after, you will be informed of the choice.

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Scholarship Award

The OWS scholarships provide an annual stipend of €6600 to international master’s and doctoral students studying in Austrian universities

Master’s level students receive 500 euros per month, while PhD students receive 550 euros (or €6600 annually) during the semester.

Deadline for the One World Scholarship Program

The deadline for the One World Scholarship Program is 31St July 2024. Do well to apply before the deadline so that you’ll be considered.

About Afro-Asiatisches Institut Salzbur

They provide counselling to all international students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America and help a group of 10 to 15 of them each year who spend some of their studies in Salzburg or Innsbruck. This covers extracurricular pieces of training, help with (re-)integration, and the creation of an international network of AAI scholars.

AAI Salzburg is a community for open discussion of intercultural and interreligious concepts. Making space for people of various cultures and religions to interact and exchange political, social, and ideological viewpoints is one of our top priorities.

The concerns and vast experience and knowledge of people from the Global South are the focus of the educational and cultural program of the AAI. International and global issues that concern people everywhere, such as gender issues, global equity, and human rights are now in the spotlight.

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