Taco Bell Scholarship Program: Everything You Need to Know

The Taco Bell Scholarship features two main scholarship tracks: the Live Más Scholarship and the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees, and a third “renewal” option for former scholarship winners.

Each Taco Bell Scholarship aims to provide young individuals the means to pursue their dreams via higher education. While Taco Bell Scholarships help enthusiastic young people follow their dreams, the awardees must also have the bravery to pursue their goals.

Taco Bell Scholarships, unlike traditional scholarships, are not based on academic success, superior standardized test scores, or extracurricular achievement. Rather, they are given to what the Taco Bell Foundation calls “Passioneers,” innovators, inventors, and visionaries who encourage their peers and passionately forge their pathways. 

The Taco Bell Scholarship Foundation will give over $6 million in scholarships this year, including $1 million through the Live Más Scholarship, $1 million through the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees, and $4 million through the foundation’s renewal program for past applicants. 

About Taco Bell

Since 1962 Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell restaurant in Downey, California, the company has focused on innovation. Since then, they have developed into a culture-focused lifestyle brand that offers boldly flavored, crave-able food at an affordable price.

They are the first QSR restaurant to provide menu options certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) and offer groundbreaking value and high-quality ingredients.

More than 40 million people are served each week at Taco Bell’s 7,200 restaurants in the United States, which more than 350 franchise companies run. With more than 1,000 locations spread over more than 30 countries worldwide, the brand is expanding internationally.

Through its charitable organization, the Taco Bell Foundation, they offer educational opportunities, give back to the community, and help fans and players pursue their hobbies through initiatives like the Live Más Scholarship. Their Feed The Beat program offers access to sports, video games, and new music.

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Fans can access them outside of Taco Bell stores through the smartphone app, desktop on Ta.co, and delivery thanks to the collaboration with Grubhub. Taco Bell is the first QSR to introduce a smartphone app for ordering from the drive-thru and dining in U.S. locations.

They were listed among the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company in 2016. Therefore, Taco Bell features a variety of tasty dishes with Mexican influences and cutting-edge dining options.

What You Need To Know About the Taco Bell Scholarship Program

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Level/Field of Study

The scholarship is strictly for students vying to study for a university’s 2- or 4-year undergraduate program.

Host Nationality

Taco Bell Foundation is a company that has its base in the United States of America.

Eligible Nationality

The Taco Bell scholarship is strictly for Americans.

Taco Bell Scholarship Program Benefits

The Taco Bell Foundation contributes over $1 million to support its scholarship program. From each scholarship category, one hundred recipients will be chosen.

This increases the number of scholarship recipients by up to 300 per year. Depending on the selection committee’s decision, the scholarship is typically given away in different amounts:

  • Up to 30 awardees will each get $5000.
  • Up to 60 recipients will each get $10,000.
  • Up to ten recipients will each get $25,000.

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Taco Bell Scholarship Program Eligibility

Because the Taco Bell award has three award tracks, the criterion an applicant must achieve to qualify varies slightly. 

The following are the general requirements for consideration for a Taco Bell Scholarship:  

  • A citizen of the United States 
  • Between 16 and 24 (minors must have parental/legal guardian permission to apply).
  • On track to apply for or enroll in an approved post-secondary education program, such as a two-year or four-year college or a vocational/technical/trade school

Applicants and recipients of scholarships through the Live Más Scholarship are not permitted to work for the Taco Bell Foundation, its affiliated companies, including Taco Bell of America, LLC, Taco Bell Corp., and its parent, subsidiaries of its parent, franchisees, and licensees, as well as the advertising and promotion firms associated with the Taco Bell Scholarship.

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This restriction is in addition to the requirements mentioned above. Restaurant staff at Taco Bell can apply for the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Staff.

Employees of Taco Bell of America, LLC, Taco Bell Corp., or any of its franchisees or licensees must be employed by those companies to be eligible for the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees.

For roles such as Team Member, Trainer, Shift Leader, Assistant General Manager, or Restaurant General Manager, candidates must have a minimum of three months of continuous service.

The Taco Bell Foundation’s Scholarship Management Company will work with applicants as they complete their applications and announce the program they require the funding. 

Live Más Scholarship Renewal Program: As the name suggests, to be eligible for the Live Más Scholarship renewal program, you must have previously received a Live Más Scholarship. In addition, candidates must be enrolled in a U.S.-authorized post-high school or post-secondary program, have good academic standing, and must have used 75% or more of any prior awards. 

How to Apply For Taco Bell Scholarship Program

Taco Bell Scholarships require videos that are between 30 and two minutes long. If making movies isn’t your thing, don’t worry; the selection committee is more interested in getting to know you and your interests than in whether you’ll become the next Spielberg.

They are open to all genres, whether a short film, animation, or straightforward testimonial, and they accept videos filmed on phones, tablets, desktops, or any other M4 video-enabled camera. 

The Taco Bell Scholarship is flexible in how you shoot and style your video, but they want it to answer four important questions. These inquiries pertain to the Live Más Scholarship and the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees:

  • What college or certificate/degree program are you in for post-secondary education?
  • What effect will following your passion have on the world or your neighborhood?
  • How do you intend to fulfill your interest while pursuing your academic objectives?
  • What future academic institution would you most like to attend?
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For those who are applying to the Live Más Scholarship Renewal Program, the questions are slightly different:

  • What college or certificate/degree program are you in for post-secondary education?
  • What effect will following your passion have on the world or your neighborhood?
  • How have you been pursuing your interest since receiving a Live Más Scholarship?
  • How has your post-secondary enrollment aided in the growth or enhancement of your passion?

Scholarship Link

Application Deadline

The Taco Bell Scholarship Programs’ application period is open from November 6, through January 23, at 5:00 p.m. PST. Around May 15, the scholarship winners will be available. 

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Tips to Win the Taco Bell Scholarship Program

The following are necessary tips for the Taco Bell Scholarship Program;

Show Off Your Interest: Put your passion front and center while applying for the Live Más Scholarship, suggests the post 10 Tips on Applying for the Live Más Scholarship. Ensure your message is clear, highlights your passion, and tells your compelling story. This message should also include video and sound. 

Study Previous Winners: The Taco Bell Foundation blog is a fantastic resource for applicants. You may see the submission videos of a few of their former winners in their blog posts, which provide a wealth of knowledge about what makes a winning entry. 


What can the scholarship be for in my education program?

The Live Más Scholarship money must be for acceptable educational costs. This covers tuition, necessary charges, books, and materials unique to the course.

Can I use the scholarship to pay for student loans?

No. The Live Más Scholarships must be for eligible educational costs. This covers tuition, necessary charges, books, and materials unique to the course.


Undoubtedly, one of the country’s top student financial aid schemes is the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship. It includes much information, including instructions for use, application techniques, and suggestions.


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