Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) is a scholarship program made to help employed people from La Francophonie’s developing nations build institutional capacity. The program is entirely funded by the Canadian government, which has since 1st January 2015 delegated management of the initiative to the partnership between the Canadian Bureau for International Education and the World University Service of Canada.

The program’s long-term objective is to encourage the development of recipient nations by emphasising:

  • It is enhancing the academic and research abilities of college and university staff.
  • Train teachers, particularly in the area of technical and vocational education.
  • bolstering the expertise of professionals and managers in both the public and private sectors

Level/Field of Study

The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program is a post-graduate scholarship for undergraduate, master’s and PhD open to all courses of study except for clinical training in pharmacy, medicine and dentistry

Host Nationality

The scholarship is brought to you by the Canadian government.

Eligibility for the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

  • Institutions targeted by recipient nations run internal recruitment drives to find qualified applicants with the best potential for enhancing their institution’s capabilities upon return to their home nation.
  • Candidates identified and chosen may submit applications for master’s and doctoral-level coursework, technical and vocational training, or short-term internships.
  • Dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy clinical training are not included.
  • Only Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Djibouti, Mauritania, Comoros, & Other francophone Countries from Africa are eligible.
  • Fluency in French is a requirement for admission because studies at a francophone institution in Canada must be conducted continuously in that language.
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Requirements to Apply for the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

You need to prepare the following documents:

  • Updated CV
  • Institutional/ Individual Needs Questionnaires (sent only to eligible applicants);
  • Cover letter;
  • Document concerning objectives and goals
  • certified copy of diplomas and transcripts;
  • Referral/ reference forms;
  • certified copy of the passport and birth certificate.

Application Process

Visit their website for more information on the application.

Selection Process

A quota system is used to choose candidates for each recipient nation. The quota system enables recipient nations to specify their training priorities and the degree of training necessary for the growth of their institutions.

Candidates are chosen in their nation by a local advisory committee made up of representatives of various ministries. As an observer, the authorized Canadian diplomatic mission ensures the fairness of the selection procedure.

The host institutions’ standards for academic excellence and the candidates’ employment in the area or organization that needs strengthening are both taken into consideration by the local advisory committee. Candidates must be fluent in both spoken and written French and submit an equal number of applications from each gender and nation.

The relevant institution alone is responsible for the candidate’s final admission to college or university, and the scholarship doesn’t kick in until that happens.

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Scholarship Award

This scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students

Deadline for the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

The deadline for the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program varies by benefiting country.

Duration of the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program to study in Canada is offered for both second- and third-cycle university studies as well as for technical and vocational training. If the academic results are satisfactory, it is renewed annually for a period that corresponds to the typical length of study. It is initially granted for one academic year. The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program is two years for technical and professional studies and three years for undergraduate study. Post-doctoral fellowships that last no longer than a year are also acceptable.


If you are from one of the francophone countries in Africa and intend to study in Canada, this scholarship is one of the Canadian scholarships that you don’t want to miss out on.

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