Learn About The AFSA Scholarship Program Today

The AFSA Scholarship was established to assist students like you with their education and training goals. Furthermore, AFSA wishes to create awareness among the people about the life-saving characteristics of automatic fire sprinklers. So, if you fulfil the contest requirements and wish to learn something along the way, please participate and best of luck!

Level/Field of Study

There are no restrictions as to the course of study. However, the scholarship is an undergraduate program for high school students.

Host Nationality

The American Fire Sprinkler Association established the AFSA Scholarship in America for citizens and residents of the United States.

Eligibility for the AFSA Scholarship

Here are the criteria you need to be qualified for the AFSA Scholarship

  • The High School Senior College Scholarship Contest is open to high school seniors who are either citizens or legal residents of the United States.
  • The scholarship funds will be sent to the winner’s college/university or certified trade school in the United States; the recipient must commence classes no later than the Fall of next year session.
  • The selection of the winner is NOT based on financial need, GPA, or demographic criteria.
  • Home-schooled pupils are welcome to apply as long as their curriculum is equivalent to that of a senior in high school.
  • Relatives of AFSA personnel or NATIONAL board members are not permitted to enter.
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Requirements to Apply for AFSA Scholarship

  1. Scholarship applications are only accepted online via the AFSA scholarship website (www.afsascholarship.org).
  2. You must complete an entry form with all relevant information and take an 8-question exam. All information given on the entry form will be verified before college scholarship funds are awarded. If any inaccurate or misleading information is entered on the entry form, the student will be disqualified without being notified.
  3. Each entrant may submit only ONE (1) ENTRY. Any attempt to participate again using a different name, address or another identifier will automatically disqualify the entrant without notification.
  4. Winners must submit the name and contact information of their chosen college/university/certified trade school* for verification of registration and payment of the award to the school. All paperwork and processes must be completed within sixty (60) days of the conclusion date of the contest or your scholarship will be revoked.

* A 2- or 4-year college/university/technical/career/online school based in the United States that has completed and gained accreditation from an agency recognized by the US Department of Education and is on the list found at http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation.

Application Process

Fill out the Entry Form for the AFSA Scholarship (https://www.afsascholarship.org/high-school-entry-form/)

Note that this information is gathered exclusively for the scholarship, confirming information, and informing winners.) We never disclose or sell your information to third-party companies or sources.)

  • Full Name
  • Home Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Contact Phone (with area code)
  • 2nd Phone Contact (optional)
  • Email Address
  • Birthdate
  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Parent/Guardian Contact Number (with area code)
  • Your High School Name
  • High School City/State
  • Anticipated date of Graduation (Month/Year)
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Selection Process

Scholarship winners are chosen at random from among eligible entries received at the end of the contest period using a computer-generated drawing.
The total number of entries received determines the chances of winning the AFSA Scholarship.

Scholarship Award

A total of $20,000 is given out. Ten (10) winners will each get a $2,000 scholarship. This program will give only one $2,000 scholarship to a single applicant.

The scholarship is paid directly to the educational institution and is credited to the student’s account for tuition and/or books for the fall next semester. The scholarship funds may be used for a maximum of four (4) years.

Because of a large number of entries received, AFSA can only notify the winners.

Within fourteen (14) business days following the contest’s conclusion date, AFSA will contact each winner through email and phone, using the contact information provided by the entrant during the application process. Winners have ten (10) calendar days from the day the email is sent/phone message is left to react and confirm their eligibility as outlined on the scholarship contest Web site. High school winners will complete the form provided in the AFSA email, which will be faxed, scanned, or mailed to the AFSA national office by their high school counsellor/adviser.

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When you are declared the winner, AFSA will give you the necessary college/university/trade school forms to complete for a check to be sent to your selected school and put into your student account. Individuals will not receive any payments. All paperwork and processes must be completed within sixty (60) days of the conclusion date of the contest or your scholarship will be forfeited.

Winners will be notified of any necessary acknowledgement, such as award ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and newspaper announcements.

The names of the winners will be revealed on this website in May.

Deadline for AFSA Scholarship

Afsa starts collecting applications in September and closes in April.


The AFSA Scholarship is one of the easy scholarships that you can quickly apply for and stand a chance to reduce your school expenditure by $2,000. Give it a try!

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