Going Merry Scholarships for Top Students

Going Merry scholarship is a closely guarded academic secret. To access their selected matches, you must have a simple profile—just join up with Apple, Google, or your email address.

Your scholarships are organized in the scholarship dashboard by match, favourite, ignored, and local scholarships. Local scholarships can be challenging to uncover on your own, but they normally have less competition. A sidebar also shows scholarships with forthcoming deadlines at a glance.

After selecting a scholarship category, you can narrow down the results by deadline, completion time (in minutes), award amount, number of winners, and number of applicants. Going Merry’s UI is crowded, but it is explicit where other engines are vague.

Going Merry, as an unequalled platform assisting students in finding and applying for scholarships, differs from sites such as Fastweb and scholarships.com in four major ways:

1) Students can apply directly to all of the scholarships with which they are matched. They are not continuously diverted like they are on Fastweb.

2) It is free for students and does not sell their personal information. Going Merry charges scholarship providers to use its software to manage their applications, thus this is a possibility.

3) Schools can offer free local scholarships to Going Merry, even pen and paper ones. This implies that students may apply for both local and national scholarships in one place.

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4) Counselors can use Going Merry to keep track of their student’s scholarship activity, such as how many scholarships they’ve been matched with and how many applications they’ve submitted.

Over 7,000 high schools in the United States use them, including schools in Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles.

Advantages of Going Merry Scholarships

Here are some of the reasons why I like Going Merry above other scholarship websites:

Scholarship bundles: You can apply for numerous scholarships with the same application and essay prompt.

Vetted scholarships: The Going Merry team analyzes each scholarship listing on a regular basis to guarantee the scholarship program is still current and that the information is correct.

Personal matching: After signing up, you’ll complete a few questions to create a basic profile, and then you’ll be matched to scholarships based on your background, academics, interests, and so on.

Clear organization: You can create a shortlist of favourites and receive deadline reminders for them. All drafts and applications are kept, and you will receive updates on the scholarships to which you have applied.

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Direct, auto-filled applications: Many scholarships can be applied for immediately on the website (with forms helpfully pre-filled).

Financial aid applications: Seniors can also utilize Going Merry to submit the FAFSA®, a more user-friendly version of the federal form dubbed “the FAFSA® Made Easier.”

Level/Field of Study

The Going Merry scholarship consists mainly of undergrad scholarships. However, there is a chance of getting postgraduate scholarships.

Host Nationality

Going Merry Scholarship is a scholarship matcher in the united states designed to match scholarships for US students only.

Criteria for Going Merry Scholarship

Apart from the fact that it is only available for US students, There is no specific criteria for GOing Merry Scolarship. This is because Going Merry is a scholarship finder and will only match you to scholarships that you are eligible for.

Deadline for the Going Merry Scholarship

There is no deadline for the Going Merry Scholarship. Going Merry only works with deadlines that schools or scholarships specify. You will not be able to apply for an already expired scholarship.

Application Process for the Going Merry Scholarship

Step 1 – Create your profile
After you sign up, you’ll be asked a few questions to complete your basic profile.

Step 2 – Get matched to scholarships that are available

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Based on your responses, we’ll compile a list of scholarships for which you qualify. You can then filter, favourite, or ignore the results.

Step 3 – Fill out a scholarship application

Scholarships can be applied for directly through our website. Upload documents and essays for reuse across many applications. We’ll even autofill your profile information into each application.

You can also check out scholarships by downloading their mobile app for both Android and ios mobiles

Scholarship Reward

Going Merry Scholarship only works with rewards specified by schools or scholarship organisations.

Going Merry Scholarships


Is Going Merry reliable?

Yes, Going Merry evaluates every scholarship advertised on its website to ensure it is not a fraud. It also carefully tags all of the eligibility conditions, so you know that when you match with a scholarship, you are indeed eligible for it.

Is Going Merry legit?

Yes, Going Merry is legit, and many student counsellors advocate it.

Is the Going Merry scholarship free?

Going Merry is a free scholarship application tool that helps make education more accessible for everyone. Students can identify and apply for scholarships straight from our website. Counsellors can monitor and encourage their students’ applications.

How popular is Going Merry?

Going Merry is a financial assistance program used by students in 50% of high schools in the United States. It allows students to apply for government grants, private scholarships, and institutional aid all in one spot.


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