Google Apprenticeship Program, Salary [Complete Guide]

2024 Google Apprenticeship Program, Salary & More: The best way to kick start your career in life is through apprenticeships like the 2024 Google Apprenticeship Program. Most people with a humble background get the opportunity of working in one of the top companies in their country or in the world via internship. An apprenticeship gives you work experience so that you can understand what to expect in your career to start off seamlessly. If you want to build your career (most especially from your undergraduate years), this article is for you.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to submit applications from the chosen nations in the world for the Google Paid Internship and Apprenticeship Program, which is designed to help you build your future with Google.

Tech industry apprenticeship programs focus on more than just credentials and training. Through extensive work-based and practical training, as well as robust mentoring opportunities, they assist you in planning and preparing for your whole career. You could perhaps develop relationships with experts in your field who can guide you through.

In other words, everyone should have the chance to develop relationships with people in the technology sector and elsewhere, as well as the ability to create a trustworthy network among peers.

With the initiative known as “Build Your Future with Google,” Google has launched a number of scholarship and apprenticeship programs that are intended to have an impact on the entire world.

In this article, we will go through the specifics of Google’s apprenticeship program, which is one of the best available. The 2024 Google apprenticeships provide training and professional development for anyone interested in pursuing some of the greatest tech careers.

Is Google Apprenticeship Program real?

Yes! Google apprenticeship program, called Build Your Future with Google, is available on multiple countries. It was intended to help people ramp the skills gap and help people pursue a career in IT.

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So what is Google Apprenticeship Program

The Google Paid Apprenticeship Programme is an apprenticeship or internship program designed to help you “build your future with Google”, and you are welcome to apply as long as you are eligible from the world’s designated nations.

Google exploits this idea with the understanding that diversity of qualities, experiences, abilities, and human views, when combined with good work, may change the world. With the initiative known as “Build Your Future with Google,” Google has launched a number of scholarship and apprenticeship programmes that are intended to have an impact on the entire world.

List of Google Apprenticeship Program

Google apprenticeships are divided into two categories: business apprenticeships and engineering and technology apprenticeships.

The training provided by the engineering and technology apprenticeships revolves around software engineering, user experience design, product management, information technology, and a few other facets of tech careers.

The Google apprenticeships for business, on the other hand, focus on developing expertise in a wide range of business-related sectors, including marketing, sales, business law, and human resources.

However for the purpose of the scope of this article, we shall focus only on the tech apprenticeships.

1. Associate Product Manager Internship

Interns from all over the world are welcome to apply for the associate product manager internship. It is intended to serve as a link between the business and technology worlds. Interns collaborate with engineers to design new technologies for a few months.

2. Data Analytics Apprenticeship

Data analysts are in charge of gathering, transforming, and arranging data to assist organisations in making better business decisions. This 20-month data analyst programme is accessible in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. Apprentices will receive a Data Analytics Certificate from Google upon completion of the programme.

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3. Project Management Apprenticeship 

Project managers are in charge of ensuring that projects in the organisation are completed as efficiently as possible. This 20-month programme is held in Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. Apprentices complete the Google Project Management Certificate during the programme.

4. Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Software engineers are in charge of creating scalable software systems and solving computer science problems. The software engineering programme is 20 months long and applicants can apply in Atlanta or New York.

5. Software Engineering Internship

Google offers internships in software engineering to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students can apply to the programme at any time of year because it accepts applications on a rolling basis. However, this is only applicable in select areas. Interns learn programming skills that will help them succeed in the computer industry.

6. Student Training in Engineering (STEP) Internship 

This internship programme is only for first and second year undergraduate students. Potential interns must be interested in technology, and the programme prioritises students from underrepresented groups.

7. User Experience Internship

Google’s user experience internships are available to both undergraduates and graduates. Some sites have rolling applications, which allow interns to apply all year. Interns are given the opportunity to study the ins and outs of UX design while being compensated.

8. UX Design Apprenticeship

UX designers are in charge of making physical and digital things easier to use. This track is similarly 20 months long and takes place in either San Francisco or New York. Apprentices will complete the Google UX Design Certificate as part of the curriculum.

Google apprenticeship Salary: How much does Google Apprenticeship Program pay?

The good news is that most Google interns are paid more than permanent employees. Interns can earn up to $5,678 each month, which equates to $68,136 per annum from Google. Google job seekers should also assess the level of competition involved in the plan. The Google apprentice salary is the main reason for the high competitiveness in the programme.

google apprenticeship salary
Google apprenticeship salary

When do Google Apprenticeship applications open?

The Google Apprenticeship applications opens every 30 days. Keep an eye on their portal.

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Duration of the Google Apprenticeship Program

The apprenticeship program is for 12 months. The 12-month programme serves as a conduit between technical employment and education to create the next generation of computer and information technology professionals. It may endure longer in some circumstances, but it will depend on the location and the work description.

How to write a cover letter for Google Apprenticeship Program

You can compose an exceptional cover letter for Google Apprenticeship Program in seven easy steps.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Investigate the company.
  2. Please address the recipient by name.
  3. Express your interest in the apprenticeship.
  4. Discuss your relevant qualifications.
  5. Discuss why you’re a good candidate.
  6. Conclusion
  7. Check your cover letter for errors.

How hard is it to get a Google Apprenticeship Program?

Getting an internship at Google, according to recruiters, is more difficult than getting into Stanford or Harvard. They accepted roughly 2% of their applicants

What is the age limit for the Google Apprenticeship programme

Google welcomes internship applications from persons as young as 35 years old. According to records, Google does not consider age restrictions when selecting for the finest interns.

The majority of Google internship programmes produced, as well as the majority of platforms, do not specify an age limit before considering people.

How to apply for Google Apprenticeship Program

You apply for the Appreticeship program on the Build Your Future with Google portal. WHen you visit the page click on the APPLY button on the page. Keep an eye on the page and remember to go over the list of essential application materials. Applications will only be evaluated if all required materials are included.

How to get Google Apprenticeship Program

You must be able to speak and write clearly and idiomatically in English and your local language (if not English). You must have an excellent academic record at any level of study, with an emphasis on courses related to the apprenticeship you are applying for.

What happens after the Apprenticeship?

Throughout the programme, you will receive career mentoring and holistic support in building your professional abilities. As a result, you as an apprentice will begin your hunt for a full-time job or additional education while still enrolled in the programme.

Conclusion: Why Google’s Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships can help to build equal pathways for the development of digital skills. Google has provided you with the opportunity to earn a paycheck while learning and gaining work experience in the hopes that you will have a meaningful experience, a feeling of community, and job preparation for a career in technology.

Give the 2024 Google Appreticeship a trial on their Build Your Future Portal today.

Google Apprenticeship Program, Salary & More

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