8 Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses: Many businesses today exist online. Most of these businesses fail because they do not understand digital marketing and, as a result, make wrong business decisions in the online business world. Free online digital marketing courses have been created to help new startups aiming to move online or start online grow but most people do not know about them.

Free online digital marketing courses are courses created by digital marketing platforms for digital marketers to study and understand the intricacies of digital marketing for free. These courses open the eyes of online marketers to the wrong business decisions most online business owners make that affect their businesses.

Online marketing has greatly expanded the opportunities available to business owners and job seekers. Digital marketing has overtaken traditional marketing strategies as the newest internet phenomenon. But don’t be fooled by the terminology; it’s not calculus. You, with the right education, can succeed in the field of digital marketing. For those who are interested in digital marketing, some platforms are offering free online digital marketing courses with certificates.

Having completed some of these free online digital marketing courses, I decided to ask some of my friends who are bloggers, vloggers and digital marketers about free online digital marketing courses they have taken that helped them up their game in the digital world. You will be amazed at what I gathered. I will be sharing them with you so that you can start learning today.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the promotion of businesses utilizing the internet and other digital communication channels to reach potential clients. This encompasses text and multimedia messaging in addition to email, social media, and web-based advertising.

Your firm can succeed with any kind of marketing. However, due to the accessibility of digital platforms, digital marketing has grown in importance. In reality, there are over 5 billion users on the internet today.

There are numerous ways to communicate with your target audience using digital marketing strategies, from social media to SMS messages. A cost-effective marketing strategy for small firms, digital marketing also has low initial costs.

Digital marketing has as many subspecialties as there are ways to communicate with digital media. Here are a few prominent instances. Using search engines Technically speaking, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique rather than a marketing strategy in and of itself. It is the practice of attracting search engines to web pages. In order to attain the highest position possible, SEO demands you to conduct research and carefully consider many contributing elements in other to rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These free online digital marketing courses will educate you on these contributing elements that are necessary to rank on SERPs.

Application of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing gives businesses additional chances to sell their goods and services through several channels. Digital marketing should be a key component of a company’s marketing plan. Digital media and technology can be used as a route for lead generation, a direct response medium, a platform for sales transactions, an advertising medium, a relationship-building tool, and a conduit for distribution.

  • Marketing Channel: It is possible to employ display advertisements on publisher websites or social media networks to raise brand awareness and demand for goods and services.
  • A direct-response channel: Businesses can encourage visits to a website by using targeted search advertising when customers demonstrate a desire to buy, such as when they look for travel options.
  • A platform for conducting sales: For both leisure and business travellers, online flight booking has become the most popular way to make travel arrangements.
  • Method of generating leads: Tools that aid in locating and tracking corporate flight purchases might be made available when booking business flights. channel of distribution, such as the one used to distribute digital media products. For instance, airlines now sell more insurance services than they did in the past.
  • Customer-service mechanisms: Customers could ‘self-serve’ more economically by looking at frequently asked queries, for instance.
  • Relationship-fostering tool: Here, a business can engage with its customers to learn more about their needs and promote offers and items that will be of interest to them. For instance, easyJetTM promotes repeat flight bookings with its email newsletter and customized alerts about exclusive bargains.
Free Online Digital Marketing Courses
Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Why Choose Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates?

The following are advantages of free online digital marketing courses;

  • Pliable: Online learning is popular because of its convenience. You or your group can take education without having to travel to a physical campus by digitally learning from anywhere. Even while some online courses mandate live lectures, you can still fit your education into your already packed calendar and proceed at your own pace.
  • A greater variety of programs and courses: One of the major benefits of free online digital marketing courses is that you can choose your preferred course that best suits your needs. On the other hand, students who attend campus are constrained to nearby possibilities or are required to relocate for a full-time program. Free online digital marketing courses are now offered by numerous prestigious, reputable organisations. This gives you a wider range of solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives or training.
  • Practical: Being able to directly apply your coursework to your full-time job is one of the great advantages of free online digital marketing courses, especially if you’re upskilling and want to stay relevant in digital marketing. Your tasks the following day at work may possibly be related to what you learn from your instructor, classmates, and course materials. You may apply what you’ve learned in the actual world.
  • A Sustainable Alternative: Free online digital marketing courses provide environmentally beneficial choices for a number of reasons. One benefit is that you avoid using petrol to get to and from a physical campus. Additionally, it’s likely that you aren’t using printed resources to accomplish your assignments.
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Requirements for learning Digital Marketing

The following are requirements for free online digital marketing courses.

  • A Laptop: For you to successfully learn digital marketing you need a functioning computer system. You need a system that isn’t faulty so that you can enjoy your course.
  • Internet: You also need internet connectivity because free online digital marketing courses are 100% online. There is no way you can achieve your goal of learning online without the internet. You also need to be conversant with internet connectivity or have someone that can help you with it in case you have difficulty connecting to the internet.
  • Discipline: I chose to keep the most important for last. Without discipline, you cannot learn anything online. This is because these free online digital marketing courses are flexible. In the sense that you learn at your own pace. You need to be disciplined to actually finish your course. It took me almost a year to finish Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This is something that if you are serious about it, you can finish in less than 4 months.

Top 8 Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

1. LinkedIn

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates
Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

LinkedIn is a famous social networking platform for business owners and working people. However, as the number of active members on this social media network has grown, it has also become a marketing platform.

Because of its global reach and organic traffic, LinkedIn has become an appealing social media marketing medium for digital marketers. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has established a learning portal called LinkedIn Learning. This online learning platform charges a monthly subscription fee for its courses, and users must pay the fee in order to access the many products offered by this social media network.

However, the first month is absolutely free for new users. If you finish the entire course within the trial period, you will receive the certificate for free.

More than 15,000 free online digital marketing courses are available to community members. Students can also enrol in lengthy courses offered by prominent industry experts to develop a speciality in the marketing strategy of various social media platforms.

If knowledge is your top priority and you want to learn from industry professionals, LinkedIn learning should be at the top of your list.

2. eMarketing Institute

eMarketing Institute not only offers high-quality certification-free online digital marketing courses to its students, but it has also created a number of valuable marketing tools.

The course material and tutorial videos can be studied at the students’ leisure. However, in order to receive the certificate, students must take an online test. This test comprises 50 multiple-choice questions that students must answer in 60 minutes. To receive the certificate, students must score at least 50%.

3. edX

edX is a significant online education platform that was created in the United States in 2012. It has been providing high-end university-level education to the global student community since its beginnings. This organization’s guiding idea is to make education available to everybody, providing courses in GIS, Sales, Artificial Intelligence, Programming and many more. They have begun to focus on the student’s skill development process. This e-education platform has always prioritized not adhering to the traditional education system and focused on the high-demand skill set among students.

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The majority of the courses are introduced by various world-class universities to provide easy access to a world-class education to the worldwide student population. However, not all of the courses on this platform are free.

The free marketing training can be valuable to budding digital marketers. This online marketing course will assist students in understanding the fundamentals of marketing and the demands of modern enterprises. The development of this online learning platform was backed by two globally recognized universities, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University, and the majority of the courses were established by the faculty of these universities.

Students must enrol in the courses, and the online lessons start at a predetermined time. This also implies that students must adhere to a strict timetable in order to complete the course. To receive the certificate, students must also pass the final exam at the end of the course.

The digital marketing certification course on edX is designed for advanced students who already have the fundamentals.

4. Google Analytics Academy

It is not always possible to run successful campaigns as a marketer. Some campaigns may not produce the anticipated outcomes, and this occurs with specialists as well. A successful digital marketer must also have critical analytical skills, which allows them to keep a close check on the analytics of their campaigns’ KPIs and make data-driven decisions.

Before participating in this certification course, you should be aware that it is intended for persons who already have a basic understanding of digital marketing.

Google Analytics Academy not only teaches you about Google Analytics, but it also assists you in improving your entire analytical skills. There are mini-courses available for various social media channels, which can also assist you in analyzing the performance of your marketing initiatives across various platforms.

After completing the final exam, you will be awarded a certificate from the Google Analytics Academy. This advanced Google Analytics certification course can help you improve your marketing skills and get a high-paying professional career.

5. HubSpot Academy

9 Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates Hubspot
Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

HubSpot is well-known for its extremely functional digital marketing platform. You can use this program to keep track of your marketing campaigns. This platform also provides various software-based services to help organizations of all sizes improve their performance.

However, HubSpot is also well-known for its online academy, which has assisted millions of marketers in their growth. There are hundreds of free online digital marketing courses available on hubspot to help you learn about online business and other vital aspects of a business.

Many courses have been prepared specifically for novices. Following the completion of the video tutorials, you will be required to take an online test. The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions, and students will have 60 minutes to answer all of them. To receive the HubSpot certificate, students must score at least 50%.

There are several free online digital marketing courses available, but the most popular is the inbound marketing course. This course covers the principles of online marketing as well as its essential features of it. After completing the course module, students will have a better in-depth understanding of online marketing.

Students who want to learn more about online business can enrol in various programs such as inbound sales, content marketing, e-commerce, CRM management, and so on.

6. Google Digital Unlocked

The majority of customers and companies rely solely on Google, the most widely used search engine in the world, to conduct business online. This search engine service provider has introduced its online learning platform Google Digital Unlocked to encourage the development of digital marketing and raise public awareness.

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This platform is intended for business owners who want to expand their operations online as well as for people who want to pursue careers in digital marketing. More than 125 free online digital marketing courses are available through Google Digital Unlocked, all of which were created by prestigious colleges from across the world.

The 40-hour certification program that Google offers is the main draw of this platform. This program has 26 free online digital marketing courses, and each one covers a crucial element of digital marketing. The pupils will have to pass a final exam following the viewing of the video lessons. The students will receive a certificate from “Google” once the test is finished.

Actually, the most crucial factor in the realm of digital marketing is skill. However, the certification program enables you to update your CV in order to secure a high-paying position.

The fundamentals of a digital marketing course will familiarize you with the various technical facets of the field. Finding the appropriate tools and programs to complete the task is quite difficult for a novice person without the necessary foundational knowledge. But this course will familiarize you with several facets of online marketing.

To help you become familiar with innovative ideas in the field of online marketing, Google Digital Unlocked offers a variety of course options. This platform can give you the ideal answer for free if you want to start doing online marketing.

7. Facebook Blueprint

A large portion of social media platforms have grown in prominence due to their growing user bases, and this area has become a popular hangout for online marketers.

You must be aware of the proper plan for marketing the targeted good or service on social media platforms if you want to create a successful online business or a profession in digital marketing that will last. Facebook Blueprint is an online marketing university where users from all walks of life can learn about marketing.

There are more than 150 free online digital marketing courses available, and each one is tailored to a certain student population. Both novice and expert marketers might benefit from taking classes. However, this platform has created the courses to give a complete understanding of the internet marketing procedure, particularly the omnichannel marketing method that has grown to be very popular.

Different courses have been created to meet the needs of various types of online businesses, and the teachers have also provided in-depth solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all types and sizes. You will gain solid knowledge about social media marketing via the certification program provided by Facebook Blueprint.

8. Youtube

Youtube is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet with millions of videos uploaded on the platform daily. People who upload content on the platform are called YouTubers. You can be one if you are not by creating a Youtube channel and starting with getting your friends to subscribe to your channel.

Most YouTubers do not understand what it entails to grow a youtube channel and hence they struggle. The digital giants have created free online digital marketing courses for digital marketers and YouTubers to study and understand the youtube platform. These courses will go a long way in aiding you to grow on youtube.

Job Prospects In Digital Marketing

You need to enrol for these free online digital marketing courses because there is currently a tremendous demand across industries if you want to start a career in digital marketing or transition there. Additionally, there are many other occupations in this field, all of which have relatively different skill sets, aptitudes, and natural gifts.

There will always be different kinds of marketing employment accessible, regardless of whether your interests go toward business and management, technology, or the creative end. Here is a list of some of the professions that are predicted to have growth in demand during the ensuing years, along with excellent salary growth.

  • Analysts and AI Specialists
  • Brand Marketing Expert
  • Content Manager & Content Strategists
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Marketing Managers & Directors
  • Digital Project Managers
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Pay-Per-Click Managers
  • SEO & SEM Specialists
  • Social Media Marketers
  • UX Designer / Visual Designers
  • VR Developers & Editors


So this is it. It’s been a long ride with you analysing Digital marketing and free online digital marketing courses. Comment below and tell me how you feel or what you think about these courses. Feel free to always revisit for more content as we continually post educational content. If you are interested in scholarships, I got loads of them in detail.

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