Top 14 Online Zoology Degree Programs you will Love

Online Zoology Degrees: One of the complete degree programs based on biology is an online Zoology degree. A degree in Zoology gives you many opportunities to alter the world for the better. Few people can rival the satisfaction Zoologists enjoy, whether protecting animals from natural and artificial threats, studying cures, or fighting against extinction. This list will discuss some of the cheapest online zoology programs across the United States and some surprises!

Understanding Zoology

Zoology (also called the study of animals) is the field of biology that investigates the life of animals. It encompasses a range of topics, from the structure of living organisms to the subcellular living organism. Zoologists are also fascinated by the biology of specific animal groups. Others are more concerned with the functions and structure of the body of animals.

In the same way, others research the process of forming new animals and how their traits are passed down from generation to generation. Zoologists study interactions between animals and each other and with their surroundings and also the significance of the behavior of animals.

Students interested in entry-level Zoology usually have to finish their undergraduate studies. However, advanced positions typically require graduate school.

Zoology is descriptive as well as analytical. It can be thought of as a fundamental science or applied science. The person working in introductory zoology is concerned with studying animals for their benefit without considering how to use the knowledge acquired.

The other is that people working in applied zoology are particularly interested in data that can directly benefit animals and humans (medicine, for instance).

Zoology programs are typically practical and require a lot of personal involvement. There are theoretical and introductory sciences courses in Zoology may be provided on the internet. However, individual needs are usually included. They include lab courses as well as fieldwork. Students who wish to complete their online training can look up appropriate programs for veterinary assistance.

Core Topics and Courses within Zoology

Core topics needed to obtain an online zoology degree in alphabetical order are as follows:

  • Animal behavior
  • Animal ecology
  • Animal Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Databases and Dynamic
  • Directed Research
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Entomology
  • Freshwater Ecology
  • General Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Marine Ecology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics

How to Get an Online Zoology Degree

Many aspects must be considered when looking for the best online zoology degree. It is essential to understand that getting an online zoology degree can be difficult or even impossible since these degrees require lab and fieldwork.

To be a zoologist or obtain a degree in Zoology. Generally, you have to conduct a personal lab or fieldwork. This lab or fieldwork is not feasible at the majority of online universities. However, there are a few institutions online that offer degrees called online zoology degree. This online zoology degree is of equal weight with the conventional Zoological degree.

Certain degrees that offer similar learning pathways are the management of wildlife and environmental certification. If you’re among those who require a flexible degree, then choosing one of these related degrees might be the best choice for you.

Most undergraduates who aim for a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences will complete their studies in four years. They typically have courses in livestock management, agricultural science, marine biology, or animal nutrition, which require work on-site with animals.

Remember that most online courses are designed for students who are already managing work and other commitments. Sure, they provide classes in asynchronous formats so that you can log in and finish your course whenever possible. Due to this, sure students can complete their courses within a shorter time frame, whereas others may take longer.

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Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to graduate from the bachelor’s program in zoology. You will likely have the knowledge and skills to obtain higher posts in various animal-related careers or decide to continue your education in this field.

Duration of an Online Zoology Degree

A typical bachelor’s program in animal biology or zoology is expected to take about four years to finish. However, as most online programs are synchronous (meaning students can complete their studies in their own time), the time required to finish the program can vary. The program you choose to study with the most ambitious students could finish earlier, while those with busy schedules and many family commitments could take longer.

Top 14 Online Zoology Degrees

Now! Here’s the biggest one. Here we go with 14 online Zoology degree programs at a reasonable cost. You can search for these online Zoology degree programs and the college that offers them to confirm.

1. Online B.S. in Animal Science

Online Bachelor’s degree programs in animal science include a master’s degree offered in Zoology that teaches farm animals and pets’ behavior, biology, and physiology. Certain schools require a bachelor’s degree to be enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program in Zootechnics. However, it offers two different career options, which include the pre-veterinary science major and the animal science major.

Students who attend vet school can benefit from this online degree. However, they can also expect a rigorous education and a performance focus. Graduation rates must be maintained at B or higher in specific courses. The online college zoology degree is available at Becker College and The University of Minnesota Crookston.

2. Online B.S. or M.S. or M.S. Wildlife Biology

This is an online zoology degree program that focuses on wildlife biology. It helps students prepare for jobs in which they examine the behavior of animals, track their populations, and manage their habitats. For the Bachelor’s degree program, students must complete practical and didactic labs classes. In the field, studies and specialization courses could be offered.

The master’s level is the standard requirement for seniority positions in wildlife biology; however, undergraduate programs can result in field workers. Doctoral degrees are focused on research and offer hands-on experiences. Specific areas of study like wildlife toxicology are available, and most programs contain graduation papers and educational requirements.

This distance learning course comprises courses on fish and wildlife from different departments. Supervisors and students jointly decide the requirements for the system.

Liberty University, Utah State University, and other Universities offer online zoology degree programs.

3. Online B.S. in Marine Biology

This online zoology degree provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the life sciences with particular attention to ocean life and ecology as well as oceanography.

The degree programs in marine biology offer a program that examines the diverse habitats of marine life. Students will be able to understand the way that external factors like pollution or overfishing can affect fragile marine ecosystems.

Marine Biology programs are located entirely on campus. Students might want to consider the time constraints and travel limitations before enrolling in one of these programs.

Most marine biology courses have to be taken in person; however, some schools offer online classes in this area. Some schools offer degree programs online in related fields like biology.

These online zoology degree programs are offered at SUNY Empire State College, Florida Institute of Technology, and the University of Southeast Alaska.

4. Veterinary Assistant Career Diploma Program

This online zoology degree program for graduate students, is anticipated to be completed within seven months. There is more information on the health of animals and their documents, nursing specialized and surgical assistance washing, feeding, and pet care.

But, this program will also cover the behavior of animals, including the skeletal and muscle systems of animals, their nervous system, and nutrition, as well as immunology, pathology, and emergency treatment in veterinary pharmacology, practice, as well as the administration of animals.

Additionally, online zoology degree programs are also offered by Penn Foster College. The College provides textbooks, educational materials, teaching aids, charts, and videos demonstrating the veterinary procedure.

5. Zoology – Wildlife Biology, B.Sc.

A Zoology student could acquire a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree. A B.A. Specialization in Zoology provides the opportunity to receive a broad liberal arts education that allows students to attend 20-25 hours of classes in fields of interest that aren’t part of the main ones.

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The Wildlife Biology, B.Sc. is a good choice for students who wish to be well-versed in zoology and are keen on pursuing an occupation in law, biology journalism, zoos, or other fields connected to economics.

6.Veterinary Epidemiology (Online Learning) (MSc/PgDip/PgCert/PgProfDev)

This online zoology degree program includes master’s degrees, a postgraduate degree, postgraduate certificates, or individual courses in production and animal health. The classes were designed with the expertise of the Royal Veterinary College.

Veterinarian Epidemiology (e-learning) is primarily targeted at veterinarians, animal health professionals, and breeders. The additional modules tailors courses to people with different professional backgrounds.

The program focuses on current issues related to animal husbandry and has worldwide importance.

Graduates are discovering that the global acceptance of their diplomas and their prestige can open doors to new career opportunities.

It is an online zoology degree program offered by the Royal Veterinary College.

7. Livestock Health and Production (MSc, PG Diploma, and PG Cert)

Relevant to veterinarians and animal health specialists, and livestock breeders, the Master’s Course examines current issues in livestock production with global importance. The topics covered are the breeding process, nutrition, welfare, disease-related processes, and management.

Livestock Health and Production Course structure

  • MSc: You complete seven modules (three core, four options).
  • PGDip: You complete four modules (two core, two possibilities).
  • PGCert You must complete two fundamental modules.

It aims to implement strategies to control diseases that integrate this knowledge with the fundamentals of economics, epidemiology, and disease prevention within the infrastructure management and management framework.

Additionally, communicating effectively about the health of animals and the human population to various audiences such as the general public, politicians, farmers, and other policymakers.

The University of London offers this online Zoology degree program.

8. Online B.S. in Animal Behavior

A Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behaviors is an affordable online degree for those who love animals. The curriculum is a new course offered online by American institutions. The zoology level online prepares you to work in various professional scenarios. You could make a living in the zoo, aquarium, nature reserve, or animal clinic. But, you can also pursue a degree in neuroscience, biology, zoology and wildlife management, psychology, or aquarists.

In other words, this primary subject can be a good starting point for the professional veterinarian program if you select the electives necessary to meet the requirements for eligibility to vet schools. Most veterinary students are trained on animal behavior since the program encompasses a broad range of subjects and usually permits students to study particular areas of curiosity.

Children who love animals and desire to comprehend their relationship with their environment. and physical surroundings will appreciate the topics covered in the Zootechnics course. The University of New England offers this online zoology degree.

9. Online B.S. in Equine Studies

It is an online Zoology degree program that studies Horses. It is built on the findings of research and fact-finding. It offers horse owners practical advice for improving health and overall health and well-being of the horses that they take care of.

Certificate and diploma programs for horses offer a complete online learning course for those who love horses and their owners. But, all study programs for horses are available through distance education. Online courses allow you to study family, work, and horses more flexibly. They are unique, created, and supported by veterinarians and research experts in the horse industry.

Twenty online courses allow you to study the latest research on horses and use it in a practical method to enhance the health and well-being of the horses under your care. You can enroll in one course or take an entire series of lectures to complete an award or certificate. The accredited online zoology degree is offered by Breyer State University and the Global Academy of Horses.

10. Online B.S. in Technology in Veterinary Technology

B.S. Veterinary Technology Program is sometimes described as an online college degree in veterinary technology. It is designed to provide students with the skills needed to work with animals within a veterinary setting.

This bachelor’s program in technology for veterinary medicine is among the top online veterinary degrees available to animals. It helps students learn about animal anesthesia and animal behavior, ethics, and the science of pharmacology.

Students can anticipate a rigorous education program that makes them more attractive to clinics for veterinary medicine and veterinarians. Some specializations can help students develop their skills and interest.

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Globe University offers these online master’s degrees in Zoology, the University of Missouri onlineGlobe University, and a few other universities.

11. B.S. in Biology Online

This online Zoology degree provides students with comprehensive training in biology and allows them to concentrate on specific fields. This program helps prepare for teaching careers, health professions, and inter-disciplinary areas like biotechnology and environmental law and sciences, Journalism, life sciences management, and more.

In addition, the program and degree are interdisciplinary and provide students more accessibility to biological sciences. The program is not aimed at students looking to attend vocational schools like dentistry, medicine, or vet medical.

Biology is the perfect online degree for pet lovers since it covers a variety of fields of research. Whether students are interested in marine biology or wildlife, this College of Animal Lovers provides the necessary background information to consider the possibilities of a meaningful career.

Ashford UniversityBellevue University, and other universities offer this online Zoology degree.

12. The online Master of Arts in Zoology

The online zoology degree program is designed for students who are looking to integrate the study of zoology and an extensive amount of work in other sciences. It is also intended for students who want to pursue a career in scientific research in fields like government policy, law, commerce, and communications.

The bachelor’s degree in Zoology will require more credits in the social sciences and humanities than the bachelor’s in zoology.

The University of Michigan offers this degree online in zoology.

13. Pre Medicine Program for Veterinarians Medicine Program

Students in this program must meet the pre-professional requirements before finishing their bachelor’s degrees within the College of Science. Students must work closely with their pre-professional advisor and advisor for their academic major.

Because course loads are usually high, and the applications and requirements differ between postgraduate programs, students must plan their academic plans early and with all the relevant information. Weber State University offers this online zoology degree.

14. (MSc/PgDip/PgCert/PgProfDev) Clinical Animal Behaviour (Online Learning)

This program offers a flexible postgraduate program designed to meet the demand for online clinical animal behavior teaching in a supported learning environment.

Furthermore, the program employs an evidence-based approach to investigate potential motivations, management, and treatment options for abnormal and problem behaviors commonly displayed by other animal species living in a domestic environment. The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh offers this online zoology degree.

How Zoology is Related to Veterinary Science

Zoology is the Scientific study of Animals and various aspects of their life behavior, behavior, physiology, reproduction, anatomy, etc. However, veterinary science concerns with the health and well-being of animals.

These two branches of Biology study the living things in all its forms. Zoology is the science of animal life. It includes the evolution, distribution, and behavior of animal species. Veterinary Science is the study of animals under the control of humans, like farm animals and pets.

A certificate in Zoology may also be a step to become a vet. However, those who major in Zoology are required to complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree to become a doctor. Veterinarians are committed doctors who dedicate their lives to looking after the well-being of animals.

While both veterinary and zoological sciences are concerned with animal studies, how they research and the subjects covered in each field are distinct. Zoologists are specialists with an in-depth knowledge of animals and wildlife.

The prospects for either option is positive, but those who aim for top-level jobs in veterinary science could have a better chance of success. For instance, the typical annual income for veterinarians is $99,250. However, it’s just $66,350 for Zoologists. Furthermore, opportunities for employment for veterinarians are projected to increase by 17 percent in 8 years time. That’s more rapid than the average. However, the expected increase in zoology will be five percent.


Can zoology be taken online?

Not just do these online classes offer more accessibility, but they also aid students on campus across all majors in completing their degrees by providing more flexibility for students who require additional scheduling options. Students in the online zoology program can study animals’ fundamental biological and ecological aspects, from genes to ecosystems.

Which degree is the best for Zoology?

Most entry-level positions in zoology require the holder to have a master’s or bachelor’s degree from a respected institution. Students must take classes such as the ecology of anatomy, ecology and wildlife management, cell biology, statistics, and botany to be ready for career choices.

Is zoology a challenging major?

Before you imagine the college as a kind of petting zoo with tests, you must be aware that it’s a challenging field. Zoology is one of the branches of biology that focuses on studying animals’ lives.

Are the benefits of being a zoologist worth the effort?

The primary benefit of becoming a Zoologist is that you can be paid to research animals. While not all see this as a good thing? Few professions offer the chance to spend time with and study the things they are passionate about.

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